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this is deja vu news live from berlin fears of confrontation and throw as president donald trump repeats the u.s. claim that iran carried out attacks in the gulf of oman he says these black and white images of iranian forces prove that tehran set off explosions on 2 oil tankers iran is calling the accusations alarming and wrong also coming up women in switzerland go on strike gender equality may be enshrined in law but these women say their reality is very different now they're demanding more time more respect
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and more money. plus australian football fans breathe a huge sigh of relief that the women's world cup is one of the tournament favorites were turns to the winner's circle at the expense of powerhouse brazil. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us the united states and iran escalates their war of words over attacks on to or oil tankers in the gulf of oman the u.s. military has released a video that it says supports claims that tehran is to blame for yesterday's explosions u.s. secretary of state michael peo also alleges that to iran was behind the blasts but iran says the u.s. is allegations are baseless. smoke billows from a stricken ship but is it a smoking gun the u.s. says iran was behind attacks on 2 oil tankers in the gulf of oman.
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this is the estimate is based on intelligence the weapons used the level of expertise needed to execute the operation recent similar rate in attacks on shipping and the fact that no proxy group operating in the area has the resources and proficiency to act with such a high degree of sophistication. the u.s. military has released photographs appearing to show damage and a limp it's mine on one of the time because. it also published a video of grainy black and white footage that it says shows evidence of iran's revolutionary guard removing an unexploded limp it. on thursday a fire broke out on a norwegian oil tanker following explosions. hours later a 2nd tanker japanese and also radioed for help one ship had departed saudi arabia the other the united arab emirates passing through the strait of hormuz as
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a strategically important waterway which carries a 5th of all global oil supplies that iran has rejected to the u.s. accusations and says its navy came to the aid of one of the ships iranian state t.v. broadcast images of the rescued crew members iran's foreign minister said the incidents were suspicious. leaders from around the world expressed. facts must be established and responsibilities be fired. and if there is something the world cannot afford is a major confrontation in the gulf region russia cautioned against rushing to blame iran. we've recently witnessed an escalation campaign of political psychological and military pressure on iran. against speculating about the events that have just occurred. in the situation in an empty iranian sense.
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is just weeks since the us blamed iran for a series of attacks on 4 other ships in the region i fool details have yet to be released iran has also rejected those accusations. earlier we spoke to back from the german institute for international security affairs he told us the world should prepare for an armed conflict between the u.s. and iran the strait of hormuz is crucial to the flow of middle east oil exports and therefore a strategic position for iran to attack here's what he said it's simply it's the energy region of the of the planet some of the biggest oil and gas supporters. in the persian gulf among them saudi arabia kuwait qatar as a gas exporter and the strait of hormuz is is quite a narrow busy narrow place and the iranians by using limpet mines by using all these small means top and so on would be able to prevent many ships from
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passing through and that is that is why these events are so dangerous and if this goes on as it has been going on for 2 months now we will see a military escalation before the end of the administration. now women in switzerland are in a 24 hour strike for greater equality it's been nearly 30 years since the last such protest and demonstrators say too little has changed it was only in 1991 that the last west canton was forced to grant women the right to vote. purple stands for parity or at least it does and switzerland today at midnight hundreds of women and gathered for the life to launch of a new nationwide strike aimed at highlighting switzerland's failure to defend the rights of women and families ok we literally did a quality is in shrines in
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a constitution but real effective quality doesn't exist for all women that it was because of them of that is that we have so many claims and so many reasons for this large popular protest by women but it was because despite well these laws we have really obtained equality mike back in 1901 the 1st women strike in the alpine nation made history when half a 1000000 women rallied to call for gender equality. but that he is on thousands of swiss women from all walks of life are again downing tools in protest . they say despite its high living standards switzerland still falls short of the mark when it comes to putting women on a level playing field with men. when it says off that we're really behind our european neighbors when it comes to ensuring that women are able to do their jobs whether it's school hours a very high cost of daycare you know paternity leave. activists hope this new pope will wave of discontent will force policymakers to put issues affecting half the
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population back into focus. now at some other stories making headlines around the world a british court has set next february for a hearing to decide whether wiki leaks founder julian assange should be extradited to the u.s. washington accuses a stange of conspiring. to hack government computers and directing wiki leaks publication of secret documents. and the man accused of killing $51.00 people left to new zealand mosque's has pleaded not guilty to all the charges brought against him the 28 year old australian bred to terror and entered not guilty pleas to $51.00 charges of murder 40 charges of attempted murder and one terrorism charge when he appeared at christ church high court in relation to the march 15th massacre crushers heart. people across brazil are expected to take part in mass protests today against controversial plans to reform the country's pension systems the plans
