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cultural heritage foundation for loose treasure a true original documentary june 21st 2 w. . this is d w news live from early on a mass in heart. terrace holds its 1st service since the devastating fire which ripped through the gothic masterpiece 2 months ago donors pledged hundreds of millions for the restorations busy but only a trickle that's come in so far also coming up on kong's leader of backs down on extradition to chief executive terry lam shelves a divisive law that would have allowed people to be handed over to mainland china for trial climbdown follows the worst political violence in the territory in
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decades. and protests across brazil amid a nationwide strike against planned pension reforms country's president insists the changes are needed to kickstart the economy a struggling workers saying concentrator parchin. i'm called assman thanks for joining us 2 months ago today a fire tore through notre dame cathedral in paris the blaze destroyed the gothic roof and toppled the famous spire there now the cathedral is rising from the ashes notre dame is holding its 1st mass since the devastating fire you're watching live pictures from inside the cathedral for safety reasons only around 30 people mostly priests and restoration workers are attending the mass and they are wearing hard
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hats the catholic faithful can watch a broadcast of the mass on a religious t.v. channel. zocor 1st now standing by for us in paris is french journalist on elizabeth taylor now as we saw i mean the cathedral it's still dangerous enough to require hardhats and yet this mass is going ahead today clearly some symbolism there i mean how important is this moment for paris. paris for council explore the rest of the world and should say it's a very important moment is the reaffirmation of continuation of faith and life after the catastrophe and your you all come into just a 2nd ago said that the place is still an unsafe that everyone is wearing a hard hat including the archbishop arest wilson you would see that the mass is not even in the great nation the great need is not security at a mass is it a chapel behind the great nave and it's almost like
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a private mass of course the public will be let in everybody standing up because there are all new seats on it's really up in the situation of its house for a fee as not much work has started yet and that's an understatement the do this re confers the the destiny of that's what i'm i'm broken just. now today marks of course 2 months since the fire to do we know any more about how the repair works are proceeding. we know that not much is proceeding because it's a very it was a very complex fire the fire was not down in the cathedral itself it was up in the rafters so to speak in something called the forest which is the the 800 year old be . all trying to that held the roof together and that's what burned and of course
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the because it lasted so long tike of feet rule was where it was showered with burning debris and the temperature went up to 800 degrees so right now when they do mooses protection in assessing exactly the condition of security the way the stones of the rust has withstood such heat such a long period what is fragile what can be kept and that not only has there not been much work going on but we also know who perhaps this is just they wait and see what . are so much of the promised benefits from that rebuilding neither. one of us abets bootsy in paris for us as notre dame holding its 1st mass since that devastating fire thank you very much. of course many years of restoration and repair still lie ahead and you might think it's all being paid for by that flood of donations promised by billionaires and companies after the blaze but it turns out
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the church is still waiting for much of that money porter jared reed has been following up on those donations i mean 1st just remind us i mean how much money was pledged for these these repairs after the fire well after the fire there was some pretty determined philanthropist and we had all these rich billionaires and companies lining up to say i'm going to give 100000000 euros 2cw4cw and eventually around a 1000000000 euros was raised in a very short amount of time which led you know created a lot of publicity for these people also some criticism because it looked like they were all sort of trying to one up each other as you correctly say the fire happened to you months ago today and you think that would be enough time to to write that check or hit the send button on the internet banking but none of these rich donors have paid up yet. is the spokes person for the not true in paris this is a quote from him the big donors haven't paid not a cent they want to know what exactly their money is being spent on and if they
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agree to it before they hand it over and not just to pay employees salaries he was speaking to a pig so it's pretty incredible it seems like there are many many strings attached to this money of which around 10 percent has been received over role in these donations the employees he's talking about the 150 restoration work is that being that are working on the cathedral at the moment there is already being work done right now i mean who's who's picking up the check well it's it's coming from much more humble sources it's coming from american tourists and french citizens they're the ones that are donating much much smaller amounts to organizations non-profits involved with the restoration work in this month they've given. around 4000000 euros to fund the 1st part of the restoration we have to remember time is all of the essence here historians of told us that through the centuries not being kind of
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neglected and after the fire president mccraw and gave a timeline of 5 years to get these finished because that is also a health issue after the fire $300.00 tons of lead dust was released into the atmosphere and so a lot of work needs to be done to clean that up and to do it quickly to make the site safe or to rebuild on so these big donors have they responded at all to that quote the we heard from him yet so some of them have come out and said yes it's true we haven't paid the money and that's because we want to see what the restoration plans are and whether they're in line with what we think they should be and i kind of what the thinking is is that a lot of them want their names and their money on the end product and the not necessarily interested in doing kind of the the boring work of making the site clean and safe for the restoration so we have to see what happens over the next couple of months and 5 years i will see if they can hit send on that. jared reed
