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w. and online. business d w news live from president trump describes iran as a nation of terror and accuses the islamic republic of attacking tankers in the gulf of oman the u.s. says these black and white images showing a grainy and forces them prove that set off explosions on 2 tankers yesterday around says the u.s. accusations are alarming and drawn also on the program. in a nationwide strike for equality swiss women demanding more time more respect and
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more. novel approach to solving berlin's housing crisis we visit artists for goofing on good and good to draw attention to spiralling events in the german capital. i'm phil go welcome to the program. u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists is calling for an independent investigation into yesterday's attacks on to oil tankers in the gulf of aqaba united states has released a video that it says proves that iran is responsible to iran says the allegations a baseless tensions between the 2 countries have been running high since president trump pulled the u.s. out of the international nuclear deal with iran last year. the united states says
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this is the video that proves iran was behind the attacks u.s. military claims it shows iran's revolutionary guard removing an unexploded limpet mine from one of the oil tankers it's also published a photo purporting to show damage and a mine attached to one of the ships president donald trump called into fox news to declare iran guilty they're a nation of terror and they've changed a lot since i've been president i can tell you they were unstoppable and now they're in deep deep trouble back at me but he also said he was open to talks with iran. and we want to get them back to that table if they want to go back yeah i'm ready when they are the incident was sparked early on thursday when a fire broke out on a norwegian oil tanker following explosions the crew radioed for assistance. from propane heater and fire after report that by want that upfront open air was
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probably not a quest at that point up back where. that got an idea for. hours later a 2nd tanker japanese owned also called for help the crew said they saw a flying object hit the ship before hearing a blast the ships had passed through the strait of hormuz a strategically important waterway which carries a 5th of all global oil supplies that. iran has rejected the u.s. accusations and says its navy came to the aid of one of the ships iranian state t.v. broadcast images of the rescue crew members the foreign minister said the incidents were suspicious. as a reminder of the potential for the incident to escalate globally iran's president hassan rouhani has met with russia's vladimir putin russia has cautioned against racing to judge iran both stressed their strong security ties. under the current circumstances with all the external pressure and foreign
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sanctions being imposed the necessity for cooperation between the countries in this region including our countries is becoming more critical each day. so. it's just weeks since the u.s. blame to run for a series of attacks on 4 other ships in the same region those full details have yet to be released iran has also rejected those accusations. let's take a closer look at this with christiane had l.t. senior expert for the middle east and gulf region with the bettles man institution he basically you have visited iran and saudi arabia welcome to you how convincing do you find the evidence that washington has presented. we need as as you said in the beginning of the show here there has to be a very independent investigation if this video is is credible or noncredible
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because when i saw it for the 1st time i was i was reminded to the situation in the un security council in 200002 when when former u.s. secretary of state john powell has been presented photos from these tankers from saddam hussein iraq which should prove that he that he owns weapons of mass destruction so it has a sort of of skeptical thing when again we are confronted with video so this has to be proven if it's true so we need really to go to be cautious and. good examination of the video things and especially what we need now is in order to really get away from the escalation of approach of the problem further military confrontation we need strong to promise you just to just come back from the readers don't just come back from iran when something like this happens a obviously iran has that this is not us you know do they turn around and say but it might be them everybody chooses the everybody's so many actors have an interest
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in in a level of escalation in the valley to rally iran is the foreign minister today has twitter you know there is any foreign actor who wants to derail iran surreal ations internationally. he uses credible as esau is saying that because at the same time the prime minister of japan has been visiting iran in order to to deescalate through diplomacy and his visit was very important because the prime minister of japan has very strong relations with the u.s. president trump so that is an important that was an important visit but you know it needs further stronger diplomatic efforts to deescalate that doesn't seem to be a week or a month or goes by when we don't talk about 10. in the go ahead escalating do you see this going beyond the shouting across the u.n. do you see this paps ending up as a military conflict nobody can can forecast that there is there is a there is
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a big probability that that sort of military military confrontation can happen. following another incident like we just talked about here in the gulf with the with the tankers that is possible because the since since trump is in power and since he left the nuclear agreement there is a stronger confrontation in the guy in the gulf region there is the narrative of trump together with the with the saudi arabia and the emirates saying the nuclear agreement doesn't serve peace in the region because iran and its proxies are are making trouble in the middle east so iran has to be isolated iran has to be pressured on the other hand you have iran you have russia qatar turkey saying. we have to keep the nuclear agreement we have to we have to we have to deescalate. the you know the americans russians and chinese also want to keep the nuclear
