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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  June 14, 2019 6:45pm-7:01pm CEST

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geisha in the company says it will invest 5000000000 euros in a new meat killing. c o 2 friendly fuel made from fin air scientists in switzerland are working on a way to keep people flying while reducing their carbon footprint to near 0. to do the new business asia i want to get johnson berlin good to have you with us so the heads of the shanghai cooperation organization countries are meeting in kyrgyzstan for the group's 19th leaders' summit and a joint declaration they pledged to provide security stability neighborliness friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation in the region chinese president xi jinping indian prime minister narendra modi and russian leader vladimir putin also discussed their concerns about u.s. presidents on the trans protectionist trade regime china hopes to get india and russia on board to build a new multilateral trade framework the belts and wrote initiative was also on the table china wants to get india and fused about the project given beijing has just
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posted its slowest growth in 17 years. and for more i'm joined by andrea hang in singapore under way are we just heard india has so far been reluctant to participate in china spent on road project could this summit be about china trying to persuade india to change its mind. i think if china wants to do that monica it has to be something of a slow downs india is very fearful of any potential detriment that china is reputed to have with other countries and as well as the territorial joblessness that china tends to display now adding salt of the war in india recently signed in joint deal with japan to develop colombo port in sri lanka all of that is more obvious strategic position rather than a political one to come to the belt and road so overall with india china needs to
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come a little bit cleaner about belt and road and india will be a willing partner if the terms and open where china certainly seems to try and increase sort of partnerships with some regions its economy has shown signs of slowing down factory output down to a 17 year low also due to the u.s. china trade war of course in how far is this summit a show of asia's power strength. what china knows and acknowledges that india is a formidable force to persuade and it does have a lot of work to do in that sense because india has its own agenda of being the next top rival economy in asia so what president xi is trying to do now is rather use troops and convey the message of it with a softer approach telling people to partner with them rather than to just view them as an elder sibling of sorts now on the other side the united states companies have
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written a letter to the white house demanding an end to the trade war how such domestic opposition to donald trump's trade policy going down in asia. well people as with everywhere else in the well are divisive over who's winning the war but in asia people are more concerned with the effects and consequences on the tree of the trade war on its economies for example in over here in singapore the labor ministry recently posted data from the manufacturing sector look posting lower numbers and that's a result the direct result of the u.s. china trade tensions but the silver lining does exist monika. with the end of this saying that a lot of investments are being shifted to southeast asia as a piece of safe haven while treat tensions begin to ease all right andrea hang there reporting for us from singapore thank you so much andrea
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german drugs and chemicals company by our house launched a p.r. offensive to counter the growing criticism over its weak killer roundup under the controversial key ingredient for states which is said to cause cancer a round of was a top seller of u.s. africa mikkel company monsanto and now belongs to buy a $63000000000.00 merger last year. buyer is making headlines once again following talks with politicians shareholders and environmental activists the company has conceded that it must make changes they promise to invest 5000000000 euros in research over the next 10 years to develop a more sustainable alternative to glyphosate in the p.r. campaign however the buyer is repeating it sorry i'm old mantra quite a site is safe when used correctly and it wishes to continue selling the product but the very existence of this p.r. campaign shows buyer is feeling the pressure of court cases in the us have done
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particular damage to the company's image and their bank balance by a was sued for $2000000000.00 in my by a married couple who both got cancer and a further $13400.00 people have filed lawsuits their dented reputation is reflected in the share price which is almost halved in just one year shareholders are understandably disgruntled and they didn't hold back against c.e.o. of in about a month at the annual shareholders meeting and i pulled they fear the acquisition of months santa and with it the weed killer roundup could spell the end for environmental activists just as unhappy they pointed out the potential risks of life a site long ago. and for more i'm joined by a financial market correspondent in frankfurt a lot of people i'm happy shareholders in particular and also registration for life are safe in the e.u. is due to start later this year so is this p.r. campaign simply part of trying to get into the good books again.
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if it was it would be a nice try but i think it would be a poor regulator could be swayed by something like this and we did hear just now that buyers holding onto its mantra that life is saved if used correctly is safe and it says that and replying to the lawsuits as well but it's still a smart move and i think an expected move for many in the market and for many investors people around the world the buyer is now coming out at this moment with such a clear message that in future at least they hope to do better and to get away from life as age and it's also makes good business sense to clean up environmentally. merging markets are attractive markets and it could make a big difference there and yes she environment social governance becoming ever more important good marks on that for investors to even go into shares these days because we're talking about a new weed killer sort of within the next 10 years in the meantime by a facing
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a lot of medication how big of a liability is months on to the baggage she brought to this maje. because i think most people say it would have been better if buyer had stayed away from it and not taken over monsanto we just heard that buyer now is worth less than a paid for monsanto the combined company it's a disaster for shareholders it's just a for the reputation and one still doesn't know what kinds of sums could come out and all these lawsuits people have calculated it could destroy buyer doesn't need to come that way but it's still totally unclear what this will cost buyer in the. thank you so much really bad for the profits of exchange for us. c o 2 is a climate killer and while flying around the world may be fun it's not good for the planets in fact at travel accounts for about 2 percent of manmade c o 2 emissions
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but there is a silver lining on the horizon scientists in zurich have developed a way to create fuel from thin air. some things sound too good to be true but this many solar refinery on top of serious e.t.h. university might revolutionize fuel production in the 21st century the reactor inside the center of the parabolic mirror extract c o 2 and water from the atmosphere to create fuel with the help of the sun's energy. basically we can produce any. fuels such as could also see in will be the chip fuel in this case we are producing make that known we can also produce. any liquid. so is this the answer to everything well not really in the end it always comes down to money. in the production capacity of our power
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plant is still very limited we can't make more than 100 milliliters a day and that makes the process very expensive. but this is only a demonstration unit in spain they've built a bigger reactor to test if the procedure is feasible. so this sort of reactor is 10 times bigger than the one at the e.t.h. syrup i mean. this proves that our solar technology is scalable. that's this means that we can make it bigger and eventually even me on an industrial scale which. scientists say a solar plant spanning an area of one square kilometer could produce 20000 liters of kerosene a day 1st plans have been made to launch a commercial system by 2025. the demilitarized zone between north and south korea has long been a symbol of war division but the recent opening of
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a number of peace trails nearby is giving the frontier area a new image and it's helping koreans to envision a better future. flanked by a barbed wire fence and guided by a soldier they make their way along the peace trail. the south koreans are taking part in the government organize hike that crosses an area that was closed off to the public for decades. the trails are part of a tourism plan that was agreed to as an intern korean summers in pyongyang last year. the meeting spurred hopes of a thaw in political and economic ties between the 2 countries. but for walkers the signs of simmering tension are impossible to miss for many this stretch is a poignant reminder of the distance they still are from peace. although
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it's a short distance i feel touched as i walk along the trail intercooler in relations were getting better but now they've stalled again i hope that they're reinvigorated so that we get to travel between the 2 countries freely. looming in the distance and emblem of what such freedom could enable. north korea's. summer pending a breakthrough in relations hikers from both koreas might one day scale together. and this is business as a share here on d w for me and the team members thank you so much for your company .
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says the c.w. news live from berlin fears of confrontation pro its president donald trump repeats the u.s. claims that iran carried out attacks in the gulf of oman he says these black and white images of her raining forces prove that terror on set off explosions on 2 oil tankers yesterday iran is calling the u.s. accusations alarming and drawn also coming out. to
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the women's walk out in switzerland and a nationwide.


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