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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 17, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm CEST

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this is you know we news live from berlin a political assassination german investigators confirm that they're dealing with a politically motivated murder prosecutors say a suspect in the killing of an official from on the americans party has a far right extremist background it's alleged that he has shot this politician in the head at close range a suspect is now in police custody also coming up dozens of people are killed in
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a triple suicide bombing in northeastern nigeria authorities fear it might be the lead us to attack by militant group boko herat. and fasten your seat belts were in the bush a in france where the world's biggest play makers have flown in for the paris air show. they are thank you so much for joining us everyone well we begin our broadcast right here in germany with the latest on the suspected murder of a senior politician known for his vocal defense of refugees federal prosecutors now say they believe the man suspected of killing balta luka was motivated by right wing extremism a senior politician from chancellor angela merkel c.d.u. luko was found dead earlier this month. at his home in the central state of has on
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saturday police arrested a 45 year old man also suspicion of killing luka at all prosecutors gave an update on the investigation just a short while ago take a listen to what they said. begin of clint. dundas we're assuming that we're dealing with a right wing extremist background to this murder case the reason for our assumption is the detainees previous record as well as the political opinions he's expressed on various occasions that he took even a minor 1006 making we're also looking into the question of whether and to what extent others may have been involved in this murder case tied to indeed todd in boston. we can already say though that we've so far found no evidence suggesting that the perpetrator was involved in a right wing terrorist organization and it will give these men signed going to the prosecutor speaking there earlier today were with me now here on the set is patrick
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sense burge a member of parliament and who is with the same party as the murder victim a very warm welcome sir this case raises so many questions i'd like to start on a personal note did you know mr the i don't know him per person but i heard a lot of things about him and i work with them together in a lot of occasions but i don't know him very deep but of course your heard of him i mean he was quite out there in the media as well do you think this could have been prevented his murder i don't think it could be prevented you can't prevent all kinds of crimes but what we look more into details right now is network behind this person did he communicate was a persons he was a known person also in the inquiry committees for the and so in the end we have to find out if there are more persons of the kind of network behind him or collaborating with them. do you know if mr the the head police protection because he was a very outspoken critic a defender of refugees
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a supporter of chance the ugly american decision open door policy so-called open door policy to welcome refugees it made he had a lot of enemies if least protection he had in earlier times but not at the time so in the end he was not protected at that time so is it a failure. on the side of authorities to it's hard to tell because as a politician you are in the middle of the public if you have got clear positions you always have a people who are not convinced by your positions who have got different opinions and we see that a lot of right wing extremists had a far different opinion to his positions so he was in the media there was a confrontation in social media we had lots of photos and social media who were against him so i don't think you can protect everybody. but in the end we have to find out the structures behind this have to find out the structures
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how active is the far right movement to your knowledge here in germany it is active with 1st on the 1st low since social media that there is a lot of aggression a lot of posts against a person of the personality of a politician and what we have to find out is the next level reached other crimes against politicians again persons so after the end of candle we have to look very close and very chuffed to this crime because this is been going on for quite some time i mean you mentioned the end of a couple of times because when it comes to investigating right wing crimes the german investigative authorities have dropped the ball. i mean it's not me saying it it's the investigations have pointed to back how much confidence do you have that they will get to the bottom. of what happened to mr look and if there is a network behind his murder we already found out
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a lot of details about the person who is right now suspected to be the murder about his connection to the network combat 18 in earlier years about the crimes he has already done in earlier years so very soon we already found out a lot about this person but also able to operate he was still able to kill so somewhere the authorities have not done sufficient work but if the legal system will legal system he has got his judgments for the crimes in earlier years of years of 20 years or more ago in earlier time in 1993 was his 1st. trial in court so in the end of course we see that people are doing crimes year after year and we have to question each other is it just a single person or is it the network behind and we see just not just in germany we see it in a lot of european member states that right wing extremists are getting more violent
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right let's go to our next point what does this mean for the political landscape here in germany how concerned are you by this we are deeply concerned about the way communication goes it goes more into attacking people addressing people was was hardwoods was root posts in the social networks but is this now changing to a violent reaction of some people from the extreme right wing sector we are yet not sure if this point is reached that we have somebody just somebody else of course but is this just one. criminal act of a person or is there a structure that is always the difference i wonder i mean if it's a loss what's more dangerous if you've got a structure behind it if you've got a network. if you've got a criminal organisation behind it it's much more danger of course and then one
