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tv   In Good Shape  Deutsche Welle  June 14, 2019 2:30pm-3:01pm CEST

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the deep blue smoke comes from a place of excitement. nonstop. since 1900 lumens. all the results on the telly. welcome to in good shape is your host dr carsten let. do you know the situation you had an argument with your best friend and then you get a headache or you messed up an exam and then you get a skin rash lots of stress at work cold so why is that because our body reacts to negative emotions but the same is true for positive feelings happy people
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live longer have a healthy heart and a better immune system and scientists even can find happiness in yourself. but how do we find happiness let's be honest it's a lot of stress a lot of worries and a lot of annoying people everywhere here in germany kids even learned school how to be happy this is a school book out of the 5th grade today it's back to school for me because i will need the happiness coach to see how it works. for preparation i even have to fill out a questionnaire with the results of my personal strengths humor and creativity what this has to do with happiness well i don't know let's ask the expert.
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our best and biggest contribution to a loving and peaceful world is to support others to get happier. hello angela cost and hi nice to meet you great to be here well i'm going to learn how to be happy today from you i mean i can learn how to drive a car over by ego or how to swim but can one learn how to be happy if i would tell this to my patients they would say well i'm weird you know what i show you something ok i have a look here when you know. what do you feel. the spot of the thought right dr i that's what we often do you know we focus on one thing we see the dart the one percent and actually it's on a white piece of paper there so 99 percent of this is white so sometimes when we focus on a problem we focus on this one thing and we don't see and we don't notice of the beautiful things we have the work we have the relationship we have everything roof
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over our heads and so you know with the straining it's really about changing the focus and shifting it and that's a habit and you can change that you can add well i guess i can easily change my focus if i would win the lottery for instance got a $1000000.00 but this is not the happiness you talk about now i'm talking about much more it's like happiness is a state of being well being and well being is made up of many many different aspects you know and it ranges from. doing something that's really meaningful or it has to do with creating relationships that are really fulfilling or getting to that for you know you know and being great for and resilient and all of that so it's so much more than just running through the street with a happy smiles really all that well how happy you are depends partly on your genes but that's not all. it's said that everybody wants to find happiness
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and it's clear that not everyone knows how to do it. but if anyone ever does find the formula they will have solved one of the enduring mysteries of life on earth. goofy ensign teaches statistics and econometrics at the university of keele he also studies happiness. he's been at it now for more than 10 years. he says the capacity to be happy is in part genetically determined. it's a rough estimate but it depends 50 percent on one's genes taking a happiness course won't transform somebody who's thoroughly morose that won't happen because from on that spending 10 years with someone who's dead miserable will have an effect which is the the happiness or unhappiness of one's parents can be passed on on stage fault. 50 percent genes and 10 percent spontaneous moments of
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joy it leaves 40 percent unaccounted for so far professor against and says that is where we ourselves can make a difference by doing certain things in our daily lives for example getting out and being active. but there's more to it than that how we perceive ourselves in society also affects our sense of wellbeing. really good food it's hard to live up to expectations there's always somebody in the neighborhood with a fabulous house and a wonderful husband and children at the fanciest schools and she's also super successful she looks amazing if you compare yourself to people like that you might conclude you're a loser and feel lousy as a consequence of along the hudson for as long as a model for. finding happiness is not just a walk in the park but the good news is a concha. effort can make all the difference. can you tell us more about the
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genes if somebody is a pessimist can you still make him happy no i can't do that you know but if a person wants to do something and become happy i can support him so little bit like somebody who's not very supportive i mean who you know if you really wants to change and if you really wants to do it there's a lot of exercises and training you can do to improve but in the end of the day is happiness not very individual thing different for everybody yes it is and are there any things in common yet well what is really in common what we found with all the studies is that people practice well being they live much longer up to 10 years longer that's incredible they're more they're more healthy they're more tractor. they have more floor they're more resilient so it's well worth investing into that well you travelled the world and you brought
