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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 17, 2019 6:30pm-6:45pm CEST

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looks like a swiss like me like. 5050 story. and it seems very personal tips on berlin's very best features. really t.w. . this is did after news asia coming up in the program demand for the resignation. is hong kong's leader and protesters want her to step down over her handling of a proposed extradition law we speak to pro-democracy leader joshua wong one of the voices calling for her to resign. coming up on holiday in the d.m.z. north and south korea has many tries border is now open to civilians with so-called peace tourism helped many times between members. and indian cricket fans
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celebrate after the national team defeats pakistan at the company we'll have highlights from one of the biggest rivalries in international school. i'm going to welcome to dublin news asia it's good to have you with us now these could be the largest ever antigovernment protests in the history of hong kong organizers claim nearly 2000000 people were on the streets of the autonomous chinese city on sunday their aim withdrawal of a controversial legislation that could see hong kong residents extradited to trying . but there was a very vocal addition to their demands on sunday the resignation of the chief executive of hong kong. she represents beijing and in effect chinese president xi jinping. now protesters want to go on to adding
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a voice to calls for just vision resignation i'm sorry is. the most recognizable face of the pro-democracy movement in hong kong he was released from prison only today after serving a reduced sentence for his role in the umbrella of 24. you know because one t.v. kong is in the city she caught up with joshua wong for his take on these protests. and the question are you confident that the people power of hong kong can finally defeat. this move no hope to a. people i believe when more people. of the citizen. join despite. the government. while waiting for a miracle and turning something impossible to be possible. how how do you find it what you think as an activist and a protester what should they do in the next to put an extension to the pressure of
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action demonstration randi is the way out we continue to put pressure on that disappear. and do well when you're in the place and i know you watched the usa to know. what is your feeling how do you mean shadows when i watch the prison i recognize how international community is. really impressed and show that. people let the world to know that we would not keep silence under the hotline rule of president xi jinping. she actually apologized to the public last night and do you think this is enough and what do you like if she doesn't step down what would you do different caroline. because damage has stunned by how she and dulce police hold
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a gun should tourists activists. now is the time for caroline step down bear the political responsibility draw and a plan to prosecute an activist leader. and that's what we asked for and do you feel we craft that you actually need to have to make us value home. not only regret on missing 2 significant demonstration. something shows and just. burden that i need to face but overcome it. joshua longer interviewed by the double correspondent phoebe kong now he along with other protest as adults are demanding that hong kong need a caddy lamb step down she heads a government that protests to see as probe aging since demonstrations began on hong kong streets the government has gone from unrelenting to combative to concessionary
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and finally to apologetic yet out of the selection of how has changed the tone in the space of 7 days. there is fear in the 2 matters to be gained to delay the bill it would just cause more inside and this is news in society i'm have not received any instruction all mending from banking. the. any filings will not be tolerated file and foresman authorities. say he is high wall paintings up wait. take comfort them believed them. take them all on high and low hanging on the. carcass. i also repeated internal deliberations over the last 2 days i now announce that the
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government has decided to suspend the legislative amendment exercise that i have to i meet that explanation and communication work has not been sufficient or effective we will adopt the most sincere and humble attitude to just sap criticisms and make him. a promise to make improvements but is it too little too late didn't have the home fleet so from hong kong has been monitoring protests for the past week on sort of calm how does one interpret what has said it's been quite a turnaround within a space of 7 days yes it is but kerry of them just had to soften her tone because of her persistence to push through the lol there had been 3 different protests and . on the 1st protests 1000000 people came out and that she didn't apologize and then there was fallen clash on the 2nd protest and then she still didn't apologize and that's why it led to the big protests yesterday so she just has to soften her
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tone now some people are asking the question whether this is just buying time a lot of demonstrators say that beijing is just buying time that it will push through it because the bill has just been suspended and not it has not been withdrawn. some government officials also say that the bill is literally dead because any amendments or close new constitution works will have to be done before july of next year before the term of the legislative council ends so. that's why some government sources say that the bill is literally to it if the bill is literally dead what does that mean for the numbers to know is that the no also effectively over well beijing has actually announced official support for her and some senior government officials also said that even if kerry alam wants to step down beijing will not let her step down i guess for beijing it's just too much and risk if there were such change in leadership right now it will cost even more
