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10 connection and we're determined to get something for the next generation gloomily as the environment series of global 3000 on t.w. and online. business v.w. news live from berlin protesters out again in hong kong promising to continue the fight pressure building right now on the territories leader as demonstrators protest against a controversial extradition law also coming out. police here in germany arrest a man in connection with the murder of a pro migrant politician media reports suggest he could have legs to right wing
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extremists. all the action from the women's world cup the united states are on a path to dominate this tournament that thanks to a record 2nd setting performance by striker carli lloyd. bryan thomas thanks so much for joining us people in hong kong are gathering again to demand independent courts and to stop a new extradition law leading activist joshua wang has joined those protests after being released from prison demonstrators are staging another sit in at this hour outside government headquarters to pressure the territory's chief executive. to resign these protests come a day after one of the biggest rallies in hong kong's history was some 2000000.
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people out on the streets. we'll go live to hong kong in a moment 1st let's take a look at how events have unfolded so far oh. after more than a week of mess of protests the human tide showed no sign of abating it was carrie lem's 2nd back step in as many days she admitted that the law had led to conflict and distress but still hong kong people don't feel lam went far enough. runs out i'm here to condemn the police violence against us it's unacceptable that the police define our demonstration last wednesday as a riot. lambe even justifies the police violence as righteous measures that's why i'm here to urge her to step down. or they came out today to urge the government to release people arrested in mass clashes last wednesday actions speak louder than words we want concrete action from her but not a statement by the font i'm sorry out they just jogging and came up like anger
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still seeds following violent clashes on wednesday when police used tear gas rubber bullets and bean bag rounds to disperse tens of thousands of protesters. are you know if the police must apologize for using excessive force and the situation is still unacceptable unless the biggest withdraw and what she does is just muddle through half heartedly now it appears that nothing short of carry lem's resignation will make the people back down. at the very latest now from mathias ballinger he's in hong kong for us this morning good morning to you and the tears for total of protesters out again today very angry we saw in that report against excessive force what's happening right now or your. the area you see behind me is the petition area of the legislative council that's exactly the area the police say protesters have tried to enter which triggered the police reaction
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this is massive use of tear gas and rubber bullets to clear the space now the protesters are here the police is has retreated so this is a clear 1st victory for the protesters and we might be in for another long occupation of downtown hong kong ok another apparent victory for protesters authorities have released a prominent protest leader joshua wong who was an organizer of the 2014 umbrella protests we all remember those he says will be back at the head of the latest push for civil rights let's take a listen to what he said hold on people we will not keep silence under the suppression of president xi and the ship executive karoline kerry lamb must step down otherwise i believe in the next 3 weeks before the 22 and 1st 3. transfer of sovereignty and more common people not only one meeting at all to me
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then people who come and join our fight until the day we get back to what basic human rights and freedom ok joshua wang very clear there on his demands for freedom and human rights mathias what do you make of the timing of his release from prison . well of course it is lucky it comes in in lucky for the protesters and for joshua long he is admired by the opposition he is leader off of the young opposition in hong kong but this movement is different from 5 years ago there have been no clear leaders so far and also the other leaders of 2014 have not played a great role so his role is not vital to these protests the protesters are organizing themselves until now without any leaders ok this is a much bigger movement as you mentioned at this point and at this point now at the
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core of the latest protests are 3 things the demands for independent courts for an end to this new extradition law and for hong kong's leader kerry lamb to step down are the protests going to achieve all of these goals. that's hard to say i mean until now the government has only a half backbone on the extradition bill. they are still keeping the option open to bring it back some time although i cannot imagine under which circumstances this would be possible for kerry lao we keep hearing voices from the probe aging that he she is losing support from beijing that her handling of this crisis is. virginia's not satisfied with her handling of this crisis she has made many mistakes she has done everything basically you should not do if you want people to
