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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 14, 2019 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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this is the news live from berlin and tensions so are between the united states and iran as washington releases a did e.o. that it says proves tehran was behind an attack on 2 oil tankers in the gulf of oman iran rejects the accusation calling it baseless and alarming. also coming up the world health organization holds a crisis meeting as fears grow over the spread of a bowler from the democratic republic of congo to uganda and australian football
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fans really a huge sigh of relief at the women's world cup as one of the tournament favorites returns to the winner's circle at the expense of powerhouse brazil. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program at the united states and iran have sharply escalated their war of words over attacks on to oil tankers in the gulf of oman the u.s. military has released a video which it says supports claims that tehran is to blame for the explosions now u.s. secretary of state my palm pale also alleged that tehran was behind the blast but iran says the u.s. allegations are baseless and has accused washington of warmongering. smoke billows from a stricken ship but is it a smoking gun the u.s. says iran was behind attacks on 2 oil tankers in the gulf of oman.
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this is based on intelligence the weapons used the level of expertise needed to execute the operation recent similar arabian attacks on shipping and the fact that no proxy group operating in the area has the resources and proficiency to act with such a high degree of sophistication. the u.s. military has released photographs appearing to show damage under limpets mind on one of the time because. it also published a video of grainy black and white footage that it says shows evidence of iran's revolutionary guard removing an unexploded limp it. on thursday a fire broke out on a norwegian oil tanker following explosions. hours later a 2nd tanker japanese owned also radioed for help both ships had departed from saudi arabia and had passed through the strait of hormuz as
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a strategically important waterway which carries a 5th of all global oil supplies iran has rejected the u.s. accusations and says its navy came to the aid of one of the ships iranian state t.v. broadcast images of the rescued crew members iran's foreign minister said the incidents were suspicious. and leaders from around the world expressed. facts must be established and the responsibility is clearly fired. and they flew something the world cannot afford is a major confrontation in the gulf region russia cautioned against rushing to blame iran. we've recently witnessed an escalation campaign of political psychological and military pressure on iran. against speculating about the events that have just occurred to aggravating the situation in an empty iranian sense. the conclusion
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is just weeks since the us blamed iran for a series of attacks on 4 other ships in the region thanks to all details have yet to be released iran has also rejected the accusations. and earlier we spoke with steinberg from the german institute for international and security affairs he told us that the world should prepare for an armed conflict between the united states and iran the strait of hormuz is crucial to the flow of middle east oil exports therefore a strategic position for iran to attack let's have a listen it's simply it's the energy region off the plate of the planet some of the biggest oil and gas supporters. in the persian gulf among them saudi arabia kuwait qatar as a gas exporter and the straits of hormuz is is quite a narrow narrow place and the iranians by using them put mines by using all these small means top and so on would be able to prevent many ships from passing through
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and that is that is why these events are so dangerous and if this goes on as it has been going on for 2 months now we will see a military escalation before the end of the ministrations. and that was get us steinberg from the german institute for international and security affairs speaking with earlier today the world health organization is to hold an emergency meeting in geneva later to determine whether the latest outbreak of a. wallace should be deemed a global health emergency the disease has spread to uganda where 2 members of the same family a 5 year old boy and his grandmother have died uganda has returned other family members to the d r c including another young boy confirmed to have the virus. ugandan health officials are already putting measures in place to try and combat the spread of the deadly disease. borders can't stop a virus but ugandan authorities are trying nonetheless 3 ebola cases have been
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registered in the country it's the 1st known cross border spread since an outbreak began in the neighboring democratic republic of congo last august fears are growing that this might only be the beginning worked out great in the d'anna sea is still going on and by today we have over 2000. cases and so the probability of over more cases from the into uganda he's very high. ebola isn't new to uganda the country has seen 5 outbreaks of the disease since the year 2000 it has now stepped up efforts to contain the virus screening everyone entering uganda from the eastern sea the government is also deploying an experimental ebola vaccine for health care workers along the border so frighted the shell of the bus in that shot again all the front line healed to
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a cause of the unring bucks the nation for the quantize. because of past successes in combating the disease uganda is widely regarded as being at the forefront of the fight against ebola feel that given the most recent cases many ugandans feel uneasy and wish their country would do more to educate citizens about the virus the government does not done enough to suspects people about their border because i think they are going to do it should have started before they were areas but you know when people have the symptoms they want to hide on a mix with a great opportunity which now spreads davies's to to white dots to white areas. on friday the world health organization will decide whether this is the outbreak should be declared an international health emergency. now let's get more now from tarik a bitch from the world health organization who is joining us from geneva welcome to
