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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  June 17, 2019 7:15pm-7:30pm CEST

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birth. home is of species. a home worth saving. given those are big changes and most start with small steps. dio's tells stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. that could turn the climate drainage system shuts and reforestation. community
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interactive content teaching the next generation of the fundamental potential. using the channels available to inspire people to take action and we're determined to build something new for the next generation globally as the environment series of global 3000 on d w and online. an epidemic of violence is sweeping through nigeria's food producing regions pushing up food prices across the country criminal gangs through promise of the fields raids villages still the council of burnt homes the average nigerian families are paying the price. of the head of china's believe its tech giant huawei says the company is reeling from u.s. imposed sanctions and slashes income for costs for the year. also on the show
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fasten your seatbelts we go to libya france where the world's biggest plane makers have flown in for the paris. this is business africa. consumer price inflation in nigeria was 11.4 percent in may that's according to the national bureau of statistics but the high consumer prices hits families even harder in security of the country's food producing regions as disrupted farming and cost food shortages. have been raiding remote villages stealing cattle and shooting farmers of random leaving dozens dead last week alone as a result the food sup index rose nearly 14 percent during the year in may and more and more nigerians have to find new ways of putting food on the table. a busy afternoon at one of the biggest food markets in legal people rushing to buy what ever they can afford and that has been decreasing over the past few more.
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must find her and prefab home into open markets like this supermarket just yet is cheap but recent price hikes have cost everything i fand like on young to become more expensive most people now have to find new ways of managing their livelihood where it's of not be easy sometimes you go to the market you see things that you want to buy you really like to buy and appraises make you go for the ones that just money. things are not in pots and pots and put the name of your handbag at the important things places so when in surviving you do spend you know. who does it we are meeting with economic experts just seem true. he says that much of the reason for the price hike is that this is the planting season . for many from just surveys knows something lost in story not enough to say oh yes
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it's on the phone much also have to deal with insecurity of the past couple of years we've been witnessing it is ideas in the nazis not some level of pessimism about getting lost into an apartment without also streets spread to the north west where we're seeing people not. farm said to me on religion that this concept would production this within look out from us so far the government's efforts failed to solve major as a security problem as a result nigerians would have to manage to feed themselves we need to take resources. where now joined by johnston who they see all from carriers imagines management in lagos that we saw in the report johnson thank you for joining us you mentioned the security situation for
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farmers in nigeria in that report how bad is it. if not you know with. anybody. and if they are now doing night. do you think. they're. so it is a little of your credit you know i do remember that are we having serious audio problems there jones i apologize for that we're trying to reestablish that line and so we can come back to you a bit later in the show we just couldn't understand it for technical reasons meanwhile. the father of who our way as compared the company to a badly damaged airplane while announcing plans to slash production ranching say expects well ways global smartphone sales to be down 40 percent this year as a result of u.s. attempts to isolate the company internationally but he insists while way will
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recover. well way is waking up to the damage of its blacklisting by the white house during a panel discussion of the company's shenzhen headquarters wrenching fail laid out the impact in numbers. sean will actually be in the next 2 years i think we will reduce our capability as our revenues will be about $30000000000.00 lower than predicted so ourselves forecast is $100000000000.00 in revenue this year and next year but in 2020 we may regained our growth momentum to contribute more to human society washington shouldn't be. in february u.s. companies began having to seek government permission to sell components to walk away in a move designed to harm the chinese companies ability to operate abroad and it's worked better than what ways boss had expected. one little wintry shit at the time we didn't think the matter would disrupt our business we didn't anticipate it was going to be as severe as it has become but we did some preparation is like
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a badly damaged airplane we protected only the core elements like the fuel tanks we didn't protect our other parts shoot all if you try to break $95.00 and there could be more structural damage ahead for a while way as the u.s. continues to urge its allies not to involve the chinese company in their 5 g. networks who are always strongly denies the white house's claims that its systems could provide a back door through which beijing could spy on or even cripple the west and despite u.s. efforts ranging faith insists weiwei can repair its broken wings and fly again. china has abandoned an attempt at the world trade organization to get anti dumping levies on is exports dropped the un u.s. charge extra on some imported goods from china claiming that state subsidies make them unfairly cheap beijing or over denies its influence in prices and says its
