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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 12, 2019 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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this is d.w. news a lot from berlin tonight more u.s. troops in eastern europe amid polish dreams of building a fort. u.s. president today told polish president that the u.s. may send an extra 2000 troops to poland it's a move to bolster defenses against what is seen as a more aggressive. also coming up tonight. police fired tear gas to disperse protesters in hong kong a chance standoff between you an afterthought the authorities accuse protesters of
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organized rioting but the demonstrators say they're defending the territories freedom and police in russia arrest hundreds of supporters of the investigative journalist eve on the golan he was released yesterday in a rare u. turn by authorities after prosecutors admitted there was no evidence that he had drug campaigners say he had been set up and in football germany are almost certain of reaching the knockout stages of the women's world cup after a one nil win over a strong spain. i'm off it's good to have you with us u.s. president donald trump says that the united states will send 1000 more troops to poland. the president making the remarks while meeting his polish counterpart at
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the white house just moments ago but trump cautioned the troop move has not been finalized yet take a listen what they're talking about 2000 troops but we'd be taking them out of germany or would be moving them from another location it would be no additional troops to europe would be moving in from another location age and only have $52000.00 troops in germany. oh the polish government has been lobbying the trumpet ministration hard for a u.s. military base in poland ever since donald trump became president of the polish president mr due to he even once suggested that the new base in his country be called fort trump after today's press conference it's likely that 1000 not 200-1000 u.s. troops will be moved to poland the u.s. had already previously rotated about 4500 troops into the eastern european country
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as part of a nato mission but poland would like to see that troop commitment increased and they would like to see it made permanent u.s. and nato forces have given renewed attention to europe's frontier with russia since 2014 of course that was when russia annexed crimea from ukraine. we're going to have more on that press conference between the president of poland and the president of the united states coming up a little bit later in the broadcast we want to move on now to our 2nd top story of the day and that is in hong kong kong has been rocked by the most serious political violence since control of the territory was handed back to china more than 20 years ago police again today used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse tens of thousands of protesters who blocked key roads and stormed the parliament the demonstrators oppose a government plan to allow extraditions to china legislators have now postponed
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a debate on the wall. i from peaceful protest to violent clashes umbrellas became shields and weapons as demonstrators tried to fend off rubber bullets and tear gas fired by the police. tens of thousands of people came out to rally again today in protest against hong kong's controversial extradition build a quiet march until tempers flare i was dressed mostly in black their faces covered with surgical masks and wearing improvised body armor from the get go today's crowds seemed ready for a different kind of protest than the largely peaceful mass demonstrations on sunday i was subtly on this week. on our protest story we do like war of things differently i believe that's the only way that because i feel like i think i would say. they are worried about
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a proposed law that would mean hong kong could send people to mainland china to face trial. critics warned that would allow beijing to target political opponents in hong kong which retained its own justice system after being returned to china from british rule in 1997 conference chief executive has vowed to push forward with the legislation in an interview she condemned the violence. to the protests this now. in front of the legislative council again i make this point any violence will not be tolerated by a law enforcement authorities because tolerance off violence also gives life to very adverse consequences she also admitted the government had failed to communicate. we have not done enough in engaging young people from different backgrounds and different sectors and. this incident we certainly would do better.
