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please. this is d.w. news live from berlin 2 oil tankers reported to have been attacked in the gulf the crews are evacuated and the u.s. navy rushes to a system that heighten tashan tensions between washington and iran for tankers were damaged in the legend so sabotage attack a month ago. also coming up ebola is spreading again and a leading research organization calls it truly frightening around $1400.00 people
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have died from the disease in the democratic republic of congo now to have died in neighboring uganda. to protest in hong kong delayed progress of a controversial extradition bill again the territories chief executive calls wednesday's demonstration a blatant organized riot to protest organizers call for another mass demonstration on sunday. plus the football women's world cup in france germany will almost certainly reach the knockout stages of the tournament after a hard fought one to win over spain. i'm sumi so misconducts good to have you with us we start with what could be another escalation of tension in the gulf region to oil tankers have reportedly been attacked but the crews of both vessels have been evacuated now why. of the
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tankers is reported to have sunk but the owner says it hasn't the election attacks come at a time where tensions between the u.s. and iran are running high. to oil tankers in the gulf of oman damaged under mysterious circumstances their crews forced to evacuate it's an incident reminiscent of the widely criticised sabotage attacks of last month. the norwegian operated front altera carrying a highly flammable petroleum product and the panama flag cuckoo cuckoo courageous carrying methanol were both allegedly targeted in iranian waters near the strategic strait of hormuz a conduit for a 5th of all global oil consumption. iranian news outlets say local search and rescue teams have picked up 44 sailors from the front altera before it sank in the gulf of oman but the vessels norwegian owner says the tanker remains afloat confusion about the situation from a els a norwegian authorities have called on its ships in the region to exercise extra
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caution shortly after the suspected attack oil prices soared jumping as much as 4 percent highlighting how crucial the area remains to global energy supplies. and iran's foreign minister has just commented on the incident on twitter mohammed jeffords aretha tweeted this a short while ago he said the reported attacks on japan related tankers occurred while prime minister shinzo abbay was needing with ayatollah khomeini for extensive and friendly talks suspicious doesn't begin to describe what likely transcribed the transpired this morning iran's proposed regional dialogue forum is imperative. let's get some analysis on the story now we have our security expert mike ts fun hine with us time a ts give us the latest on what you're hearing about these incidents. well i think the report pretty much summed up everything we know. there are conflicting reports
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about what happened to those tankers. one of those tankers was said to have been sunk. other sources say it's still afloat the crew is and i think that's very important for crews to rescue they have been evacuated the 44 seamen have been rescued by an iranian vessel 20 other seamen have been rescued as well from the other tanker. i think it is important to really point out. how important the strait of hormuz is where this incident this attack happened it's really the most important all to refile energy for crude oil on this planet 20 percent one 5th of all crude all of all an energy moving through it so any attack any incidents that is really of the utmost relevance so much is given the strategic importance of these waters if these are confirmed to have been deliberate attacks
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who could the chief suspects here be. well i think a lot of fingers will point to iran. whether this is ok or not but iran has in the past repeatedly warned that if it is not able to export oil through the strait of hormuz it will make sure others won't export either and iran and all export are hit very very hard by the tightening u.s. sanctions but then again as. iranian forest and minister zarif pointed out at this very moment the japanese prime minister is in iran trying to save the nuclear deal there has been a lot of diplomatic push in recent days to keep this nuclear deal afloat with the german foreign minister heikal mosque in tehran on monday and major very important
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e.u. foreign affairs officials on their way to the region so one has to be aware you why at this point in time iran would do such an attack on the other hand there are other actors in the region who might have an interest in keeping the tensions high in stoking tensions between the u.s. and iran our security expert my ts fun hind speaking with us thank you. now a leading biomedical research organization is calling the current outbreak of ebola in the democratic republic of congo truly frightening the u.k. based welcome trust says the epidemic is the worst since 2016 and shows no signs of stopping the world health organization is considering whether to declare the outbreak a global emergency the disease has spread to uganda where 2 people including a 5 year old boy have now died. a border can stop a virus but uganda nothe already is are trying 3 cases have been registered in the
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country as the 1st known cross borders spread since an outbreak began in the neighboring democratic republic of congo last august fears are growing that this might only be the beginning of. one outbreak in that yes he is still going on and by today we have over 2000. confirmed cases and so the probability over more cases forcing go from the d.r. a c. into uganda these are very high. in poland isn't new to uganda the country has seen 5 al breaks of the disease since the year 2000 it has now stepped up efforts to contain the virus screening every person coming in from the eastern d r c the government is also deploying an experimental ebola vaccine for health care workers along the border we are very close. that many more coming to support