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are a key part of right wing presidents are both scenarios efforts to revive brazil's struggling economy they involve raising the retirement age for both men and women pensions are not the only issue dividing brazil the quality of education people receive often depends on the wealth of your family but some people are trying to change the system. every day after she finishes work as a beauty parlor maria souza leaves her for the love behind sound ghetto is one of many poor settlements ringing rio de janeiro where the government is almost invisible in daily life especially when it comes to education but it's. a lot of my neighbors barely know the alphabet and they don't know how to add or subtract correctly that means they can't get a loan is a terrible situation. and. my rear goes to school in the evenings her goal is to get a middle school diploma public schools are the only option. to build your you don't
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know when i was younger in the countryside there were very few teaches i lived far from the city and very few teachers came we had terrible conditions in school. but my goal to play songs. sylvia them over on wants to help maria get her diploma he's an engineer by trade 5 times a week on a square in the middle of rio he offers free tuition in math physics and for the illiterate people the alphabet it's a neighborhood project 25 teachers helping 100 students to plug the gaps in the state school system. your 2nd high rates of violent crime is the consequence of brazil's terrible education system and unemployment for people who don't have a good education i want to help educate people to improve the quality of their life that you needed it so that troubled education system disproportionately affects favela residents but there are exceptions like the public school or seen a fund seka almost all its students come from poor backgrounds attendance is free
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and yet conditions aren't catastrophic. he's a star pupil and has a passion for electronic engineering the school is able to cater to that enthusiasm with modern equipment thanks to international donors. so which engine ange the cheese once said that knowledge liberates the spirit of man and man himself and a bad person is bad because the ignorant. didn't like. the oss enough on 2nd school is an exception to the rule helped by incredibly motivated teachers set up by yeah yeah so we work with values such as sustainability because these are important for us and our planet but also the human rights that apply to all of us wanted to deplore. brazil's president to show you both the narrow is not considered
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a friend of human rights and has spoken out against minorities he also questions climate change could put creationism on the curriculum and wants to militarize schools. meanwhile maria souza is struggling with math but the 55 year old won't give up she's improving slowly but surely. on her way home she passes expensive private schools parents pay fees of up to a $1000.00 euros a month to send their children here. we need to bob and me are black indigenous or poor people less intelligent than wealthy ones no they just don't have the same chances if they had those their life would be different brazil would be a better and more developed country but right now that is not the case mission. education in brazil is still
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a question of money. well as we mentioned people across brazil are expected to take part in mass protests today let's bring in san kawhi a journalist based in sao paulo hi sam thank you for joining us so brazilians will be taking to the streets there not just protesting education cuts but really a whole range of issues tell us more about why people are going out today. well today's more of a general strike than a protest as what we're seeing is transport networks public transport networks wincey ounce of the twins he resilient states and the dish and the federal district to. we seeing this this is partially paranoia is paralyzed from now whether that will improve late in the day as it as it often does in these strike situations that's probably what we can expect the main issue for the shriver is as well as the proposed education cuts is the pension reform
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a reform of the social security service that would essentially see many brazilians most brazilians king for longer not be out. as early as they would so at now now they see this reform is seen as crucial by members of shy ableson aros government to get brazil slating a quote to me back on track but it's encountered resistance pretty much across the board is an unpopular reform because essentially nobody wants to work for longer and there are there are other camps that say some kind of reform is necessary but not the reform on all road wants to paulson and there are other camps that are just completely against any kind of pension reform and said you know frustration with paulson our government is growing these are not the 1st protests that we've seen since he took office but how much is this actually affecting both the now in his government and his popularity. well i mean that's a very difficult one i would say really at the moment the big jury see overall
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positions who both sonorities government really i mean that had been you know sizable processed eccentric but most of the opposition is coming from what we've been saw at the government you know yesterday we saw the 2nd was the minister in fact to leave his government that was the general sense of screws was very much seen as a kind of moderating force inside the government a sort of kind of i don't in the room if you will compared to some of these very extreme and he globalist types we've seen you know the forces inside of his governments who so you know this is a minnesota that's left in you know digital more than 6 months that's that's quite something in brazil while the these protests they may not generate general satisfaction that make you know cool satisfaction ok you know pushes faction so much with the bo's'n aura governments but you know it's it's it's all
