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this is from the u.s. president's trump describes iraq a nation of terror is the islamic republic attacking because in the gulf of. iran says the u.s. accusations are. also on the program. i
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would walk out in switzerland nationwide strike for equality swiss women demand more more respect and more. on the far right former policeman who wants to become head of the many german city opponents for his election the books get off tourists and hollywood filmmakers. welcome to the program. u.n. secretary general antonio contender she is calling for an independent investigation into yesterday's attacks on 2 oil tankers in the gulf of oman united states has released a video it says proves iran is responsible to her and says the allegations are
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baseless tensions between the 2 countries have been running high since president trump pulled the u.s. out of the international nuclear deal with iran last year the united states says this is the video that proves iran was behind the attacks u.s. military claims it shows iran's revolutionary guard removing an unexploded limpet mine from one of the oil tankers it's also published a photo purporting to show damage and a mine attached to one of the ships president donald trump called into fox news to declare iran guilty. they are a nation of terror and they've changed a lot since i've been president i can tell you they were unstoppable and now they're in deep deep trouble talking to me but he also said he was open to talks with iran. and we want to get them back to the table if they want to go back yeah i'm ready when they are the incident was sparked early on thursday when a fire broke out on a norwegian oil tanker following explosions the crew radioed for assistance on
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a prompt open you know to inquire after report that by i want that up front ok it was probably not a quest at that point up back where. that got it but if. hours later a 2nd tanker japanese owned also called for help the crew said they saw a flying object hit the ship before hearing a blast the ship's apostrophe the strait of hormuz a strategically important waterway which carries a 5th of all global oil supplies. iran has rejected the u.s. accusations and says its navy came to the aid of one of the ships iranian state t.v. broadcast images of the rescue crew members the foreign minister said the instance was suspicious. as a reminder of the potential for the incident to escalate globally iran's president hassan rouhani has met with russia's vladimir putin russia has cautioned against
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raising to judge iran both stressed their strong security ties shadowy groups under the current circumstances with all the external pressure and foreign sanctions being imposed the necessity for cooperation between the countries in this region including our countries is becoming more critical each day. settled or to be steady. it's just weeks since the us blamed iran for a series of attacks on 4 other ships in the same region those full details have yet to be released iran has also rejected those accusations. of passy founded the national iranian american council in washington which lobbies for better relations between the u.s. and iran and supports iran nuclear deal they w asked him how events are likely to play out we're hoping that there would be some form of u.n. investigation that actually would be able to get to the bottom of this but also
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recognizing that as long as united states is pursuing this maximum pressure campaign against you are as long as it continues to violate a nuclear deal and punish countries like germany and others for trying to abide by the nuclear deal there is likely going to be a lot of tensions in the region if we won detentions the result as trump himself says that he wants to go back to the negotiating table when the passage in negotiating table is actually very simple start respecting the nuclear deal and then build new negotiations on talk that would trump is doing is that he's ruining and wrecking all previous agreements and then wants others to how really confident to go shadings able to meet him even though he has completely destroyed his own credibility by going after these existing. deals. and frankly violating u.n. security council resolution. now is take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world workers across
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brazil have staged protests in major cities to strike over proposed pension reforms the police fired tear gas to break up demonstrations well striking workers of blocked roads and partially halted public transport new government has proposed spending cuts and raising the age of retirement. in kenya a member of parliament has been arrested after slapping a female colleague after 2 mcgahee accused fellow make up rashid cassim i mean of slapping her twice in a dispute over funding for his constituency the male m.p.'s walked out and later protested outside parliament. interpol says one of the image ringleaders of a deadly attack in sri lanka has been arrested in saudi arabia and deported international police organization says 4 other people were extradited to sri lanka in connection with attacks attacks took place in april is the most militant killed more than 250 people on the island. and the world health organization is calling on
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the international community to increase funding to fight the abode of epidemic in the democratic republic of congo the 2nd deadliest ebola outbreak in history has killed more than 1400 people this week it spread across the border to uganda causing the death of a 5 year old boy and his grandmother despite this the w.h.o. has decided not to declare an international emergency. in the back of this pickup truck would have body of the polish 2nd victim in uganda at ms embalm who was 50 she passed away hours after her 5 year old grandson who was the 1st to die the family was exposed to a boulder while on a visit to neighboring congo my sister came to myself with the mighty thoroughly the north in the days of. the earth market 30 are my kids as they are what c.s. is and suppose they were that the earth and then the earth we are holes in the