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the response than this maybe more people will not be vaccinated and so will try to push out of the box in that one again more. frontline hill to our cause other work us unring bucks the nation for the content. because of past successes in combating the disease uganda is widely regarded as being at the forefront of the fight against involucre but faced with them. most recent cases many ugandans feel uneasy and wish their country did more to educate citizens about the virus the government does not done enough to cystitis people about it because they think the up in order to meet should have started the from the rule areas but you know when people have the symptoms they want to hide on in the mix with a group of predation which now spreads diseases to to wipe away the area of serious cause i haven't seen any symptom over the border but they. sure do issue news to me
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says people are both doing good out seem to have gone from bad to some idiot uses i was by no means we are new to see you. tomorrow the world health organization is set to decide whether it be a bowl outbreak now that it has transcended the d r c should be declared an international health emergency. now some other stories making news around the world turkey says syrian government forces have attacked a turkish observation point on sirius in live province 3 turkish soldiers were slightly wounded in the attack and some equipment and facilities were damaged the british government has approved the extradition of wiki leaks founder julian assange to the united states that's according to britain's home secretary such huge event a songes lawyers are expected to challenge the decision which could pave the way for a lengthy appeal process sanjay is wanted in the u.s. for leaking classified material in 2010. the top german court has ruled that the
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killing of male chicks in industrial scale livestock production will remain legal companies have the right to kill male chicks to increase profit margins of no better alternative is available currently the unwanted animals are gassed or shredded alive. 11 people have been arrested and $22.00 police officers injured during more protests in hong kong the government there has again delayed a debate over a new bill that would make judicial extraditions to mainland china easier mass demonstrations against the bill have brought the city to a standstill residents fear that the law will give china more control over the territory and the road civil liberties now authorities have been clearing away barricades left by protesters this morning's calm follows violent clashes which left 79 people injured 2 of them seriously as police fired tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowd and were much smaller number of protesters have assembled in the city center today under heavy security and it comes as messaging app telegram
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said it was hit by a cyber attack during the protests. let's bring in reporter sherry chan she is from hong kong and she's been looking into this aspect of the story for us terry 1st of all tell us about how hong kong protesters have been using telegram so far so it's a very important message at fall protests in hong kong and actually there are lots of different groups prepared for different purposes in the protests for example in some groups they would talk about the news about the pros has and responses from government officials and others that they would use it to show some practical information and for example in another group they would talk about how face my. face boss they should get and where they can get them and how much they are and they even the group that provides the legal services for the protests do we know what i. actually happened with the cyber attack on telegram is there any indication
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that china has been interfering so china didn't say anything about the accusation that they have been attacking telegram telegram has that they have received a message for texts and ip addresses they are region native in china and that's what the c.e.o. of telegram said in his cot and one thing that's important to note that telegram is banned in china and so to have this message scale of attack really nice quite some organization yeah so telegrams been an important tool for the protesters in hong kong how will they organize themselves going forward actually. messaging surfaces but they are more careful about their identities so they don't. they don't use. they don't use their real names and some sources even told me that inside the protest sites they try not to take pictures with their phones and so if
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anyone is taking pictures off of them it's probably the police will try to record their faces and to have consequences for an important story there cherry chan reporting for us thank you very much. now poland is considering naming a military base for to trump after the us president promised to deploy an additional $1000.00 troops there that those troops could be relocated from germany which donald trump has criticized for not spending enough on defense trump made the announcement while hosting a polish president at the white house. things are looking up for the u.s. polish alliance trump welcomed his guest polish president on jury duty with an f. $35.00 fly over the poles want to purchase more than 30 of the u.s. made fighter jets a deal like that gets a reward over a fireplace shot trump suggested a 1000 additional troops could be relocated from germany to poland we have
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$52000.00 troops in germany. and germany is not living up to what they're supposed to be doing with respect to nato and poland is i have to congratulate you thank you very much poland is seeking more security from the u.s. to quell its concerns about russian activity as well as military equipment the 2 leaders signed a multi-billion dollar deal for the sale of u.s. liquefied gas to poland. for due to the international visit is also about national politics poland will hold parliamentary elections later this year shortly before the vote due to wants trump to make an appearance to take part in world war 2 commemorations. the new presidential just a moment mr president we all hope that you'll visit us in poland in september when we mark the anniversary of the invasion by nazi germany.
