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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  June 14, 2019 11:45pm-12:01am CEST

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syria chase to taipei my colleague meghan loon dives into the taiwanese hotpot. and in our continuing series allure of optional tradition we see what it's like to tie the cypriots not. well it's not easy to sum up a career that spans 6 decades spot with its retrospective on balakrishna dossie the 1st ever outside of asia the vittra design museum brings his vast range of work into context for western visitors as an architect and urban planner das he was strongly influenced by water masters like here but always stayed very true to his indian roots or such that his work never loses sight of the bigger picture nor of the people it's meant to serve. new spaces unique forms expansive horizons with his architecture here on display at the beach design museum
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. she has always push boundaries. of course to reform and formlessness. the form should not be finite but should be more for us. in the 1990 s. the indian architect designed the i am divide nikki for art gallery as an underground cave she wanted to build something magical something with cosmic significance something stupid rooted in the local culture or even more important was the buildings location exhaustible the campus of the university where she founded the school of architecture. is really the street you focused. on just me. so.
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he built a school in his mid thirty's in the indian city of the bad surrounded by nature with spacious rooms and large courtyards she encourages unlimited curiosity in his students he practices this in his own work by asking the question of how people can develop further with the help of architecture. she grew up in a large family which crammed shared living spaces as a teenager he vowed to devote his life to helping india's poor. in 1951 she left for paris he was 24 had no money and didn't speak a word of french he wanted to learn from. derry architect built many projects in india assisted by. she was not just his student he developed his own style
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linking western modernism with indian traditions the individual's freedom stands at the center of power krishna doshas work he lives his creator himself saying if you have nothing to lose you have nothing to fear. and my colleague melissa holroyd from culture has joined me to tell us more about krishna. absolutely amazing to me this man is 91 years old and yet it's also recent years that he's become a big name in architecture. yeah it is interesting because he worked with some of the greats he's worked on some very big projects with. and and yet with a number of other very big architects. it was an it was only last year when he won the pritzker prize that he was sort of trust into the limelight and i think before that he was little known outside of not little known but he wasn't that well known outside of india. it's ready he obviously wasn't taking part in this whole whole
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sexy arc of poor and crowned but it seems he's got a much more humble approach that struck me is not famous for for designing airports or you know skyscrapers or things like that he's famous for designing houses and places for people to live in on the grounds is stuff isn't gimmicky and doesn't fall he doesn't follow trends that much it does change over time perhaps that's a little bit why he's not he wasn't so well known it was sort of there much taking this long term view and it was very astute to cultural needs and locations yes he was inspired by mahatma gandy in terms of his housing some of his housing ideas. and you know so it was also the sort of idea that the residents needs might change over time. it's interesting that it's in for much his own life obviously
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dictated the development of his style can you tell us a little bit more about that and him as a man for his own life he grew up in a very large family with sort of restricted living space and so every each room had to be used for whatever the day called for so one day it's the dining room one day it's the sleeping quarters and so. his architecture is very fluid what we see of his work he works a lot with inside indoor outdoor spaces and these images that we just saw from the veteran. z.m. were. were a model of his most famous one of his most famous designs which was the iran your housing and that was that's very interesting so people there can like just adjust the houses to their own needs whether they have more children whether they get more money you know whatever the needs might be so very adaptable stuff you know on that note you know architecture for the people is the name of this exhibition just
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quickly tell us a little bit more about it well it's the veteran museum like i said in vile brine in southern germany it focuses on impacts in terms of indian design in his work it also looks at the social context behind his work his very humanist philosophy and his indian roots combined with his indian education as well as his western european education so very much in tune also with about whole philosophy that was informing the work of his mentors like to record. and i very much like that idea of space being a living thing and that there are various very play for example architecture for the people on until september 8th melissa hall right thank you very much for bringing us all that background information. moving even farther east in asia fans of asian food will be familiar with hot pot as the chinese equivalent more last 2 are fondue so it's a simmering pots of soup stock that comes straight to your table and in it you can
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cook everything from slices of meat vegetables tofu and of course seafood and in the taiwanese capital taipei they've made an arse have it so at the risk of getting a bit hungry let's join negatively for a tasty but. maybe you know what. we call a national campaign to quell any he said you know what are the taiwan is the. nation for once we believe we'll have to go through a transformation from let's turn from are. we going to have another. word to her and brought her here. that it. was great for.
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you to. look at those birds over there with. her i burnt my hand. does that. time. look last rose it's. oranges. yes it's true that exactly at the last 3 bowls ok they kept the characters there are so you have to walk through here and then you have to tread. oh so. that's a lot there are a lot. that's got a squeeze and square hole reaching for pieces of gore look at that.
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so all of this to me for you think. it would be even on holiday the mood with the world more than just. the wall i would say like everything here is calm and like for the last year of course the border area for you. my emperor i don't know you normally walk out through the censors it's very common here squid scout. searching for my taste in them for us no wonder if that's the standard the time when we see. stuff well while granger europe contemplates issues of divorce or with our never ending breck's that we have decided to focus on love and on more positive relationships and so every week we're looking at love birds who tie the knot in different parts of europe and this time we're on the island of cyprus an honor to
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be part of a turkish cypriot wedding with 3000 guests count them and with such a packed agenda things obviously get underway several days in advance. bride to be i mean a hard core at the traditional muslim henna nights 1st the bottle couple are separated the prospective broad groom to market charlie gets a traditional shave it's a ritual to prepare him for his new role as a husband clay fully here attempts to escape his fate. meanwhile the women start the ritual a gold coin and paste made from the hand of plants pressed into i mean his palm that to bring her luck. and for asperity resulting stain is meant to show the bride's imperfection as only ally is perfect in a cheer filled ritual i mean our close family bit further well to the bright and
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symbolically hand her over to the group. then it's time to celebrate without the veil. a few days a certain it's the day of the wedding the marriage is a civil ceremony conducted by a registrar the response to her question couldn't be clearer easy for all eternity yes. for a lifetime yes. any i don't logically sound live really a family noun can sometimes seem at that moment it became clear to me she had any entering a whole new world of thought on the. 3 hours later they finally get to dance
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this turkish cypriot photons the concern was once performed only by women newlyweds i mean are cold. and charlie continued to celebrate with the guests turn lights into the night. and that looks like it'll be a night to remember so we wish them all the best for a happy life together well that's all for this edition so until next time for myself and my crew here in balmy berlin take care and oh peter.
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quadriga the international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week. opinion polls here in germany are beginning to suggest that the greens might now be the strongest force in german politics indeed does talk to the next german chancellor might even be agreeing to find out more on the story join us from quarterly gosh. quadriga 30 minutes on w. o. o. the present europe at its most as a nation at its most exciting. its most creative colorful
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glamorous trying to taste innovative really charming. and phil is a staple. on t.w. . red the real power resides. to people in fact more than. just democracy to me that's one reason why i'm passionate about people and aspirations i'm taken. to finishing the book as fried chicken but after the for the fun one thinking at the time if somebody in the world going forward anything can happen if people come together and unite for a call. when i do the news i often confront difficult situations more conflict does
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some stealthed i see despite my job to confront what he does on policies and development but this. food security mission. has been achieved with so much money and i feel people have to be an absolute terms my name is on the. tensions between the united states and iran have escalated after attacks on to all targets in the gulf and u.s. military has released a video that it says supports claims that terror on is to blame for thursday's explosions u.s. secretary of state my pump also alleges that tehran was behind the blasts iran says and u.s. education
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a baseless. ruling military council has admitted that security forces.


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