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calm down so it is possible that beijing will drop her at some point or the probate will look for another solution on the other hand it would like look like giving in if she was stepping back down a bit beijing does not like to look like giving into somebodies pressure ok so a lot at stake and a lot still moving we don't know where this is all going to go right now it is in hong kong for us thanks very much for that well here in germany police arrested a man in connection with the killing of a regional politician known for his pro migrant views fall to live go was shot in the head a close range his home in the western city of castle german media have quoted unnamed sources saying the suspect could have ties to far right groups. it was a shot to the head it's very close range here in front of his house c.d.u. politician volatile was found by
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a family member on the morning of sunday june the 3rd the 65 year old's death shocked the community of both haagen is stuck to the call. it's a very difficult situation for the time and for me to he had his own views views that you could run up against that you could debate with him. during a local meeting in 2015 look because stood up for refugees telling those who disagreed that now for b.n. to have to stand up for these values whoever doesn't represent these values can leave this country at any point 000-000-0000. 000 d.n.c. members from the far rights were outraged even received death threats afterwards just days after the shooting people took to social media to make disturbing comments about his killing he don't have to be sad it's a reason to be happy you gets what you deserve he was
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a traitor of the people. german presidents friend fall to steinmeyer condemn the online hate against fountain of describing the comments a cynical tasteless revolting and defensive in every way from. the group of has a cause ok for more on the latest developments of the story we're joined in the studio by did abuse chief political correspondent linda crane good morning linda we have some unconfirmed reports at this hour about the suspect what do we know about him and how police tracked him down and we know that he's 45 years of age that he was arrested early on saturday and he was arrested because the police traced the d.n.a. evidence from the clothes of dr the victim that led them to the record of this suspect and the suspect does apparently have a long. criminal record including at least one severe violent act we're awaiting more information from the police we don't for example have
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a name yet the german media as you mentioned are reporting that he seems to have had the suspect to have had connections to the right wing extremists ok police are being very guarded in what they're saying the media is is going away and here in germany is a shaping up to be a political murders i would it's looking like unclear we don't have confirmation of that yet what we do know as i said is that media say that this particular suspect had connections to the right wing scene what we also know is that there had been death threats against dr luka after the incident that we saw there in the video he had basically stood up for the chances open migration policy in 2015 after that where there were a lot of death threats threats they die down but there was a certain resurgence late in the winter this year and certainly what can be said is that after he was shot there was a lot of very very violent speech online directed against him as the
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violent online speech will we're looking at aren't we a certain pattern of at least anger in relation to migration on law and in public and well let's say this german authorities say that there is a rising threat of right wing violence violence from the really far right of the political spectrum in germany particular flee people being radicalized online this is not the 1st attack against a local politician that would if this were in fact politically connected would have been in connection with right wing violent anger about migration and we saw the attack on a cologne politician she's now the mayor of cologne resign attack. in the local mayor in the town of all of them connected to right wing essentially hate that is being very much incited also online ok and we're waiting for these
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unconfirmed reports to just more information on them and we should have that in the days ahead hopefully london thanks very much let's preview on some of the other stories making the news at this hour the main contenders for america of istanbul have faced off in a televised debate in turkey a week before an election rerun. the opposition candidate a mom ogu won the vote back in march and like to her shock defeat on turkey's ruling party the electoral board later overturned the results citing regularities. scores of people that have staged a fathers they protest against the biggest child ration center in united states they want to see it closed down and the child migrants to be reunited with their families the homestead temporary shelter in florida and some 2500 children.