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a sawing that things are not going that well the no guns a plan and you know the size of the protests today and the people on the street that would be that's that's another that will be another big story for people who are opposed to his government basically all right journalist as sam kawhi speaking to us from how pollo thank you so much. thank you now the world health organization is expected to declare an international emergency over the ebola epidemic in the democratic republic of congo the development comes after the disease spread across the border to uganda leading to the deaths of 2 people from the same family it is the worst outbreak of ebola since an epidemic in west africa ended in 2016. in the back of this pickup truck the body of ebola 2nd victim in uganda but overall the body and of that missing bomber was 50 she passed away i was off to her 5 year old
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grandson who was the 1st to die the family was exposed to a bona while on a visit to neighboring congo. i suspect given for myself this was my 3rd year of the earth and in the 3rd my son thinking of the 3rd my 5th in libya my kids as with us she would see us in the 6th and screws they would at birth in the underneath where holds us with a hole in the hearth laying on a bed in the familiar with the 3rd this is the 2nd deadliest outbreak of ebola in history. but this is the 1st time in this outbreak that the virus has crossed borders since it broke out in the democratic republic of congo last august and that's prompted the world health organization to again consider declaring it a global emergency but i wonder how with the cases overboard now confirmed in uganda the world health organization is reconvening at the emergency committee on
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international health regulations the meetings objective will be to ascertain whether the outbreak continues constitutes a public health emergency of international concern fields will be the 3rd meeting of the committee since the beginning of the outbreak in the democratic republic of the congo that experts say if the bowl is declared an international emergency will be a boost in funding and. resources to tackle the outbreak more than 1400 people have died since it was declared 8 months ago. now on the international stage mayor's election doesn't usually attract much attention but here in germany a vote in the city of gurlitz is coming under close scrutiny the medieval town sits right on the border with poland it's a popular tourist destination but what's attracting interest now is that a member of the rightwing populist a.f.d. party stands a chance of becoming mayor something the other parties are teaming up to prevent.
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a former police officer and member of the far right populist party. he is running for mayor of gurnet he's well liked around town and has already won the 1st round of folding that got a lot of people worried. for off the car nonstop well you don't have to be scared of the game just look around at the people here at the stand you can talk to anyone or not vigilantes we're just regular conservative citizens and guns them on account of what the world of but many gurlitz residents disagree they're worried about their city's reputation gurlitz with its beautiful old town attracts many tourists it also has attracted hollywood directors some movies have even been filmed here whole till all know martin feeds is worried about how his city will be to see n s a c.h. and of tourist businesses has written an open letter expressing its concern over the a if he counted it although they didn't explicitly name him or his party. we're
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food shorn. guess who's been told we're worried that visitors may be scared off if certain parties get the upper hand when. we feel this way because we've been listening to how visitors are reacting to the current elections that have to include a small. businesses think that if the a 15 moves into the town hall the number of tourists may fall at the moment 300000 visitors a year stop by go on it. for the 1st time in a if tea party member could become mayor of a german city that could send a powerful message to the rest of the country that's why political parties here in gurlitz are working together trying to prevent that. the man who has profited most from the current political unrest to supposing condit octavian or so off the cd
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he's lived in gurlitz for 30 years nevertheless his opponents accuse the native remain you know of not being a true gurlitz are but now the left and greens are also supporting him through their showing of goodness what is good to. look into gurlitz as a guide for how to deal with the future should we remain open or to learn. proposes . there's more at stake here than just who wins the mayoral election gurlitz has become a symbol of whether or not the far right is translating its popularity into political power not just in this city but across eastern germany. or here in germany authorities are working on new guidelines to be able to access data on digital voice assistance like amazon's alexa privacy campaigners are strongly opposed to be idea but the interior minister insists that law abiding citizens have nothing to fear. alexa is omnipresent and hears everything
