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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  June 14, 2019 8:45am-9:01am CEST

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sandra roy is a virtue also violinist from southern germany who's equally at home with classical or jazz and that is thanks to the team roots. and see trekking is a way to explore the world's wildest coastlines and feeling quite literally at one with the elements. well there's only a handful of living artists whose works command tens of millions of euros jeff koons is one of them and if you have that kind of cash you can actually buy one of his pieces at the art basel and what's the world's premier art fair that just opened its doors on thursday where 290 galleries from 34 countries are peddling their wares and sales from last year tell us that the global art market is booming so for serious collectors it's the place to be. come to art basel with a suitcase full of cash and you can shop around in style and see anything you like
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calder. should go. maybe this picasso. she didn't do. because those woman with dark can be yours for a cool 28000000 euros. and if you keep shopping you'll find even more big names here at art basel you can take home display wrote for 22000000 euros. in the last years huge price tags have blown the global art market up to check cancer proportions you see 2 years of consistent growth and they grew last year by about 6 percent so it's reached about 67 really a very i mean you can see by pfizer learned it does spark the interest of the kind of mainstream investment community even at this stage it is it is a big business. the same big names are selling for more and more. but overall many say the art world is in cry. this small and medium galleries are
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struggling to stay alive but that doesn't mean much to ultra wealthy buyers hunting for museum quality goods even fears of a recession haven't stopped top end gallery ists and consultants telling rich investors to buy buy buy the truth is if you're worth a 1000000000 plus dollars today and the market corrects by 30 percent and you're worth 3 quarters of a $1000000000.00 tomorrow it's not really going to stymie you too much from going ahead and purchasing work if you so choose to. the united states still dominates global art so it was with 44 percent of the market although china is catching up at 19 percent. this year's art basel shows many contemporary artists trending toward activism with works focused on climate change for the me too movement against sexual harassment and abuse. the art itself is becoming more critical political forward looking at the art market only has room for
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a few elites. and my colleague david leavitt's is here with more on this david those are some unbelievably heavy price tags there is this what they are basel is now concentrating on really just the kremlin oh yeah this is i mean you know the art the art world these people that go around the globe air kissing their way around the globe from art fair to art fair art basel is where they come to target the chinese billionaires the oil sheiks the american tycoons and they bring their most valuable works with them and they choreograph this sort of feeding frenzy where the super rich buyers are bracing to get the very best goods ok so let's talk about that because the art market's obviously getting very very expensive is an understatement it's incredibly exclusive very top heavy at the moment doesn't that mean huge pressure for new talent for instance it does well what's happening is actually the parts of the art market that foster new upcoming talent are be.
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hollowed out because buyers now are only interested in the works that are worth millions they want to buy a picasso as they don't want to buy the future this is the next big stars so the art market is huge right now but it's actually not very healthy it's just really about the rich getting richer yes so that is obviously really worrying the art basel is nevertheless the template for all the other fairs out there and this is actually the 50th edition and they have said that they wanted to rejuvenate you know how are they going about that well one thing they're doing is they're actually adjusting their prices to let in galleries that previously weren't there even if they have you know just a tiny booth so that is one step in the right direction and these galleries are bringing a lot of really great art with there's one thing that i really love is this 3 meter telescope served by cuban american artist coco fusco works called 10 man of the 21st century you recognize that it's carolina that's. where you know 10 men in the wizard of oz didn't have a heart and needed oil there didn't have
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a heart and needed us the message was pretty clear and one really good piece of news that's coming from art basel is that women are getting more and more representation of this work by spanish artists at least from us it's called life dress these dresses are made of air bags to inflate it protects the wearer from unwanted touching in the workplace and then there's this need to archival project open secrets by andrea bowers it's been getting a lot of attention it's all about famous powerful man accused of sexual abuse i should say that another big problem in the art world it is it is disgustingly male dominated about 5 percent of the art that sold at auction is made by female artists but we are seeing that that is so the changing women are getting more and more recognition in the art world and especially as you know as well this year so definitely some efforts to mix things out but there's a lot of the same battles being fought if i understand it frankly carol cable keep our eyes on that art basel on until sunday david love it thanks very much for
