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tv   Conflict Zone  Deutsche Welle  June 12, 2019 9:30pm-10:00pm CEST

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tonight. i'm going with facts so you're dealing with common something going on not that you know what i said that you want to call it terrorism not a war and this free agent i mean it's a problem for the entire world because you don't think for the last 2 years the gulf state of qatar has been blockaded by a quartet of arab states which accuse it of supporting terrorism my guest this week here in berlin is the qatari foreign ministry spokesperson well what i'll cough up 2 years always denied the charges but with question marks going back many years do
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those denials ring true. welcome to conflicts out thank you for inviting me last march qatar put 28 people and ditties on the terrorism list which included several target nationals some of these people had already been on the arab list before why did your government delay putting the well this is not entirely accurate the idea of having designated this war was new altogether and as a matter of fact the other piece who were on the list 4 of them to be very precise and specific what already under the watch because they were under the security council designated list and all of the measures had been applied on them actually here just prior to that meeting them. when the arab states put them on the list you
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said the charges were baseless no that's not accurate let's put things into context june 5th 2017 for walking countries for arab countries aside to blockade called no we understand that we are less than to them specifically about their 98 people and get a's so to put things into context again when they did that when they broke it in the country when they expelled our people from their own countries. prevented them from access to mecca and then i understand i don't want to go through the whole history of them so when they did what they did that is they wanted to have an excuse so they have put forward many accusations and on terrorism etc we said that those accusations were baseless and this was our position going april last year washington's near east institute gave evidence to house subcommittee on terrorism said doha had been less than forthcoming on the issue of prosecuting
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terrorism finances in qatar reports over the issue is you're courting a think tank in the us but you're not courting the state department which said that the memorandum of understanding signed between utter and the u.s. puts it ahead of its neighbors including saudi and united arab emirates well for a long period of time the state department has had quite a few reservations but let's go through the history in 2009 a classified cable from the u.s. state department to its missions in the gulf pointed to your disinterest in the subject matter has adopted a largely passive approach to cooperating with the us against terrorist financing it said in february 2007 to 2 years earlier former u.s. treasury official daniel glaser so the katta have not yet made the kind of fundamental decisions on combating terrorist financing these are hardly glowing endorsement as one of your position is. the only issue. the question is is that
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a chance light on some facts and ignores completely other facts including the memorandum of understanding with the us including the fact that the 1st legislation we had against terrorism was in the year 2000 and you can always sign pieces of paper cutter but if you don't do anything about them we do meaningless we know what you think these comments are saying well there are so many good karma you haven't got the political will as latest october 27th in the us secretary treasury secretary stephen minutiae so terrorists were continuing to use both the charity and money service sectors in qatar for in this it finance and. crackdown on manner absolutely and mr minutiae a few months ago wasn't but that met with his highness and actually made remarks that are to the contrary of what you just mentioned in addition to that january 2000 and. 19 we had the 2nd strategic dialogue between though had and the
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us and that very dialogue the joint communique that came out of it actually commanded cover for its actions against terror as a matter of. our results little isn't a result look let's let's actually let's actually look at some of your results because you have treated your terrorist suspects with extraordinary leniency or careless science and i wonder why let's take some examples. was released from jail after you promised not to conduct terrorist activity and that this was a man who had plotted military attacks against the u.s. military bases in. power for punishment promised to be a good boy and we'll let you out of jail term i'm afraid that you're not even giving me the chance i mean you're taking so long to state you know spell of the accusations but i need to chastise value for cells exactly and i'm dealing with facts so you're doing with comments i'm doing no no no no what i said arthur the fact. that the state department said that cutler is ahead of its neighbors this is
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a fact the fact that mr minutiae was in doha commanded qatar only a few months ago this is a fact the fact that the name that me just mentioned and the 4 the only 4 names that we have on there's admitted list as but that is they had actions taken against them years ago not only to the those are the facts that you know you should put in place so that if you let me let me give you a let me give you a few more facts and let me give you a few more phone it in addition to this and that i might want to go to a point that you mentioned earlier the problem is courting courting countries that accused upward of terrorism as if they were in a position to accuse other of terrorism whereas these 3 countries egypt and sounding united arab emirates had their own citizens participating in september 11th let's look at ability of akureyri arrested in 2016 supposedly served his sentence under house arrest very nice and comfortable for coordinating the funding