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instability to hong kong and i think this is what beijing wants to avoid right now however this is considered to be a defeat for kerry lamb so some people some experts say that it is fairly unlikely that she will be able to serve a 2nd term is an issue is not all of this on the fed i'm trying to thank you very much for coming in to the studio and breaking that down for us. that's one of the most heavily militarized borders in the world but now it's opened to tourism following deescalation measures between north and south korea the demilitarized zone or d.m. said that separates both countries has been opened for hiking but as the democrats on and bobby on credible reports there is still a long bridge to cross when it comes to peace between the 2 countries. the demilitarized zone is not only a heavily mined strip of land separating north and south korea it's also become
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a unique natural environment regenerated without the interference of mankind now hikers can enjoy the area which until recently was off limits labeled as peace tourism the south korean government has opened up trails into the border area. my husband applied for access and we're dubious about just being selected after we found out we can picked i couldn't sleep because i was so excited had to tell him this we're not here for tourism but to experience the reality of separation and i'm very moved by it to. tell them the society the opening up of the d.m.z. is in line with the recent peace declaration signed by south korean president jane in north korean leader kim jong un in during their 1st meeting last april but with the u.s. north korea denuclearization talks crumbling into korean relations have also been stagnating some experts argue that south korea's engagement policy towards the north might not be sustainable i mean essentially north korea and using engagement
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also sort of a tool to make sure that south korea space on their side rather than on the american side. are left as an informant and maybe a creation of us relations i think it may be difficult to see any problem corresponding improvement in relations whether pyongyang will indeed have a breakthrough with washington in denuclearization talks is still in doubt north korea doesn't want to give up their nuclear weapons horsehair overnight obviously because 1st of all the best of our resources and time in building a 2nd is that there's a reason why they developed in the crap you've overlooked in the 1st place they want to have been capability to make sure that they are able to are to a security guarantee for the regime for almost 70 years the demilitarized zone has been separating the 2 koreas with 3 new hiking trails in the d.m. . the south korean government is now gradually opening up the previously forbidden area to its people still this highly symbolic move cannot obscure from the fact
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that into korean relations are right now at a stalemate no matter how hot south koreans are hoping for peace it's part of a complex geopolitical conflict they cannot solve alone. blood brothers separated by all men bought now to a story about blood brothers separated by a cricket pitch it was one of the most eagerly awaited contests of the cricket world cup in england the matter between india and pakistan 2 bitter rivals on and off the pitch an estimated 1000000000 people you're going to watch one of the biggest battles in sport with india coming away with an 89 run victory. 7 world cup wins in a row over their greatest rivals no wonder these indian fans were celebrating. the party continued long into the night across the country. bragging rights from
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a contest that for many is more than just about cricket. i enjoyed it when pakistan's captain got bowled my grandmother is a big cricket fan when he was dismissed she threw all have popcorn in the air. earlier in grey and over cost manchester a sellout crowd saw india show why they're one of the teams to beat at this tournament they were put into patch and quickly racked up the runs i. hope any batsman record sharma led the way with 140 a 2nd century of the tournament. pakistan were left needing a tricky 337 to win and they soon crumbles i the rain ending any slim chance they might have hatched pakistan now have an uphill battle to reach the tournament semifinals india look like possible champions.
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that's an obvious show to check out the other stories on did of a dot com for was last on facebook and twitter. believe it now with the pictures from street protests of hong kong which fell to their due to win on sunday this week's time of but. it's time to take stock. and face. time there are just such the not. and find for the truth. to over come down trees and connections. it's time for. coming up ahead. minds.
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and on demand. cast language courses. video and audio. any time. w. media sector. is there now another trade war looming off of the us stripped india preferred trade status delhi now retaliates increasing tariffs on $28.00 u.s. products getting us our culture. creates a so-called bad bank a dumping ground for bad business in the hope it could usher in better times. also on the show vietnam's 1st homegrown cars hit the streets the bankruptcy of auto
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maker of been focused. this is business. as well india has increased tariffs on a range of products from the u.s. it's a retaliation for washington says. in to drop preferential trade treatment for new delhi the extra tears on $28.00 products will affect $1500000000.00 worth of goods one of the products is elements tariffs on those are going up by around 20 percent or $0.10 a kilogram india is the 2nd biggest market for california almonds apples are also on the list will now have an import tariff of 70 percent again india is the 2nd biggest biggest market for american apples the trade tensions come at a time when the u.s. have been hoping to boost relations with india.


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