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the protests forced the legislative council to postpone debate on the proposed bill but with a legislature dominated by beijing loyalists few protesters expect the law to fail the vote now scheduled for june 20th on this legal sol. i'm quite disappointed and i don't think. they will listen to people. they will still go ahead but i think they will pay for. the protesters may have delayed the vote but their struggle to preserve hong kong's autonomy has only just begun. oh our correspondent much he has barely hear is in hong kong earlier we asked him with this 2nd reading of the extradition bill being delayed does this mean that the protesters have won. the protesters might have won a little battle. but they have not won this thing because
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the government is not ready to scrap this bill they are not planning to do so they have and they are determined to push this through the have said this several times and we see no signs and we have almost with today seen no signs from mrs lamb that she would reconsider these. what was once he is building there reporting from hong kong here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world kosovo has awarded medals of freedom to former u.s. president bill clinton and former u.s. secretary of state madeline albright for opposing nato intervention in the war with serbia kosovo is marking 20 years since nato airstrikes helped remove serbian forces from its territory clearing the way for independence saudi arabian television state television says that who the rebels in yemen have watched a missile attack on a soul the airport a spokesman for the saudi coalition fighting the rebels say that 26 people were wounded after the rebels targeted the airport in the southwestern town of. japan's
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engine zoabi has met with iran's president hassan rouhani in tehran making him the 1st japanese prime minister to visit iran since the 1979 islamic revolution the trip is aimed at easing tensions between iran and the united states. will meet with supreme leader ayatollah khomeini tomorrow. the world health organization is to hold an emergency meeting to decide whether the ebola outbreak constitutes a global emergency the announcement comes after confirmation that the disease has spread to uganda from the democratic republic of congo a 5 year old boy has died from the virus in the western town because they say 2 other cases have now been confirmed. shops and restaurants have begun reopening in the sudanese capital khartoum demonstrators have called off a nationwide campaign of civil disobedience and they've agreed to new talks with
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the country's military rulers. khartoum is up and running again many shops are open traffic is flowing after 3 days the general strike is over. the opposition have cleared the way for new negotiations with the military a reason for hope. what is it that we are now very very optimistic that they will resume negotiations reach an agreement and every day life will resume. but the shock of last week's massacre in which more than 120 people died still lingus militias had brutally disbanded the protest camp in the center of khartoum. this was followed by raids as well as arrests of opposition politicians and activists international pressure on the military to return to the negotiation table has mounted yesterday the military junta signaled its concession to the ethiopian mediator. the 2 sides also agreed to refrain from inflammatory
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statements and be scholarly attentions. the transitional military council has agreed to take confidence building measures including that of these political leaders. a policy struggle between hardliners and moderate forces is now emerging in the security apparatus civilian transitional government or military dictatorship the fate of saddam could be decided in the coming days. police in moscow have detained hundreds of protesters at a rally in support of the investigative journalist yvonne goal in all of this comes a day after prosecutors dropped drug dealing charges against him for lack of evidence mr goble nobs supporters say that he was free. opposition activists and journalists being carted off by police. any hope that the release of journalist even called enough signaled
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a softening of the kremlin stance on free speech dashed. russian opposition leader alex was among those detained at the rally against corruption in law enforcement. but if you think that it doesn't make sure to punish a lunatic as clueless it's fantastic that they've released gun enough look that it's just a drop in the ocean and now this little could kill them we want all of those still in jail to know that we haven't forgotten. who loves him when he was me i can't just sit around and do nothing as if they were day ordinary over here just not just . this your purchase coverage this isn't over because we want to see the people who set up this case brought to justice yes that goes it would be a joke if all they did was dismiss them from their jobs that are coming at them within the city of. justice an authorized protest was
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originally planned to demand called enough be freed but after the charges against him were dropped on tuesday the demonstration was repurposed to call for police reforms and accountability. of himself had encouraged people not to take part following his release. of their 1st official trip i think it's better to spend time with loved ones or offer some direct support rather than to attend the march that's just my opinion where you will see. the cold enough knew the risks such rallies can bring in moscow those arrested for taking part could now face sentences of up to 20 days in jail. or need to use correspondent emily sure when has more now from moscow. after a van gogh enough for lease russia's civil society seemed to heave a sigh of relief it seemed to be a signal of liberalization here and russia the russian parliament said that they would review drug laws that led to go in office arrest and several high ranking
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politicians criticized the case the signal that we're seeing here today at the protests is rather a different one after protesters gathered here they walked along moscow's full of ards they were blocked at all avenues by the police who had gathered in huge quantities and now we're seeing arrests left and right it seems that the liberalization of yesterday that signal has really changed and this is a signal to russia civil society that they have to toe the line. really sure when they're reporting from moscow and frank is one of the best known big films of the holocaust and things to her diary her name is widely recognized today during the 2nd world war she and her family hid from the nazis in concealed rooms that had been built into a house in amsterdam but when she was 15 they were discovered arrested and sent to a concentration camp and murdered her teenage diaries detail not only the
