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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  June 14, 2019 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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i'm biased as knol i want to reach out to those women back home where bones by their duties and social rules and inform them of old dead decent rights my name is the amount of people who and i work at speeds of. who's been blowing up ships in the gulf the united states has been blaming iran since the 1st attacks a month ago today they've released images which they say show iranian special forces removing an unexploded mine from the site of one of this week's damaged tankers but as the u.s. and iran trade insults and accusations the rest of the world is reduced to watching and calling for calm i'm phil go this is the day.
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the united states assesses that iran is responsible for these attacks. china is worried and concerned about the continued rising tensions in the gulf. i think it's important that we gather independent information. we have no reason to believe the american assessment our instinct is to believe the facts must be a step and the responsibilities clearly find. they feel it is something the world cannot afford a measure. to go to iran however has the weapons and the requisite intelligence and . nobody wants to see war in the gulf that's not in anyone's interest. also on the day the rapturous toronto raptors become the 1st known u.s. team to win basketball's n.b.a.
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championship. this is the space. where the chap yes. i am phil gayle welcome to the program to get attacked this week in the gulf. why should you care while setting us. the fact that 4 others were attacked in this area about a month ago you need to understand what happened here in the strait of hormuz so let's start with oil 30 percent of the world's seaborne oil passes through that narrow channel about 21 miles across at its narrowest stretch that's oil leaving kuwait iraq and other gulf countries going out into the indian ocean and on to world markets remember oil prices jumped as much as 4 percent within hours of thursday's attacks then just look at the joe graphy iran to the north facing off
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against saudi arabia qatar the united emirates and oman the strait sort of vast geo political significance any state carrying out attacks against shipping would be in violation of u.n. rules and could face a massive and military response so who's behind the explosions the u.n. has called for an investigation united states has already made its mind up here as u.s. acting ambassador to the u.n. jonathan cohen. the united states assesses that iran is responsible for these attacks. no proxy group in the area has the resources or skill to act with this level of sophistication. iran however has the weapons the expertise and the requisite intelligence information to pull this off secretary pompei or outlined a litany of incidents which i also shared with the council that demonstrate the clear threat that iran poses to international peace and security the united states will continue its diplomatic and economic efforts to bring iran to the negotiating
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table and iran should meet us with diplomacy not with terror attacks on ships infrastructure and diplomatic facilities. now robin wright is a foreign affairs analyst and writes about the tank attacks this week for the new yorker magazine she's based in washington welcome to t.w. do you believe the united states has proved that iran is behind these attacks. i think there's still quite a few questions about what happened who did it the evidence and bully is very damning but it's not accepted by much of the world and so i think there will be an ongoing investigation that a lot of countries will be interested in in seeing further details if you run was behind these attacks why would they why wouldn't they say. well iran has often engaged in attacks with plausible deniability that was true in some of the attacks by its proxy forces whether in iraq or lebanon or afghanistan
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the one big question of course is why would this have happened against a japanese tanker at the very day that the japanese prime minister made his 1st trip to iran in 40 years since the revolution and he was meeting with iran's supreme leader an act by iranian revolutionary guards for example could have been very embarrassing for the supreme leader particularly because the japanese target was involved this is one of the many questions about the timing of this which is as the iranians claim somewhat suspicious. the united states pulled out it's a very very iran nuclear deal that the confrontation between the 2 countries has become increasingly a fractious what does washington want does washington really wants a new deal or does it want regime change. that's
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a very good question i think it probably difference depending on who you ask within the administration president trump has said repeatedly that he wants to do a deal he has said he is willing to meet with even the supreme leader of iran when he was at the united nations last fall with meeting at the same time that the iranian president was in new york president trump even said that president rouhani was probably a wonderful guy. there are bigger questions about what his national security can advise or john bolton wants bolton has repeatedly said before taking his current job that he wanted regime change and he was a paid spokesman for the leading arraigning an opposition group in exile so they're probably a little bit different views on how much change. the u.s. wants in iran is a change of behavior or is a change of the regime if it came to
