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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  June 14, 2019 5:02am-5:16am CEST

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oil markets are in turmoil after the 2 tankers were attacked close to the strait of hormuz soaping fears of growing risk around a vital shipping lane for global oil supply is. also on the show a pivot away from fossil fuels could see norway's solver in wealth fund dropping big names from its portfolio. and we tell you why turkey still takes plastic waste imports at a time where other countries are rejecting. this is d.w. business. and in berlin welcome we start with the latest escalations in the straits of hormuz where 2 oil tankers were attacked earlier on thursday or oil prices spiked in the aftermath with brant crude hitting over $62.00 a barrel immediately after news of the incident broke the strait of hormuz as one
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of the world's most strategically important choke points along the coast of iran almost a 3rd of all liquefied natural gas and almost 20 percent of global oil production has to squeeze through here to exit the persian gulf and get out into the world. our markets correspondent joins us now good to see the end what's been the reaction there to these attacks on wall street. initially we saw the oil prices popping by about 3 and a half per cent but then by the end of the session we settled at around. upside of 2 percent and that after oil prices dropped by a good 20 percent in the month in may so at this point actually demand seemed to be the bigger issue then so we had a new outlook from opec saying that might be limited this year due to the trade tensions and maybe some weaker economic growth and therefore less demand for oil so
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that seems to be more the focus of traders at this point than what is going on with those possible attacks. but tell us how important is oil from that region to the u.s. we've also seen strong domestic production in the u.s. of its own. yes i think that might be also another issue and also one reason why the reaction here has been limited we solve dramatic changes in the global oil industry in the past couple of years with the fracking boom here in the united states in the year 2008 the u.s. produce roughly $4000000000.00 of oil per day knowledge that increased to almost $13000000.00 barrels a day so the u.s. depends less on oil from that region than we've seen in the past and having that
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said the u.s. produces mostly light crude oil but they also read for the need for their refineries and heavy crude and they get this from countries like canada from mexico or from the reason their region in the middle east so it's not that there is no dependency at all but actually the u.s. . is far less dependent on oil from that region thank you again started out with the view from wall street for us. norway's sovereign wealth fund is set to divest from fossil fuels after gaining parliament's approval to do so the fund managers one trillion dollars of norway's assets making it the world's largest shares in companies like mining giant glencore and german energy firm r w e could be on the chopping block environmentalists are claiming victory but also insists it's all about the money. this is what maids
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norway ridge drilling rigs in the north sea tapping into the oil and gas beneath the seabed but also knows that black gold won't last forever its best of the profits from its oil industry into the country's sulfur wealth fund the government just set up in the late ninety's to prepare for the post fossil fuel era. and norway has been a very successful investor it states for and grew to be the biggest in the world surpassing countries like china and the arab states. but the price of oil has become an increasing worry in all sly noise fund managers saw that valuations rise and fall by billions of the message of the oil markets now its parliament has passed legislation pulling around 11000000000 euros out of over 100 companies specialized in fossil fuels last i says it will now invest nearly
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double that in green energy. while the move will satisfy clients hacktivists at home the primary motive is profit margins but at least no way is betting on renewables to keep its national wealth fund sustainable. if finance ministers met in luxembourg on thursday to hammer out the blocks budget and other reforms but italian debt dominated the sidelines of the meeting as the euro zone's 3rd largest economy italy's fiscal health has been a source of particular concern the euro group is worried about how it could affect the stability of the block as a whole. the euro group's message was clear rules applying to everybody euro zone countries are not allowed to pile on unlimited debt and risk fines if they try it's another flashing warning for italy. we are written in case to move along towards a need to see divisions procedure for it and we are on track 2 days on the other is
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that. the steps i think clear and the confirmation of the support of the ministers will be here but still avoidable and everybody wants to avoid it italy's debt stands at 132 percent of g.d.p. this year more than double the amount allowed under e.u. fiscal rules and italy has not been able to make good on promises to correct its course a difficult situation for europe's finance ministers they have to achieve a balance between ensuring that deficit procedure keeps italy in line while avoiding a showdown with rome. that could endanger european unity. now to some other business stories making headlines right now blackwater founder erik prince has registered a subsidiary in the dim and the democratic republic of congo with a mandate to extract minerals and timber and conduct financial operations prince sold blackwater in 2010 after some of its stuff were convicted of illegal killing
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during the iraq war his current company frontier services group already provide security aviation and logistics services to chinese firms in africa admitted. kenya's government has unveiled a budget for the coming year it includes proposals to reduce government debt and to make it easier for private companies to access. the country has one of the fastest growing economies in east africa in 2018 explosive growth of more than 6 percent thanks largely to a strong harvest. how's this for a used car a 1st sale one well loved a vintage car one previous owner with an ejector seat for backseat drivers machine guns and tires flashers james bonds iconic aston martin d b 5 is going under the hammer restored to original condition so the b. is expected to sell for $6000000.00 later this year.
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while some countries like china and malaysia have stopped importing the world's plastic waste it's still big business and other countries but demand in turkey is still strong they use waste from abroad to make their own plastic products recycling domestic plastic waste could actually help reduce the need for imports but there's not enough collection going on. the province of a few own on the western edge of central anatolia. and a deliberate landscape marred by wild garbage dumps because there's no effective sanitation a few 100 meters away is what some call europe's largest plastic waste recycling plant it processes $10000.00 tons of plastic waste a month half of it comes from abroad mostly from germany the demand for plastic in turkey is great but not enough domestic plastic waste is being recycled. if we want to prevent imports we would have to separate our waste properly here in
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turkey the ministry in charge is currently working on that but in order to get enough garbage we need to import it. it would actually really be worthwhile collecting plastic in turkey a study by the environmental protection organization w w f states that most plastic waste in the mediterranean comes from turkey waste separation here doesn't take place in households but on the streets everywhere in the country there are a plastic or paper waste collectors like serdar he spends about 12 hours a day in his rounds and earns up to $300.00 euros a month. janish. we collect pet bottles sheet metal cardboard and nylon for recycling everything people using every day life. said our benefits from his compatriots lack of environmental awareness only an
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estimated 40 to 50 percent of turkish garbage is separated the rest ends up in huge landfills near istanbul but with the piles of plastic waste continuing to grow the government is trying to get a grip on it since the beginning of the year consumers have to pay for plastic bags and supermarkets environmentalists complain that that's not enough. it's not just about recycling plastic it's about limiting the production of plastic products. restricting plastic production politicians around the world have been talking about it for years meanwhile the plant in the turkish province of afghan is running at full speed 7 days a week 24 hours a day. a top german court has ruled that the killing of male chicks in industrial scale livestock production remains legal male birds cannot lay eggs and meat the unwanted animals are gassing shredded on hatching 45000000 were killed in germany
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last year the court said the killing can continue until a reliable method of determining gender before hatching is developed. thank you for watching.
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i'm not i think that well i guess sometimes i am but i sound nothing when. the german thinks deep into the german culture looking at the stereotype quirks but interesting to see you from the truth i no longer. needed some ridiculous grammar there you go it's cold out there. i'm rachel join me from your german from v.w. post. to meet personally. with the people that make the dream so special. for all true friends. more than football long line. to which you have to get through the goodness to get a break without a football thanks again. the winds will come in from. the
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. same emotion not so. it swings 1000 lives. over the results on d.w.p. . this is news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the u.s. sends its top diplomats to offer a cop to help mediate between the conflict in policy since about. arriving a little too late. we visit a town in south africa off but on its way of winning the battle against high. cost of nigeria's super foghorns one d.f.s. game with a few 5 women to date have what it takes to move on the sports journalist pete.


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