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irreconcilable. rock n roll. storage june 17th w. this is d w news live from burbank protesters keep up the pressure in hong kong organizers estimate 2000000 people in the city streets calling for the resignation of hong kong's probation leader that's after she gave in to demands to shelve a controversial extradition bill also coming up police in germany arrest a man on suspicion of murdering a politician soon weeks ago the victim
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a member of chancellor on the americans 1st and democrats german media say the suspects may have ties to albright. i'm calm assman thanks for joining us nearly 2000000 people took to the streets of hong kong on sunday to demand the resignation of the city's probation leader kerry lamb she bowed to pressure and apologized to the public for handling of the proposed bill that would have allowed extraditions to mainland china or democracy demonstrators want that bill scraps completely they worry the bill is one of many steps to chip away at hong kong's freedoms and legal autonomy. after more than a week of massive protests the human tide showed no sign of abating it was kerry lem's 2nd back step in as many days she admitted that the law had led to conflict
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and distress but still hong kong's people don't feel lam went far enough. their mother i'm here to condemn the police violence against us it's unacceptable that the police define our demonstration last wednesday as a riot. lambe even justifies the police violence as righteous measures and that's why i'm here to urge her to step down the idea or they came out today to urge the government to release people arrested in mass clashes last wednesday actions speak louder than words we want concrete action from her but not a statement that the fon fon so i out they just jogging out the public anger still seeds following violent clashes on wednesday when police used tear gas rubber bullets and bean bag rounds to disperse tens of thousands of protesters thus i don't know if the police must apologize for using excessive force and the situation
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is still unacceptable and the stupidest withdrew and what she does is just muddle through half heartedly now it appears that nothing short of carry lem's resignation will make the people back down. and join me now in studio ban heart botches a senior chinese expert at the bettles money institute here in berlin i mean just looking at those pictures 1000000 people they estimate marched on sunday in hong kong can you put that number in perspective mean is that unprecedented essentially for these kind of protests as tokyo president 2000000 people in hong kong is more than a quarter of the population that what a population of hong kong i mean about $7000000.00 fully equipped and would be $20000000.00 in germany or $90000000.00 in the u.s. or $300000000.00 in the people's republic of china for that matter so it's huge. they once carry land to reside that was why they were out there what are the chances of that happening. i think politically kerry is pretty much done
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for the interesting thing is it will be hard for beijing to replace you can't really imagine kerry lamb going around opening in the gods and giving university commencement speeches after this huge you can see her traveling abroad she was due to come to germany in a couple of days and canceled the trip of course the tricky thing though is. if they choose a new leader for hong kong the whole issue of how this leader is chosen not by the people aging is going to come up again and that is what triggered the umbrella revolution in 2014 and they don't want this topic to cook up again so kerry may have to sit it out for. this bill it was controversial it's now been postponed indefinitely they say but you know those protesters aren't they're not celebrating about that right i mean they say the basic afraid that this
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could just come back at a later date they might bring this bill back what are the chances of that. i think that is going to happen the bigger story is that china wants to get control of the communist party is not very fond of the special rights at all. and off to every protest in the pot's beijing has come back with more repressions with pressuring protesters they've always tighten their fists and the question is how long can they keep tightening their fists before they break their own thing. speaking of beijing i mean they've been very quiet about this you haven't really heard much from china what's the view there i mean how do you think chinese leaders view these protests publicly they don't talk about it they sense it on the mainland but internally they must be fuming because basically the hong kong government carry at one job and that was to prevent the protests keep it politically stable and what happened the
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protests the political instability just. briefly i mean want is this signal now for hong kong's autonomy from mainland china how much is that a risk i think the hong kong people have or time for themselves because there's a lot of things going on in china the moment it looks like a very stable system but it's really cooking inside but the long term goal of the beijing government is definitely to bring hong kong under control and the systems tune 1000000 people out in the streets of hong kong bartsch with perspective on that from the institute here in berlin thank you very much thank you. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world sudan's former president omar al bashir has been charged with corruption related offenses after appearing in public for the 1st time since he was overthrown in april was taken to the public prosecutor's office in the capital khartoum the military removed him from power
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amid mass protests against is 30 year rule. a massive power outage has left argentina and uruguay and neighboring countries as well in the dark an outage affected tens of millions of people there in buenos aires that hobbled public transportation cut off water supplies to many people and crippled phone and internet communications power has now been restored at least 2 major cities. police in germany have arrested a man on suspicion of murdering a regional official from uncle americal c.d.u. r.t. german media reporting that the 45 year old suspect could have ties to the far right alter was found dead 2 weeks ago with a gunshot wound to the head in his garden at his home in central germany sunday's arrest followed a d.n.a. match a suspect appeared before an investigative judge in the western city of costal where
