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and we're determined to do something here for the next generation. the environment series of global $3000.00 on t.w. and all mine. player. play. this is news live from the burglar in hong kong as leader backs down on extradition chief executive carrie lamb says she's indefinitely suspending debate on a divisive law that would allow people to be handed over to mainland china for trial it comes after massive street protests and the worst political violence in the territory in decades also coming up iran casts new doubt on the future of its
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nuclear deal that's following us accusations that these pictures show iranian forces attacking an oil tanker in the gulf of oman the u.n. is calling for an investigation. and we'll have the highlights from the women's of the world cup japan facing off with scotland at the tournament in france both suck looking for their 1st win. i'm carl assman thanks for joining us after days of unrest and street protests in hong kong the city's government has relented and announced it will and definitely suspend its push for a proposed law that would have allowed people to be extradited to mainland china the bill caused widespread concern with many fearing it would threaten hong kong's rule of law and status as a. financial hub. was fractious scenes outside government house in hong
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kong preceded a remarkable turnaround from the leadership also repeated in turn no deliberations over the last 2 days i now announce that the government has decided to suspend a legislative amendment exercice restart our communication with all sectors of society do more explanation work and listen to different views of society lamb statement of knowledge the pressure of recent days where protesters thronged the city streets and clashed with police was instrumental in her decision to suspend but not withdraw the bill that suspension drew strong opposition voices to criticize islam for not scrapping the law completely with some to munting her resignation help at. all. and she must. others who are inclined to agree i think.
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it's something i think would definitely go to the protest tomorrow born in hong kong raised in hong kong i think. bill should have never gone through anyway. and for her to. take this amount of time and not step down through. a day of protesting police brutality things that the system is the worst i've ever seen and. statements like these along with the peaceful protests on friday against police violence show a steely resolve to resist the government. our let's get more on this now w.'s sheriff chan joins me in studio with the situation and hong kong developing there now kerry lamb deciding to delay this proposed extradition bell bill indefinitely why the sudden change of heart so to his. number of people who turned out to
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protest is definitely one of the main reasons it was the biggest protests hong kong has seen since 97 there were more than 1000000 people coming out so it gave a lot of international attention and condemnation so that definitely put some pressure on them and also local media also report that before the press conference actually had a meeting with some beijing officials and apparently beijing is also not very happy about her not being able to push forward the laws mostly and causing some chaos in the city and so without the support from beijing it's really hard for them to push forward how about hong kong themselves i mean hundreds of thousands of people were in the streets what was their reaction to the news do you think that they were surprised actually they were be surprised but they were actually even angrier after the press conference and this suspension because 1st of all this is a suspension not a withdrawal and they think this is just
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a strategy from the government to come to a city like temporarily and they think this is an illusion that the government they stiffing and so they also really angry about not being sorry about causing all of this chaos and a rash in the city and in the press conference some reporters were asking her if she would apologize for this and she refused again and again and so people were really angry about this no further protests are planned for tomorrow do you think people will still take to the streets even though we saw this announcement essentially saying you know this building being postponed well it's all come out yeah so as i said they were even angry after the press conference there just after she and suspension people were already this year facing leaflets about the protests more politicians also call for more people to participate in the protests tomorrow and even hong kong people overseas for example in some cities in germany and in other you. yes cities they also want to have some demonstration to show solidarity
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and so. it's not easy to say if the people come out with the aesthetic as last week but it's definitely. demonstrations and protests ok those demonstrations continuing to search and thanks very much thought let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world protesters have clashed with brazilian police on the streets of rio de janeiro police fired tear gas against demonstrators taking part in a 24 hour nationwide strike in protest against government proposals to reform pensions and cut education spending. around 60 people have died in central and southern china following 2 weeks of heavy rain and flooding authorities have rescued thousands of people well hundreds of thousands more have been ordered to evacuate their homes. celebrated italian film director franco zeffirelli has died
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aged 96 he was perhaps best known for his 1960 s. films of shakespeare plays the taming of the shrew storing richard burton and elizabeth taylor and the oscar nominated romeo and juliet he also directed opera working with lucy on the potty and to me. well iran's president hassan rouhani says his country is backing away from its agreement with world powers to limit its nuclear program this follows u.s. accusations that iran carried out attacks on 2 oil tankers in the gulf of oman washington released a video that it says proves iran is responsible britain says it believes the images are authentic while iran denies the allegations the u.n. is calling for an independent investigation. the united states says this is the video that proves iran was behind the attacks u.s. military claims it shows iran's revolutionary guard removing an unexploded limpet
