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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  June 14, 2019 4:30am-5:01am CEST

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church i know of an evil or human if you feel what you think. start to come. that brings us to. the i. am to. 17 on t w. a a a a a a. hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm laura babalola nice to have you with us many countries here in europe are facing a dilemma what to do with those who left their lives here behind to become
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jihadists thousands of europeans joined the so-called islamic state and with the terror group all but defeated in syria many are now locked up in prisons there and e.u. countries like germany are reluctant to bring them home. well for the relatives of the terrorists like you are hard the agony can be overwhelming years ago his 2 sons left their home in germany to fight for i-s. since then their father has been tormented by one question why did they leave desperate for answers he went to syria hoping to bring home one of his sons after receiving a sign of life. a father looking for his children you or him gary hart is on his way from castle to syria to find his sons in 2014 they both joined the so-called islamic state terror group. his son fabienne had been an actor . minor well used to work as
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a press photographer. you're him hadn't heard from either son for more than 4 years then he received a call from an unknown number a few weeks ago he was informed that fabienne was being detained in northern syria he was told it might be possible to meet him even speak with him but he would have to request access in person. to me and really glad that i might be able to see him after 4 and a half years there's a possibility that he might not want to talk to me that he says dad what are you doing here i think me alone here that's my biggest fear at the moment or how much now. you all humans journey through northern syria starts in rocca this was the self-proclaimed capital from which the radical islamists spread their reign of terror torture slavery and murder. they were all his sons played in all this is unclear. but you walk in is furious.
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some i'm angry at fabio and manuel for being here and for being responsible in part for the state of this place anger disappointment grief all of those feelings together. you walking has leads that suggest his son's used to live near the football stadium. i'm so scared that he's there lying somewhere beneath all that rubble tricky. if not only fabio on can answer that. it's just horrible imho all of this. up to 3250 people are said to have died in the battle for rocca. the journey continues and less oil fields line the road to come usually. in between
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refugee camps. daughter in law zahra is supposedly being held in one of these camps she followed his 2 sons just syria now she's left a voice message. on this thing islam starts all the women and children are now out of the islamic state there's no one left and that's why we're in the camp here with the often not. so i doesn't know where you want him sons are but she asks him for money to be transferred to a turkish account. she says she wants to use the money to sneak her self and other women out of the guarded camp and go into hiding. they fear legal action if they return to germany. and women even when i listen to her i think she would rather stay down here i'm not convinced sarra is willing to let go of her beliefs. on the.
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man who will is still missing fabiani is imprisoned somewhere. you or him go hard wonders if his sons still hold radical beliefs. or if they've come to regret having joined the i.a.s. . and got from iran to kind of plastic and they weren't bad children in germany but the things he did down here will have to face the consequences for that. and if need be i'll have to face a sentence in germany. in germany your team says his sons lived a sheltered life untouched by war. now he realizes many germans would fear them as terrorists. i want to ask him how he got
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to this point to do these things he never learned any of this in germany. says that he really believes that this is what a good life is about taking others as slaves torturing them and this if you really think that's ok i'd like to ask him myself even if he has committed atrocities he still our child can that's just the way it is. you know him has to wait 5 days before he can meet his son finally he gets to meet the spokesman for the kurdish authorities. their reception is friendly but their willingness to help him is limited. one reason is germany's reluctance to take back german i ask members. it's not had reached the sun is a part of the terrorist groups these terrorists killed or people they sold to girls and women a market to slaves our victory over the terrorists has also helped prevent terror in germany europe and the world have made this is why we are hoping for cooperation
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including when it comes to sentencing. the next evening your request is rejected. outright i was already in bed when i heard a loud banging at the door people told me that i wouldn't be allowed to see fabia. he had supposedly been a high ranking member of the i.r.s. . we fact there's nothing left for you or him to do but return home with one son missing and the other in captivity all that remains for him is uncertainty. and in germany the fear of returning militants lingers well it's estimated that to date 1000 men and women from germany have joined the so-called islamic state. to turkey now where democracy under president recha tired heir to one is increasingly under threat they due to sherry media and parliament have been weekend political opponents imprisoned and
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after the opposition won the mayor elections in his stronghold of istanbul heir to want fought for and was granted a reelection now people like sarah and as who are hoping that the rerun will bring an even bigger victory for the opposition. no matter where x. treme mamas campaign bus stops these days hundreds of people are already waiting eager to hear what he has to say. 6 ever since the model narrowly won istanbul's mayoral election at the end of march against the candidate of the ruling party everyone in turkey knows him. too. and the fact that he was then stripped of his mandate at the request of the a k p only made him more prominent. and rightly won this election because of. that.