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luka was killed. we're going to get more on that story now and we're joined in the studio by the political editor. no look i want to know what more do we know about this suspect it seems like the police at least are not beliefs a whole lot of information about well let's separate what we know as a fact and what we know through media reports so far we know that this 45 year old was basically traced through d.n.a. that was found out of his clothes as he lay there in the garden essentially. we're not sure what it was direct but it certainly looks like one and this so to match because this 45 year old man has previous serious convictions that we know. now there are several leading davies in germany that of reporting a fall right link to this this man and that may be in the possible maybe in the present right now but if this was to be found out and if this actually was the motive because we know did stand out for migrants on top of the map also nonsense
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and migration policy we would actually have a watershed moment here and of the this would be a political of a politician so still quite a bit of speculation but the evidence is certainly mounting that this might be the case now the victim vulture look good had received death threats in the past what more do we know about him and what would have made him a potential target his particular 2015 when around a 1000000 migrants are right here in germany and america was pretty fast under a lot of political pressure for her open arms policy on migration he defended that policy and there's a particular instance where people who criticized that and who were against an institution where migrants were living he basically confronted them and said look this is christian values we stand for here if you don't agree with those you should leave the country this was cited also online and off that receives it quite
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a few death threats but this is a couple of years ago so. we're not quite sure whether this is indeed the motivation behind this are people in germany reacting to this killing with this death we don't know that it's a killing yet but i mean it's we know that police and officials don't believe it to be suicide therefore we're pretty certain it was a killing whether it was murder that's what we're still trying to find out and established and people were pretty shocked because he was pretty popular he was also popular across party lines he's not a prominent politician people here on the streets will only know him through those media reports of his killing essentially so people certainly in the region are particularly sots and if this was to widen out into a political killing or murder even that would be a shock to the entire country and certainly a story we'll keep following to w.'s chief political editor miguel acosta thanks very much people in want tamala are today voting for new presidents and parliament but after 2 top candidates were barred from running there
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is widespread distrust and many doubt that today's vote in the central american country would be fair. to ballot boxes a ready papers prepared but many caught him and unconvinced that today's election will bring any real change. unemployment violence and corruption top voters' list of concerns instead of sparking hope a chaotic campaign period appears to have done the opposite that what i guess something new every 4 years it's the same people and every 4 years they come for the same thing and the one thing we're not so i'm not really convinced by any candidate in being but i don't want them i think for guatemala and the truth is we need change and with these candidates who are leading the polls we won't have anything for bill change for guatemala and will stay the same or even get worse even if you add up your. the country's former attorney general found that alexander
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had been topping the polls before she was kicked off the ballot over allegations of fraud and lying she was well known for leading several anti corruption investigations in the country and her supporters saw her removal from the list as a move trippin by corrupt politicians since then former 1st lady sandra torres has emerged as a favorite with a strong support base in rural areas her main rival is right wing candidate alexandra who is seeking the presidency for a 4th time but it's likely neither of them will gain the majority needed to avoid a runoff round in august there's a sense of disillusion among voters and authorities are on alert amid concern that on election day that disillusion could turn to violence. for the. women's world cup now in the united states surged into the knockout stages with a 3 nil win over chile in paris of course destroyed thailand 13 to nothing in
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a record world cup score in their 1st match and although their victory over the south americans was more modest the americans are certainly looking like the team to beat already. alex morgan scored 5 goals against thailand but was rested on the bench against chile such as the strength in depth for the u.s. side. carli lloyd was restored to the starting line up and it took 11 minutes for her to score a record 6 gold in a 6 straight world cup game chile if what they did call lies midway through the 1st half collar guerrero was deemed to be offside and interfering in play despite not touching the ball. almost immediately the roofless u.s. team increased their lead thanks to a superb header from juliet's arguably the best headed goal of the tournament so far. lloyd then made it 3 nil 10 minutes before the hof time break.
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the late smith penalty robbed her of the chance for a glorious hat trick but the u.s. power into the last 16 with a game to spare i earlier on sunday sweden qualified for the last 16 after beating silent 5 to one of the course the ties were still reeling from that record 13 no lost of us in their opening game and while they were also quickly behind in this one against the swedes linda tending in that 1st goal just 6 minutes in thailand did threaten sporadically but it was soon to know sweet enough for goalkeeping they were there for savory a slot goal sweden added 2 more but plucky thailand did strike late and john us again that was before sweden scored one more talk about. a reminder now of the top story that we're following for you at this hour
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protesters in hong kong are calling for the city's leader to step down every lamb has shelved controversial plans to allow extradition from the city to mainland china but opponents say that it's not enough. news i'm from berlin up next our talk film. part becomes a weapon. that's wanted. to achieve have to get through the bundesliga break without a football thanks again. to the women's world cup and for. weeks the men's emotion. explains the 90 women. who goes over the results on t w news.


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