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earth as well for the hearth laying on a building in the us this is the 2nd deadliest outbreak of ebola in history but this is the 1st time in this outbreak that the virus has crossed borders since it broke out in the democratic republic of congo last august the world health organization says it is not declaring an international emergency. at all. it was the view of the committee that the outbreak is a health emergency in the democratic republic of congo. and the region but it does not meet all the 3 criteria for a public health emergency of international concern. under the i.h.r. under the international health regulations more than 1400 people have died since this outbreak was declared 8 months ago. hundreds of thousands of women across
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switzerland have taken to the streets to demand greater equality they've blocked traffic marched with baddest band pots and pans and plenty of singing. nearly 20 percent less than a man and now they say it's time that changed. the lives of protest for equality women all across which will and walked off the job on friday afternoon they're calling for equal pay time and respect. what it says off that so we're really behind our european neighbors when it comes to ensuring that women are able to do their jobs whether it's school hours the high cost of daycare or the lack of paternity leave. this walkout was modeled on the women's strike of 991 when about half a 1000000 women protested in switzerland as a result an equal opportunity act and maternity leave were enshrined in law 28
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years later there's still a long way to go gender discrimination sexism and unequal treatment in the workplace are common even though equality has been guaranteed by the swiss constitution since 1981 women are still disadvantaged in many areas including wages. but the doing good to let me read it go on strong concerts and so it's true that today he's incredible so many people run it people of all generations from old industry as students retired people and i think they really will be a post june 14th says an increased awareness of this issue. simone at. a member of the federal council and head of switzerland's department of environment transport energy and communications says the protesters have legitimate demands that oh well we seem to get them in the short just don't want to there are things
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that have changed but equal to. still doesn't exist i think that's a scandal so it's important that women have a presence and that they're supported by name because these are demands that concerned women men and families. protesters are loud and clear in calling for equal let's see. let's get more on this from d.w. before you bring him. her widespread to strike but it's quite widespread geographically this strike is happening all across switzerland as we have here a map that shows that this is not just happening in towns but also in small villages and as we heard in our report women here we can see the different purple dots that show the different cities in different places as you can see it's quite spread out across switzerland and as these purple dots women are indeed wearing
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purple too to draw attention to their protests this is also not this is a protest that cuts through all generations there are many women one of whom we spoke to today who participated in the strike back in 1901 many of these women are back on the streets today they say some progress has been made but it's just not enough but there are also many younger generations who weren't even born back in 1901 there are taking to the streets and fighting for their rights there are many different ways that women are protesting and making their voices heard some are working less hours to symbolize the 20 percent pay gap highlighted also in our report. this 20 percent pay gap and this is also a strike organized largely on social media and this is also a place where women are making themselves heard with has text trending in both french and german the $2.00 main languages in switzerland also on twitter we saw a trend on once once again that the issue is is the quality exactly but this women
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say that it is a. especially economic inequality that they're facing swiss women earn less than men on average they get lower pensions and they do the majority of unpaid work there is one tweet that we have here tweeted by a microbiologist at the university of luzon who explained explains why she is on strike she says it is to fight against these numbers why 50 while 56 percent of our ph d. students are women 81 of our professors are men in my faculty where the woman disappears after graduation she asks but also another key discrepancy of and one of the key reasons for this discrepancy is child rearing having children in switzerland still remains to be remains to be something that has a much bigger impact on women. than men it's known as the motherhood penalty and the women that are striking in switzerland are saying there needs to be more done and one of the main things that needs to be done is to allow men to take time off