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but they intervened and canceled the votes so that was a political decision a blow to the judiciary and turkey's democracy. he leaves the money mamma the supporters are also extra pavan and her husband sowed up as long as they can remember their hometown istanbul is under the control of president adeline's part. of the people of the idea that the a.k.p. is undefeatable i thought the same but i'm a louis crushed this idea that. you've been a good of a policy called maybe you cannot change everything because the ruling party is really powerful pump of the cheated but he made a huge impact already because of that's good i'm hopeful for my country again. bamboos i want you to mention because he gives us hope to do and. they live on the outskirts of the stamboul rensil more affordable is an accountant and souter
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works in the pharmaceuticals industry their son yeat is in middle school. turkey's ongoing currency crisis has forced the family to rein in spending. and it is. no matter what we do everything is doubled or tripled in price. mr income has not increased the same rate this is very troubling for us souter is convinced that a crummy man who as mayor would get the city's economic problems under control recently in model is hear it on television and begin to talk about how the eighty's plan leadership in eastern blue has allegedly been wasting money for years to host suddenly ended the interview. coming right here on. t.v. got a little t.v. channels are not fair is it issued only now they started to give him some air time it was should say from the engineers before the election this was not the kind of
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the moment that we see a more a little but they're trying to cut him off and be that it you see. this encouraged as friends volunteers campaign as as often as they can they distribute in mamma who fly is and explain to people why it is important to vote on june 23rd. actually i don't know but it was all they often experienced how divided the city yes michael i thought i must have been about that this man claims that the man who had thrown money out of the window as russ says he was not really in office yet but she doesn't get through to show the media whether or not this is out i don't do that every day from my people and they are some people are prejudiced they just don't want to listen to maybe if they listened they would understand and they would change their minds but they're blocking other opinions 5 on the community my fellow . who has arrived at his next stop all the billboards have been
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a year during the former prime minister now the ruling a peace candidate for istanbul are everywhere the are no good code district is in. k.p. stronghold. that in the local market people are celebrating a mom or. a criminal mania to vent and shout. they are going to say. you. know it's night and sound are also here they want to selfie with the candidate and they are not the only ones in the i think among many he is supporting they consider him sincere he's religious and conservative they say as well as modern someone who represents all of istanbul. turkey to be one because he deserved it and he'll win again but this time got to get even more votes in fact i'm not upset that his mandate was taken away from him because he's gained much more support now with of
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on the in a mold. in the end and so that even get theirself so. i was with patience and stayed terminations. a bit like it criminals fight for istanbul's mayorship. now game of thrones may be over but those still hungry for a seafaring way of life must look no further than the hills of sell your norway it's home to a popular viking school where people can immerse themselves in the norse culture for people like anders color it's a chance to escape the modern world for the simpler times of their ancestors and for him the fantasy is unlimited as part of his everyday life. today's lesson is how to pitch a tent the way they did a 1000 years ago of course. they be on has made it to the viking school senior year
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of the polis a from a hardware store but the tent is fashioned after what archaeologists have learned about the viking age this is quite different from the history of your learned at school. here at school you don't learn anything about the vikings daily lives that's what's so incredibly fascinating the respect. no one item do you want to go to a few of these vikings were really pretty brutal but do you go on would want to i'm asked with them meant a lot but most of the vikings never travelled they stayed to look after their house . or person a person going interested perspective vikings can apply to this beautiful community college and sell you want to insert a no away it's even office room and board so it's not hard to spot which students are taking the viking class. the teachers have no problems with using
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modern tools for training supervising explains it's more about exploring the viking way of life and precise reenactments but if i don't i always think about what materials people had available to them back then. and then we use that and build something with the techniques current had the time to make up from here. to the popular series by kings focuses more on techniques for a minute during and pillaging the fighting's the baby arms temperament find the commercial image of the northmen problematic so. that my people hear that i'm interested in viking things they like approaching me about its most basic they know a lot about vikings from what they've seen on t.v. . so i always have to explain what's accurate about that and what's not. but base miking has no objections to television's depiction of blood thirsty
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swashbuckler as i'm just who belongs to the lovers men a group of the vikings dedicated to keeping norway's mediƦval legacy a knife in their free time he climbs out of his car ready in full battle gear. the left men have faithfully reconstructed a viking longship they even forge their weapons into homage themselves they also practice this sort of play skills. you're not allowed to strike the head or neck the legs or hands. you only score points or if your sword touches your opponent's body. wooden planks instead of sleek fine but. leather shoes instead of sneakers no women on deck noways modern day vikings bring the past back to life. today we live in a highly intellectual culture if someone's good at school to head and earn money.