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trump says he will consider the invitation for what would be his 2nd official visit to poland. you're watching news still to come on the show fighting back this filipino martial artist is using her skills to help victims of child abuse. but 1st in china more than 1000000 pigs have been culled since last august as authorities try to stop an outbreak of african swine fever that the deadly disease in pigs has fred rapidly across the country and region experts say there are still ways to get the epidemic under control african swine fever is raging in vietnam and the pig killing disease has ruined many small farmers here since jumping the border with china back in february almost 2000000 pigs have been put down as authorities try to limit the spread of the pathogen but it moves fast though it doesn't affect humans the virus can cause infected hogs to suffer terribly and the
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most virulent strains will kill them they can be transmitted to domesticated herds via wild pigs and meat products made from the flesh of infected animals are another potential source of infection with the highly contagious virus vietnam and china are at the center of this scourge officially china the world's biggest port producer says it's called a 1000000 animals since the epidemic began though many experts believe the number is far higher outbreaks have also been reported in mongolia cambodia and most recently north korea. the price for live pigs has soared by around 40 percent since african swine fever struck east asia pork is a staple product in many countries here and around half of all the pigs on the planet are raised in china until no researchers have struggled to come up with a vaccine to prevent the disease but now a small scale study in spain is providing a glimmer of hope. w.
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science correspondent garrick williams is with us to tell us more about this story hi derek we heard there at glimmer of hope so can you tell us more about the research into finding a vaccine is the most recent publication on it was a vaccine that was developed by a group in in spain in madrid and they did a test with what's called an attenuated live vaccine and now if you remember back to your school days when they talked of when you learned about vaccines in school it's the same sort of idea that we have with cowpox and smallpox genesis are isolated a cow pox virus and gave it to people and they then develop the antibodies that helped prevent them from getting smallpox so it's the same kind of idea they found of wild boar this is also in eastern europe it's been a popular it's been a problem african swine fever has been a problem as well but with with strains of the virus that are quite as as a variant as the one that's that's hitting in china right now so they basically isolated a strain of this virus from
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a pig in eastern europe they attenuated that that means they weaken to even more and then they they they gave it to 18 wild boar piglets and lo and behold that also made them then immune to the more very ill in form of the disease of african of africans. that's now currently such a scourge in china so this is a pretty complex process if it is successful how long would it actually take to implement its very very early days of a very small scale study and they showed some proof of concept but they're going to have to go through a lot of safety tests and also to just to see how much of the virus is enough to do . to cause this immune effect there is one positive aspect of it as well which is that the pigs the wild pigs that were involved in the study the ones that had been inoculated also seem to be able to pass along their immunity to the non inoculated animals through a process called shedding so theoretically it could be a positive sign that pigs could basically inoculate themselves as long as you get
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it going but it's still very early days of this point why is this swine fever so difficult to stop the spread of it well it's incredibly infectious and also pigs that have the disease that that contract the disease there they often they're shutting the virus themselves for a couple of days before they begin to show symptoms so by the time you have an animal that shows an infection it's already too late it's already infected all of the rest of the animals in the herd there's also the problem that it's transmitted through wild boars which don't pay attention to any national borders of course they cross and pigs are social animals so there's also ticks are another reservoir of the of the disease in the wild and then of course there's the problem that the meat remains infectious even after the animal has been slaughtered so pigs as you know will eat anything and it's it can happen that pigs are actually fed other pig pig meat in the process as feed and then they contract the virus that way so once it gets entrenched it's incredibly difficult to get rid of all right dark williams
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from d.w. science thank you so much for explaining that story to us it's now the 1st round of voting in the race to become the next british prime minister is underway each of the candidates to become leader of the conservative party has to secure at least 17 votes from their party lawmakers to stay in the race former foreign minister boris johnson is the current favorite the colorful character and brags that hardliner has vowed to leave the u.k. out of the european union. the front runner has come to the fore boris johnson has promised to see through press it by the end of october which half of the cost at least that was his pledge to tory voters. if i get in will come out a deal my deal on the top of that over and over. would that mean i would let me come back to baghdad and again yes. this is the same promise he's made to right wing members of the conservative party who joined him to kickstart the campaign. he gave me his word to my face that if he became prime minister we would leave only