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agreement in place that is correct but what has been missing after that after the nuclear agreement has been signed in 2015 is that specially the europeans didn't go forward and addressed the other conflict. in the middle east but it is left to deal the deal is beside as i say but but but if the deal is important because of multilateral. of of nuclear nuclear weapons you know that these things that to get out of it but the but the conflicts in the region which are there the the misao the misao program of iran iran's role in syria in iraq in yemen this has to be addressed politically through negotiations and there you need strong powers like the europeans iraq japan who really have to go and have convince the americans and the others in the region to go to the accept that nobody is listening to them nobody lead germany goes the other german foreign minister goes
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europe can say that talking about it but no one is the listing to them this is this is now becoming a head to head between. washington and the rest of the world just sits by phil yes and no you know the european diplomatic power is stronger if there's not only one foreign minister travelling but if there are 4 or 5 traveling at the same time and that they are voicing this himself or one after the other travels you know the other day and they are saying the same thing i was in iran 200-2004 when 3 european foreign ministers visited iran at the same time the german the french the british they had some progress on the nuclear crowd during that time but you know the iranians there where very astonished that the europeans come with 3 foreign ministers in order to show this insanity of their diplomatic efforts has to be repeated very clear thank you so much for joining us. from the bertelsmann institute thank you pleasure. we'll take
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a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world workers across brazil have staged protests in major cities to strike over opposed to pension reforms police have fired tear gas to break up demonstrations with striking workers have blocked roads and partially halted public transport the new government has proposed spending cuts and raising the age of retirement. interpol says of one of the alleged ringleaders of the deadly attack in sri lanka has been arrested in saudi arabia and deported the international police organization said 4 other people have been extradited to sri lanka in connection with the case the tax took place in april when is the arrest of militants killed more than $250.00 people on the island . a member of kenya's parliament has been arrested after slapping a female colleague to mcgahee accused accuses fellow lawmakers i mean of assaulting her in a dispute over funding for his constituency female m.p.'s who attacked and later protested outside the parliament building. the director of berlin's jewish museum
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has resigned after an exhibition on jerusalem sparked controversy peter schaffer said he wanted to prevent further damage to the museum that follows criticism of a jerusalem exhibition exhibit said to favor a palestinian perspective people also denounced a recent tweet from museum's account concerning a movement to boycott israel. hundreds of thousands of women across switzerland have taken to the streets to demand greater gender equality they blocked traffic botched waved about us and banged pots and pans and there was plenty of singing swiss women only 20 percent less than that and another say it's time that changed. the protest for equality 5 women all across what's real and walked off the job on friday afternoon they're calling for equal pay time and
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respect. when it says off that we're really behind our european neighbors when it comes to ensuring that women are able to do their jobs without school hours the high cost of daycare or the lack of paternity leave. this walkout was modeled on the women's strike of 1991 when about half a 1000000 women protested in switzerland as a result an equal opportunity act and maternity leave were enshrined in law but 28 years later there's still a long way to go gender discrimination sexism and unequal treatment in the workplace are common even though equality has been guaranteed by the swiss constitution since 1981 women are still disadvantaged in many areas including wages. but the doing good to let me read to go on strong concerts and so it's true that today's incredible so many people run it people of all generations from old
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industry as students retired people and i think the reason will be a post june 14th says an increased awareness of this issue. simonetti some a member of the federal council and head of switzerland's department of environment transport energy and communications says the protesters have legitimate demands that the well we seek to get from him to show bush just don't want you there are things that have changed. but equal pay still doesn't exist i think that's a scandal so it's important that women have a presence and that they're supported by name because these are demands that concerned women men and families. protesters are loud and clear in calling for equal let's see. let's get more on this from d.w.p. . well to my widespread says the strike being it's quite widespread geographically
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this strike is happening all across switzerland as we have here a map that shows that this is not just happening in towns but also in small villages and as we heard in our report women here we can see the different purple dots that show the different cities in different places as you can see it is quite spread out across switzerland and as these purple dots women are indeed wearing purple too. to draw attention to their protests this is also not this is a protest that cuts through all generations there are many women one of whom we spoke to today who participated in the strike back in 1901 many of these women are back on the streets today they say some progress has been made but it's just not enough but there are also many younger generations who weren't even born back in 1091 there are taking to the streets and fighting for their rights there are many different ways that women are protesting and making their voices heard some are working less hours to symbolize the 20 percent pay gap highlighted also in our
