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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 12, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm CEST

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this is d.w. news line from a tense standoff on the streets of hong kong as darkness falls police fired tear gas of protesters many are injured authorities accuse them of rioting the demonstrators say they are defending the territories freedom by posing an unjust lol also on the program. police in russia arrest $400.00 supporters of the investigative journalist evangelist he was released yesterday in a regular turn after prosecutors admitted there was no evidence that he dealt drugs campaigners say he was fresh. on front of
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a schoolgirl direst who was murdered by the nazis would have been 90 today thousands of german pupils paid tribute to the teenager who found worldwide fame after his death. on doubt the women's world cup reigning champions begin with a back to american strained goals down on neck tie up close and sending the tournament into a spin for the 13th goal not stopped. i'm still going to welcome to the program. police in hong kong have fired tear gas of protesters tried to stop a controversial law proposal that would allow extradition to mainland china the city's legislative council has postponed a planned debate on the law after crowds blocked access to government buildings on
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call officials have ordered demonstrates to disperse but they have to say but they say that defending the territories freedoms. from peaceful protest to violent chaos umbrellas become shields and weapons as demonstrators tried to fend off rubber bullets and tear gas fired by the police. tens of thousands of people came out to rally again today and protest against hong kong's controversial extradition bill a quiet march until tempers flare. like they're mostly dressed in black their faces covered with surgical masks and wearing makeshift body armor from the get go some in today's crowd seems ready for a different kind of protest than the largely peaceful mass demonstrations on sunday but i would say actually it is we who are or are a protest story we do it right or it is a different way to work our way that's the only way that we get the right. having
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our say. they are worried about a proposed law that would mean hong kong could send people to mainland china to face trial critics warned that would allow beijing to target political opponents in hong kong which retained its own justice system after being returned to china from british rule in 1997 undeterred by the outrage the territory's chief executive is promising to push forward with the legislation i know that i have not received anything instruction on mending from beijing to do despair. we were doing it in the us to doing it. functions. and now commitment to home. a commitment hardly reflected today at the legislative council. were states remained empty as the scheduled debate was postponed but with a legislature dominated by beijing loyalists few protesters expect the law to fail the vote on june 20th. in the city i'm not so. i'm quite disappointed and i
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don't think. they will listen to people. they will still go ahead but i think there were people. they may have forced the legislators to delay the vote but for these protesters the struggle to preserve hong kong's autonomy has only just begun . straight to hong kong where we joined a double correspondent. welcome back to guess what is the situation now. the roads around the parliament are clear now the police has driven the protesters out they have moved to other places around they have been dispersed a little bit there are several smaller. sites where protesters gather they face off the police this thing is probably going to last the whole night so the 2nd reading of this actually dition bill debate did not happen today
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jul does this mean the protesters have won this. the protesters might have won a little battle. but they have not won this thing because the government is not ready to scrap this bill they are not planning to do so they have they are determined to push this through they have said this several times and we see no signs and we have also today seen no signs from mrs lamb that she would reconsider these. calls chief executive kerry lamb whom you mentioned that she says the government has altered the bill to be include safeguards for human rights is that likely to ease concerns i'm sorry you're gone. can you hear me now lettice. the chief executive has said that she has altered the bill in order to include safeguards and human rights is that likely to ease concerns.