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persecution of jews but also her relationship with other members of her family today would have been her 90th birthday 40000 students from hundreds of german schools are marking the occasion which is known as and for a day with reporters visited a school in the brandenburg region of northeastern germany to meet one of the few people still alive who knew the teenage girl before she became an icon. peter cornish and friend personally she babysat him when he was little their families were good friends. but. after school. when i saw. the god's part. i would pick me up from school. to do what she did she would come home she was an all the time. lunchtime himself fled to america now he has come to germany just
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for and frank which marks what would have been her 90th birthday and he has a message. don't be different we are active and you have the power potential. well that was. with. coming. to say well. who are we were we going where we doing this with students at that one can school outside of our limits have gone through the diary of anne frank and they're impressed by her story. i'm understanding nice kind of honest and for us when you read it especially since it's coming from a kid's point of view i mean she was my age it's just incredible it's terrible it's hard to imagine. this compression you know. just because you have
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different groups doesn't mean you're different as a person everyone can be good or bad it depends on the person and not on what culture or religion a person belongs to. for years the number of anti-semitic incidents has been rising in german schools history teacher bad linda man wants to raise awareness of the issue although the who and can school has had few problems there have been anti semitic insults and graffiti here. but people often apply concepts such as using the word jew as an insult that are used in a completely on differentiated way and in an ignorant way. the aim of anne frank day is 1st students to get a feel for the past so that history does not repeat itself. all new videos of 2 of the world's most powerful men are causing quite a stir they feature mark zuckerberg but people are concerned not because of what
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the men are saying but rather they're asking themselves are we seeing the we think we're seeing cleavers you know with more on this story or smiley you are this is a serious story right it is i mean it's terrifying if you if you really dig into it so let's see that we're talking about fake news it already walks among us where you control it call it fake music until it is packaged as news so we can just call them lies or we're looking at today is this we've got a video in a 2nd. supposedly talking now he's the facebook supremos facebook has not been taking this down. we don't know well we do know this is not so let's have a look at the video. imagine this for a 2nd one with total control of billions of people stolen their over secrets their largest their futures i owe it all to specter specter showed me that whoever
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controls that there are controls the future so that is not mark zuckerberg that looks exactly like him that's not him you know we've just seen is what is known as a deep fake these are videos that have been created by artificial intelligence programs that are doing deep learning this is where they are looking at videos and photographs of took about in this case and the programs are learning how to create a video saying whatever it is that the programmer is telling it to do. now this is new because this is not edited video this is not slowing something down or speeding it up or blanking something out this is created by this deep fake software it's dangerous because it's getting really good that there was a real very much like him right the voice not bad the voices that have the voice
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has to be done by. somebody faking the voice but the video is very good the other thing to know now is that it is cheap and easy to do you don't have to be a whiz bang programmer you can download the software and pretty much yourself now this started like a lot of tech innovations with pornography you had some celebrities faces of actresses put onto the bodies of porn actresses that's where it started yeah yeah it actually grows when you think about it and if you think about the other let me tell you a secret you ever wonder why i'm so. because of my big brain maybe but seriously it's all about do things ok algorithms and data i pulled up the biggest taste of the century people just have no idea. the voice of donald trump was not the best the i could tell that was in his but it looked like you know he looked like him and this is this is the danger that you could look at but it looks
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like him you get a better voice on it and it could easily be him that people are saying ok this could be used to launch a war you send something out like this tell the program to make him say we're declaring whiz bang we're all dead but i think more the danger danger is greater that actually this erodes our trust in fact what do you do if you don't know who to believe anymore how do you vote do you decide what to eat how to decide whether to vaccinate your children the facts no longer really have any bearing it is scary because artificial intelligence which is responsible for the software is getting better all the time which means it's harder to detect the fakes with the with this improving technology so what can we do about this now i'm not sure not very much there are 3 ways or 3 areas that you could try to tackle the audience the people who are watching this stuff people need to know that there's these deep fakes around so you need to look at where is this stuff coming from is it really you know
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something this has been brought you know actually happened or is this something that just suddenly popped up on your social media timeline you also need to look perhaps it's policy makers and american politicians are already demanding that the tech companies start looking for ways to actually define or kind of spot these things and then you also you may need to look at social media companies so they find them and drop them and maybe we should just try using some common sense now and then to remember looking at things online that would be refreshing i think libor has always had a thank you. i want to get back now to our top story u.s. president dollars trump says that the united states is preparing to send at least $1000.00 more troops to poland cautioning however that not all of the details have been finalized the president made the remarks while meeting his polish counterpart today in the white house also agreeing on broadening security and economic alliances between the u.s.