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report. this 20 percent pay gap and this is also a strike organized largely on social media and this is also a place where women are making themselves heard with trending and both french and german the $2.00 main languages in switzerland also on twitter we saw a trend once again that the issue is is equality exactly but this women say that it is especially. economic inequality that they're facing swiss women earn less than men on average they get lower pensions and they do the majority of unpaid work there is one treat that we have here treated by a microbiologist at the university of luzon who explained explains why she is on strike she says it is to fight against these numbers why 50 while 56 percent of our ph d. students are women 81 of our professors are men in my faculty where the woman disappears after graduation she asks but also another key discrepancy of and one of the key
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reasons for this discrepancy is it's child rearing having children in switzerland still remains to be remains to be something that has a much bigger impact on women. than men it's known as the motherhood penalty and the women that are striking in switzerland are saying there needs to be more done and one of the main things that needs to be done is to allow men to take time off when they have children currently men get only one paid day off when their partner has a child just one day and then that leaves the majority of the word then to be done by the women which has an effect on their career ok so the thought might be a little extreme but these are the problems are not unique to switzerland on absolutely not in europe gender disparity is still still a thing however iceland norway and sweden currently rack rank top in the world for gender parity according to a report released by the world economic forum and this report looks at factors like economic participation health empowerment and education but you're right in every
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country a lot more needs to be done to ensure that women aren't discriminated against just for their gender abraham thank you. now the campaign for control of turkey's biggest city is heating up ahead of a rerun of istanbul's merril election in a surprise blow to turkish president as he tried her one he's a cape a candidate narrowly lost the election back in march the opposition candidate akram in number but under pressure from the president the country's electoral board voided the result because of alleged irregularities candidates were in our face off again on the 23rd of june but can. win this race a 2nd time the double correspondent yulia hollande has been out on the streets of istanbul to gauge the mood. i was i know meto wear a crimean mahmoud whose campaign bus stops these days hundreds of people are already waiting eager to hear what he has to say oh god ever since he mamu narrowly won
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istanbul's mayoral election at the end of march against the candidate of the ruling party everyone in turkey knows him. and the fact that he was them stripped of his mandate at the request of the a k p only made him more prominent all over the cyrus really won this election. that. was my fate intervened and cancelled the vote that was a political decision a blow to the judiciary and turkey's democracy oh. please among the supporters also as her husband sowed up as long as they can remember their hometown istanbul is under the control of president adeline's part. people had idea that the i k p is undefeatable i thought the same but he ma miller
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has crushed this idea maybe he cannot change everything because the ruling party is really powerful but he has made a huge impact already and because of that i'm hopeful for my country again. yes he gives us hope. this encouraged as friends volunteers campaign as as often as they can they distribute imaam will fly is and explain to people why it is important to vote on june 25th. was it actually i don't feel it but it is your they often experienced how divided the city yes like what i thought the mustard have been about whether this man claims that a man who had thrown money out of the window as 1st says he was not really in office. yet but she doesn't get through to him but i am sure that it will write this out why don't you believe that if i mumble then i am some people have prejudices they don't want to listen maybe if they listened they would understand
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and they would change their minds but failed blocking other opinions to go to my book on the communists was the reality a trainee man who has arrived at his next stop was billboards have been a year during the former prime minister now the ruling a peace candidate for istanbul are everywhere the are no with district isn't a k.p. stronghold was that in the local markets people are celebrating. a criminal maybe the vandals shot i. did i said i was. in a crisis and overall costs are big issue in this election campaign since turkey's economic and currency crisis everything has become much more expensive what a mom will really have any influence as mayor many seem to think so i. guess in souter also here they want a selfie with the candidate and they are not the only ones. was among the
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many he is supporting they consider him sincere he is religious and conservative they say as well as modern someone who represents all of istanbul the market if he won because he deserved it and he will win again but this time he'll get even more votes in fact i'm not a sense that his monday it was taken away from him because he came to much more support this time around. in the end and sad that even get there selfish. it's so i was with patience and stay terminations. a bit like it's from him ominous fight for istanbul's mayorship. german drugs and chemicals company by our house launched a p.r. offensive to counter the growing criticism of its weed killer randa and its
