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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 12, 2019 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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this is. from berlin tonight more u.s. troops in eastern europe amid polish dreams of building a 4th. u.s. president today told the polish president who does the u.s. is sending an extra $1000.00 troops to poland it's a move to bolster defenses against what is seen as a more aggressive russia also coming out breaks that hardliner boris johnson makes a play to become the next british prime minister the former mayor of london promising to lead the u.k. out of the european union johnson is the front runner in the race to replace to
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resubmit. and police fired tear gas to disperse protesters in hong kong authorities accuse them of organized but the demonstrators say they will not go well with an extradition agreement with china to become law. it's good to have you with us u.s. president donald trump says the united states is preparing to send at least 1000 more troops to poland and he is cautioning that not all of the details have been finalized yet the president making those remarks today while meeting his polish counterpart in the white house says the additional troops could be moved to poland from another nato member germany he declined to say if they would be permanently
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stationed in poland warsaw has backed a move like this amid fears of growing aggression from russia. all right for more now i'm joined by our washington bureau chief always under phenomenons she is at the white house and she was at that press conference between the 2 presidents good evening to you alexandra. russia has warned the u.s. not to play used more troops in poland but that's exactly what president is planning to do why is washington defying this morning there is a couple of reasons for that 1st of all we have to say that poland has been very persistent pressing the u.s. to increase its military presence in this presence in this country for quite a while poland is seen here as a very good ally one of the few european countries that is very happy to see donald trump in the white house that is very satisfied with his approach to allies what he said a foreign policy poland has also decided to buy american made military hardware
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and that is something that still no trauma likes very much but we also have to say that the u.s. has already been leading nato the telly and in eastern poland part of the force deployed there after russia's annexation of crimea in 2014 so increasing the you asked military presence in eastern europe is part of or consistent with nato a strategy there with nato attempts to deter russia from potential aggressive behavior in eastern europe and i always wondered today when both of the presidents were talking to reporters word germany kept coming up repeatedly what exactly did the u.s. president say. well you know brant we have to say that the president uses such
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occasions very often to criticize germany today again he criticized germany for not spending enough on or more on defense and he held up poland as an example for a country that is spending 2 percent of its student. on defense he also criticized germany for relying too much on natural gas from russia and again he praised poland for buying. a liquefied natural gas so then when he continued to talk about increasing you ass troops in poland and sending them over possibly from germany you coots interpret this as a sort of punishment for germany. very good point and let's talk about numbers here we heard today a 1000 u.s. troops could be sent to poland that is smaller than one poland had been hoping for but do you think this is the beginning of something that will be bigger well i
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wouldn't go so far as saying that this is a beginning of something bigger military experts here say that it might be too much from russia perspective or too many troops from russia spokesperson perspectives but to be a real difference it's still not enough to just send $1000.00 additional troops to poland's to strengthen mage's the eastern flank there all right our washington bureau chief alexander phenomenon on the story for us tonight the white house in washington alexandra thank you. hong kong has been rocked by the most serious political violence since control of the territory was handed back to china more than 20 years ago police today used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse tens of thousands of protesters they had walked heroes and stormed parliament the demonstrators oppose a government plan to allow extraditions to china legislators have now pours full and a debate on that extradition wall. i from peaceful protest to violent
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clashes umbrellas became shields and weapons as demonstrators tried to fend off rubber bullets and tear gas fired by the police. tens of thousands of people came out to rally again today in protest against hong kong's controversial extradition build a quiet march until tempers flare i was dressed mostly in black their faces covered with surgical masks and wearing improvised body armor from the get go today's crowds seemed ready for a different kind of protest than the largely peaceful mass demonstrations on sunday that i was such a leader is weak. on the right just right we do right the right things differently i believe that's the only way if you feel like i think i would say thank you they are worried about a proposed law that would mean hong kong could send people to mainland china to
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face trial. critics warned that would allow beijing to target political opponents in hong kong which retained its own justice system after being returned to china from british rule in 1997 conference chief executive has vowed to push forward with the legislation in an interview she condemned the violence. to the protests this now. in front of the legislative council again i make this plea any violence will not be tolerated by and foresman off our attacks because tolerance of violence also gives rise to a very adverse consequences she also admitted the government had failed to communicate. we have not done enough in engaging young people from different backgrounds and different sectors and. this incident we certainly would do better. the protests forced the legislative council to postpone debate on the proposed bill