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when they have children currently men get only one paid day off when their partner has a child just one day and then that leaves the majority of the word than to be done by the women which has an effect on their career ok so the thought might be a little extreme but these are the problems are not unique to switzerland on absolutely not in europe gender disparity is still still a thing however iceland norway and sweden currently rack rank top in the world for gender parity according to a report released by the world economic forum and this report looks at factors like economic participation health empowerment and education but you're right in every country a lot more needs to be done to ensure that women aren't discriminated against just for their gender abraham thank you. when it comes to women's safety india's capital delhi has a poor reputation attacks on women are also commonplace and taking public transport is a particular challenge in an attempt to improve the situation the government wants
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to offer women free travel on buses on the metro. getting ready for a day of work irani done owns a living as a cook and eat in a private home in central data. she has to ensure she leaves home on time every morning just. her commute involves a 10 minute walk. navigating the daleys traffic. in order to catch a bus she only just makes it today. it's not an easy right. the bus is absolutely packed there's no air conditioning despite the blistering summer heat. granny is lucky today she actually gets a seat she spends the equivalent of about $15.00 to $17.00 u.s. dollars a month on the tickets it's a hefty sum for her. but he says the worst part of
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a daily 45 minute commute is facing rampant had a cement and believe. me. here we face so much sexual harassment men deliberately press up against you the shameless often you don't get a seat at male passengers occupied the sates reserved for women they refused to budge you have to fight to get it then there are pickpockets there are just so many hassles but i have no choice i have to get to work. but there may actually be a choice for women like rani in future. the delhi government says it plans to make all publicly funded buses as well as the metro free for women. delhi's metro network is often hailed as a game changer in the city's bid to expand public transport. it's a far cry from the bumpy buses on the city streets. there's even a dedicated compartment for women. it's widely considered the safest mode of
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transport. but tickets aren't cheap. following say hikes last year authorities say women now make up just 30 percent of metro commuters that could change if the free rides become a reality the delhi government says its proposal to make public transport free for women would go a long way towards improving their safety in the city the argument is that accessible modes of transport will encourage more women to join the workforce and also allow them access to public spaces dominated by men. but on the streets of delhi opinions a shop be divided over the move. i think it's a good move for women right now so many working women have to pay so much on just commuting than an hour they hate i don't believe this is a great decision this is told to rise this issue you shouldn't so on c.c.t.v. cameras and so flag back if it filling please
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a woman safety nor does making transport for your cost. i think it's unfair for men because. they will have to pay more because they're woman travelling free for women like rani who free public transport could be empowering. the 40 year old has never written on the metro but she says she would consider joy right when i'm going to visit free of course i'd love to try it it would certainly be the just thing on the bus. granny's convinced that free rights will definitely get more women like her out of the home adding to an enhanced sense of safety in numbers. drugs and chemicals company. the p.r. offensive to counter a growing criticism of its weed killer roundup and its controversial life estate the company says it has listened and understood and will find
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a more sustainable alternative. buyer is making headlines once again following talks with politicians shareholders and environmental activists the company has conceded that it must make changes they promise to invest 5000000000 euros in research over the next 10 years to develop a more sustainable alternative to glyphosate in the p.r. campaign however fire is repeating it mantra for site is safe when used correctly and it wishes to continue selling the product but the very existence of this p.r. campaign shows buyer is feeling the pressure of court cases in the us have done particular damage to the company's image and their bank balance bio was sued for $2000000000.00 in may by a married couple who both got cancer and a further $13400.00 people have filed lawsuits their dented reputation is reflected in the share price which is almost halved in just one year shareholders are
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understandably disgruntled and they didn't hold back against see. at the annual shareholders meeting and i pulled they fear the acquisition of months santa and with it the weed killer roundup could spell the end for environmental activists just as unhappy they pointed out the potential risks of glyphosate long ago. german mayoral elections don't usually attract the world's attention but the eastern city of girl it says found itself under close scrutiny sitting on the border with poland it's a popular tourist destination what's attracting particular interest is that for the 1st time in germany a candidate representing the far right and left the party is frontrunner to become met other political parties of joined forces to try and prevent. sebastien v.p. a former police officer and member of the far right populist party. he is running for mayor of gurlitz he's well liked around town and has already won the 1st