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between qatari finances and al qaeda serious charge just a few months at home this is a joke isn't no it's not because there is something called the rule of law how many designee people are on the u.s. list you have u.s. citizens for example this is called rule of law the people that you mentioned are on watch lists there is a huge difference between being on a watch list this means you are a suspect and there are no charges that were proven against you is how effective you are. and really no no the question is special effect to other initiatives and they are in compliance absolutely in compliance with the u.n. security council measures can you tell me what those measures how effective was it for. the u.s. government's if you shut down his terrorist fund raising 2014 by 2017 the treasury noted that he was still actively involved in financing al qaeda a year later i'll tell you what that's an effective measure as an offensive measure . it is very effective i mean the found looks like no it is so do you know what the
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u.n. security council measures are against people who are designated it's not up to me to know nobody's i don't really do you know there are 5 of us and dealing with fact live in those are the facts and not only that there are 3 measures i mean you'll can look them up online 3 measures that need to be taken one is to prevent those individuals individuals from access to weapons to is to seize all of the financial transactions and 3 is a ban on travel all of these 3 international measures have been exercised on these people now if you want to address whether you are lying networks we're running if you want to join us later you want us to go beyond international law that maybe should stated clearly look. the other thing that you do is you play games with the west word word games in fact supporting the palestinian group hamas but insisting on calling them a resistance organization and denying the terrorists your counter terrorism envoy
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moved like al qa time me said in washington in april last year hamas is not a terrorist organization and start sending suicide bombers to blow up buses killing civilians women and children sending rockets discriminate indiscriminately over civilian areas that's not terrorism there isn't a single arab country that designates hemis as a terrorist organization where you know there are no they are not going to not unique in that position we are not unique in that position as a matter of fact there are many a man with unique or not that's not the issue of many sending suicide bombers to blow up buses with women and children of men is that not terrorism any we don't approve of any of those a reason we don't approve of any of those violations however many european countries don't designate that if it's not terrorism what would you call it then allowing up civilians on buses. what would you call that and. alcott m m call
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it's magickal it's on it's violence that's not acceptable against this is a terrorism you want to call it terrorism fair enough but the problem is you are not dealing fairly with the different parties here we're talking in the context of our key patient that is israeli occupation that is killing people on daily basis the you that describe this as terrorism or not how do you hope to play any meaningful role in the war on terror if you won't accept the common definition of what terrorism no actually is no really we do accept that we do accept that however to the thing is when you were describing the actions of hamas you gave yourself the liberty of the scribing this as terrorism but when i asked you about what the israeli occupation is doing against children and women you shine away from the scribing this as trying to talk to the israelis about what the. answer is i am talk had i am talking to you about your position on arms fairness or v these people
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for us are enough but do you agree that there needs i'm not here to agree or disagree unfair to answer to the us your question i totally understand but once again should there be a unified definition of terrorism that is acceptable internationally then maybe it should not be based on double it and it's not that difficult cambridge dictionary defines it as violent action for political purposes that's it as that's it enough then should be applicable on both parties we're talking about hamas here and you're the israeli the fact is your anti terrorist credentials have been further put in your government's readiness to allow hate speech from your mosques and on state broker us in april last year the anti-defamation league which monitors hate speech said your government continue to use its platforms to promote strident anti semitic preachers why south true and give us an exam. i'll tell you one thing i'll tell you
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one thing that always needs to be a balance between freedom of expression and what people think and then what the government should do we have many platforms other that have many different voices right represented so to give you an example your government provides reaches with guidance down day for the friday so mine away by the way reviews trying to reserves the right to take judicial action against clerics who break the rules of this of the other that's not true i'll tell you what i'll tell you one thing i'll tell you one thing i mean once again we have platforms and bill had that represent all voices including voices that are considered by many muslim conservatives as voices that should not be represented we represent all voices and coupled with no exclusion of friday sermon december 27th teen mohammed reiki he told muslims that jews have an mateen hatred towards you in their blood and their veins you describe
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the jewish people as your deceitful lying treacherous fornicating in chance's an enemy who has despoiled corrupted ruined and killed and will not stop and he called on all muslims to cleanse from the filth of the jews you put that out you put that out on your broker us no even promoted it this is this is not acceptable to the squire excepted no no no on except the boy is it that your government accepted it the government did not accept that when the government issued a statement accepting that they promoted it no they did not do it no they did of course i'm telling you are you going on has i urged to i really don't i am speech why do you continue i am with. listen i am telling you i am a representative of the government and i'm telling you that any description of any group is and such terms is absolutely not acceptable it's discrimination and we