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and poland. says that the additional troops could be moved to poland from fellow nato member germany he declined to say if they would be permanently stationed there more soul has back to such a move and amid fears of growing aggression from russia all right let's take this story now to the white house correspondent dan or phenomena she is standing by at the white house for she was there during that press conference and evening to you alexander russia has warned the u.s. not to place more troops in poland so why is washington defying that warning. well i think there is a couple of reasons here 1st of all we have to have a look at the current poor polish you ass relationship with so that both presidents pray think it's over poland is one of the few a few countries within the european union who are quite happy to see donald trump in the white house who are satisfied with he's approach to european allies who are
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satisfied with he is a foreign policy poland is also purchasing american made military hardware and that's something that donald trump is very happy about but we also have to add that the you ass is already leading a nato battalion in eastern poland that was deployed to there as a deterrent in order to deter russia's possible potential father aggression in the euro of. after russia's annexation of ukraine's crimea in 2014 so and hansing there for you ask military presence there is sort of already nato strategy and it is also reflecting the new you asked defense strategy that sees russia and china as the main rivals of the u.s. and the world's only going to we were also listening in in the oval office when the 2 presidents were talking earlier today and mr trump he kept talking about germany
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in connection with these soldier stationing decisions in poland exactly what did these. well 1st of all see he criticized germany as he sometimes or very often das for not spending enough on defense then he held up poland as a great example for a european country that is spending 2 percent of its g.d.p. on defense and then he went on talking that the troops that are going to be deployed to poland may be coming from germany so you qute sort of understand this as a punishment of germany of not paying enough spending enough on defense that at least what how you could understand his remarks in the oval office yeah i was going to ask you always and you did you get the sense that that is the message that trump
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wants is that he is punishing germany by taking those troops from germany and putting them in poland while it's still being discussed still no final decision as you said has been made by i had this impression listening to donald trump in the oval office because he wasn't asked about germany's he started to talk about germany and poland on his own he also criticized germany for relying on. and their g. coming from russia so i think that it was at least he's intention once again to criticize germany and its policy towards russia and oil also the fact that germany is not committed to spends 2 percent of its g.d.p. on defense you know that's why the 2 percent keeps coming up again and again with nato and with trump you know he is always under a phenomena there at the white house and washington alexander thank you our sports news now and the women's world cup germany took on spain in their 2nd game of group
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b. both signs won their opening match making the winner of this fixture favorites to end up topping the group germany prevailed but it was a tough battle in the rain. germany without injured star midfielder jennifer were under pressure against spain who created more chances early on but shortly before the break germany applied their own pressure off the cross alexander pops had her popped out and sound at the average was there to pick up the pieces giving germany a one goal lead. after the restart germany kept up the momentum pop again with the header but this time the keeper kept hold. despite spain having the lion's share of the ball they couldn't crack the germany defense a late appeal for a penalty was turned down. we are really happy to have picked up this very important 3 points it took a lot of energy and we had a lot of luck in the opening few minutes with the way in germany now top the group
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with 6 points and are all but through. here watching t w news live from berlin coming up next tim sebastian interviews lower rushy the al counter spokesperson of the ministry of foreign affairs of qatar i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news so to see you then.
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center of the conflict zone fronting the powerful. my guest this week here in berlin is the qatari foreign ministry spokesperson. for the last 2 years the gulf states of consomme has been blockaded by a cortex of the arab states which accuses from supporting terrorism she has always
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denied the charges for. conflict so far. on dealing. come to the new general manager to channel. code a gold mine of stories. with exclusive insights. and a must see concerning arts and culture to ensure a. place to be for curious minds. do it yourself networkers. so subscribe it and don't miss out. so if you have to get through the bin to sneak a break without a football thanks think again. to keep the women's vote
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in front of the flames of excitement. not so much. it seems the 19 women spoke. of the ultimate solace on d.w.p. . facebook about the. one thing with facts so you do with. the know what i said up facts you want to quote there is a fair enough. more and. i mean the problem for the entire world is you don't think for the last 2 years the gulf state of qatar has been blockaded by a quartet of arab states which accuse it of supporting terrorism my guest this week here in berlin is the qatari foreign ministry spokesperson. 2 years always denied the charges but with question marks going back many years.


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