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a military conflict which is what everybody fears and is doing their best to avoid if it came to a military conflict do you think donald trump would take america into this alone or would he be able to build another coalition of the willing. i really believe that donald trump does not want a war yet another war in the middle east for him the goal is to pull out troops whether it's from iraq or afghanistan or syria the idea of going to war is in many ways a contradiction to everything that he has said he wants in u.s. foreign policy at the same time it is clear that it ministration doesn't have much of a plan in terms of what happens next it is in some ways yeah even yesterday ruled out diplomacy one. he said in a tweet that iran does not appear to be ready and neither is the united states so the question is what happens next and i think the world is is deeply worried about
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that whether it's the idea of does the united states and perhaps joined by some of its allies reflag the ships or provide military protection for tankers in the gulf to ensure their crieff lot of energy to the outside world. does it deploy does the u.s. deploy more ships around the persian gulf to try to intimidate or send a stronger signal to iran you know this is where that particularly with the divide between the united states and its closest allies in europe and as well as both russia and china who are also signatories to the nuclear deal in 2013 it's very hard to see how the international community speaks 11 with one voice when it comes to iran and that i think will complicate policy and what happens next for washington and for everybody else you mentioned the reflooding of ships america this is we have been here before haven't we under the reagan administration. indeed
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and fact are covered in the 1980 s. during the 8 year iran iraq war in 1904 saddam hussein started targeting rainy and oil vessels and its oil terminal and car guyland and the iranians responded by attacking ships ferrying iraqi oil through the gulf it became very nasty and 1987 united states started reflag ships and for the next 15 months. there were a number of confrontations between iran and the united states the us targeted arraigning ships and at one point believing that iranian plane was flying overhead shot down an arabian passenger aircraft that killed all 290 people on board so the dangers of a reef lagging or a u.s. military intervention on behalf of the yankers could well get far more complicated conflicts have a way of doing that that they have unintended consequences these are worrying times
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robin wright from the new yorker magazine thank you so much for joining the doubly thank you. of the world health organization is calling on the international community to step up funding to fight the abode of epidemic in the democratic republic of congo this wait that is a spread across the border to uganda leading to the death of a 5 year old boy and his grandmother this is the 2nd deadliest abode outbreak in history more than 1400 people have died but the w.h.o. has decided not to declare an international emergency. in the back of this pickup truck with the body of the polish 2nd victim in uganda at ms embalmed who was 50 she passed away hours after her 5 year old grandson he was the 1st to die the family was exposed to a boda while on a visit to neighboring congo i says to him to myself this was my teeth
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3rd in the 3rd. of my 5th. of this wealth should what c.b.s. is that i'm surprised they were that the earth and then the earth we are holes in the earth this will form the hearth laying on a bed in a familiar with the 3rd this is the 2nd deadliest outbreak of ebola in history but this is the 1st time in this outbreak that the virus has crossed borders since it broke out in the democratic republic of congo last august the world health organization says it is not declaring an international emergency. at all. it was the view of the committee that the outbreak is a health emergency in the democratic republic of congo. and the region. but it does not meet all the 3 criteria for
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a public health emergency of international concern. under the i.h.r. under the international health regulations more than 1400 people have died since this outbreak was declared 8 months ago. german marrow elections don't usually attract the world's attention but the eastern city of sudden found itself in the intense scrutiny city of the border with poland it's a popular tourist destination it was attracting particular interest for the 1st time . a candidate representing the far right a f d party is front runner to become men other political parties and joined forces to try and prevent that. sebastien v.p. a former police officer and member of the far right populist party. he is running for mayor of gurlitz he's well liked around town and has already won the 1st round
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of faulting that got a lot of people worried. you don't have to be scared to leave again just look around at the people here at the stairs you can talk to anyone we're not vigilantes we're just regular conservative citizens council moloch conservative liberal but many gurlitz residents disagree they're worried about their city's reputation gurlitz with its beautiful old town attracts many tourists it also has attracted hollywood directors some movies have even been filmed here whole till all know martin feed's is worried about how his city will be to see n s a c.h. and of tourist businesses has written an open letter expressing its concern over the a if the candidate although they didn't explicitly name him or his party. new food and shorn. we're worried that visitors may be scared off if certain parties get the upper hand when. we feel this way