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a command could come at any time as soon as the name alexa is said out loud every piece of information is stored in the cloud that's made the german interior ministry take notice it wants to explore whether alexa and systems like it can be useful in fighting crime. condi politike needs to politicians can't just log on while the internet aids criminals that's when it's starts what matters it's not about law abiding citizens who have to fear they're being monitored delegates. technically speaking getting ahold of crime related data would be possible but most servers where the data is stored are located in other countries amazon recently made it clear that no customer data would be released without a valid legal order that means it will hand over customer information if order to according to u.s. law american intelligence services are allowed to ask for customer data and pass it on at least when it pertains to foreign nationals but german data protectionists
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are skeptical. the price for the price of these demands would be to make expensive deals with other countries which would then through their intelligence agencies on the ground facilitate access to data on german citizens. german opposition parties one of bigger dangers. in germany everyone must have the possibility to exert completely privacy over their thoughts and so on and communications if the core of privacy in one's life is affected then every investigation a nation undertakes is a failure. in germany the debate over the limits of people's privacy is growing. that has to do deal. to the women's football world cup now where one of the best games of the tournament so far took place last night australia pulled off a stunning comeback against brazil to reignite their campaign and
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a little bit of luck with the video review decision going their way take a look at. brazil welcomes their star player martin back to the side and when the referee awarded a penalty for this shirt. she stepped up to score the opening goal from the spot that was her 16th world cup go to new record. australia soon found themselves to no doubt crosstown cristiana and the in-form strike a sense a glancing header into the far corner brazil was flying but then australia's fight began 1st came in 4th the deficit touching home from close range then after half time chloe lagasse's cross invaded everyone and found its way into the net $22.00 and the momentum was with australia the matildas took advantage this longball caused confusion in brazil's defense and monica headed don't keep up i aspire to fight back from australia and one that keeps their world cup hopes alive
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i. now to vietnam in a story about an unlikely hero a 99 year old grandmothers battle against big coal some 300 people in her community have been forced to relocate but panty car is refusing to leave her a plot of land even after bulldozers demolished her house. it's a classic case of david versus goliath but this 99 year old grandmother is refusing to give up. i'm not leaving i'm staying right here probably sadly vishal is trying to evict me but i wouldn't leave my grandparents and my parents lived here and i will also stay here. oh. well you know. has called home since birth until one day
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she was notified that authorities needed the land for a new coal plant she was offered money to move elsewhere but refused. this is what's left of the family house now the 99 year old lives in a shack next to the rubble. it's a story playing out across the at. the country's energy demands are soaring and with it its appetite for coal. experts predict coal will account for half a feared numbs energy production by 2030 and that means building plants and remote areas like van fung by locals say they're being strong armed out of their homes with only a physical relocation plan in place. he wanted us to move but they didn't give us land for cultivation people can't move if you don't provide a way for them to make a living. in addition to the human cost activists point to the environmental
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implications of expanding the coal industry they call for investment in renewable energies but these alone cannot currently meet vietnam's insatiable demand for power. with plans to build some 30 new plants in the next decade it appears cold will continue to transform the country's landscapes even if it means approaching a woman from the place she's called time for almost a century for. that they'll go but my house is here my land is here and i want to be buried here to. the family says she'll continue to defend a high and as long as she's got a fight left on her. you're watching it d. w. news that coming up next on news asia a proposal to make metro and bus rides free for women in delhi has generated a storm of debate we'll take a look at all sides of the argument and the dogs helping with diplomacy on the
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korean peninsula these punk sounds from north korea are a national treasure and revered by hunters in the north. the rich battered she has those stories coming up for you on news asia don't go away.
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it. comes time to take stuff from home and face the costs of. time here of just such the amount. and the fight for the troops. to overcome downtrends and connecticut. it's time for. and you don't really use coming up ahead. minds. with him
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how to be a gun who goes up close when the highest high you know if i had known that the boat would be that small i never would have gone on a trip to see if i would not have put myself and my harriss on my danger to move out of the game of the going to give us leave would. love one sunk in that one little bit of that is i'm i have serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live their lives i'm going to. want to know their story and for my great stir find a country mile information for margaret's. to know that 77 percent black. a young woman thinks. that's me it's me. and you know what time all voices. of the 77 percent talk about the issue. from one point to flash from housing boom boom
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time this is where. the 77 percent. this weekend d w. this is due to after news asia coming up in the program try knows full. dissidents what happens when. in the name of national security. on the human rights. secret detention system plus. they're working to add to your book have been caught up in the.


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