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person who is of course. a bad person who done done bad crime but in the end the question is is it much more dangerous if there's an organisation and that would be the case one needs to happen now i think what needs to happen is that the investigate the case deeply we have to find out much more about the ultra right wing organisations the structures and we have to talk about the culture of communication in our country i think that's a very important point how do we talk how do we speak which is about each other even if they have different points of view on the issues but there has to be not an aggression a way right and of course that's the biggest challenge in a democratic society where you have freedom of speech you you know it quickly becomes censorship if you sir patrick says burke thank you so very much for coming and talk to us about this very very important issue thank you. and we have some breaking news that coming in for you just right now egyptian state media are reporting that the country's former president mohamed morsy has died he reportedly
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fainted shortly after appearing in courts and died soon afterward morsi was a key figure in egypt's muslim brotherhood he was ousted in 2013 after mass protests and had been serving a 7 year prison sentence for falsifying campaign documents again breaking news coming in the former president egyptian president mohamed morsi has died well we'll bring you more details as they come in in our later bulletins for now we're going to go back we're going to turn our focus back to germany where the far right anti immigration a party suffered defeat in a me your old election in the city of gurlitz located in the east of the country well the party lost the vote after a concerted effort by other parties and outsiders including some hollywood filmmakers to prevent the a.f.d. from coming into power while the vote is seen as a possible indicator of how elections in other german states might go in september . it was
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a close call but in the end conservative octavian rules it was able to breathe a sigh of relief with the support of all other mainstream parties the candidate of chancellor angela merkel's christian democrats managed to prevent the election of the country's 1st a 50 mayor in the east in germantown a let's both the candidates of the green party and the left party dropped out of the race to throw their weight behind the c.d.u. men and against a d. candidate who won the 1st round of the election last month. the majority has chosen an open society that is very clear but i have also said it is an important task for me to listen to those who didn't vote for me. the far right parties candidates a bastion of it is trying hard not to look disappointed at the contest was seen as a key test for germany safety who were hoping to win their 1st mayoral post in germany. it was not enough in the end it was not a vote for mr it was a very it against the candidate against me. the head of the vote even hollywood
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actors and producers said would you against voting for the f.t. fearing that if the mood in the future is one of hating xenophobia filmmakers might stop coming to the picture s. town locally known as girly wood for the many films that didn't center before it as i am really happy with today's results and i think it's also a signal to the outside world that girl is really is the european city we call ourselves is famous not very many things i don't like about the a f t but right now it's the party that understands the people and that concerns them and. the outcome of sunday's municipal election was being closely watched with state elections in september expected to serve as a further barometer of the political atmosphere in the former east. i want to sign now about some of the other stories making news around the world. iran has warned the world powers it will exceed the limit of uranium stockpiles agreed in the 2015 nuclear deal within the next 10 days or tehran also said it couldn't reach the
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uranium levels beyond prohibited levels of the deal has been facing collapse since the united states we drew one year ago unilaterally and reimposed economic sanctions. before saying don't shoot back is planning an overhaul to shift away from risky investment banking it will create a so-called bad bank to hold poorly performing assets valued at up to 50000000000 euros and may also shrink or shut down its u.s. equity and trading business. next to west africa where at least 30 people have been killed in a triple suicide bombing in nigeria no one has claimed responsibility for the attack but authorities say it bears the hallmarks of islamist militant group boko haram or the suicide bombings that happened in can do got a small village in northeast nigeria the region has seen a spike in terrorist activity over the last year as nigeria struggles to defeat the
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jihad is another 40 people were injured in the attack and the bombers targeted a village hall packed with fans watching a football match. and we can take you now to lagos nigeria to our correspondent funny for shah who is there for you a funny tell us more about what exactly happened today. but people are actually looking forward to a very nice evening last night to watch a soccer match just outside of my door gori the capital city of borno state which is the stronghold of the militant jihadist group boko haram and while they were watching the soccer game people outside 3 of them were preparing to detonate those bombs one of them actually was trying to get inside that hole that could be prevented otherwise had that not been prevented probably because you'll team number the number of casualties would. been much higher at this point the bottom line after these triple suicide attack has been carried out last night is people have been killed and many more at least 40 according to state authorities have been
