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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  June 16, 2019 1:15pm-1:30pm CEST

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there's more news coming up at the top of a our target you can also always check out our website w dot com for all the latest on my ash later thank you for joining us. to. go to the new duramax new 2 channel. good line of stories. with exclusive insights. and a must see concerning startup culture to ensure a. place to be curious minds. do it yourself networkers it looks so subscribed and don't miss out. every journey begins with the 1st
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step and every language with the 1st word published in the. nico is in germany to learn german and why not her with him simple online on your mobile and free stuff d w z e learning course nikos speak german made easy. place this week on well stories. mozambique a good life has become trying often cycle in russia a home that cares for seniors and disabled children but we start off in berlin germany has granted political asylum to refugees from hong kong their protests against chinese power have been escalating too activist have managed to escape china's clutches. they're the 1st time calling refugees to be granted asylum ray
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won't and ellen lee now feel safe in germany they were threatened with a prison sentence in the homeland for having taken part in an anti-government protest. is a very very sad thing actually because i think no one wants to leave their home country and never go back. and. but anyway we we thing that. we must do this because reese we should let the let the whole road know what what is happening in hong kong. and look back to 2014 many young people took to the streets of hong kong calling for civil liberties and more democracy both sides became violent. and ellen lee were also there they later found of their own movement hong kong indigenous they are fighting for hong kong's independence from china. we teenagers we found that the
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government tried to cleanse our unique culture try to transfer our language try to class our identity as a hong kong hong kong and we don't want that to happen and we don't want hong kong just to be calm and like in our the city in china right you won't and were taken into custody in 2016 the accusation there where involved in violent riots one of their fellow companions was sentenced to 7 years in prison on the same charge but the 2 feel the punishment is disproportionate fearing what might happen the 2 fled to germany while on probation they lived in limbo for 6 months until germany granted them political asylum. i think the history of germany. for me personally is quite encouraging because after i came to germany. they told me that. when they were young they had never imagined
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germany west germany or the. united reunion again but somehow it happened so. that those german told me don't lose my home because everything could happen both men hope for hong kong homeland where democracy and the rule of law prevail just like in germany . entire regions of mozambique were destroyed in early march when the cycle told to the country more than a 1000 people died and hundreds of thousands were left homeless people were left without basic supplies those in the port city of beirut were among the hardest hit . weeks after the cycle and really norse ours is still barely habitable for the family have moved all their possessions into the only undamaged room that's
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also where they now sleep. you know will never forget the day the storm it. was just. because. they couldn't come out so they leave. going out that was a. house is just a few 100 meters from the shore the sea is the most immediate danger. bera is often floods parts of the city are below sea level the districts of poynton j.i. and i specially at risk un climate change experts estimate that sea levels could rise by a meter by the year 2100. the city has taken defensive action with a network of locks and candles and pots of measures have cost millions subsidised by development funds from germany. police never seem to me on the day of the cycle
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and it also started raining we're in the logs so the water could run down into the sea if we haven't done that the flooding would have been even worse here though. mayor. says the city is used to flooding but destructive storms like cyclonic a new phenomenon see mango is hoping for more funding from overseas to pay for the fence of measures last they have been in flooding once they've been in heavy wind as to what we have seen though definitely do feel in their scheme that something bad is happening and that's called climate change. in the meantime and worries about the future about his house and his family. if that were.
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possible even the war any other place so we're here. for a 3 way afraid. if he could afford it lean or says he would have moved a long time ago away from the water's edge. in mexico 40000 people are considered to be missing most of them are young men who are abducted and possibly killed long ago mexico's drug cartels are usually involved in these unresolved cases meanwhile mothers continue to look. for their lost sons. man amedee now finally found her missing son after he disappeared without a trace 5 years ago i had. only asked that i would be an all one day he was selling cell phone accessories as usual and he was just kidnapped at a gas station because my son was disappeared in the author already said look for him i started my own search local police were no help she says but there was no surprise ordinary police officers are suspected of frequent collaboration with the
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drug cartels. man i mean dina started to search with this simple tool that helps detect the scent of decaying corpses beneath the soil. and over time other mothers looking for them missing children and jointer. for many women here this has become their sole mission when. the women's findings on this day become the top story for mexican journalists now the stench of rotting corpses is overwhelming me time and again the mothers of the disappeared are confronted with a tormenting question could this body be my child. to look at me go to hell that feels like my heart wants to jump right out of my body. i'm shaking my ears are blocked oh yeah i think i'm glad and sad at the same time because i don't know if it's my son or her son not that not at all but in the end it doesn't matter
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we're looking for them because we love them. man i mean dina and her group have already found nearly 500 bodies according to local media many of the disappeared a believed to have had ties to the drug trade victims are often young men who had no prospects for legal employment minima dina and the other mothers found the remains of 15 people on a single day neighbors who had observed suspicious activity gave them crucial tips on where to. dick the search missions are provocation to the drug cartels releasing for the him who was caught they tell us we should stop looking yes it is proper otherwise the same thing will happen to us. it took 3 years for man amedee now to find her son at last she says he can rest in peace. in russia people with disabilities are often discriminated against but now
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a home there is promoting tolerance see muse and children with disabilities help one another. when you're making pancakes every step needs to be timed just right. that's what deana could you learned from her boarding home grandmother spent long a gram of the pair found each other 12 years ago when they started living together in a unique russian residential home. my this is my family and sometimes they get pretty cheeky. it's a special home they share a yana and her surrogate grandma live together with 30 other children and over $100.00 pensioners. they're all in one big housing complex where they spend their lives together.
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most pensioners live here because their relatives no longer want to care for them and most young people are here because their parents are no longer allowed to care for them many were alcoholics who lost custody. as a result many of their children were born with disabilities. with no other family to rely on young and old alike would be lonely if it weren't for this haven. you don't hear or read to you. you know if. my entire family died in 1993 in a car crash it was horrible. but i almost lost my mind. back then i didn't want to live anymore. i would have preferred to die with my family. this unique home where young and old lived side by side was founded 12 years ago. it's an start of
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a shove in russia's bosh court is done with public funds and it's one of a kind in the entire country. thanks to funding by the state donors and volunteers the facilities are in great condition. if you other russians with disabilities or special needs are as fortunate. human rights activist sub repeatedly reported cases of abusive caretakers corrupt directors insufficient fire safety measures and a lack of funding in other homes. i didn't see him save us still remains a huge barrier between people with and without disabilities in a society parents from the soviet generation do not want their children socializing with kids that have special needs. though of course with people of all ages residing here it's not always smooth sailing. living together and caring for each other can be challenging. still everyone here is very close they are
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eager to share their lives rather than just co-exist. or when i see children i forget all my problems. they just vanish. and all i see are the good things from mother. the day of the special residential home winds down with a small dance performance. life is good because here russia's most vulnerable are not left to fend for themselves.
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