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controversial key ingredient life ses the company says it has listened and understood and will try and find a more sustainable alternative. buyer is making headlines once again following talks with politicians shareholders and environmental activists the company has conceded that it must make changes they promise to invest 5000000000 euros in research over the next 10 years to develop a more sustainable alternative to glyphosate in the p.r. campaign however buyer is repeating it mantra for site is safe when used correctly and it wishes to continue selling the product but the very existence of this p.r. campaign shows buyer is feeling the pressure of court cases in the us have done particular damage to the company's image and their bank balance by a was sued for $2000000000.00 in my by a married couple who both got cancer and a further $13400.00 people have filed lawsuits their dented reputation is reflected
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in the share price which is almost halved in just one year shareholders are understandably disgruntled and they didn't hold back against see. at the annual shareholders meeting and i pulled they fear the acquisition of months santa and with it the weed killer roundup could spell the end for environmental activists just as unhappy they pointed out the potential risks of life a site long ago. now spiraling rents in big cities around the world are a growing source of conflict and here in berlin a petition is calling for properties owned by housing companies to be taken over by the state a controversial process known as expropriation the city government is also considering a rent cap but as you'll hear tonight next report 2 artists have come up with a different approach. for more than 2 weeks this self-made construction of wood plywood and mary file has its own now. pentel parasite is what he and his roommate
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alex and outside of of called it a pentodes that occupies the roof of a residential building like a parasite here in the center of palin they want to highlight the city's housing crisis. as if they are going to rise are rising the usual path is to the suburbs or further away but in any case moving this house is trying to resist saying no we're staying in the center and going up onto the roof of the while. in other major german cities such as cologne or munich rense if exploded in recent years. attempts by the federal government to stop that are being criticized by many as too lax. housing policy was largely ignored for 2 decades and that explains why problems have piled up and grown. speaking at a nationwide congress of german tenons chancellor angela merkel makes clear that she wants to take a different route and expropriating housing corporations are introducing
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a cap on rent. given softened we want to successfully built 350 guys new apartments in germany every year one of the best answer to a housing shortage is to create new living space i'm convinced of that creating new living space that's what we are converging not extend outside of also in their own and not quite legal way the landlord doesn't know about his parasite on the roof after consulting with lawyers the 2 artists have installed a mailbox so they can receive official mail from the landlord or authorities but as long as they've received no legal warning criminal law can't touch them. there's an aside $61.00 or 2 expection had tokyo on the one hand but on the other it's also real of course you can imagine small houses suddenly popping up all over on these roofs here and the city gets populated by small parasitic houses and of course the houses are so flexible that they can then disappear. until the legal warning comes they want to stay here for now maybe even with the roomie starting next week anyone
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can apply to spend a night in the pen tells tara site. sports will start with basketball in the toronto raptors have become the 1st known u.s. team to what win the n.b.a. championship they've been defending champions the golden state warriors in game 6 in oakland california giving the raptors a 42 series with this mason 1st canadian team to win a major north american sports title since up to run 2 blue jays captured baseball's world series in 1903 buttons fans in toronto celebrated long into the night. and former tennis champion yvonne lendl has finally picked up a trophy 134 years ago he won the stuttgart open back in 1905 but forgot to take the silverware with him tournament organizers kept the trophy safe and fun was had to do it on friday this was the 1st time bengal had been back to stuttgart since
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winning the tournament more than 30 years ago. is remind of a top story this hour united states has received forces that it says proves iran was behind the 1st face attacks of 2 oil tankers in the gulf of oman iran's describes the accusations as baseless and a lot. of next here on the interview an in-depth look behind the news in the day and that's all the way in just a trifle go a bit there. good
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younger than 60 ah. that's me and me. and you know what it's time no voice is part. of the 77 percent we talk about be issue. this is where you. are 77 percent this weekend on g.w. . my 1st vice like moses sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by this notion for. something as simple as learning how to ride a bicycle isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle of my home and it took me years to. finally gave up and went on buying young my status and returned to the sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls than writing and by. now i want to meet those woman back home
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. and social norms and inform them of old dead bees and write. my name is the matter of the home and they were. who's been blowing up ships in the gulf the united states has been blaming iran since the 1st attacks a month ago today they've released images which they say show iranian special forces removing an unexploded mine from the site of one of this week's damage tankas but as the u.s. and iran trade insults and accusations the rest of the world is reduced to watching and calling for calm i'm still go this is the day.


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