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mexico is planning to deploy 6000 national guard troops to its southern border with guatemala that in an attempt to limit the number of migrants passing through mexico to the united states the u.s. is threatening to impose trade tariffs over illegal immigration. while in guatemala vote counting is now underway after a 1st round of presidential elections early preliminary results suggest that the former 1st lady sandra taurus is in the lead she's been the clear front runner in opinion polls she suspects it's come out on top in the 1st round but she's likely to fall short of the majority needed to avoid a runoff election with a 2nd place rival in august. w.'s hungrier greatest has been following the vote in guatemala and sent us this watermelons will have to wait for the formal announcement of the 2 candidates who will face off in the 2nd round of the presidential election but one thing is already clear sound that doris won't have it easy she may have won the 1st round but she is deeply unpopular among those who
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didn't vote for her which is the vast majority of the population paving the way for her rival to become the next president no matter the outcome we see on august 11th and that 2nd round this process will always be remembered not only for several scandals and corruption allegations but especially for the voters disenchantment they decided to simply not show up in the polls the low voter turnout is. further symptom of water most fragile democracy. while on one side of the 2 the leading candidates were barred from taking part in sunday's ballot fuelling concerns that the elections may not have been fair many guatemalans are frustrated with the situation home and are considering leaving their country bar. the soil is fertile and the climate has mild. loves his homeland but he barely makes ends meet by working in the fields. my work is just enough to
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survive even if i work day and night. in a fire i want to be somebody i have a dream that's driving me. in his village there's only a primary school without a car the secondary school was inaccessible and mako needed to work the land good jobs are rare a problem tell to round quite a. over half of quite a mullins live in poverty marco is looking for ways to help out his relatives financially in the u.s. he believes he can make money fast always but i'm not going to wait around government to help me. i have to fight for myself. to get to the usa you have to invest 1st that after a few days or months you get your money back here on the other hand it's hard to invest in any business because of extortion. extortion
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poverty and the lack of jobs all the violence it's so widespread on the outskirts of the capital that police seldom head into the small alleys. about 10 people die every day and what a malo from violent crime to gang members agreed to tell us more on condition of anonymity. that is all you think about is money to get high you don't care if you rob a hardworking person or a poor man. you hold a knife to his throat and take everything away from him. he other man brags about his extortion skills in the north and if they don't want to pay they get a bullet i've said you don't want to pay ok no problem that i turn around and leave and the others attack. and i've done. as quote of mala holds its presidential elections many citizens aren't expecting change. the country is
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listed among the most corrupt in the world many people try to leave for the us bringing children with them can increase their chances for asylum mako ones to leave in 2 months no matter what even if he faces tougher border controls. can happen to me on the way yes but i am courageous and i will fight for my dream. this is the ws still to come on the show why has israel named a tiny settlement in the golan heights after us president all dropped. but 1st power has been restored to most of the people in south america affected by that massive blackout on sunday more than 40000000 people were left without power in argentina uruguay. argentina's president has called the power failure
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unprecedented officials are still examining what may have cost. a blackout in argentina. also affecting neighboring you're a boy and power boy it's the largest blackout ever recorded in the world 44000000 people left without electricity and blackouts everywhere this is been a cyrus. this is you know you have i was just in my way to eat with a friend but we had to cancel everything. there's no subway nothing is working the power outage brings a lot of difficulties. but that in turn is father's day i just talked to a neighbor and he told me his son's won't be able to meet him. when it went. so public transport ground to a halt no traffic lights. few fuel stations open
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and no refrigeration. so it's really weird because i'm 40 years old and for me it's the 1st time that such a giant power outage happened just. the argentinean power supply added or said it was a quote general failure to high voltage power lines connected to a hydroelectric dam collapsed at the same time. argentina is famous for its under-investment in its power infrastructure but an outage like this is unprecedented. it's to israel now where a settlement in the contested golan heights borders own has been named after u.s. president donald trump thrower prime minister benjamin netanyahu led that ceremony launching sites the aim strengthening ties between washington and israel you have your correspondent on a tremor visited the site in the north of the golan. this is the settlement of
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killer poor cream on the occupied golan heights a new neighborhood is planned here named in honor of u.s. president on the tram only a dozen presidents live in killer pull him there are many years ago from the former soviet union flood koskie is one of them there is a news by the recent interest in this home. we suddenly have lots of visitors coming here from all different parts of the country most recently was a couple from tel aviv and a family from jerusalem here it's because the settlement is going to be named after charm but they also are interested in the golan heights. billups of course the settlement in 1991 over the years more and more families moved away to less remote towns now it's almost abandoned the new neighborhood
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named after trump will be built next to the old settlement at the based on old plans that were never realized in april prime minister netanyahu announced that he would name a town in the occupied golan heights after u.s. president donald trump in honor of his decision to recognize israeli control over the territory trumps controversial decision most criticized by the international community which considers the golan heights to be occupied territory is where they captured this strategically important player told from syria 967 here israelis were thrilled by trump's decision they hope the new place will lead to new infrastructure and investment. there it is very exciting because no new settlements have been built on the garden heights for 30 years it's unbelievable a lot of young families with kids already waiting to come and live here. google can . that's also what's most important to long term resident flooding may be the 2nd.