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should be considered a market economy china successfully argued that at the dock at the w t o t as a dumping levinson would have been dropped but an official involved in the case says the chinese have pulled out before the decision against them became official. has been a milestone for the vietnamese car industry today the 1st customers of local manufacture of in fast get behind the wheel of of the country's 1st grown cause then fast hoping to become the 1st only with no means car maker to challenge international motoring heavyweights. lined up and ready to roll the vin fast the deal is the world's youngest hatchback as the 1st rolled off the production line on friday that was excited anticipation about monday's deliveries to customers. the 1st of our cars have been gathered in 32 official branches even fast across the
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country in order to handover to customers on the 17th of june right now. and that moment has come for $17000.00 for deal is on the road then fast 6 factories all built in less than 2 years are expected to make a quarter of a 1000000 vehicles during the 1st production phase rising to half a 1000000 a year by 2025. but entry into the market isn't without has it been fast analysts have warned that quality conscious vietnamese drivers we wary about trying a local brand they tend to prefer foreign products for high value items nevertheless vietnam's prime minister is confident the brand can put its own stamp on the global automotive industry. each car reflects the philosophy of its manufacturers country your ability of japanese cars the reliability of the germans the sophistication of the americans the skill of the koreans in france needs to
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create the enemy's identity on its cars ok. there's still a bit of a wait until we see the vin fast v adorning cars on roads outside of vietnam the 1st exports are expected in mid 2020. the kingdom of s. fortini also known. as curbing the import of pigs after an outbreak of african swine fever in neighboring south africa as with him is banning livestock imports where the disease has been detected africans one fever does not affect humans but the disease is highly contagious and fatal for pigs there is no vaccine against it last month south africa's i recall from ministry said the outbreak of the disease has spread to 4 provinces in the country. the paris air show has started today and it's the largest showcase of over. of the aerospace industries might in the world $2500.00 companies are exhibiting there and more than $300000.00 visitors are expected this year but with trade wars weighing on business
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and safety concerns around jet make a boeing sentiment is rather muted. the smell of jet fuel is once again in the air around love bushay is the aerospace industries biggest event both the military and commercial flyers after airbus the ideal setting to talk about its next project a smaller long haul aircraft built with fuel efficiency in mind the idea making the most distant flights profitable at lower capacities we can fly from north eastern asia into south asia sapporo delhi for example we can fly from the middle east down to bali we can fly from japan deep interest really across the atlantic deep from europe into deep into north america and vice versa and a frontal attack on boeing which is also developing a plane in the same sector airbus as archrival is in desperate need of
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a win it's money making 737 max remains grounded worldwide after 2 fatal crashes once focused on production of the highly sought after model boeing is now battling for its reputation. we're committed to learning from this teams working 24 hours 7 days a week to ensure that we're meeting the needs and priorities of our regulators and our customers around the globe. france germany and spain use the airshow to launch their next generation fighter jet project an air combat system that incorporates drones and satellites never has so much political uncertainty surrounded the showcase. britain's looming departure from the e.u. could throw a spanner into the works of europe's tightly integrated aerospace industry another threat could come from the us recently threatened tariffs on airbus would in the words of the company's chief be a disaster for everyone. the french israeli billionaire.
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media group all agreed to by the world famous auction was. offered $57.00 a share making the deal worth $3700000000.00 it will return to private hands after 31 years as a public company traded on the new york market. will allow it to celebrate its growth in quote a more flexible private environment. and that's it for me africa. thank you very much for words.
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it's your dream go international talk show it's been a tumultuous week in german politics and europe resolve bitter divisions over migration to the government it is said step into the abyss could friendly fire from president trump defeat one of the strongest military alliances in history pointed at my guests have to say on point 3. more to go on d w.
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in a puzzle yourself it's not easy to go to another country you know nothing about why for i don't do this because we can't stay on venezuela i'm not disappointed that. carsley global news that matters d.w. made for mines. this is news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes forcing people to migrate costing economic growth and excessive basing conflicts there are warnings today about the race at which 1st how landis turning to dust all over the world a phenomenon known as the desertification well look at the solutions being implemented in africa.


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