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thank you so much well after days of unrest and street protests in hong kong the city's government has relented indefinitely suspending a proposed law that would have allowed people to be extradited to mainland china many theory that the bill would curb civil liberties and threaten hong kong status as a financial hub. it was fractious scenes outside government house in hong kong preceded a remarkable turnaround from the leadership of so repeated inter no deliberations over the last 2 days i now announce that the government has decided to suspend a legislative amendment exercise a restart our communication with all sectors of society do more explanation work and listen to different views of society lam statement acknowledging the pressure of recent days where protesters thronged the city streets and clashed with police
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was instrumental in her decision to suspend but not withdraw the bill that suspension drew strong opposition voices to criticized for not scrapping the law completely with some to munting her resignation can't get. any better among. the much. others who are inclined to agree i think. it's unfair and i think that it definitely the edge of the protest more born in hong kong raised in hong kong i think the notion of never going through anyway. and for her to. take this amount of time and not step down through. a day of protesting police brutality things that just is the worst i've ever seen in hong kong statements like these along with the peaceful protests on friday
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against police violence show a steely resolve to resist the government. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world susanna has been sworn in as slovakia's 1st e-mail president the 45 year old boy or has never before held state office she entered politics as an environmentalist fighting against a toxic landfill in her home. around 60 people of died in central and southern china following 2 weeks of heavy rain and flooding authorities have rescued thousands of people while hundreds of thousands more have been ordered to evacuate their homes. the celebrated italian film director franco zeffirelli has died aged 96 was perhaps best known for his 1960 s. films of shakespeare plays the taming of the shrew starring richard burton and elizabeth taylor and oscar nominated romeo and juliet and also directed opera working with him c.e.o.
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of rocky and asa due to make. millions of workers in brazil of staged a general strike to protest planned pension reforms the changes would mean an increase in the retirement age and higher pension contributions brazil's hard line president has warned that failing to overhaul the pension system would bankrupt the country. the strike was directed at plans of far right president now to reform the pension system raising the retirement age and increasing workers' contributions the government says it needs to cut spending to save the social security system from bankruptcy the unions say the reform would hit the poor hardest. be able always if the government does not listen to the voice of the people on the streets the future will be dark we're losing our rights in a country that is failing as a society failing in education and we don't see where it will end i always use an. insult paulo the protests went on late into the evening as tension mounted police
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used tear gas and rubber bullets against demonstrators. there. the demo was calm it was not us who are doing the right thing fighting for what we have to fight for education is important in the pension reform is unjust but the clashes are shame. rio de janeiro also saw clashes with police deploying tear gas there as well. since taking office at the start of the year both scenarios government has already faced a series of protests by women's and indigenous groups by teachers and by students so far it's simply ignored friday's general strike. at the women's world cup the netherlands of qualified for the knockout stage after securing their 2nd win of a chinaman against cameroon it was a special game to say the least for dutch striker if yana
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a drove her team to victory and broke a record in the process. the usual sea of orange was there to greet the dutch side and they gave their found something to cheer on 41 minutes when to be on a medium above the open where the police head was put the lead did not last long with cameron levelling through gabrial on get a. bead then deliver the message home via her t. shirts it was cameroon 1st goal in 251 minutes was the 2nd half belonged to the netherlands though and they reached the elite quickly after the restart dominique bloodworth livable cameroon is defending left a lot to be desired. the gift meant the defender had the easiest of finishes thanks was needed met then became the neverland's record store with her 60th goal and she still only 22 the dutch go through the looking
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dangerous was italy of recorded their 2nd victory in 2 games of this year's world cup a dazzling performance from christianity reli saw the blues cruise to a 5 nil win over jamaica striker open her account from the palace spot right here that was the wealth minute and she went on to convert a corner in the 25th needed to know for italy to really completed her hat trick right here with this ice ball header just after halftime then subset of burra gali went on to grab 2 goals herself 1st finishing from long range and then converting a place to ball combination there by. well the copa america kicked off on friday in brazil with the hosts defeating olivia 3 nil after a scoreless 1st half and sao paolo philippe coutinho scored twice within 3 minutes
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30 goal came from everton suarez 5 minutes from all time to seal the when the action will continue later on saturday we have been this way for taking on the group and argentina will face. up next world stories that's the week in reports including an update on the silent for hong kong refugees in berlin a promise of thanks watching. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and if you newspapers with official information as a journalist i have worked on the streets of many cantors and their problems are always the same.


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