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mine from one of the oil tankers it's also published a photo purporting to show damage and a mine attached to one of the ships president donald trump called into fox news to declare iran guilty they are a nation of terror and they've changed a lot since i've been president i can tell you they were unstoppable and now they're in deep deep trouble back at me but he also said he was open to talks with tehran. and we want to get them back to the table if they want to go back i'm ready when they are the incident was sparked early on thursday when a fire broke out on a norwegian oil tanker following explosions the crew radioed for assistance. to prompt open you have. to report that by want that upfront open air was probably not a quest at that point the back where. that got to do you. hours later
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a 2nd tanker japanese owned also called for help the crew said they saw a flying object hit the ship before hearing a blast the ships had passed through the strait of hormuz a strategically important waterway which carries a 5th of all global oil supplies. iran has rejected the u.s. accusations and says its navy came to the aid of one of the ships iranian state t.v. broadcast images of the rescue crew members the foreign minister said the incidents were suspicious. as a reminder of the potential for the incident to escalate globally iran's president hassan rouhani has met with russia's vladimir putin russia has cautioned against raising to judge iran stressed there's strong security ties. under the current circumstances with all the external pressure and foreign sanctions being imposed the necessity for cooperation between the countries in this
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region including our countries is becoming more critical each day. it's just weeks since the u.s. blamed iran for a series of attacks on 4 other ships in the same region those full details have yet to be released iran has also rejected those accusations. join me now in studio as marcus calm from the german institute for international and security affairs and marcus we've seen escalations between these 2 countries ramping up for months now i mean how dangerous is this current situation i don't expect the outbreak of lagos timothy's between the united states and around the foreseeable future for 2 reasons for. this is the removal of the military capabilities. in fear in terms of conventional military capabilities and on the of it we have a u.s. president having proclaimed in the last election campaign that he would be withdrawing
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the united states military from the middle east and he has given his word on this so on think there's no risk of me just question however or really concerns me is the danger of an unintended accidental. imagine you are in iranian patrolling both approach things slowly. getting fred feels threatened fire they already has finally begun to arrive in the middle of some kind of escalation well what do you make a of this situation that i mean we've seen this. alleged evidence presented by the united states i mean how credible is that are we to believe that difficult to assess the situation that shows 2 ships slowly approaching in some things are being removed you cannot really that dense fog vessels it's not clear when and when the events have been taped so i think i'm not really convinced here and the united states will be disappointed about the effects on the international community i
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think we have to raise a question who is in in whose interests is be exclusion of the last days are there other who does have interest here. i think you couple of people a couple of states and actors in the in the middle east can be can be looked for i think in saudi arabia and israel but we have no and we have no indication of them both in this election and i would point to the river the revolutionary guards and over iran now this nuclear treaty i mean it was it was hailed as something that could bring peace between these nations it's been under threat for a long time the u.s. hold out given these events can it still be salvage difficult the very difficult to think the remaining signatories are desperately looking or those looking for ways to to rescue a goal to salvage the agreement but they have set up some kind of special purpose biko it's called in stakes to facilitate trade them and western countries and the and iran or does it hasn't worked so far i think the only leverage the western
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countries all the remaining countries have is to signal to the iranian government then turn it around leaves the room and then the sanctions will snap back as well the european sanctions and their full sanctions cannot be in the interest on our own right marcus i'm from the german institute for international and security affairs thank you very much for that and also a pleasure. that the. the women's world cup in france japan got their campaign that on track with a win over scotland after a draw in their opening game japan the 2nd place team in the last world cup now have a more realistic chance of reaching the next round. japan books to schools in early on and when june endo pounced on a mistruth clearance monna it would be cheaper how much person front. legs on the leave looking less than soldiering in the names more fortunate followed for the
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japanese in the 35th minute the referee was quick to point to the school when great to see you because you go somewhere down in the books a soft pool but a complete destruction penalty barsa the sour on japan when. the break. the scots stick they gave up in the 2nd house but japanese stop iraqi yamashita was the best effort i said this one from now on the clay learned in the 88th minute which gave the scots a glimmer of hope i thought just 4 minutes later that hope was extinguished by the former whistle this 2nd defeat see scotland on the brink of elimination ready. a reminder now the top story that we're tracking for you at this hour on kong's chief executive kerry lamb says she's indefinitely suspending debate on a device that would have allowed people to hand it over to mainland china for trial
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this comes after a massive street protests and the worst political violence in the territory in seconds. coming up next star syria's reporter takes a look at paramedics in germany and the increasing.


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