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all right it does look as though we've lost the line to hong kong it was the w correspondent matusow brought into live lives to get more on this thread with reporter sherry chad who is from hong kong welcome sheri. why is the spill causing such a rule in the tertiary if so basically this would mean that hong kong can say suspects to china for trials and many people fear that it would mean that china would use it as a tool for political to pursue political opponents and that it would mean that hong kong what moves to freedom of speech that it has been enjoying sofa and this is very important for hong kong people and they actually told me that they don't want hong kong to be just one of the chinese cities and so they came out so far as their opinion of china has not been backward in coming forward when it comes to
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extracting people that it wants from from around the world that they've been accused of doing it here in germany i suppose the fear is that this makes it legitimizes that option yeah yeah they fear that it would legitimize the. kidnappings that have happened in the past and this is the biggest fear itself the society of hong kong ok so there was a we've seen this before and it's quite interesting people are making comparisons with the umbrella movement process of 2014 do you see these 2 as being similar phenomena actually i would say that this is quite different from the 2014 protests because into doesn't fall to you see a really clear generation though they fight the people who went out to the streets they were most the students young people and then the parents' generation they often opposed them to go on to go on the streets to protest and you would often hear that like days arguments and they base inside the family and they even tried
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not to talk about politics oh my. but then this time iraq you see that the society of hong kong is really united and there is one really clear goal is that they don't want this law to pass and you fear that i like across different generations they all want to stop this at all and so how do you think the territory has has changed since those 2040 demonstrations yeah i would say that off though that was also fought in protests people feel a bit hopeless and they feel that what they didn't achieve anything and in the following years most fear of hopelessness and people became a bit apolitical but then this time when 1000000 people went on the streets and it feels like people feel like it's coming back right there right there again and they want to force the opinion and make their voice heard to talk to us thanks so much for joining us very interesting cherry john. mansour some
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of the other stories making news around the world saudi arabian states television says it has the rebels they began have launched a missile attack on a saudi airport a spokesman for the saudi coalition fighting the rebels said 26 people were wounded after the rebels talking to the air force in the south western town of about. 30 of them if you hope your special envoy to sudan says protest leaders have agreed to resume talks with the country's military rulers. the apparent breakthrough comes days after protesters are launched a campaign of civil disobedience in response to a deadly crackdown on demonstrators demanding civilian rule. japan such and so has been with iran's president hassan rouhani in teheran making him the 1st japanese prime minister to visit iran since the 1979 islamic revolution revolution is trip is aimed at easing tensions between iran and the united states will meet with the supreme leader ayatollah a comment a tomorrow. and former u.k.
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foreign secretary boris johnson has officially launched his campaign to succeed theresa may as britain's next prime minister he told fellow conservatives in britain must leave you owe me us 31st of october is a favorite in the race for faces questions of his character and trustworthiness. right place in moscow have detained more than 400 people as a rally in support of investigative journalist. protesters are calling for the punishment of the police officers involved in his alleged framing and mistreatment in custody the demonstration which also saw the detention of russian opposition leader alexei in a valley comes a day after a drug dealing charges against mr golan know with drops due to lack of evidence. double use of moscow correspondent emily show and such as this assessment of today's latest developments. release russia's civil society seemed to heave a sigh of relief it seemed to be
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a signal of liberalization here and russia the russian parliament said that they would review drug laws that led to go in office arrest and several high ranking politicians criticized the case the signal that we're seeing here today at the protests is rather a different one after protesters gathered here they walked along. they were blocked at all avenues by the police who had gathered in huge quantities and now we're seeing arrests left and right it seems that the liberalization of yesterday that signal has really changed and this is a signal to russia civil society that they have to toe the line. i'm going to show the reporting from moscow and frank is one of the best known victims of the holocaust and thanks to her diary name is still widely recognized today during the 2nd world war she and her family hid from the nazis in concealed rooms built into
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the house and. when she was 15 they were discovered arrested and sent to a concentration camp with a teenage diaries not only the persecution of jews but also her relationship with other members of the family today would have been 190th birthday. 1000 students from hundreds of german schools marking the occasion on frank de has been to a school in the brandon region of northeastern germany to meet one of the few remaining people who remembers the teenage girl who became an icon. peter cornish knew and frank personally what she did beside him when he was little their families were good friends. we played after school when i saw. that in the gardens the park. i would pick me up from school. to do what she did she would come home she was and all the time
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. was launched on himself fled to america now he has come to germany just for and frank day which marks what would have been her 90th birthday and he has a message. don't be indifferent we active and you have the power potential. although. we tween the elections coming. to say well who are we were we going where we doing this with students at that one can school outside of our limits have gone through the diary of anne frank and they're impressed by her story. i'm understanding nice kind of honest and for us when you read it especially since it's coming from a kid's point of view i'm not i mean she was my a. it's just incredible it's terrible it's hard to imagine. that kind of