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to be named after a trial. it's important that something changes here doesn't happen just by changing the name. you have to act and that's done by people and money and time today or time tomorrow so it doesn't really matter. what does the u.s. president agrees with the israeli government that this land should remain under control . and we have more about that in the region our web site you have your dot com that's the sports now on to the women's world cup in france there were 2 big winners in those games on sunday tom going to be from the sports is here to talk about that good morning tom let's start off with that game with the u.s. what a juggernaut 13 goals the last match against thailand was a repeat last night against chile i mean make was very close of course how they overwhelm thailand 13 goals it wasn't to be quite because chile are something of
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a stronger opponent in thailand maybe a bit harder if the usa not least by a pretty display from the goalkeeper and the usa were still similarly dominant is the reason why this such a powerhouse in the women's game and they really sent a message to other teams statement of intent that they hear now to win the trophy we can see how they go on against. alex morgan scold 5 goals against thailand but was rested on the bench against chile so she's the strength in depth for the u.s. side. colleen lloyd was restored to the starting line up and it took 11 minutes for her to school recalled 6 in a 6 straight cup game chile if they take will ice midway through the 1st half college guerrero was deemed to be offside and interfering in play despite not touching the ball. almost immediately the roofless u.s.
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team increased their lead thanks to a superb head if i'm julie. i'll give you the best headed goal of the tournament so far. lloyd then made it 3 male 10 minutes before the hof time break. the late penalty robbed her of the chance for a glorious how to take the u.s. power into the last 16 with a game to span. i was a real match there's another big game sweden taking on thailand how that play out that's right yeah well of course we mentioned thailand was completely demolished by the usa $130.00 in their 1st game and sweden also no easy opponent that ended up finishing $51.00 to sweden they were in front thanks to the same brunt of this storm and there were plenty more to come it was for one no actually quite soon afterwards is the 2nd. by the time that thailand actually mentioned did manage to
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get their 1st goal of the tunnel and. there is and we can see how elated their coach was once they find the money to put $1.00 pos we did so as i said finished $51.00 swede and that's partly taught and of course with a minus 17 goal difference so i think qualification is going to be fairly difficult very difficult for general plenty of teams you haven't managed to score a single goal with. these but one of the board what to look forward to tonight tom or germany are in action as we know germany of course already through in the tournament but they face south africa in their quest to make it a perfect record 3 wins out of 3 south africa it was really needing a victory fed to go through china in the same group 7 action against spain those 2 really kind of competing for 2nd place in group b. and the hosts france as well in group. action tonight it's kind of similar situation for germany because france of course 2 victories out their 1st 2 games so far so if they beat nigeria this evening that would be 3 after a non points out of 9 both of those potentially then going through as champions of
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their group and it's their 4th report nice for both those teams tom thanks very much for that time going for us. we have some golf now and gary woodland won his 1st major at the u.s. open stopping his fellow american brooks kept from making history after the same time woodland beat his compatriot by 3 shots finishing on 13 under par world number one capital was chasing a record 3rd straight u.s. open title but what led to actually wanted to be a professional basketball player ended his round strongly to lift that trophy at the pebble beach books. let's get your minder now over the top story we're following for you at this hour protesters in hong kong are gathering again to protest against a controversial extradition law demonstrators are at this hour staging another sit
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n. outside other government headquarters to pressure the territory's chief executive kerry lamb to resign. up next we have shift living in the digital age stay with you for that don't get can always get the latest news around the clock or website if you dot com i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks so much.
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going to them. moving to new jobs. going to come based on not a good idea. not to mention something. more and more artificial intelligence is playing a role in hiring procedures. a change for the better. well just plain frightening
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to morrow to do it in 60 minutes on d w. enter the conflict zone with tim sebastian faulks been challenging those in power asking tough questions demanding of sounds. as conflicts intensify i'll be meeting with keep players on the ground in the sun zones of. cutting through the rhetoric holding the powerful to account for the conflicts. conflict zones with jim sebastian on t.w. . keep trying to burn them look good tourist guide for nice booming capital i love berlin the scope of the multicultural metropolis in our duramax series to
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the bad times like charleston. i love even once she was a citizen let's go for the folks waste like me. magazine did the nation's 50 story and 53 personal tips on berlin's very busy. looking at the land every week on t.w. . the recent vote in india the world's biggest democracy was stopped the election in america it has been said that trump would never have become president without the help of facebook and in germany and the run up to the european parliament election on you tube i posted a video railing against the conservative c.d.u. party it dominated the final days of its complaint what effects to social media
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have on the market see you tube facebook and co threatening free society our topic on shift the day.


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