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a lot of stories and experiences and did you gain any insight into the subject of happiness as well oh well what i've found is that basically people have very very similar needs whether it's like good relationships or flow or those things like meaning in life but how every person does that or fulfil their finds need in life is very individual so one person might decide to describe the most beautiful garden where somebody else decides to raise the children and somebody else wants to create an empire or business. when you take a look at the world happiness report the you will find that there are some countries in the world which are happier than others like the countries of scandinavia with very happy people but it's only neighbor i mean it's dark it's cold why are people so happy there if you look at other studies you would find other countries where appy people live like 2 tonne yeah but even has his own minister of happiness and he says that it's very important that people have healthy
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relationships to other so other people are responsible for my happiness. well true i mean you really we asked social animals and we do need context so she can take human contact and if you had babies and you didn't have contact they would die so that's a very very important factor and put on one of the most amazing things is that they start teaching that in schools now they've lived with positive psychology they have now positive education courses and the whole country they're rolling this out so that people can improve the quality of relationships as well as all the other aspects. and what role does money play i mean if you take a look at some african countries where people are really poor they scale law on a scale of happiness right so when we're looking at that money does play a big important role up to the point where you can meet your basic needs so studies show that right but after that money decreases you know it's not really important
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anymore towards your well being. so it's really about quality connection and other billet he's well if i would have some money i could book a course with you and i can learn how to be happy in the course of one week so what's the major point when those calls well if they were just one major point or the one formula to achieve happiness you would need a whole week right so it's really about changing habits so when you change something small little habit in time you'll write something completely and utterly different and that sort of planting the seed so that's what we do in the chorus and if i had to point at one point at all it would it would be great for us because me a great for you looking out at the one point the one problem but you looking at the many many many points of all of the things you have so that would make the big difference we visited one of the participants of your cause and she even did take
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your calls twice and that was when you're in forks and she really focused on gratefulness. if you look at her mission that's the guns etc me happiness isn't just about having a smile on my face and being in a good mood. it's mainly about being open to the good things happening around me as you noted of all what's beautiful our finest mom going to do with my family and the people i come into contact with during the day and to order for dealing with the chemist was actually having the openness to see me. and enjoy these things. and i mean what i really savor are moments of joy there are so many of them or if you sharpen your awareness you'll have a lot of small moments of happiness and feel better as you go through life few bessel and wondrous leaving it. just as
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gratitude is important because it's a good place to start the boosting your happiness. and. there are all kinds of things in my life i'm grateful for some things just happen but some things i make out a verdict then if i make a conscious effort to enhance my own where innocent situations where i feel grateful it enables me to see just how often they occur every day is it what you want and how many opportunities i have to feel happy. and on and that is what makes gratitude a great feeling and an ideal way of starting your happiness training. client one nice little exercise could involve 10 coins or beads i've tied these to my diary to see if to your on mind. claimed you just might have been me on top every time
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something good happens and i want to remember the moment and should i just take one of these coins and slide around to the back. of the hook side to at the end of the day i can see how many moments there were that i wanted to savor and the more frequently i do it the more often i remember the good moments in my life is filled with more joy. i was my i know we once had a break 1st it made me feel vulnerable that somebody could invade our privacy like . that they would go through our belongings. and i thought it was complete i saw this complete chaos when i entered the room or even the cowards the place had been trashed. and then i saw a little necklace apply nicad to an old present from my father ashamed.