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rounder. that got a lot of people worried. and i'm sad no you don't have to be scared to leave just look around at the people here at the stand you can talk to anyone we're not vigilantes we're just regular conservative citizens council modern conservative liberal but many gurlitz residents disagree they're worried about their city's reputation gurlitz with its beautiful old town attracts many tourists it also has attracted hollywood directors some movies have even been filmed here whole till all know martin feed's is worried about how his city will be perceived and s.o.c. ation of tourist businesses has written an open letter expressing its concern over the a if t. candidate although they didn't explicitly name him or his party. shorn. we're worried that visitors may be scared off if certain parties get the upper hand when
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. we feel this way because we've been listening to how visitors are reacting to the current alleges that. businesses think that if the a 15 moves into the town hall the number of tourists may fall at the moment 300000 visitors a year stop by gurlitz. for the 1st time in a if tea party member could become mayor of a german city that could send a powerful message to the rest of the country that's why political parties here in gurlitz are working together trying to prevent that. the man who has profited most from the current political unrest is supposing candidate octavian or so of this he's lived in gurlitz for 30 years nevertheless his opponents accuse the night of remaining in of not being a true girl eater but now the left and greens are also supporting him i think
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they're shown all goodness what is good for many be all are looking to gurlitz as a guide for how to deal with the future that will remain open or. proposes. there's more at stake here than just who wins the mayoral election has become a symbol of whether or not the far right is translating its popularity into political power not just in this city but across eastern germany. and japan have got their campaign in the women's world cup back on track with a win over scotland after draw in their opening game japan are now back on course to reach then extra. japan books the scots in early on and when june and though pounced on a mistruth clearance man it won't be cheap how much per cycle front. legs on the lead looking less than sovereign in the names more fortunate followed for the japanese in the 35th minute the referee was quick to point to the spot when great
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cousy you because yes our down in the box a soft cool but a cool dispatch penalty bicycle sour and japan went to. the break. to scots stick they gave up in the 2nd house but japanese stop i echoed yamashita was today the best efforts i said this one from la mcclelland in the 88th minute which gave the scots a glimmer of hope i thought just 4 minutes later that hope was extinguished by the final whistle their 2nd defeat see scotland on the brink of elimination. last night so one of the best games of the tournament so far astray a pulled off a stunning comeback against brazil to reignite their campaign but they also had quite a bit of luck with their video preview decision going their way. brazil welcomed their star player martin back to the side and when the referee awarded
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a penalty for this shirt. she stepped up to school the opening goal from the spot that was her 16th world cup go to new record. australia soon found themselves to know their cross-town cristiana and the in-form striker sent a glancing head into the far corner brazil were flying but then australia's fight began 1st take in for the deficit touching home from close range then after half time chloe lagarde was cross invaded everyone and found its way into the next 22 and the momentum was with australia the matildas took advantage this longball caused confusion in brazil's defense and monica headed past goalkeeper. a spirited fight back from australia and one that keeps their world cup hopes alive. and basketball a toronto raptors have become the 1st known u.s.
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team to win the n.b.a. championship they be defending champions the golden state warriors in game 6 in oakland california giving the raptors a $42.00 series win this makes them the 1st canadian team to win a major north american sports title since the toronto blue jays captured baseball's world series in 1993 as fans back and went around to celebrate it long into the night. last night here's a reminder our top story this hour united states has released video footage that it sensed proves iraq was behind thursday's attacks on to oil tankers in the gulf for the russians describe the accusations as baseless and alarming. don't forget you can always get t.w. news on the go just download from google play all from the apple store i will give you access to the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news. but also busy to send those photos i'm video.
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system w. it into africa being bought of magazines up next including kenya's flying school but our. more news at the top of the top of a good. boy oh boy. oh boy.
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africa. playtime coming up. in ghana merry go rounds are creating electricity and enabling pupils to see. and. the move to find
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the area. next. what keeps us in shape what makes us see and how do we stay calm. my name is dr carson because i talk to medical experts. watch them at work. and i discuss what you can do to go ahead. stay choose and let's all try to stay in good shape. come d.w. .
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simple with. the church i know the evil feeling that you feel when you think your services. are stopping the. rock and religion clash that brings many parallels to light for the 2 really so irreconcilable card the devil and local. storage june 17th t w. hello everybody and welcome to this new edition of our environmental magazine show eco africa i'm going to go coming to you from johannesburg south africa joining me in west africa most but the.


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