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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  June 14, 2019 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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i'm good to. see what you have to get through the bundesliga break without a football 6. think again. the few moments that come from 6 weeks of excitement. most. not so. good seem to 19 women's. oh the results here on the d.w.p. . i'm not nothing out of the germans because sometimes i
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am but most and nothing with the trip to germany thinks deep into the german culture. you don't seem ridiculous grandma down to you it's all about. look i'm rachel join me to meet the gemini monkeys up. the phone. the end of the trading week sees markets a little worse for wear made fading hopes of a speedy resolution to the u.s. china trade war. also coming up funded by costly litigation over round up a buyer announces a 5000000000 euro investment in a new weave killer but can it outrun its ghosts. and tourism brings together nests in the demilitarized zone between the 2 koreas. this is
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d.w. business i'm on in berlin welcome u.s. equities dropped on friday led by shares in chip makers hit by the u.s. china trade war sector heavyweight broadcom for one has cut its revenue forecast by 2000000000 dollars chip makers of both source and sell heavily in china but they're not the only ones complaining more than $600.00 companies have sent a letter to president donald trump calling for him to end the tariff saying they hurt american businesses and consumers. joins us now from wall street there you are young it's good to see you yan's how we had any reaction from the white house to this letter. well i have not seen the no official response from the white house but there has been a group from the business roundtable led by jamie diamond the head of the biggest u.s. bank j.p. morgan meeting with the president on friday but the topic was partly about not so
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much china a bit more what happens to the free trade agreement with canada and mexico and so the businessmen they were pushing hard at the president or dragging to make a case how dangerous it would be to impose tariffs for example mexico is that this would really be hurtful to the u.s. economy when it comes to china the u.s. president does not seem to be in any rush to get a deal done and here we have 2 topics on the table one question is will the terrorists that are already in place be dialed back if there should be a deal with china and the other question is if there might be even a new terrorist but we will have to wait and see till the g. 20 meeting at the end of the month so this story develops. but that's not the only thing that markets are waiting for of course next week also promises to be a big week for the markets with all eyes on the federal reserve what do you think
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is expected. yes on wednesday we will get the answer if the federal reserve seems to be ready at least for interest rate cut this cut itself will probably not have been next week but the federal reserve could change the wording and the phrase patient and if they do that was their protocol that actually would clear the way for a possible rate cut by end of july here on friday u.s. president on a drum once again criticized the federal reserve saying without your own polland the interest rate increases that we've specially seen in the past year the dow jones industrial average would be at $10000.00 points higher whatever the argument here the reason why wall street is still pretty much on trade is the hope for interest rate cut pretty soon even if we traded to the downside slightly here on friday for the week actually it was an up week and it was the 2nd consecutive
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positive week here on wall street the said remains under pressure to cut the key interest rate yes quarter there on wall street for us thank you. and to another front of the trade conflict we mentioned earlier india is planning to impose a retaliatory tariffs on over 20 products imported from the u.s. it's a response to washington's decision to withdraw preferential trade treatment for india earlier this month it's expected extra levies will be placed on american elements walnuts and apples among other things a source within the indian commerce ministry has been quoted as saying the us will take a hit of around 2 $120000000.00 as a result the white house has warned that the imposition of higher tariffs by india could break world trade organization rules. german drugs and chemicals company buyer has launched a p.r. offensive to counter the growing criticism over its we killer roundup and the
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controversial key ingredient glyphosate which is said to cause cancer roundup was a top seller of u.s. agro chemical company monsanto and and now belongs to buyer after $63000000000.00 merger last year. buyer is making headlines once again following talks with politicians shareholders and environmental activists the company has conceded that it must make changes they promise to invest 5000000000 euros in research over the next 10 years to develop a more sustainable alternative to glyphosate in the p.r. campaign however by air is repeating its cya mold mantra life a site is safe when used correctly and it wishes to continue selling the product but the very existence of this p.r. campaign shows buyer is feeling the pressure court cases in the us have done particular damage to the company's image and to their bank balance by a was sued for $2000000000.00 in my by a married couple who both got cancer and