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but. whoever was strong if they could lift the heavy stone was valued hire. those virtues are much closer to human nature. students of the viking school who learned that life back then wasn't necessarily all that primitive even if they have to make fire using flint it's certainly a change from computer games and you tube. fabian has learned a lot at this college but he's worried that the viking trend could be misused by political extremists. you know sr says neo nazis misuse vikings on the ruins claiming they are racially pure germanic people. maybe i should check that is different but just running around in these clothes i might be mistaken for someone who believes ideals like that's your circle never said so man you know them
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all the viking school once there is to open possibilities for a simpler more authentic lifestyle and that's what more and more young people are looking for not only in a way. whether they offer support bend the rules or tell exciting stories about days gone by grandparents can forge unique relationships with their grandchildren and this bond can extend well beyond the family tree in the small town of staring in russia a special home is bringing together strangers young and old in need of care it's a special project that has changed the lives of its residents and given them the families so longed for in the know. when you're making pancakes every step needs to be timed just right that's what deana could you have i've learned from her boarding home grandmother spent on a gram of the pair found each other 12 years ago when they started living together
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in a unique russian residential home. my this is my family and sometimes they get pretty cheeky. it's a special home they share the yana and their surrogate grandma lived together with 30 other children and over $100.00 pensioners. they're all in one big housing complex where they spend their lives together. most pensioners live here because their relatives no longer want to care for them and most young people are here because their parents are no longer allowed to care for them many were alcoholics who lost custody. as a result many of their children were born with disabilities. with no other family to rely on young and old alike would be lonely if it weren't for this haven. where
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you don't hear or read to you. you know. my entire family died in 1993 in a car crash it was horrible busy. i almost lost my mind. back then i didn't want to live anymore. i would have preferred to die with my family. this unique home where young and old lived side by side was founded 12 years ago. it's an start of a shovel in russia's brush court a standard public bicycle and it's one of a kind in the entire country. that you can. actually decide which i children are happy that they have loving care taken and live in a loving environment the kids don't need to feel ashamed if their disability they can get you life with their heads held up high yes i've seen it it's news just like other children without disabilities would get the glowing in the student because
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that's it because it's. these residents are lucky. their home is widely acclaimed. thanks to funding by the state donors and volunteers the facilities are in great condition. new other russians with disabilities or special needs are as fortunate human rights activists member pete earley reported cases of abusive caretakers corrupt directors insufficient fire safety measures and a lack of funding in other homes. but often the public is unaware of this grim reality as most homes are isolated from the outside world. yes the director says this is long overdue to change. i did to save us still remains a huge barrier between people with and without disabilities in our society bringing my parents from the soviet generation to not want their children socializing with
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kids that have special needs. but this home way young says and pensioners live side by side still shows that it is possible not store basically the same air will come to the same sun and to ordinary people when you've got less of the health of them. though of course with people of all ages residing here it's not always smooth sailing. living together and caring for each other can be challenging. still everyone here is very close they are eager to share their lives rather than just co-exist. when i see children i forget all my problems to a 3rd they just vanish so you feel for you and all i see are the good things from mother we will know what to do but. the day of the special residential home winds down with
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a small dance performance. life is good because here russia's most vulnerable are not left to fend for themselves. if you know that the heart of london is home to one of the longest archaeological sites in the world in the river thames artifacts laid buried under centuries of silt for historians and collectors it's a chance to really explore this it is past a famous londoner once said the ten's is liquid history and when the tide is low the mudlarks come to the river banks to unearth its treasures. besides an impressive panorama something else could be found on the banks of the thames. being apart subject to time the river also has a beach that appears at regular intervals when it does it's a perfect place for a strong. history ladies are in pursuit of the favorite pastime. the what the
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english called mudlarks the concept dates back to the 19th century when the poor street boys would comb the morgue in search of something they could sell but nicklen and florence do it as a hobby. i can see a bit of. all that. was a little bit quite. as well they would have rested it on the table. will say they really are like cigarette butts people this is to throw them away smoke that's right from about 1580 when it's a backhoe was introduced to the u.k. . but not just anyone can dig around in the thames muddy banks they need a license from the port authority. and any find that looks valuable must be presented to the museum of london for evaluation and registration. and to keep your eye out for pins once used to hold close together they can date back to the roman
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era she's already turned up some 8000 of them and then suddenly they all get this brilliant surprise you might find fun like a little seal that someone used to stamp a letter 400 years ago and you think. you can go home and research it and it's very very very addictive. fun sinatra story and sticks to light footwear male model arcs take a different more technological approach. not only on the lurks looking for relaxation and historically interesting objects. they're also searching for unique materials for their artwork. in a studio turns old glass shards into colorful fish. there's a practical use for a place of honor for everything. pieces of roman plates victorian dolls hats and this fine collection of old pipes. after all but larks like
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to show off their treasures. but your ever good song another reason to take a trip to london thanks so much for watching and you get in touch with me on twitter about this week's topic.
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the to. fix the coke time which. is the result of the market. the momentum of the working more of.
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have a house like this. oh such good actionable reading the fence posts. to see a couple of players the cultural heritage foundation. please treasure trove our 2 part. starts june 21st on d w. iran has denied carrying out attacks on thursday that hit 2 oil tankers in the gulf of oman the crews were rescued from the vessels which are owned by japan and norway washington is blaming iran for the attacks and claims video footage shows iranian forces removing an unexploded device from one of the ships. white house press
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secretary sarah huckabee sanders is set to leave her job at the end of the month u.s. president donald.


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