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the program and thank you for speaking with us we'd like to begin by asking you what impact do you see the declaration of this outbreak as a global health emergency having on countries abilities to respond to the virus. well as you have said in your report today we will have a 3rd meeting of the emergency committee on to the ball outbreak in democratic republic of congo and basically the committee will look into the new developments. into what happened with cases going over to to uganda and see if if dad and i do developments inside you are congo constitute enough of elements to be carried global health emergency. declared local health emergency means basically that was ringing alarm bell at the international level saying that there is there is a vent that was in international risk and that there is
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a need for additional support now the support may be different things in different diseases i would remind you that so far global health emergency has been declared for time during crises ebola in 2014 h one n one and. so for different diseases it may be a clinical different things but also what is important is that while we ask for more support and more attention we want to avoid any unnecessary travel and reask travel or trade restrictions that some countries may feel they should be doing it so we really want to issue a recall one day shows that would be done fellow by countries that are affected by the crisis but also other countries and that step that also means to fund i would advice on any travel and trade restrictions that countries may feel should do what lessons have been learned from the last bull outbreak in west africa in 2013 and
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how do you see things perhaps being done differently now. well i think everyone learned a lot of lessons. during that outbreak in 2014 in 2015 in west africa and the key messages are really that we need to go into community we need to talk to community and we need community to really on the response we have seen ones that the community really starts in gauging and following the advice from from the public health authorities we are able to contain the virus are right now in d.r. congo be operating in a very complex environment there is a security instead beauty that prevents on many occasions so far prevented teams to go into communities and to. to vaccinate people to provide treatment to get people out of community into treatment centers and when we are not able to go to community then we seem to think this if you cation of the virus spread in those
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communities and this is why disabled brick is so different from previous ones because there is this security context that's really holds back the response this time around we have seen something we didn't have in 2014 we know that vaccine is sufficient and has already prevented the number of cases that would have happened otherwise we also have new therapeutics so we are better equipped we have people on the ground we have strategies that work but we need that this forward physical and security environment to be created so sore so we can do our job and this is why we are happy that you any stepping up its engagement as well and we thank you so much for that view on those efforts to get this virus under control in the region. on the world health organization in geneva thank you. let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world the man accused of killing 51 people at christ church mosques has pleaded not guilty to all of the charges brought against him the 28 year old australian branch and terrence
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entered not guilty pleas to $51.00 charges of murder 40 charges of attempted murder and one terrorism charge when he appeared at christ church high court in relation to the march 15th massacre. here in sudan state prosecutor has announced that ousted former president omar al bashir has been charged with corruption was toppled by the military in april following months of protest against him the legal action comes as mediators stepped up efforts to end the standoff between the country's military rulers and their civilian opponents. and the brazilian football star neymar has again been questioned by police in a rape case he's been accused of forcing himself on a woman in a hotel in paris where he plays for his club. neymar has denied the accusation. another top aide to u.s. president donald trump is quitting the white house spokeswoman sarah huckabee sanders is to leave her job at the end of june she's been trying to spokeswoman since 2017 and her tenure has seen growing questions about the administration's
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credibility a replacement has not yet been made. also the women's football world cup now where one of the best gamers games of the tournament so far took place last night australia pulled off a stunning comeback against brazil to reignite their campaign but they had a little bit of luck with the video review decision that happened to go their way have a look. brazil welcomed their star player marta back to the side and when the referee awarded a penalty for this shot both she stepped up to score the opening goal from the spot that was her 16th world cup go to new record australia soon found themselves to no doubt crosstown cristiana and the in-form strike a sense of glancing heading into the far corner brazil were flying but then australia's fight but begad 1st came in 4th part of the deficit touching home from close range then after half time chloe look god knows cross invaded everyone and
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found its way into the net $22.00 and the momentum was with australia the matildas took advantage this longball caused confusion in brazil defense and monica headed past the i'm going to keep a i a spirited fight back from australia and one that keeps their world cup hopes alive i mean time in basketball the toronto raptors have become the 1st non us team to win the n.b.a. championship they beat defending champions the golden state warriors in game 6 in california i gave the raptors and unassailable $42.00 series win they are the 1st canadian team to win a major north american sports title since the toronto blue jays captured baseball's world series back in 1903 fans back home in toronto as you might imagine celebrated long into the night.
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good for them up next to undo the view news we have doc film on the mystery of anesthesia and how it works don't forget you can always get all the latest news new information around the clock on our website at if you dot com you can also follow us on social media i'm sorry kelly in berlin thank you so much for watching enjoy your day. so it should have to get through the bundesliga break without a football thanks again. to the little. plates that excitement emotion is not something. that is facing 90.


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