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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 14, 2019 7:02am-7:16am CEST

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news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the u.s. sends its top diplomats to africa to help mediate between the conflict in parties in sudan. arriving at a little too late. we visit a town in south africa on its way of winning the battle against high. class after nigeria's super falcons won their france game with a few 5 women's walk up to date what it takes to move on the sports journalists view. any mica judea is the name you're welcome to the program. demanding international guarantees to ensure any agreement reached with i mean really as it's implemented correctly they have called off the a general strike and campaign of civil
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disobedience this week and i agreed to resume talks with the ruling military council but madani abbas madani while the protest movement leaders says they will only participate in talks start need to we have. to a civilian government. needs to include regional and international guarantees. and. were only prepared to discuss an agreement that leads to our proposal of a civil government. without discussion of any other issues. the us has appointed a new special envoy to promote a democratic resolution to the nation's political crisis the retired veteran diplomat still not booth traveled too hot to mourn when state alongside top u.s. diplomat for africa to board. 90 they see attacks against civilians must stop the
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edge talks to resume between demonstrators and the military next still fly on to a diesel to meet with prime minister rudd and senior officials of the african union who are leading the mediations. let me now bring indeed of use i brought him who's traveled to sudan recently and has been closely monitoring the situation may thanks for the time i have now their position has decided to stop the strike and resume talks with the military how is this being received by protesters so since the crackdown on june 3rd it's been hard to communicate with protesters on the ground as we our viewers may already know the government has shut down the internet there's an almost complete media blackout on so that even journalists on the ground have have started to face difficulties in their work the situation on the streets is dangerous there are reports of militias running amok assaulting protests so far is that it's been hard to really gauge
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a feeling however i've been in touch with with some on the ground but also some protesters that have had to fled so then because of security reasons there seems to be quite a bit of frustration and anger the protesters feel like not enough attention has been paid to the atrocities that were committed on june 3rd in the days that followed there so there's a there's a sense of disillusionment or disappointment in the opposition forces that are in negotiations with the military that somehow the strike being called off after 2 days and not lasting till friday as as originally planned is somehow a compromise this is somehow is a let down to the to the to the protesters and you know yesterday the doctors associations published a full list of the names of the deaths that they were able to dock to document with their agents now we're getting a little bit about. the people that have lost their lives and they're not just names anymore and there's a lot of frustration around that but let's see what one protester has had to say
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here. they have everything. with their weapons their orders to kill or to rape to loot. they do whatever they want. nobody will ever question. it so. will this decision go and where do you see these negotiations going. at best this is been the 1st stress test for the opposition the opposition has not made out of one unified body the freedom. alliance is an association of $21.00 organizations the biggest of which is already a group of professional association so it remains to be seen if this frustration actually breaks them their leverage on the ground has been largely lost because of the dispersal of the sit in so this is a critical moment for the opposition and we have to watch closely what comes next definitely have to watch closely thank you very much i adore him for the time.
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we had to south africa just till the most severely affected country when it comes to contracts and be more than 70000000 people live with a virus that's one in 7 south africans but in a town of a shoei in the country's worst affected province squats to not the situation has improved considerably and that's all thanks to even massive educational campaign over 100000 visits by held that position and more than a 1000000 we condoms a year our correspondent chris has more. engineering student. way to the campus health center students can get tested for free in the waiting room there's a video advertisement for print a preventative medicine that protects against the virus she begin taking prep few months ago which involves taking one template per day and going for a checkup every 2 months. hiv aids is spreading like very fast these
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days these years the in our you would so i thought it would being so protect myself and actually i'm proud are you wish like everyone can do it because i think this is the easiest way to prevent it having a from spending glitches trying to persuade more students to use prep to protect themselves against hiv she says that while she wouldn't talk to her parents about hiv the subject is no longer to be amongst her peers the funniest. most of all you think we don't like using condoms or section that is we don't like using condoms so just in case we're not feeling like using condoms we can use it cause we know we don't have a problem because we know that we estimate that if it just appears that's where using the college of unclear chairs one of the 1st to offer age i.v. health center on campus it's part of a project initiated by doctors without borders that has been usually successful in the last few years it's with the help of the project that the area has been able to
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reach the so-called 1990 goal a year ahead of schedule the goal was conceived at the un as a treatment target to help end the aids epidemic world white the aim is this by 202090 percent of all those living with hiv know their status 90 percent diagnosed with hiv infection will receive and she richer rival therapy and 90 percent of people receiving therapy will have viral suppression since 2011 when you started it . many. pandemic have as it is called this excess of the project. by the way in which we approached it from the word go community and. allowed the community leadership to be part and parcel of the project. one of them is beginning my you said it traditional leader who is open about being positive.
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when i 1st told people i was hiv positive they were shocked they took one look at me and said you can have aids and not look sick or lose weight no one had suspected anything until i told them only then did some people believe me and even have themselves tested as well. young women are still at the highest brisk but health workers hours are concerned about men many of them they say are very difficult to reach. at the main bus station doctors without borders have set up a testing center just for men. workers try to convince passers by to have themselves tested for free often without success less than half of the young male hiv carriers take antiretroviral drugs. most of them i think most of them
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because they. and most of the time. i think they're afraid to. but they were using pamphlets often as i said in the canaries time so they can we give them when they call home and they say that keisha misting and i think i have to pop a contest for yours so. she's convinced that her country is on the right path she wants to do her bit and continue to bring attention to the age iris amongst her friends. now that's what i call smart guys let's keep protecting ourselves now they have never missed a single fee for woman's walkup since it began in 1991 now nigeria's hopes are high after according africa's friends when our young go and woman's walk up in france after losing their fast game against norway the super fog and then went on to beat south korea. and now have a chance to advance from the group stage for the 1st time since 1999 joining me now
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from nigeria is blessin will sue who is a sports journalist and lessons thank you very much for the time and now whether we actions in nigeria when the team won its best game. news once in awhile. our farms and histories of kenyans and. the tragedy of the picture were you saw it as fun for lots of that as well are. for everyone. let's all have an optimistic write about. what you know now that's going to be a difficult game what do you see that sounds is of that scene is going to be very before yet even though you're on this for tonight and. that is one of the farms we all intents. and think. about in the report it's one thing to. meet the lot but right
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now. it's well it's not just nigeria in there right beside africa for the 1st time does also come in what i that sounds is really. the talking sounds like you know one thing. in my meeting that i liked meeting keeping close to all that stuff. for the follow up example not engaging. with i think it's fine on this evening and. you want me to be full all the time they are good to me the breaking was not the mother of all things i just think me but i'm just talk a great i think i'm bang bang will all while i'm ok i'm ok i was talking ok well i wish in the african teams in the competition the best of
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luck blessing was just for some reason one day i thank you a fine. but also we have time full on africa you can catch all our stories on the web site on face book page singles crossed for by now but not the super fog guns of nigeria and the tigers of commerce and of women's world cup we leave you with some old great pictures of asa current confessional sort of play this out be fighting it out a woman's fault come see you next time i don't know.
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how to cover more than just one reality. where i come from we have a transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany my mother is from the united states of america and so i realized fairly early that it makes sense to explain different realities. i'm out here at the heart of the european union in brussels we have 28 different realities and so i think people are really looking for a new journalist they can trust for them to make sense of this. is not tough work at the w.


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