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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  June 13, 2019 3:02am-3:15am CEST

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the worst political unrest in hong kong in decades has the business community worried and not just in the region we'll speak to our markets correspondent. also on the show take a trip back to the sixty's that new york's j.f.k. airport as an abandoned terminal is turned into a retro hotel. millions of new we had to mail checks are destroyed in germany every year because they don't lay eggs the future of that practice has become a matter for the court. this is d.w. business imes in melbourne and in berlin welcome stock markets around the world have seen a dip in the midweek trading but hong kong has been hardest hit businesses across the financial hub have kept their shutters down as the biggest political demonstration in hong kong in decades turned violent but despite lost revenue many
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businesses support the pro-democracy protests. violent clashes erupted between police and tens of thousands of protesters gathered outside the chinese ruled cities legislature on wednesday. kevin children is one of many business owners who has been affected by the turmoil in the city he closed his restaurant because of the disturbances. i'm here and here are this law passes that would bring fear to hong kong people the kind of democracy that we want should be feeling that the main worry is that mainland china is legal system is not trustworthy i'm worried that people will face unfair trials this is why hong kong people who want real democracy and freedom don't want there's little time to go. he's one of more than a 1000 business owners who decided to shut up shop wednesday to show support for the protest movement. hong kong's administrator is about to press ahead with the legislation despite deep concerns in the asian financial. that it could undermine
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those freedoms and investor confidence that make it attractive to multinational corporations and it could erode the city's competitive advantages major companies have remained silent for fear of angering the chinese government but behind closed doors reports say they are already asking themselves about whether the legislation could pose a danger to foreign executives. now the unrest in the region has put pressure on the asian markets and ripples are being felt as far away as wall street 2. joins us live there from now hello yes how has trading been affected there where you are well especially we did see it with u.s. companies that are dealing quite a bit with china either if they produce over there or sell their goods to the chinese markets and companies where we did see some pressure and stocks are falling that was true for example for a semiconductor companies that was also true for the stock of cisco systems but we
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also saw oil prices falling around to 4 per cent so if the 2nd largest economy on the planet sold china might have some trouble some turbulence and that could hinder economic growth so that could mean less demand for oil and therefore be a plunge to the lowest level since a generally overall the most is we're limited to but as i said specially those companies and everything that has to do with china and the broader as sends a did see some losses here on wednesday. well china sneezes and the world catches a cold but meanwhile investors are also looking towards the upcoming g 20 summit as the next opportunity for the u.s. and chinese sides to come together do you see any optimism there. well it remains open but let's put it this way if we would see a lot of pessimism then the stock market at this point probably would react to
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a much more negative than what we see right now or losses overall were rather limited here on a wednesday if we might see any kind of a deal or step towards $21.00 really remains to be seen u.s. president donald trump is talking about that he wants china to agree to 5 major points he did not specify which point he mean was that it's all open and we have to wait till the end of the month to the g. 20 in japan and see if there are any developments that get us closer to a deal donald trump keeping us in suspense yet again thank you very much chance carter there on wall street for us the german government has raised over 6 and a half 1000000000 euros from the auction of its 5 g. telecommunications frequencies the lengthy auction of germany's next generation network and wednesday the biggest overall better was delighted to telecom which
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forked out over 2000000000 euros for 5 g. frequencies a phone and telefonica deutschland also made significant purchases germany's 5 g. plans have been in the spotlight after it ignored u.s. warnings not to allow china's wall ways to be involved in the network's. bernal's chairman has promised a fresh start for the carmaker strained alliance with a japanese partner nissan shareholders met in paris in the wake of the surprise collapse of a planned merger with the chrysler or no chief when he said not so delegates the failed talks spent the partnership with nissan was even more important it was also the 1st at renault and well general meetings since the multiple arrests of former c.e.o. collis cohen in japan. plans to build east africa's 1st coal fired power station close to a kenyan world heritage site has caused yet more protests opponents of the plant near the lomu archipelago say kenya doesn't need it because its energy needs are
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already being met and mostly by renewable sources u.s. analysts claim the energy produced will cost consumers $10.00 times more than previously thought the kenyan government says it will create jobs and secure a future power supplies. trans world airways abandoned its terminal at new york's j.f.k. airport in 2001 after it went bankrupt although once forgotten terminal has been converted to a designer hotel offering guests a unique opportunity to travel back to a time when flying was fun and a bit more elegant. going back in time has never been so easy all you need to do is check into the newly opened t.w.a. hotel to feel what flying was like in the golden days of commercial aviation you hear the 1960 s. soundtrack behind us we're still working on a lot of the little details so that when you walk into the building you feel like you entered 1962 but the immersive experience comes at its price.
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turning the old terminal into a hotel cost $300000000.00 but the constructors went to great lengths to keep the original design a life of heart transitions while also incorporating modifications suited to any luxury hotel. 80 year old an old wire used to be a t.w.a. flight attendant back in the day and is enjoying the changes that have been made. i think it has been. fantastic. and. i think it's great it's going to i'm by far the better side of travel. located right on new york's j.f.k. airport hotel features over $500.00 rooms with prices starting at around $150.00 that's the cost you'll have to pay to travel back in time. more than $40000000.00
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bail chickens are gassed or drowned every year in germany because of their inability to lay eggs and because they often don't produce enough meat it's a practice animal rights campaigners have denounced as inhumane on thursday a german court is set to decide whether the practice can continue. in the past and male chick like this one wouldn't have been long for the world that perhaps america has. always killed immediately. this town had seneca didn't want to take part in the killing anymore so he switched to another breed by the female and male chicks survive the dairy and poultry farm is an exception to the rule when it comes to raising chickens most industrial poultry farms are not found of the so called purpose chickens. much money usually for i don't have to guess my male chicks because we sell both sexes. we use is made
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in the heavy white chickens and because this is a jewel purpose breed the females are raised until they're sold for i could auction and the male checks attractant and sent to small to. diminish them in peace officers. must check culling is a common practice on large poultry farms in germany millions of chicks aghast because they don't produce enough me. no not all of that but simply going to waste some of them the fed to 0 on the most. huge. cash. poultry industry representatives fear that many hot trees in germany will be out of business if chick culling is bound. there is news here to find us and we raise that 80000000 hens every year and for that we need all that we got since supplies far enough to respond german ones that me rebrov with and supply us from poland or holland confusion animal welfare would suffer anyway because the
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regulations don't apply that. the poultry industry wants modern technology to determine the sex of eggs to stop male chicks being born scientists in light 2nd trust and are working on a method using infrared light and blood cell analysis but the method still has to prove itself in large scale industrial application. and the german animal welfare association is not 100 percent satisfied with gender determination in eggs. and my hope stopped chick culling but really we have a broken system these specialized breeds are over bred in the almost suffa we need more chickens that a suitable for both meat. poultry breeder christan hets america is making a good living from his job as chickens he sells 400000 young hens unfasten vs every year the chickens a particularly popular with cool may restaurants. and that's it for me as
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a business team here in berlin for more you can always go to our website that's dot com slash business thank you very much for watching.
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