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injured in a coordinated attack what is believed to be attributes to a book or on due to the foot print because normally that faction the particular faction of boko haram is a talk of the targeting civilians or other soft targets like mosques or oh yeah just people watching basically are still commands right so basically soft targets there this was a combined combined a coordinated attacks that we saw unfold today in nigeria what more does that tell us already. it causes a lot basically 1st of all when it comes to the state's authorities that they're very much overwhelmed by the situation we may all remember a the 4 years ago when the president took office for the 1st time he said that technically vote is defeated now that wording from technically a defeated change to try to contain instead of controlling trying to contain book or on that did not happen over the years one decade now is terrorizing much of the
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north east of nigeria but the situation is much more complex than that because it's not only because there's also a group that's split away from that is much focused on the military base of much focused on the soldiers that are trying to actually contain this violence and on top of that this country is struggling that so many other complex issues when it comes to the insecurity when it comes to bend the tree when it comes to ask and religious violence so this attack that happened last night basically tells you that the jihadist groups are very much active and even so gaining more ground in the already very much troubled part of the country the northeast of nigeria and having said all that funny what kind of influence is boko haram specifically still have in northeastern nigeria. i was in my degree in the capital of borno state just one month ago where i met a mother who was fleeing the 3 children from
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a koran and she said that just one week ago when we were there a attack a suicide attack of a child was foiled that tells you something about the schools of this entire situation is not just adults that are in into. basically really working for a book or a because they do get a salary or they do get through it but it's also children while forced to to become part of this entire. goal of forming a islamic state not just here in nigeria but in a huge part of sub-saharan africa that influence is pretty much there which has to do with the desperation of many people in nigeria and other parts of subset africa especially the neighboring countries come over when you share a child a struggling struggling to contain the jihad is from gaining more ground and if a sharp reporting from lagos nigeria thank you. next we have to france the paris air show has started today in the gray it's the largest showcase of
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aviation and the aerospace industries a mite in the world where $2500.00 companies exhibiting and more than 300000 visitors expected to attend but were trade wars weighing on business and safety concerns around jet maker boeing it's taking place under a bit of a cloud. the smell of jet fuel is once again in the air around live bouygues is the aerospace industries biggest event both military and commercial fly is forever as the ideal setting to talk about its next project a smaller long haul aircraft built with fuel efficiency in mind the idea of making the most distant flights profitable capacities we can fly from northeastern. asia interest selfish sapporo delhi for example we can fly from the middle east down to bali we can fly from japan deep into australia across the
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atlantic deep from europe into deep into north america and vice versa a frontal attack on boeing which is also developing a plane in the same sector airbus as arch rival is in desperate need of a win its money making 737 max remains grounded worldwide after 2 fatal crashes once focused on production of the highly sought after model boeing is now battling for its reputation. we're committed to learning from this teams working 24 hours 7 days a week to ensure that we're meeting the needs and priorities of our regulators and our customers around the globe friends germany and spain use the air show to launch their next generation fighter jet project an air combat system that incorporates drones and satellites never has so much political uncertainty surrounded the showcase. britain's looming departure from the you could throw a spanner into the works of europe's tightly integrated aerospace industry another
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threat could come from the u.s. recently threatened tariffs on airbus would in the words of the company's chief be a disaster for everyone. and what i'm all of all counting is underway after a 1st round of presidential elections early preliminary results suggest former 1st lady sandra torres is in the lead alter as had been the clear front runner in opinion polls and is expected to come out on top in the 1st round but she's likely to fall short of the majority needed to avoid a runoff election with a 2nd place rival in august and yet i get us has been tracking the votes in guatemala and he sent us this update watermelons will have to wait for the formal announcement of the 2 candidates who will face off in the 2nd round of the presidential election but one thing is already clear sound authorities won't have it easy she may have won the 1st round but she is deeply unpopular among those who
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didn't vote for her which is the vast majority of the population paving the way for her rival to become the next president no matter the outcome we see on august 11th and that 2nd round this process will always be remembered not only for several scandals and corruption allegations but especially for the voters disenchantment they decided to simply not show up in the polls the low voter turnout is a further symptom of what a most fragile democracy. i guess reporting there will 2 of the leading candidates were barred from taking part in sunday's ballot fuelling concerns that the elections may not be fair many guatemala's are frustrated with the situation at home and are considering leaving their country behind the soil is fertile and the climate is mild mako gonzales loves his homeland but he barely makes ends meet by working in the fields. will see my work is just enough to survive even if i work day and night. in a fire i want to be somebody as if i have
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a dream that's driving me and then swinging. in his village there's only a primary school without a car the secondary school was inaccessible and mako needed to work the land good jobs are rare a problem felt around quite a. over half of quite a mullins live in poverty marco is looking for ways to help out his relatives financially in the u.s. he believes he can make money fast always but i am not going to wait around on a government to help me. i have to fight for myself. to get to the usa you have to invest 1st. but after a few days or months you get your money back over here on the other hand it's hard to invest in any business because of extortion. explosiveness extortion