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because we've been listening to how visitors are reacting to the current elections it to include. businesses think that if the a 15 moves into the town hall the number of tourists may fall at the moment 300000 visitors a year stop by gurlitz. for the 1st time in a if tea party member could become mayor of a german city that could send a powerful message to the rest of the country that's why political parties here in gurlitz are working together trying to prevent that. the man who has profited most from the current political unrest is supposing candidate octavian or so of the c.d.u. he's lived in gurlitz for 30 years nevertheless his opponents accuse the native for a mania of not being a true gurlitz are but now the left and greens are also supporting him. goodness what is good many be all are looking to gurlitz as
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a guide for how to deal with the future should we remain open or. proposes. there's more at stake here than just who wins the mayoral election has become a symbol of whether or not the far right is translating its popularity into political power not just in this city but across eastern germany. says if every 20 millions primarily by just under 4000 buses and 373 kilometers of metro rail this is delhi and public transport is a challenge it's one that's particularly hard for women with safety and increasing concern delis government has proposed making travel by buses and metro free for women this is come in for criticism from some courses for the city's working class women it's good news. getting ready for
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a day of work irani done but only for living as a cook and eat in a private home in central duty. she has to ensure she leaves home on time every morning just. the commute involves a 10 minute walk. navigating traffic. in order to catch a bus she only just makes it today. it's not an easy right. the bus is absolutely packed there's no air conditioning despite the blistering summer heat. granny is lucky today she actually gets a seat she spends the equivalent of about $15.00 to $17.00 u.s. dollars a month on the tickets. it's a hefty sum for her. but he says the worst part of a daily 45 minute commute is facing rampant had a smith and and bully. yet here you face so much sexual
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harassment men deliberately press up against you the shameless often you don't get a seat male passengers occupy the seats reserved for women they refuse to budge you have to fight to get it then there are pickpockets there are just so many hassles but i have no choice i have to get to work. but they may actually be a choice for women like rani in future. the delhi government says it plans to make all publicly funded buses as well as the metro free for women. delis metro network is often hailed as a game changer in the city's bid to expand public transport. it's a far cry from the bumpy buses on the city's streets. there's even a dedicated compartment to the women. it's widely considered the safest mode of transport. but tickets aren't cheap following fare hikes last year authorities
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say women now make up just 30 percent of metro commuters that could change if the free rides become a reality the delhi government says it's proposal to make public transport free for women would go a long way towards improving their safety in the city the argument is that accessible more the plants ports will encourage more women to join the workforce and also allow them access to public spaces dominated by men. but on the streets of delhi opinions a shop be divided over the move. though you may like it i think it's a good move for women right now so many working women have to pay so much on just commuting like that and i would really hate i don't believe this is a great decision this is totally a rise this is. you should install c.c.t.v. cameras and so flags back it killing please a woman safety nor does making transport free of cost. think it's unfair
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because. they will have to pay more because. 3 or 4 women like rani who free public transport could be empowering the 40 year old has never ridden on the metro but she says she would consider joy right. here i don't believe it's free of course i'd love to try it it would certainly be the just thing on the bus. ronnie's convinced that free rights we definitely get more women like her out of the home adding to an enhanced sense of safety in numbers. may not match the headlines or the levels of gang violence the drug cartels of latin america but it's still the biggest meth production in the world southeast asia's notorious golden triangle this is a region between thailand laos and the drugs manufactured in may and used to be
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smuggled along the quickest route south but a military crackdown in times north and jungles block that now drugs gangs are turning to alternative routes by laos. it's being called a national threat and so time maybe units are out scouring the mekong river for illegal meth transports on their way from my own mom via laos. but the border here is a long one and hard to police often the drugs are smuggled across by poor fisherman keen to make ends meet and drug gangs are resorting to new ways of evading bianculli. and on to the online that would be used drones to inspect the area for the advancement of technology means drug sellers could respect the border area to see whether there are soldiers or security forces so they can bring in the drugs. on the land border to last a major security operation is in place. checkpoints where fishes try to hinder the