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that interesting the burglar didn't think it had any value. or was made i suddenly realized that the only thing that it happened was the material objects were missing that was all. there meaning and value were still there and the but boy it all went to viet their hindu is on the. top this is who i when i've made here are depictions of how to find happiness. look kristen's i am the most important thing in order to be happy is deciding that you want to be happy with the darkest hour that's expressed here by this door which you go through after deciding you want to be more content and when given. your hand you construct ours with moments of happiness. and it gives you
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a visual sense of success or distant relation between into it might be a bit wobbly and short lived. but what is relatively stable is the foundation of the ability to generate happiness for yourself. you are so much. on going to the examiner is permitting yourself that feeling of happiness in the 1st place. allowing yourself to see the glass as half full and not always half empty that's something i learned myself and found to be a big help. if not. 2 guns client and i for one small and simple thing you can start off with for training your happiness. is when you're lying in bed at the end of the day that money better get some think of the 3 things that happened that day that you're grateful for and what about what you played in them happening that hardness in the
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deep sea it's and maybe you'll find it difficult in the beginning to think of 3 things in this interview but it will get easier and more importantly it's great to see how you make your own contribution to the things happening i take this and go to space here. so i would like to do some exercises now if you've got some exercise for me to get happy well you know it's about habits so if you're prepared to change a habit for a week i have an exercise for you just for a week for one week ok that's what you do you know it's real all right ok so here's a book so for the next week what do you do this you do an exercise called 3 blessings at the end of every day you think about what was really good today that's easy that should be easy so you write that down and then you think about what is it that you contributed to it why why did that happen what did you do so
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for example let's say there was good weather and then you think oh well what do i have to do with that wow i went outside i really enjoyed and took my 5 minute break yeah i did it or let's say your wife was watching the children you think that was really great but what do i have to do with that and then you might discover i picked this wonderful why i mean i picked her well and. you know and that's what you do at the end of the day so at the end of my bow you just sit down and write into the book some wonderful things like i had a great talk today not because i was a great talker but you were and i. pick you are because you pick me and that's what you did to make this happen ok ok ok. radar this would make me a happier person well all of the studies for the last 20 years was one of the most researched exercises from positive psychology and what they're found of if you do that for one week they can find that even up to 6 months later they can find their
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people report much more wellbeing and much more happiness or i can do this for all . but i think the thing with a book is a great idea i mean already keeping a diary so right into the diary of the happy things of the day and what i contributed to it could be a way to increase my happiness. the 1st exercise or 3 blessings that's really strengthening you focus on the positive that you experience during the day and also increase your self efficacy that feeling that you can do or that you can contribute and that you can change your world and your perception so the next exercise really looking forward to it it's about communication with others ok so there's a lot of ways in which we can talk in a destructive way or in a constructive way lots of ways in which we can talk in a passive way or active way and if you look at the active from the construct of the only one where really relationships flourish right so there's lots of x.
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there's an exercise set about that will do this. and you have good news saws some really bad some good news i can record a negative way i'm show you that and then i can do this act of constructive and you just see the difference and then you tried so i have some good news ok i start to get a. tell you what i will get a new show here on d w right ok yeah it's a great show yeah you know. even in this you know but i'm a little bit confused i mean we do have dinner later and did you bring the milk. i cut can't see it that doesn't feel good doesn't feel good and some lies because i've got breaking news for me and she's not correcting so this is destructive this is definitely starting right thank you for showing me. ok so now are you ready for the yes please ok ok so use same news and i'll ask you some open questions tell you
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what i will get a new show here on the dolly oh rot in hell show every day night it's a one hour it's a primetime show it's a hell show it's i will do the presenter how did you find out what happened tell me well actually they just called me i wish i was in a restaurant i was eating pizza and they called me up and told me you can host the show this is great it's a great help and you just caught you on the phone there's just one cell phone how did you feel when you got the new attendance was great i just ordered a new slice of pizza and that yeah let's celebrate it's a great show wow well i don't know let's celebrate too shall we yeah yeah better i mean actively participating in the talk if someone is telling me something this is very important but this was more like a game play so i didn't buy it for her this would make me happy but perhaps i should try it sometime what the 2nd exercise is about the active and constructive
