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tv   The 77 Percent  Deutsche Welle  June 15, 2019 7:30am-7:59am CEST

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surreal difference is the ideal place to slow down and relax. 30 minutes on. what secrets lie behind these memos. find out in an immersive experience and explore fascinating blond cultural heritage sites. w world heritage for 60 get the. hello and welcome to the 77 percent show for africa's you eddie mike jr. now just to remind you 77 percent of africa's population is under the age of $35.00 are you part of the young generation then you're in the right place we focus on the issues
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that matter to you coming up on today's program. in ghana we discuss how that it's allies asian country african economies and how we can all benefit. we had in south africa where we discovered that you have to run out of fuel while on the streets spending. and getting on the rough spots of the less soft shows us around his beloved home safe he cannot. but 1st what do you do with a broken mobile phone or an old computer cycle let's throw it away most electronic trash and huge waste dump sites on exactly great for the environment now to young game developers from prince andrew added a few and matthew hunter who grew up in got now. they want players to come up with creative solutions to one of their country's biggest challenges evil waste. the
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game in reality is more or less intertwined the course because what is happening in real life and also search and explore the world of the water we are creatures it is also an idea different definition of reality so it's more or less intending with reality as in real life retro unity and commented on to the game tries to encompass everything. and make it as a whole does everything have an army real need to ask yourself when you're playing a game. and reality really does play an important part here because anyone playing the chronicles of peano needs to be on location at the site interacting directly with the environment. players can learn about the toxic gases that are released when waste is bhante. they can also walk to its goals
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like getting read of the and cleaning up appropriate she and. the game deals with the theme of recycling but in a playful way another task players might have to compete is taking pictures to document the pollution is no more than a trend where you play games for leisure we play games like conflict mentality to broaden our how we understand things how we are whatever we name in the game. the chronicles of clean new is one part of a metal game called enter africa it consists of 15 different location based mobile games that are aimed at creating positive social change across the continent. but then top or talk about making out a different approach to problem solving to demi for cation to game mechanics thinking out of the box and sometimes thinking like there's no books are tricky we
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want to see that approach to problem solving and operate like we believe that. we can help people chimes in and bring about various issues that you talk to me you wouldn't talk about and then that is what we want to see. it's time to put the chronicles of kenya to the test the team is that the digital conference from public to present the game to the public for the 1st time playing the game. but prince andrew at de feo hopes that in the future the game could tackle all sorts of important issues i want to see being sustainable in olivia's. the shop assistant at the system when it comes to business when it comes to the porch when it comes to him development every industry is the industrial revolution africa must be institutionalized right 2050 points or system not one it's one. for
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the moment's peace vision of a key is only a virtual reality can gaming help the vision crossed over into the real. games like this big a phenomenon they disallow is asian is shaking up ghana and many other african countries we send money via mobile phones and pharmacy and even use ups to help boost the harvest so then just a few examples of promises from tech giants new jobs agree to economic growth but how do we ensure that all of us benefits from that its allies ation our report cited the money went to a crowd to find out in this week's street debate. we're back in crime the capital of ghana and today we're going to be asking the question can digitalisation spot africa what is digitalisation to begin with well luckily for me i have really been core group of people who are going to explain all the
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details the challenges of possibly help africa can overcome those challenges and the 1st question is going to go to a man who's been described as the mop bucket for africa well he's shaking his head we really don't like that you know go get to that shortly but briefly if you can what is it did you tell a station utilization is is very much you know disrupting the space enough can create jobs creates an opportunity is bringing spirit so it's a good thing you know a lot about persis is an uppercut nadia i want to ask you because you're a digital marketing but you're also teaching people digital literacy how do we begin the process of teaching people how to use this very complex software as a programs when they don't even have access to electricity it's a tough pushing because most people that are not benefiting from social media the internet world wide web is because of all these climaxes is because of all these
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postings because they don't have internet they don't have electricity they don't have so much school and they don't even have education enough so i think it's more of everyone's that the thing to do get jobs n.g.o.s civil societies individuals private sectors the governments it's a collective effort we need a collective effort to do this ok i want to bring in someone who actually works for the banking sector we're talking about a digital revolution but of course it needs financing africans serious about putting their money where their mouth is. i don't think about where we put out my i think that was you create your most of the time you're lucky to have finance you but maybe you need to talk with the short. you have provided this particular idea to a boss 6 or 10 people and then dropping you some peanuts but there's a it's not believe 2 to skill up then you cannot put a bunk and then a financial institution time actually didn't support so ok well i'm not so you know i think that it was having gone off funding is that the cost of money is quite
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expensive to go to the bank for a loan it's about 26 percent interest rate yet interest rates and the young. i have an idea where to find i said station to ask you to pay 26 percent we have no financial records right so it's quite difficult right here in guyana you know developing an idea or even scaling it i want to bring in the students here because he's obviously one of the 1000000 euros and he's been looking for a job in the i.t. sector so we're seeing this is good for the continent but it seems there's no space for people like you companies there actually. for the what do you have it's like one person will be 100 maybe 2 jobs so one person we're supposed to. sit back and will be doing you are using to freeze is just one person so he's taking the job of someone's else's so he should feel like someone doing you are and so on being back and. yeah yeah and i think i think that's
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actually very traditional companies but is changing very fast as you say it's oppression so some of us in the gaming industry now what we're doing is creating more jobs with what's a beautiful day with all the possibilities of the titles so far is not what i tell people is when tech and creative arts come together more opportunities more jobs are created so there's a whole possibility of what big it brings to a space and we just have to be brave enough to dive into the sectors ok i want to bring in google for society who is actually a human rights activist not a person you would expect to find in a conversation about digitized digital lazy asian oh this is when we're going to be stumbling over it today. but you see that then needs to be a conversation about what we are doing to our society particularly with children
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absolutely i'm advocating that technology is good we can't do anything about it it's good we need it for business development but the excesses it has created is they go. impacting on our children when it comes to feet when it comes to. having an impact on children and so they develop. measures will be used in protecting. how do you react to that. innovation could be a problem can be dangerous particularly to children. of the people who play games with. children. placed to prevent this kind of.