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trade in meth destined not only for the club floors of southeast asia's tourist centers but also much closer to home cheap drugs are destroying lives in many rural communities here this man in a remote village near the border says his addiction to pills cost him his money his friends and his health so we have to figure out. our use drugs for around 10 years or yeah. i wanted to quit because i felt so exhausted and tired of it is so i did. it and despite intense international anti drug efforts tons of highly addictive crystal meth millions of methamphetamine pills is still making it beyond thailand to other foreign markets. in early june australian officials seized the nation's largest pool of methamphetamine in this 1.8 tons of drugs hidden in stereo
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speakers and chinese teen rap as all shipped from bangkok. back on the banks of the mekong between thailand and laos. rain just head out on patrol again in another effort to stem the flow of my own meth supply through the golden triangle. this is the road to road to erupted into wild celebrations to home to our basketball team raptors became the u.s. team to win the championship beat fed the champions the golden state warriors in game 6 in california. to series where they're also the 1st canadian team to win a major north american sports title since the toronto blue jays to baseball world series. 93. bottom
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chevy is a rupture of the raptors lucky she's made it made time to be with us tonight since she was old lights watching the game of improve the. d. w. so well to hear for those of us in school and congratulations s'posed for those of us in school and schooled in the ways of the n.b.a. why is this such a big deal well this is a really huge deal for toronto and for canada i mean as someone who was born and bred in tronto this is a huge deal for us all of my friends back home are going crazy the whole city is just partying they're so excited and it's the 1st time that a non american team has actually won the n.b.a. championship so this is a really big deal for tronto they've only been around or the team rather the raptors only going around for 24 years in their twenty's when you're just it's quite a long time well it's a long time but compared to some of the other teams it's not that well of
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a time and in this time period they've never come this close to actually winning the closest they ever came was in 2016 when they played the cavaliers and le bron james destroyed them in the eastern conference finals so that was the only time they came the. just and this year was absolutely exceptional. considering that they beat the golden state warriors the golden state warriors are a team who have 6 championships under their belt so considering that they've they've beat steve curry thompson who has sadly injured and in last night's game and also kevin durant's who is on the guns that were his team this is just something that was unprecedented and i don't think anybody could have predicted that trauma would be. so what was different about this year well i think there are a few things leonard is probably the most important factor and helping them when i mean he was very instrumental in there when he played for senator spurs last year and he was only able to play 9 games due to several really bad injuries that he had
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so this year the coach of the trainer raptors nick nurse he made sure that collar leonard's time on the court was managed properly so that he wouldn't get any additional repetitive stress injuries and i think the fact that he would only play one game on one game off he wouldn't play every night of the week was really instrumental in him actually being such a great player this year and delivering and he also had really really great chemistry with some of the other players on tron i mean it's not just how eyeliner that makes up the trauma rafters you also have kyle lowry you have freddie van vliet you have a cameroon player pascal siac and i think all together as a team they really made it and. certainly we thank you so much for talking to surf through that's getting for me i get a decent night's sleep now thank you thank you for having me. i'm not so was the day as ever the conversation will continue online to find us on twitter at steve w.
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news felt gail don't forget to use the hash tag the day i showed back on monday i'll leave you now with more images of toronto raptors from celebrating the 1st canadian team to win the n.b.a. championship.
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marjorie got international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week. opinion polls here in germany beginning to suggest that the greens might now be the strongest force in german politics indeed that's told for the next german chancellor might even be agreeing to find out more on the story. quadriga. 90 minutes on w. . first in school in the. first
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clip. and then the doors grand moment arrive join the arena tango on her journey back. in our interest to turn to dora entering into and returns home. business for t.v. tell us about. her place experience a modern museum center with the suppression cultural heritage foundation for lead researchers are looking for answers in more than $5000000.00 objects pleasure logic to feel it's part of the history of the play of those who know about secret things are perhaps like this. cultural heritage foundation the berlin's transfer the to mention jersey.
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president trump describes. in the gulf of. the u.s. . forces. around since the u.s. accusations. also. nationwide strike for. him.


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