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journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. an orangutan returns home on e.w. dot com tanks. take it personally. with the wonderful people and stories that make the game so special. for all true fans. more than football online. this is the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes how come my needs its population growth the confidence 2nd most populous country has found one solution is it one to follow. and increasingly being watched and money ted everywhere in this electronic world many hours constable with that bought in $1.00 township cape
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town the citizens demand more surveillance not less. to angola we meet some of the veterans who are still struggling to come to terms with the legacy of the brutal civil war. it's great to have you soon then we are facing a possible major challenge that suggests that africa's population will double to 2500000000 within the next 30 years clearly this impacts on all sectors of society food supplies employer men's education and the health sector if our population growth rates are not addressed my man aged will be faced with huge problems now the 2nd most populous country on the continent ethiopia has taking up the challenge and a spot of addressing the issue that country has over the last 2 decades produced
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its fertility rates remarkably thanks to more local health clinics and increased access to family planning take a look. yes is feeling relieved she was afraid she might be pregnant and so came to this family planning clinic to get a checkup now she's getting advice about a contraceptive injection. soon learned in a month and a big my husband wants me to have a child but i'm currently undergoing medical treatment so i don't want to become pregnant at the moment i'm considering the short term 3 months contraceptive i decided to sign but i will discuss it with him for going to this is one of 7 clinics in the ethiopian capital run by the mary stopes among other services it provides counseling and access to different contraceptives if you know p s fertility rate has decreased following a national plan to reduce population growth women have between 4 and 5 children on
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average that's one child less than in 2000 launched over 25 years ago the plan aims to fight poverty while reducing stress on land resources. or. life. force. in cities women have an average of $2.00 children but this rate doubles in rule areas the government employs health extension workers to reduce this gap other mesh is one of them she visits around 10 homes every day to inform women about their options you know about you know mccain you know when non-committal being on not so well just different contraceptives and so we need to go to them in person at the. nest is new to this counseling she was mainly worried about the side effects of contraceptive implants and injections doesn't
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assault what i understood from the counseling is that the short term methods have considerably more side effects. after our 1st child i will consider contraception because i want to space out the birth. business often comes to for advice she has been taking the pill since the birth of her 3rd child and is convinced of the economic benefits of family planning and others do i think you bring up my children properly and take care of my own health and i think family planning is useful for everyone. ethiopians have become much more comfortable using family planning methods in recent years that trend combined with a continued focus on health care and education to do anything reputation as one of africa's demographic trailblazers. now big brother is watching you at least in cape town city with the most c.c.t.v.
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cameras on the continent by the end of the month the government is going to install dozens more in the city they are meant to cab crime and help track a friend bought her a fact keep town's crime hot sports are kilometers away from where the newcomers are being installed in a township of khayelitsha critics a congress often defunct on old. a woman is robbed in broad daylight the incident was captured on c.c.t.v. camera in cape town city center. there are around $650.00 devices like this across town. in fact cape town has more c.c.t.v. cameras than any other city in africa and the number is going up. with its new budget approved the city council says it will be investing in more cameras says the council for safety and security j. p.
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smith. sizable chunk are about 30000000 this year for c.c.t.v. cameras so we'll be accelerating the c.c.t.v. rollout. but not everyone is happy with the plans 40 minutes east of the city center lies one of south africa's biggest townships it's home 240-0000 people the area is one of cape town's crime hotspots. but despite that it is not set to receive any new cameras much to the strain of local community development leader. cheadle. of cape town. from them that if it's good for. surely. it's good for the affluent. surely too good for too but does the city really only care for its affluent areas it could be
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a question of politics cape town is run by the da south africa's main opposition party but some of the city's warts such as a government by the a.n.c. . karen has the highest number of c.c.t.v. cameras in cape town a total of $32.00 more i need it but the city says that that is the world council its responsibility for in years when i don't have a lot of money for c.c.t.v. the only cameras that are going another $1.00 is being paid for out of the council's water it is a pity that in the 11 wards and not a single council or put a cent on the budget for c.c.t.v. . as with many issues in cape town much of the debate centers around race in the last 21 people with it. because that does not matter it would seem that. mr smith. however
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the facts suggest a more complex reality the city's list of new c.c.t.v. recipients is topped by other gang written suburbs of the cape flats an area mostly inhabited by coloreds in cape town the murder capital of south africa it seems this always an area that is worse off. the town of crete or in central angola was a scene of heavy fighting during the country's. civil war is front line between today's governing m.t.l. a fighters and the rebel group you needa the home and stronghold of rebel leader john r. savimbi 70 was really buried earlier this month 17 years after he was shot dead and then decades of war the ceremony was touted as the symbol of national beacon savation some of the war veterans are still struggling to come to terms with the legacy of. it was once the scene of angola's fiercest fighting
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key to no more of a ghost town haunted by the horrors of a civil war that claimed half a 1000000 lives and destroyed many more. in this age of curative my whole family toit my father also taught it and then left with my aunt who was also injured and. it is a town covered in the wounds of war they would ings standards monuments to the past and no providing shelter to the men who wrote it domingo's called list place home. i was protecting this area during the war. after the war finished we were injured. and now we are without support. now we're like yes. there's no support. we are waiting for god to do something.
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this rebel stronghold never children's playground but angola civil war continues to wreak havoc for domingo's memories are hard to forget and the wait for redemption is long. life here is always like this the war is over we are at peace but there are a lot of things we don't have. you don't have money in your hands you won't be able to eat. like a government is failing us to this day there are many things missing in our lives. while the country looks to the future and tries to bury its dealings soldiers here still fighting battles of the room. now to a story for lovers of basketball thursday night was the big night for basketball fans around the world including fans on the african continent thanks in part to
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this guy my side the man of the moment. is kenyan nigerian money of its own to raptors who just won the n.b.a. trophy. a historic victory has no team outside the u.s. had won the competition before coming rooms. was joint top scorer for the team with $26.00 points on congo brazzaville so scored 15 points. was very humble about the win after the game. is amazing is amazing just so excited to be kind of seeing it is hard to just sit down and think about everything but just the hard work and everything you put into it to be able to be here i did level it and be able to win. it is a dream is a dream and and it feels amazing to be able to realize your dreams. make it happen and that's it for now from news africa you don't catch all our
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stories on our website on face book page. pictures of the historic n.b.a. went inside africa. fast n.b.a. championship. great weekend and.
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the full. good. job. i make choices based on the to. the mission conferences. more and more artificial intelligence is playing a role in hiring procedures. a change for the better. or just plain frightening to
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morrow to dick next on d w. 2. the front. is opening its pavilions and providing a 1000 the specter of so. it's not even. games or demons on w. . the old rock n roll. on
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single moves down to the church i know that evil feeling that you feel when you like the apostles of this new. car bomb stop obama. rock and religion a clash that brings many parallels to light for the 2 really so good reconcilable good conduct the devil and good luck and. george june 17th on t w. into tomorrow today the science show on t.w. . this time we had 2 small extra where during the iranian tang was released into the wild was it a success. as a job applicant you may soon find yourself being vetted by artificial intelligence
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brave new world. like it or not our future is definitely digital.


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