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scum prussia. just because you have different roots doesn't mean you're different as a person everyone can be good or bad it depends on the person and not on what culture or religion a person belongs to. for years the number of anti-semitic incidents has been rising in german schools history teacher bat lindemann wants to raise awareness of the issue although they're going to can scroll has had few problems there have been anti-semitic insults and graffiti here. because people often apply concepts such as using the word jew as an insult that are used in a completely on differentiated way and in an ignorant way. the aim of anne frank day is 1st students to get a feel for the past so that history does not repeat itself. but the house of values i call friends is the light side village where the nazis planned and nial ation of europe enjoying its now i memorial museum the huns question yeah
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she is its executive director welcome to day w. given that via choices of the 2nd world war history the question must be asked why should children still commemorate people like on friday. because an affront is unique. position that she left a diary behind where you have a picture of a lot of evidence from her father so it's somebody people can easily identify with and many of the people who remain. nameless and on a funk was the victim of systematic organized state sponsored anti semitism in germany the family. left frankfurt fled to the netherlands and then as an ins they were again subject to prosecution and unfortunately we are living in a world in
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a world today where. these ideologies seem to be. moving again and so what's difference does remembering what happened make i think remembering all commemorating because i moved can't remember her we didn't know her personally especially children cannot but i think commemorating her can help to. measure stick for the present and trying to assess to compare what happened in the past to present day events to experiences of discrimination people suffering to the rise of right wing extremist parties and on funk describes the rise of the muscle movement in the netherlands which was a fascist movement which didn't gain a great deal of support in the netherlands but which was to a supporter of the nazis. so. i think it can create awareness and
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sensitivity to what is going on today and so when children visit your holocaust memorial what sort of what do they tell you what what sort of effect does it have on. what we don't have very young children visiting runs a real usually have secondary school children coming to ones they. generally it's striking for me how little they know they know very little about the perpetrators who was responsible for what has happened i think it's very difficult for them to grasp that these were ordinary men and to a lesser degree also women who participated in these crimes they tend to exceptional as these people and the crimes they committed as a and so have. been made aware of it you're aware of any difference the that it makes to them about what do they tell you the problem is this is not measure time normally you would have to ask people again and again after weeks or months when
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visiting such a plays what how does it influence their life how does it influence their thinking but i can speak for myself personally i went to visit a concentration camp side when i was 16 and i remember that it was a very mocking experience fizzing you've mentioned a couple times that the fact that we are living in a time now where right wing extremism is on the increase as is anti semitism here in germany. does do these sorts of a sort of commemoration of how does that fit into the wider context. well. it's hoped. for. policy we hope that i remembering the holocaust by remembering the victims of the holocaust such as on the funk we can make people for what is happening in the present and. can try to
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vaccinate against the. easy responses which lay in the idea of racism of institutionalized racism. but of course. we also have the example where you have people had here to right wing parties who visit our memorial who are perfectly fine commemorating the holocaust still advocate a right wing idea so this idea of vaccination i'm not entirely sure whether that really works and. so much for coming in and talking to dr hans christian yosh in the house of a call from psych you think of rich. for years and t.w.a. flight center empty with demolition fanaa the 1960 has been given a new lease of life and appropriately enough the building is still a gateway to a different world. going back in time has never been so easy
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all you need to do is check into the newly opened t.w.a. hotel to feel what flying was like in the golden days of commercial. air the 1960 s. soundtrack behind us we're still working on a lot of the little details so that when you walk into the building you feel like you entered 162 but the immersive experience comes at its price. turning the. all terminal into hotel cost $300000000.00 but the constructor's went to great lengths to keep the original design a life at heart transitions while also incorporating modifications suited to any luxury hotel. 80 year old an old wire used to be a t.w.a. flight attendant back in the day and is enjoying the changes that have been made. i think it has been in
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a fantastic way and. i think it's great it's going to run by. the better side of travel. located right on new york's j.f.k. airport hotel features over $500.00 rooms with prices starting at around $150.00 that's the cost you'll have to pay to travel back in time. here in germany more than $40000000.00 male chickens are cold every year simply because they don't lay eggs of course is due to decide tomorrow whether that practice should be allowed to continue animal rights activists have objected for years given that male chickens should be instead even though that takes longer than with females and these more expensive which would mean a higher price for consumes. in the past and male chick like this one wouldn't have been long for the world at the head. they were always killed immediately.