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a further $13400.00 people have filed lawsuits their dented reputation is reflected in the share price which is almost hovda in just one year shareholders are not happy and they didn't hold back against c.e.o. of in about a month at the annual shareholders meeting and i proved they fear the acquisition of monsanto and with it the weed killer roundup could spell the end for bio environmental activists just as unhappy they pointed out the potential risks of glyphosate long ago. flying around the world may be fun but we already know it's not good for the planet in fact air travel accounts for about 2 percent of manmade climate killing c o 2 emissions but here's what could be a silver lining scientists and zurich have developed a way to create fuel from thin air. some things sound too good to be true but this many solar refinery on top of theory c.t.h. university might revolutionize fuel production in the 21st century the
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reactor inside the center of the parabolic mirror extract c o 2 and water from the atmosphere to create fuel with the help of the sun's energy. basically we can produce any convention on the quick fuels such as. will be the chip fuel. in this case we are producing make that known we can also produce. so is this the answer to everything well not really in the end it always comes down to money. when we don't the production capacity of our power plant is still very limited but we can't make more than 100 milliliters the day and that makes the process very expensive. but this is only a demonstration unit in spain they've built a bigger reactor to test if the procedure is feasible. so this sort of
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reactor is 10 times bigger than the one at the e.t.h. surak i mean. this proves that our sort of technology is scalable. but. this means that we can make it bigger and eventually even on an industrial scale russian. scientists say a solar plant spawning an area of one square kilometer could produce 20000 liters of kerosene a day 1st plans have been made to launch a commercial system by 2025. now do some other business stories making headlines if i announce ministers have created the outlines of a euro zone budget i'll get with an exact sum get to be decided french finance minister bruno lemaire called the proposals a game changer that would improve the way the eurozone works this comes amid criticism that germany watered down french proposals in visioning a more closely united eurozone future. south african banks are falling behind on
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digitization because of a shortage of qualified workers the country's 4 biggest lenders told the reuters news agency they were having trouble meeting demand for online and mobile banking because of a tech skills gap. a museum devoted to money matters has opened in paris see taiko aims to explain systems underpinning the world economy visitors can touch a gold bar learn how to play the stock market and print their own paper money the attraction is banking on getting 130000 visitors a year it's opened inside a former branch of france's central bank all owing a 50000000 euro renovation. the demilitarized zone between north and south korea has long been a symbol of war and division but the recent opening of a number of peace trails nearby is giving the frontier area a new image and encouraging koreans to envision an era of less hostile relations.
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flanked by a barbed wire fence and guided by a soldier they make their way along the peace trail. the south koreans are taking part in a government organized hike that crosses an area that was closed off to the public for decades. the trails are part of a tourism plan that was agreed to as an intern korean summit in pyongyang last year . the meeting spurred hopes of a full in political and economic ties between the 2 countries. but for walkers the signs of simmering tension are impossible to miss for many this stretch is a poignant reminder of the distance they still are from peace. although it's a short distance i feel touched as i walk along the trail. enter korean relations work. but now they've stalled again i hope that they're reinvigorated so that we
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get to travel between the 2 countries freely. looming in the distance an emblem of what such freedom could enable. north korea's. summer pending a breakthrough in relations hikers from both koreas might one day scale together. and that's it for me avid e.w. business few here and thank you very much for watching and have a happy weekend. quadriga
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international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week. opinion polls here in germany beginning to suggest that the greens might now be the strongest force in german politics indeed as told to the next german chancellor might even be agreeing to find out more on the story join us from cordray. in 60 minutes on. thank you for coming the book you are no one on
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keyboard thank you thank i learn from no commitment to. exposing justice global news that matters to the good times.
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all we can be the generation that ends it good malaria. so millions can live. this is the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes i'll kind of africa my needs its population growth the continent 2nd most populous country has found one solution is it one to follow. and we increasingly being watched and money ted everywhere in this electronic well many are comfortable with that spot in one township near cape town the citizens demand more surveillance. on to angola we meet some of their better.


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