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but with a legislature dominated by beijing loyalists few protesters expect the law to fail the vote now scheduled for june 20th honestly i'm not so. i'm quite disappointed i don't think. they will listen to people. they will still go ahead but i think they will keep. the protesters may have delayed the vote but their struggle to preserve hong kong's autonomy has only just begun. here's some of the other stories now the making headlines around the world police in moscow have detained hundreds of protesters at a rally in support of the investigative journalist. it comes a day after prosecutors dropped the drug dealing charges against him for a lack of evidence. supporters accuse the authorities of framing him the world health organization will hold an emergency meeting to decide whether the ebola outbreak constitutes
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a global emergency it comes after confirmation that the disease has spread to uganda from the democratic republic of congo a 5 year old boy has died from the virus in the western town sesay 2 other cases have now been confirmed japan's isha has met with iran's president hassan rouhani in tehran making him the 1st japanese prime minister to visit iran since the 1979 islamic revolution the trip is aimed at easing tensions between iran and the united states mr abi will meet with supreme leader ayatollah khomeini tomorrow. kosovo has awarded medals of freedom to former u.s. president bill clinton and former u.s. secretary of state madeline albright for proposing nato intervention in its war with serbia kosovo is more than 20 years as his nato airstrikes helped remove serbian forces from the territory clearing the way for independence this. shops and restaurants have reopened in the sudanese capital khartoum demonstrators
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have called off a nationwide campaign of civil disobedience and agreed to new talks with the country's military leaders. is up and running again many shops are open traffic is flowing after 3 days the general strike is over. the opposition have cleared the way for new negotiations with the military a reason for hope. what is it that we are now very very optimistic that they will resume negotiations we will reach an agreement and every day life will resume . but the shock of last week's massacre in which more than 120 people died still lingus militias have brutally despondent the protest camp in the center of khartoum. this was followed by raids as well as arrests of opposition politicians and activists and the national pressure on the military to return to
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the negotiation table has mounted yesterday the military junta signaled its concession to the ethiopian mediator. the 2 sides also agreed to refrain from inflammatory statements and discuss tensions. the transitional military council has agreed to take confidence building measures including that of these political leaders. the palace trouble between hardliners and moderate forces is now emerging in the security apparatus civilian transitional government or military dictatorship the fate of saddam could be decided in the coming days. or the former british foreign minister boris johnson has kicked off his campaign to take over from the outgoing prime minister to resign may the former mayor of london is a colorful character and a break that hardliner johnson says he will lead the u.k. out of the european union. the front runner. it has come to the fore boris johnson
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has promised to see through practice it by the end of october which have a cost at least that was his pledge to tory voters. if i get a more permanent deal no deal on the top of that over and over. what would that mean it would mean you come back to what you did in the good years as a burglar is the same promise he's made to right wing members of the conservative party who joined him to kickstart the campaign. he gave me his word to my face but if he became prime minister we would leave only 31st of october 3 more that we may advocates of a new deal banks it may have to dream on indeed as boris johnson moved away from his previous comments on the matter no longer supporting such a scenario. it's only if we have the guts and the courage to get ready for it that we will carry any conviction in brussels and get the deal we need because they don't want no deal anymore the idea of a policy closer to that of to reason may and one that confuse journalists in
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attendance you're telling some supporters you'll do everything to avoid leaving the e.u. without a deal and others that you gladly would do that can the country trust boris johnson was not prepared to answer. the german government has raised more than 6 and a half 1000000000 euros from the auction of its 5 g. telecommunications frequencies the link the auction of germany's next generation telecom network ended on wednesday the biggest overall bidder was georgia telecom surprise which paid more than $2000000000.00 euros for 5 g. frequencies vodafone and telefonica deutsche line also made significant purchases germany's 5 g. plans have been in the spotlight after it ignored u.s. warnings to ban chinese telecoms manufacturer who way from involvement in building those networks. at the women's world cup in germany took on spain in their 2nd game of group b. both sides won their opening match making the winner of this fixture favorites to
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end up topping the group germany prevail but it was a tough battle in the rain germany without injured star midfielder jennifer we're under pressure again spain who created more chances early on but shortly before the break germany applied their own pressure off the cross alexander potts header popped out and sound at the average was there to pick up the pieces giving germany a one goal lead after the restart germany kept up the momentum pop again with a header but this time the keeper kept hold. despite spain having the lion's share of the ball they couldn't crack the germany defense a late appeal for a penalty was turned down. we are really happy to have picked up this very important 3 points it took a lot of energy and we had a lot of luck in the opening few minutes with the win germany now top the group with 6 points and are all but through. all right you're watching t w news live from
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berlin up next e.w. business with my colleague ginnell she'll be glad if you stick around. i'm secure in the they were not hard and in the end is a me you are not a lot of the animal who wasn't of that. are you familiar with this. in the smugglers were lions and. what's your story.


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