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this town had seneca didn't want to take part in the killing anymore so he switched to another breed by theme and male chicks survived the dairy and poultry farm is an exception to the rule when it comes to raising chickens most industrial poultry farms are not funds of the so called jewel purpose chicken. much money usually for i don't have to guess my male chicks because we sell both sexes. we use. the heavy white chickens and because this is a jewel purpose breed the females are raised until they're sold for production and the male chicks attractant and sent to slaughter. the mission to fly off to. mass chick culling is a common practice. in large poultry farms in germany millions of chicks aghast because they don't produce enough meat so not all of the debt but simply go to waste some of them aside to zoo animals.
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poultry industry representatives fear that many hot trees in germany will be out of business if chick culling is bound. there is news here in front of us and we raise that $18000000.00 hens every year and for that we need all that he caps and supplies for an hour to respond german ones that meter brought with them supply us from poland to holland confusion animal welfare would suffer anyway because the regulations don't apply that. the poultry industry wants modern technology to determine the sex of eggs to stop male chicks being born scientists in like 2nd trust and working on a method using infrared light and blood cell analysis but the method still has to prove itself in large scale industrial application. and the german animal welfare association is not 100 percent satisfied with gender determination and eggs.
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you've answered my hopes up chick culling but really we have a broken system these specialized brita overbred and the only most suffer we need more purpose chickens that a suitable to both meat and eggs. poultry breeder christan hets america is making a good living from his jewel purpose chickens he sells 400000 young hens unfasten 3 states every year the chickens are particularly popular with core may restaurants. football in today's 1st game of the women's world cup nigeria defeated south korea 2 nil in grenoble to record their 1st win of the campaign i got off to a dream start when i came deo tempted clearance wrong footed her own goalkeeper to get to my team and lead in the 25 minutes i'm going to forget for the defender composed. a show no signature. composed to finish and put the game
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to bed in the 2nd term i spoke to. yesterday stunned our game united states made their 1st much anticipated appearance of the tournament expectations for the defending champions were high as they took on thailand but if you could have expected a record setting 13 no score. when star striker alex morgan noted us saints the lead up to this 12 minutes thailand fans had every right to be concerned by a bruising half followed before morgan made it 5 nailed to the usa in the 52nd minutes 5 and she completed her hat trick and made a flurry of usa goals to make it i knew on the 74th minute by but she wasn't done yet some excellent wing play from megan rapinoe gave morgan and other golden chance in the 81st minute 10 mil it's time i
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and she bagged a 5th in the 87th but seems 12 and 13 would follow soon after by the final whistle morgan was the 1st to console the broken opposition a stunning display of ability and sportsmanship from one of women's football biggest names. into cycling 4 time tour de france champion chris froome is out of this year's race next month after suffering a suspected thigh fracture in a training crash the brits say in here in silence crash during the 4th stage of the continuum do it before a race in france a team chief dave brailsford told the media of the accident wrists faery serious 34 year olds would not recover in time. this is d.w. news that live from coming up next made in germany this week's edition basically
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click the to. touch. the rhythm of the markets. the momentum of the morning more of. your business magazine made in germany next on d w.
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i was fishing when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room as the 9th in mt it was hard i was fair. i even got white hairs that go. benjamin language never thought this keeps me and could help us maybe to entrust the lives of say you want to know their story in blood spurting and reliable information for margaret. the global tourist guide fun germany's booming capital i love berlin the scope of the multicultural metropolis you know your attack series diplomat to balance my life choices in me i love me even once shared what today certainly looks like
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a tough choice like meet the spices of 50 nations 50 story. could be very personal tips on berlin's very best features if. everyone would call t w. look yummy to you are you horrified. possibly i love a good steak and i love it rare but i don't want to know how the animal was slaughtered i don't want to think about what goes on but i would like to know that it's all humane.


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