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don't approve of it yet yet in other venues you have the slum of public discourse happening in europe and the well it's already here with you're not you're not responsible for europe you're responsible for all the reasoning but after here but listen you cannot dictate what i'm going to say now but it is those voices islam for because voters are represented and many countries yet we don't hear that it's because of the freedom of expression in other countries are not saying once again i'm reiterating my position that those terms are not acceptable yet we should receive fair treatment fair treatment and by the way in many other countries including israel there are many who are using the same terms exactly against muslims back in the early 2000 scatter made many promises to democratize i'm wondering why the process has stalled because the 2003 constitution stipulated that 30 out of 45 members of the m is advisory council would be filled through elections
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every 4 years 16 years on from that constitution no elections they've been repeatedly perspire why why the answer is very straightforward unfortunately some of our neighbors were not happy with that they thought that you should you care what you and he was doing well no actually we do it and we do and now we realize after 2 years of the walking that we realize that maybe we should have our own path independent path away from them and that's why you malcolm abrams and sort of your constitution and this is exactly it's a commitment in the absence 16 years on you has your little feeling about what you're not aware of is that after the blockade actually it's been an hour that the shura council will be elected and the legislations are being worked on. you've also made a lot of promises on workers' rights human rights groups acknowledge that you have finally and after much delay taken measures to improve the pooling conditions that
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migrant workers in qatar have had to put up with why did you take so long. the question of the guest workers is definitely a complex question there is no question about our commitment when it comes to vote rights there has been over the years plenty of question about you can fair enough i mean those were basically based on some media campaign success that are but the best on the truth and ready allows the conditions in all these might be a workers i don't know we acknowledge that and we acknowledge that as a matter of fact the most recent amnesty international report we have welcomed that human rights watch are welcome to doha on a regular basis and we receive their criticism very well yet we may still say you're dragging your feet yes but they said that they we made great progress ilo in november 2017 closed the issue the case against us and we have threatened you
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full investigation and if you didn't clean up your act you know i'll tell you what they have to threaten you with the know they know nothing else and you know they did so fact and know the thing is that but this is the difference we deal with constructive criticism very positively that's why we receive any constructive criticism very well so let me just continue that part after the closing the complaint against what are the ilo november 2017 we signed a 3 year agreement with them and the ilo issued a statement saying that should all the measures and that agreement be moved implemented others will be and leading example in the region this is what we aspire to and there is no question about our commitment to the guesswork they are helping us in developing our country. your treatment of foreigners in qatar has attracted the attention of the un convention against torture and other cruel inhuman or degrading treatment in june last year they cited
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a catalogue of appalling conditions inside the house deportation center these include inadequate sanitation insufficient ventilation shortage of bedding and food you are the richest country on earth shortage of food and bedding no proper lavatories no proper ventilation no proper food you feel no shame at any of this every anyone who hears about this should feel that there is no question are you ashamed of this i'll tell you one thing to the point is grounds for my question as a simple yes or no right here shows is that this is a violent woodworking on it there is nothing someone does it take to work on it you're the richest country on earth in the long does this take that nearer to provide proper love and truth for human beings takes a long time i think for a reason really really why do you want an answer yes fair enough so the answer is the following the problem the serious problem we're facing is the following there are thousands of medium and small businesses that are very difficult to control so
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i'm talking about the deport this and the humor of it the lies and loans and the laws and regulations have developed massively so minimum wages have been applied exit permit has been abolished what's known as for everybody you promise to abolish it for everybody by the end of this year as work hasn't been clearly abolished yet i'll tell you there is a difference between having the law and law enforcement to give you an example there are laws that condemn like that for forbid a crimes everywhere there's a smi in that crime stops of course no there are many violations yes learn from harlem and you don't have people who object you don't recall you have to colonial not know you're a mere 24 then so. we are going to do this then and except to no but when you're such an exceptional then you haven't done the homework properly the national human rights committee and other issues a report on nearly basis about the conditions of the migrant workers why there's no
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proper ventilation of that problem no that's why we were promised food no no proper love actually in your don't go to a certain sense while it's an appalling state of absolute that's why would i'm proving why did the c international human rights watch that we said that we have made great progress never do anything unless you push a note of the no we didn't you grab your feet do you know the idea of repeat the you know arrest and every roof that is completely inaccurate to the minimum we don't eliminate all necessary no we don't do the minimum we are the best when it comes to our region by the way really of course we are can you give me examples from the neighboring countries. and a un convention against torture and the other cruel inhuman or degrading treatment says that what is striking is the number of times the committee says you have failed to provide the un with crusted information particularly about true justice