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bringing us the details to that backstory. also fighting for recognition is sandra roy a classically trained violinist who has jazz in his blood roy grew up in a very musical sinti family were 1st rate musicians regularly jammed in his parents' living room so at a very young age he mastered the art of improvisation and today he is a veteran of both classical and jazz music festivals and orchestras where he not only beguiles the critics but also gives the tradition of gypsy jazz the credit if this were. true i performing with the munich radio orchestra at the famous prince regent theater in munich. talent and determination have got roy where he is today the top of his field the
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violinist was born in germany his family was among the most famous of 17 musical families until the 19th when many of them were murdered by the nazis even today prejudiced against remains. very high level musicians who play with the best orchestras i won't mention names and they deliberately conceal their origins out of fear they might be disadvantaged at auditions someone might say they play mozart with the remand has his own and they don't want to be put into that category they just want to play mozart without cliches just to play how they feel it. roy has already performed as a soloist with the hamburg based n d r big band and with the german chamber orchestra braman is also performed for the german president but he's still a bit nervous this is his most important performance in munich so far and it's
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going to be broadcast live on the radio. to come. it is titled gypsy goes classic it's a step towards social emancipation noise message is that since i'm not a minority on the fringes of society belong to the mainstream he says many things for a musician's have improved still real recognition for roma people has not yet been achieved and the media are partly to blame. me. what annoys me is that reporting when it comes to cynthia and roma is often just plain wrong people used to say that gypsies stole from clotheslines and that's a lie. when nothing but the very best clothes on t.v. but there are still lies being spread and i would like the truth to be shown. on this evening juicy jazz was featured among classical compositions.
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in the music world gypsy describes virtue or so and multivalued pieces but ends with the word remains fraught with negative connotations sandro roy wants to be accepted for what he already is a highly talented musician. stuff well if you're looking for the ultimate in terms of our raw elemental experience see tracking just might be the answer this is a relatively new sport that combines land and sea trails with truckers covering coastal routes by swimming snorkeling free diving and hiking supplies are at a bare minimum on everything you need is carried in a waterproof pack so we got in on a sea trekking workshop in croatia. trekkers
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get to enjoy deserted beaches. and george dropping underwater worlds for days thanks paul coastlines diving hiking and swimming. to me because the need is there me personally the ocean is sheer boundlessness in terms of brits in depth and the space you can never conquer and it's the incomprehensibility that draws me out there again and again that absolute freedom absolute. final piece of equipment for sea trekking is a kind of waterproof backpack it was developed by the hard fact that in itself. once everything is packed the rucksack is inflated now it has a streamlined shape and can be pulled behind the sea trick is without much effort.
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and water currents are important factors to consider because sea track is sometimes when several kilometers per day and sometimes stop because mackay tional free diving. into it. you can go see trekking pretty much anywhere of course we had to wild coastal regions because there's such an incredible gift and experience of nature lonely islands where no one else ever goes . you spin the night in the jungle and the next day you dive right back into the coral reefs. unfortunately the next day the weather has worsened and swimming back to the way is hard work. but everyone's really happy once they've made it. on a guided tour this was a great to this invasion of the sea with a bit rough i have to say this was a great trip. despite enjoying their nature trip most participants are
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also happy to return to civilization. it. was very bare bones indeed looks like a great way to escape but it's probably not for everybody and that brings us to the end of this shows up for myself and the crew all the best from us here in berlin and hope to see you next time.
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one dream international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week . opinion polls here in germany are beginning to suggest of the greens might now be the strongest force in german politics indeed there's talk that the next german chancellor might even be agree to find out more of the story join us from quadriga shortly. quadriga and 30 minutes w. . the for. planet earth live closer to sky for germany's booming i love berlin.
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player. play. this is news live from berlin tensions between the united states and iran as washington releases a video that it says proves tehran was behind an attack on 2 oil tankers in the gulf of oman iran rejects the accusation calling it baseless and alarming. also coming up people in guatemala are preparing to vote in presidential and
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parliamentary elections on sunday why has one of the most popular candidates been for ventured from running for office and voice assistance like i.


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