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coming occasion with others and if you want to blossom the relationship there's something active and constructive that you can do to really make sure that the relationships blossom now we come to something very very interesting for me personally because i had to fill out a questionnaire and it was all about my personal strengths right what did you find out about me well you did fill out the signature strength questionnaire and that's a really really great question here that shows you those strengths in a really easy they make you that are you basically and you have 3 strength which are 100 percent which is humor creativity and best. really yes there really is good well those are the strengths that come easy to you and those are the strength that you if you use those in life and you work with family you'll really strive really blossom so it would make me more happy if i would increase my
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humor apart from make more jokes for instance up well there's exercise for the next week because it's all about changing habits so the exercises to pick one of these strength be it human creativity as asked and then to find a way every day for one week to use that strength in a new and different way and to increase your strengths portfolio and this would make me happy and this would definitely make you happy because the more you use your strength the happier you get. to concentrate on the personal strengths like in my case humor that really feels good. problem is the 3rd exercise about strengths and so if you look at the strength it's amazing because if you use only 3 of them at work well it's really positive experience if you use. what happens is that you find your calling and that is what life is about
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isn't it so to represent up to get happy it's important to focus on my personal strengths to share the gratitude of my life and focus on the small things and to share my happiness with other people sure to really change little habits that make a big difference and i look forward to more and for you to apply these exercises here go with you to the sometime thanks for having me today thank you and you know what would make me happy too if you would send me e-mails. on an upcoming edition of in good shape we'll be looking at cancer for young people in particular a cancer diagnosis can be a profound shock but advances in treatment mean the prognosis for many patients is far better than it once was i have a question send it to in good shape but d.-w. dot com write to cancer in the subject line we look forward to hearing from you. you know what else can make you happy coffee because the caffeine in the coffee
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triggers you feel good dopamine and even the smell of all the builds can make you feel warm and comfortable even me and i'm not a big coffee drinker myself which is a pity because coffee can do more than just make you happy. the beans have a usual man rose sauce from smallholder farmers he knows personally. in diplomacy if they've got him still a drummer right now from panama they stay in there for about 22 minutes sometimes a minute or more sometimes less. ends on what my heart tells me i hear they're leaving. so you know kerber is a physician and nutrition specialist she loves coffee because it's tasty and also because it's full of good stuff. the coffee. acids appear to have
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a positive effect the acid functions as an antioxidant that curtails free radicals in the body. that appears to be a significant health benefit and speak to something. in the roasting process a whole cocktail of substances are produced that fight free radicals and therefore might help tackle a range of ailments. and her. studies show that drinking between 3 and 5 cups a day in middle age after the age of 30 is associated with a decreased risk of alzheimer's by about 60 percent in later life. and i thought i meant come. research suggests that drinking more coffee can lower the risk of cirrhosis of the liver. oh this
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has to do with the origin of acid in coffee which removes some free radicals from the liver and contributes to a reduction in inflammatory process is caused by toxins in the environment medicines or alcohol it was little tea and some studies suggest coffee consumption might help against type 2 diabetes but the research is not conclusive. but to have be able man. so how was the roasting going. past his intuition served him well. or. it's not good you know why was it super. i was aiming for good but it turned out super boring and i'm so sorry. that's it for today so. next week and i'm so then let's all try to stay in good
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shape up high well i'm not getting the saturday night so. never mind i'm happy anyway.
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rocking me doing a nightly. sing for rhythms can you tell by the truck. and i know that. feeling that you feel want to thank. you steve. of the music i am
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going to stop the ball on is more popular than jesus was good religious morality preachers subversive. bashing with some marketing potential by placing a warning label on music products. rock and religion clash that brings so many parallels. to the 2 really so good reconcilable the god of the devil and rock'n'roll. 70 on t.w. . being born this. year along the can prove that since. you want to love the no school. you want to be useful but on allowed to. when you're sick the
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doctors know when you fall in love they won't. you don't have children for fear they'll be invisible to. have no feeling. when you die there's no proof of or ever exist. in every 10 minutes. 10000000 people in the world the stakes they have no nationality i'm told made up along and. that everyone has the right. everyone has the right to say i roamed.
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this is deja vu news live from berlin fears of confrontation and fro as president donald trump repeats the u.s. claims that iran carried out attacks in the gulf of oman he says these black and white images of iranian forces prove that tehran set off explosions on 2 oil tankers iran is calling the accusations alarming and wrong also coming up women in switzerland go on strike gender equality may be of trying to in the law but this woman save their reality is very different now that demanding more time.


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