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disruptive. prepare for it because one. infrastructure. and. people. need people to you know. and. no village. there's a disconnect let me come to you because you were talking about digital literacy so when a person like he had developed something destructive. able to consume it in the way that it has been designed. think. like prince why is that because of. how many women in the us actually. it's very most women who use technology is mostly to.
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using technology. to. make my. easy and all of a woman i can get into axis i think this is not much white spoken about because that's i getting people who already are on the incentives to make big things happen in spite of everything that we've spoken about today the 1st industrial revolution is africa prepared and does the future look good for us i think we are ready for it but we should also not forget. inform all sectors because they are very much important so let's see how we can include done by cheney and will be a building technology to this list solve problems list for cause tension to much of the problems as a so the problems will thank you very much i have to say it's been a very exciting debate i wish we had more time and i'm obviously feeling like this is a chicken and egg situation i'm not sure if it's humanity 1st and technology later
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or the other way around but in any case thank you for watching. nice to hear from my gun up people thanks to everyone who participated in austria debates you can watch the whole debates on youtube and send us your comments now let's head forever south street spinning is now the fastest growing motor sports in south africa was once linked to gangsterism but now a new generation of drivers pushing this subculture into the mainstream you want this a driving fueled sports isn't for the faint of heart. to . move to get. screeching tires roaring motors and the empty of adrenaline this is the god of south african street speaking. a bit
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spinning it's like a drug you have to be pretty tough for me to understand turning is all about. the truth. you know just to feel yourself being free has been removed i simply see how many death defying stunts you can perform before the engine gives out spinning evolved during that 980 s. at the height of the appetite original expensive cars which while considered status symbols of white supremacy was stolen and used to perform stunts as an act of defiance it was also the perfect getaway cars for guns does. i. but the north has changed scenes a young generation of spain is has moved the sport off the streets and into venues events like wheels and smoke in the south of johannesburg popping up across the country. one star of the scene is dealing browett is
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a key he draws excited she is from the crowd as he spins he's caught as close to them as possible and he always wins the competition little well we're burning now it's. the people and families and their gives one of the got to see their favorites one of. them or not more or less idols than scorning a. winning it's a good starting to get recruits for the family game the youngsters they want to be with. all those spinning still takes place illegally on the streets the truly wild days are no longer on today it's seen as a legitimate sport in south africa and is performed much more. safely in proper venues you can even sign up for a spinning course like here at the sweater drifting academy this is the training ground of the spinola be muggles a female only spinning crew they're determined to prove that these kind of sport isn't just for bad boys. but i've been trying to take away all that.