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31st of october dream of that advocates of a new deal bronx it may have to dream on indeed boris johnson moved away from his previous comments on the matter no longer supporting such a scenario. it's only if we have the guts and the courage to get ready for it that we will carry any conviction in brussels and get the deal we need because they don't want no deal anymore the idea of a policy closer to that of to reason may and one that confuse journalists in attendance you're telling some supporters you'll do everything to avoid leaving the e.u. without a deal and others that you gladly would do that can the country trust you doris johnson was not prepared to answer. now the 5 g. network is the new standard for mobile communications it's up to $100.00 times as fast as previous networks and it's a big moneymaker from governments which can auction off radio frequencies germany
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has been lagging behind but early on as now auctioned off the frequencies for its 5 g. network and made an impressive profit. launch 13 weeks ago the clock was stopped on wednesday the auction for 5 g. frequencies is over the corporation's dortch a telecom telefonica vodafone and nets a subsidiary of and so once united internet have paid a total of 6600000000 euros for him is there this do you feel very pleased that the 4 companies that have acquired the frequencies are now able to quickly drive the 5 g. network expansion competition kernan the new mobile radio standard 5 g. will be able to transmit data around a 100 times faster than its predecessor 40 and it'll do it almost instantaneously decisive for example for autonomous driving or industry digitalisation large corporations like b a s f even want to set up their own networks using fi
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independent of the mobile network operators for example trucks would use 5 g. to drive autonomous li. with the billions from the auction the german state wants to expand high speed internet into rural areas and promote the digitalisation of schools for private use in germany 5 g. will probably be available in 2021 at the earliest and it won't be nationwide until some time after that. last year maggie ochoa made history when she won gold in the jujitsu world championships and became a figure of national pride at home in the philippines now she's using her status to tackle the child sex tourism that affects the country with her campaign to empower abuse survivors on the mat. for one thing filipino martial arts star mega church or north is how to fight and how to win but no she's wrestling with the scourge
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afflicting her country using jujitsu to help survivors of child abuse triumph over their trauma. before this i always ran away from my problems before this i always cried about it. the philippines has been branded a hub of child sexual exploitation that's increasingly happening online might mean this 20 charity tear days almost highlighted the scale of the problem using sweetie a computer generated girl who was targeted by 20000 paedophiles in just a few weeks and thousands of other children are often forced to perform sexual acts from. even if it's why jujitsu world champion a chore decided to. look at setting up the fight to protect initiative to help victims of child abuse to regain their confidence through self defense. well 1st some of the kids that i've gotten to
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know some of them. viewed themselves as nothing else in the they saw themselves as worthless you know because of what they experienced. physical therapy like this has its critics who warn that it could be retried ties in for victims but for a tour and they go to the empowering effect our role to play or. further somebody that has gone through that kind of trauma specific elite it makes you more comfortable off the right kind of that you know that that's not. that's not abusive point that that is you know part of sport mean aware of your own body also once i learned jujitsu it helped me to realize that it's not your fault it's just a challenge for you and a challenge that has readily embraced teaching her country's most vulnerable the arts of self defense and the feeling of self-worth. now with the women's world
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cup germany took on spain in their 2nd game of group both teams won their opening match making the winner of this game the favorite to end up topping the group germany prevailed but it was a tough battle in the rain. germany without injured star midfielder jennifer we're under pressure again spain who created more chances early on but shortly before the break germany applied their own pressure of the cross alexander pops header popped out and saw that they had rights was there to pick up the pieces giving germany a one goal lead after the restart germany kept up the momentum pop again with a header but this time the keeper kept hold. despite spain having the lion's share of the ball they couldn't crack the germany defense a late appeal for a penalty was turned down. we are really happy to have picked up this very important 3 points it took a lot of energy and we had
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a lot of luck in the opening few minutes with the way in germany now top the group with 6 points and are all but through. all right coming up next what drives people and europe politically socially and culturally we go looking for answers coming up on our show focus on your statement that us.
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fog in istanbul i can't get a dog like up home stop he won the election commandments the president everyone's ruling party claimed the regularities now don't be a rerun c'mon the is still in a race. of supporters seem to mask the best hope of saving democracy in
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turkey going to mix on g.w. . entered the conflict zones confronting the powerful. my guest this week here in berlin is the qatari foreign ministry spokesperson on the topic the last 2 years the gulf state of qatar has been blockaded by a cortex of our states which accuses of supporting terrorism she has always denied the charges. conflicts so far in 60 minutes of t.w.x. . china burning look good tourist guide from a tremendous booming capital i love berlin the scope of the multicultural metropolis in our euro max series the battle of the innocent like sister isn't me.
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i love you very much and once again certainly looks like a choice like me like this. story. could be truly personal tips on the windsor very best. book now. every week on t.w. . hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm laura babylonia nice to have you with us many countries here in europe are facing a dilemma what to do with those who left their lives here behind.


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