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tv   Reporter  Deutsche Welle  June 17, 2019 12:15am-12:30am CEST

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spain didn't look so bad against germany spain germany def need to up their game a little bit last question can germany take on the us all i think that will be a really good game if it does come down the road could be pretty tight i fun stuff pablo fully us thanks very much thanks for. you're watching the news live from berlin we have more news at the top the hour but up next for. violence against terror medals a mass with this one. still she'd have to get through the bundesliga break without a football thanks. again. get to the women's costs for some excitement. not some.
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9 to limit. the results on t.v. telling you. what secrets lie behind these me. find immersive experience and explore fascinating blood cultural heritage sites. d.w. world heritage 360 get the. whole lot of you being insulted spot on or sworn at is a daily occurrence it's just part of the jump from. marcus mina and to be as fun to work as paramedics. the un paid off.
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at the workers samaritan federation's paramedic station and often more and more of the with his are confronted with some of the experiences they being attacked on the job but vividly and physically. a just keep calm we were only trying to help them. it's 6 30 pm and to be as for this shift is about to begin he's a paramedic in training a 12 hour shift lies ahead of him and his trainer marcus miller for. they've got some pepper spray with them officially to fend off aggressive animals. for. today is saturday not a very popular shift. and i have long on weekends or off my cold out more nights.
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i do know some people like to party. and the more they drink the more they're likely to attack the 1st responders the 2 may get the ambulance where. the paramedics always working. hard. on whatever. the radio message says a woman is lying unconscious in front of a supermarket the paramedics rarely receive more info than does it's not like they have a choice anyway. it was just too easy cheap as a 1st let's go see. samus go wherever then he did. the patient is crouched down on the ground the man with
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a has clearly taken some drugs for him things aren't going fast enough to let me talk to a 1st we're going to go into the vehicle together they will have a bit more peace and quiet so we can talk to one another ok i was not all right ok go inside the paramedics have learned to deescalate situations withdrawing to the ambulance is a deliberate strategy. ok. ok. holders 1st we have to be able to talk with one another i'm here. you are for your friend is still close by but we don't have enough room to have everybody come inside. you go in 1st but i'm almost half of all the tax and instigated by the patients themselves. down here i'd like to take a look at the most. oh. the woman has had
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a slight mental breakdown and should be taken to hospital for observation but she wants to go home. after every outing all of the vehicle surfaces have to be thoroughly disinfected medications restocked and devices checked. but to be as full on those only too well that a routine case can quickly get out of hand a year and a half ago he was called to the train station to check on an unconscious man when the patient came to hear tech to b.s. . when a female calling to ask i want to our backpacks between the patients legs which sent him off reeling and he fell down. so then we could tie him down until the police arrived or. other medical it was during the attack to be as father came close to falling on the train tracks he only realised later how close he come
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to dying. 3 quarters that we hear later all of these images resurfaced and i was off work for 5 weeks for a while. and when i got out is that i couldn't sleep anymore and when i did these images kept coming back. at the time psychotherapeutic treatment and counseling helped him deal with his crisis his colleagues also supported him. marcus miller believes the turks are more common now because people's expectations have changed one in the water or they call emergency services and have to do what we need them to do but when things aren't done according to their wishes we don't do what they want and that can turn into violence or aggression pretty quickly.
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along with you on. the next. morning we're going to show plants approach from the light cars or where the police are in operation. usually emergency services and the police are informed at the same time today the police are already on the scene. we know that a police operation is underway and that they have tasered the delinquents. taser is an electro shock weapon used to incapacitate people its use hasn't been approved in germany but in off and back it's currently being tested in a pilot project. relax the operation is larger than expected 6 policeman to deal with one man on drugs i
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fell from the balcony 1st or 2nd floor 1st he has injuries probably from glass he jumped is he breathing heavily. is anything squirting out or running down but requires a q treatment. the man was throwing furniture out of the window when the police arrived he jumped out himself the paramedics suspect he's taken ecstasy ok. the find a part. and have come to provide additional support drugs at the moment he's still extremely aggressive the police have handcuffed him for he was so aggressive that the police officers had to use a taser to be able to overpower him. because we can't and aren't allowed to act like that with you he's being cuffed so the police have to be present all would most people that i was. driving. and i would later firefighters have them and strapped onto a stretcher i would say. and they were. good.
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by. the paramedics can't give them a sedative to calm him down because they don't know what drugs he's taken yes. or no you ok are you in paid. off he has had come back watch out. you have a look at. the patient won't stop spitting at the 1st responders so he's given a face mask young boy just keep calm and everything's ok we're only trying to help you everything's fine no one wants to do anything to you. know where you know if i come through here a lot want to get up. i want. they drive to the emergency room with a police escort. ok. you know without their
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lease escort marcus miller would be alone with his patients. oh yeah you know you are good. but it was funny at the hospital they're also getting ready to receive him because you have a lot of short hops it's at the back of your mind that it could happen again right about santa and you know it's a patient could have really flipped out at any time. and we simply couldn't have restrained him when he done i finished my business because. your mom if you have. the budget just get them can't. put it on the we'll have to figure. this out. before the bank time they reach the hospital a total of 21st responders have already dealt with this patient. colleagues from the paramedics station have also just completed their mission they were dealing with a man who'd attacked his wife for good if god is not me i'm not so angry about i had bought. the police were also involved.
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and intended they took the man with them right away because they were still 4 children at a time. everybody i know made name tax and i thought only that it was i that was not the 10 hours on duty it's time for a coffee break for lower to be done with me in his private life marcus miller practices martial arts. his colleagues jokingly asked why he didn't give the man a karate chop not a bit no he would have just got more aggressive it would have done any good to do so now imagine you have someone like that standing in front of you. i don't do anything just run. with resorting to violence is not an alternative with the bats not our job that's what the police are there more holistically and that's why my colleagues put up with
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quite a lot before they call the police or before they defend themselves or because our workers inhibition threshold is quite high when we go out of doctors there who has . first hand and. once again time is of the essence. an older woman is in danger of suffocating. they give her an infusion oxygen intake have blood pressure it's all routine for to be. here the relatives even want to help. because you. know you. don't be alarmed it goes back quite a bit. then i can place the entire weight on my shoulder ok you know no you don't
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carry anything i mean it nicely but you can help us. put to be as being able to help these people helps him get through a night like this. as i've been mentioned so it's just about helping people in whatever emergency situation they happen to find themselves simply helping them to get out of it sometimes people just need someone to listen to them and i'm incredibly thankful to be able to do that to be able to do this job. 7 o'clock in the morning and the end of the shift. they've been spat has sworn us and insulted get the. one to silence.
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to. look for. and it is opening its convenience and providing a 1000 space. in the. next w. c b s don't sneak up and. cut again. but how does the troops have. a pickup truck designed to look tough the ford ranger wrapped up is it as morning as it looks. driving him 60 minutes d w. e take it personally.
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with all the wonderful people and still make the game so special. for all true for . more than football on mine.


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