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stigma that is built into the sport and we're trying to take away that people can be can know that they can also comment experience things out of their comfort zone so this is a very great experience so it doesn't make me feel like a look at me if you would in. making. this a way to drift academy is the brainchild of pool a m who funds the training sessions himself it is the last step towards ams ultimate goal of launching the last female spinning league he hopes these women will help push the sport even further into the mainstream was to be successful as a brand in this thing of want to sponsor and cause printing we need to involve women and to make sure that we actually make it as much as i've been able to all the people that did live in our society although spinning has its roots in left today drivers need to dig deep into their own pockets fixing a busted up cars doesn't come cheap professional spinners likes to go right in
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soweto is he spends up to $10000.00 euros a year just to keep their cars running luckily many spinners are also skilled mechanic. commercial sponsors are still reluctant to support a sport still largely perceived as illegal. because right now as we said we don't are any sponsors we don't have backing we don't have anything like for instance marco it's a conversion. of year or so but it doesn't come standard. we convert to the if you have to go to someone a convert. series like this one makes it into a swan call you're going to pay probably and their sense of 60000 and that's quite a lot of money which not a lot of people have scaurus wife isn't exactly pleased with the has been so close to the sport of choice but that doesn't stop you from being a regular at the wilson small event every thursday in
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a society that remains segregated in so many ways spinning isn't just entertainment for sport or it's also a sport which knocks down racial boundaries luu everyone loves it just brings everyone together as you can see here this different diversity is those different people you're they all come together for one purpose and to see people and to see a sports that we're trying to merge which is called spinning although some veteran spinners are worried that confining spinning to designate a venue east constant is what it's all an emerging young generation of drivers a working hard to improve its reputation so that everybody can let off some steam me. think. about owning and sports. best of luck to all the up and coming young drivers but hey stacy. now it can't be
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easy being one of the only female rappers in a city of true 1000000 people but isn't one to say no to a challenge she agreed to show us around her city cannot create. she begins her tour by taking us to the place where it all began. to come. from guinea i mean cannot create wow i was born and grew up let me show you my city again. has made it as a female rapper in conakry a city of around 2000000 people. began in the bustling streets of the guinea and capital to be more precise it began here in the band i make but equally dangerous. when there's a protest in concrete you can bet it started in this area of the city but sister and her friends didn't come here to demonstrate they came to dance to the beats of their favorite teacher and eventually to take the mike themselves 11 years later
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yeah still meeting here to catch up and enjoy compunction treasure. this is his my coach my brother my friend he's everything to me it's thanks to him that i still have a mike in my hand in rupp who is my coach for ever. give me a traditional muslim country here rap music is very much a man's world system is the only woman in his secular musician friends. there for me it hasn't been easy at all in my family my father put me under a lot of pressure he wanted me to continue my studies when you talk about traffic here the older generation immediately thinks of criminals that you're going to a small could do drugs drink alcohol i have nothing to do with all of that think. mostly about the role of women in guinea and society and covers topics like the.
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violence and female genital mutilation these topics are absolutely top in the country where 97 percent of women are kept and every 2nd girl is married before her 18th birthday. as well as french she also sings and the 3 national languages. this way she can reach as many people as possible especially those living outside of the capital where you mostly speak sister began writing songs in 2009 in the years that followed she performed all of the guinea and gradually made a name for herself she's now recording her 1st album in studio. and i was more like working on my album and we've just done freestyle on my last song. this guy is the best sound engineer in the what the.
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doing. the title of a lead song essentially means i won't stop until sleep overwhelms me it's the perfect move to forces the less whose main source of inspiration is a hometown cannot be the city that never sleeps the inner city stretches from the shores of the atlantic along. towards the adjoining comedians i think dustin humes hangs permanently over the city. is the most beautiful city in the world especially while standing on the beach in the air as the deed draws to an end and children play football in the last rays of sunshine to see if you have that i'm proud of my . just inspires me thanks for joining me it's great bye bye. thanks for showing us around. it was fantastic to get to know your friends and your city. now that brings us to the end of the show but don't worry we'll be back soon
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in the meantime we're here for you on facebook and you tube where you can join the discussion and you can always e-mail us at 77 d.w. dot com in our next episode we have some exciting topics coming up. what are the roots of identity what's the finds us as african that's next. right that single men i mean but as our from the affable bansal to so. many others . thanks for joining us on the 77 percent news magazine for africa's young my gerrity well we've got one last for you yes kind of greens very own rap queen. with a truck was seen. i'm
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a. little bit. playing it up on. the civilization. i'm. not.
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going. to. cause. harm. in the north. going on. germany's only island on the open sea a day trip is nice but it's better to stay to offer a days on the island that makes a real difference it's the ideal place to slow down and relax. coming up on a double. n.c.v.s.
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don't come sleeker them. but how does the troops hunt for. a pickup truck designed to tough the ford ranger raptor is it as morning as it looks. driving in 30 minutes w. . small klinsmann big changes. people making it possible to go to africa. fantastic right track that as they set out to safe environments. to learn from one another. and work together for
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a church. in south. africa w. . the old. rock n roll. band. sinful rhythms contention by the church. not i know the evil feeling that you feel when you think. jocasta music. stoppable. no one is more popular than jesus come good religious morality preachers or some verses. of passion with some marketing potential by placing a warning label on music products. and religion that brings
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me. really so good reconcilable. rock n roll. 17 on t.w. . was. un secretary general antonio terrorists is calling for in the pennant investigation into thursday's attacks on to our targets in the gulf of oman tensions in the region are escalating after the united states released a video that it says proves that iran is behind the attacks tehran says the allegations are baseless. the. hundreds of thousands of women across switzerland have taken to the streets to.


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