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poverty and the lack of jobs all the violence it's so widespread on the outskirts of the capital that police seldom head into the small alleys about 10 people die every day in what a mall or from violent crime to gang members agreed to tell us more on condition of anonymity. or you think about is money to get high you don't care if you rob a hardworking person or a poor man. you hold a knife to his throat and take everything away from him. the other man brags about his extortion skills and no ability if they don't want to pay they get a bullet i've said you don't want to pay ok no problem that i turn around and leave and the others attack. and i don't. ask what amala holds its presidential elections many citizens aren't expecting change. the country is listed among the most corrupt in the world many people try to leave for the us
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bringing children with them can increase their chances for asylum. mako wants to leave in 2 months no matter what even if you think tougher border controls. can happen to me on the way yes but i am courageous and i will fight for my dream. surfing the internet is not easy in cuba the communist island in the caribbean was one of the last countries in the world to allow its citizens to go online and it's still lagging behind much of the world when it comes to internet access well less than one percent of cubans have broadband internet at home so when 3 g. mobile internet was introduced 6 months ago it was greeted with joy but that joy has now given way to frustration at the slow and costly service and cubits have now started
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a campaign in protests and digital reporter cro-magnon is here to tell us more about it good to see you call tell us more about these protests what's going on so right now i mean mobile internet in cuba it's not cheap so for 4 gigabytes of data and i mean that doesn't really get you that far that cost about $25.00 euros to put in perspective bets what the average cuban earns her month i mean so this is expensive for cubans so they're staging a protest on twitter and they're calling on the government to really just lower the cost of mobile internet and this is what some of those cubans are saying online one cuban here writes you know my mother has never connected to the internet she has remote idea that something called twitter something called facebook something called google exists but that's just from newspapers and television the socialist prices from cuba are prohibitive another cuban here he did his research late on these prices he claims the internet in the himalayas is cheaper than in cuba he says this nepalese company here charges around $9.00 for 16 gigabytes so around
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$0.57 per gigabyte he computes that's 13 times more expensive in cuba and in the himalayas cuba's government run internet agency it's called it texas they've been responding on twitter they're saying look to build a new cell network in the country especially given the u.s. economic embargo of the country it's expensive it takes time that's what they're saying it is important to note that you know in cuba these sorts of protests have been very rare i mean you can risk jail time you can risk arrest for criticizing the government in cuba. so it's interesting to see now with this mobile internet cubans kind of have a new public square it's little bit safer and a lot easier to voice their disapproval how are they getting around or can they get around these high costs a lot of cubans say you know we have to save up money for this maybe sacrifice here and there other cubans have families a broad they send money they're happy to cover that they want to talk to their friends and family in cuba we actually spoke earlier today with one of the protesters in cuba we won't use his real name or his voice for safety reasons but
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he told us look despite the high costs this new bobo internet is opening a lot of doors the internet is a powerful tool i can know what's happening when it's happening that's new for me and every cuban before the internet that was impossible now we have access to international and independent cuban media it's good to know what's going on out there and what the state is hiding from us which is a lot. he also told us he's pretty convinced of the cuban government is actually monitoring this new network as well about well how is mobile internet changing life in cuba cubans they're really jumping at the chance to use internet on their phones for the 1st time because there's just so many daily challenges there they're being kind of creative using the internet to navigate that and this is just one example here of what humans have started doing this is a new whatsapp group and it's called don't be shy or where can you find something and users you can see here sharing pictures of long food lines they're passing
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along tips for where you can buy food or other items that are hard to come by on the island so just one example of how cubans are using this new global internet the biggest problem the labor it's expensive very expensive but let's see how they get around it thank you so very much karl greatly appreciate it and thank you for spending this part of your day with us to give me a news asia would be is up next and i'll see you again at the top of the hour.
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metropolis in our duramax series the ballad but it's not like. i love the show it was a 6 and looks like swiss like me inside says the 5050 story. and it's a very personal tips on berlin's very best so for. now . everyone on t.w. . this is due to other news coming up in the program demand for resignation. on kong's leader and protesters want her to step down over hot handling of a proposed extradition law speak to pro-democracy leader joshua wong one of the voices calling for her to resign. coming up a holiday in the d.m.z.
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north and south korea has many tries border is don't want to civilians with so-called peace tourism 10 times between members.


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