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system or you so reluctant to live up to the suspect of your obligation to that but i just need to address one point that you mentioned about that we don't do actions towards the conditions of migrant workers are not unless we're pushed to and 2008 we have launched our vision 2030 and right in that vision one of the 4 pillars about as was about human development and improving the conditions for the migrant workers was there and others and certainly the un is still saying no the problem for a very violent solution no proper lavatories no proper burying our food has taken a long time absolutely a 2nd along with some forgive or has even a long time the entire world there are violations in and you know the richest and you are the richest country that is one of you not complying with the un's requests for information i'll tell you why i know but on the torture no really ringback people lying on the richest country i need to address this there are violations against migrant workers in every country in the world i'm not talking about every country not yours no this means that we are we can treasure what about games but
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differently what about venus what about mars what's happening here moon and i'm talking about no happens after that what i don't seem to want to drill i said that no we want to address it i said that we have improved i said that we have welcomed the emptiness amnesty international report. i mean once again we are she also has that you are not living up to tell it to your committee exactly and we have the welcome that and we said that we are working on this there is a huge difference between having violations that are systematic and violations that happen because of the complexity of the situation you feel no shame to you for putting people in these conditions to you to we're not putting people under these conditions. you know who we are in the deportations and the ones you again no one said this is completely not acceptable this is what i said what i said was very clear there isn't something that's a systematic and as soon as we discover
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a violation we act upon that there is no question about this look at the blockade after 2 years of blockade from the arab quartet your foreign minister recently returned in the last few days summits in saudi arabia does this mean the block is the promise of yes yes no no doesn't this only shows our commitment to out a corporation basically and it was the result of mediation from the side of the emir of kuwait we honored that and our prime minister attended we had didn't like the turn of the statements of the event and not dealing with iran before they were too harsh on iran and that's not accurate we had reservations on the statements and i'm about to explain why because iraq by the way had reservations and other countries also had reservations the reason is the following i mean we're meeting at the just as the g.c.c. and yet a government operation that runs a gulf cooperation council much cooperation so much cooperation this is
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a problem so right in that statement they say the opposite they say that the cooperation is great and they decided to ignore the fact that there is a blockade they decided to ignore the fact that there are thousands of families that are currently separated because of that looking and then at the arab level they refused to address libya despite what's happening and the horrors that are happening because of unfortunately incitement by the same blockading countries for the general have tried to displace thousands of people in libya they refuse to address syria that's why of course who objected to those statements and we're not alone are you afraid that with the u.s. . reinforcing its strike naval strike power in the region with the focus of saudi arabia and you worry that there will be war with iran on your freedom and well what we heard from the american administration is that they want to have dialogue but not for escalation so i don't think that any party wants escalation in the sport
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and you are satisfied that it isn't going to escalate out of control at any point though of course the world watching instability and instability caused by the blockade against you instability caused by america putting force winds of its forces in the area a war are and this region i mean means a problem for the entire world if you don't think i. would hope that it is but then i mean we have to be very very cautious as we're watching we need to have all parties to be talking to each other there are countries that are mediating for us the prime minister of japan was just an iran so we're hoping that some of those efforts will eventually need into you know because some if not. if not. i mean if not it's not only for couples to answer this question it's one of the entire world to us of this question all right good to have bill called himself thank you
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thank you i so. the.
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we are watching of all the train all in the water the poorest of the poor in poorer countries parted valuing the education they are demanding good quality education for their children the cost what it was and also realize that if they have to have good quality programs and good quality consumers they need look quality skilled workforce i'm very confident that in 2050 nor child or not i going to build a man illiterate that is the fundamental human right that is the divine right which the nature of the god has given to us and those who are just legendary that i had to learn gold was trudging over that i had the freedom there against him. just bought.
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this is. from berlin tonight more u.s. troops in eastern europe amid polish dreams of building a fort. us president today told the polish president that the u.s. is sending an extra $1000.00 troops to poland it's a move to bolster defenses against what is seen as a more aggressive russia.


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