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respect. this is. from egypt's 1st democratically elected president is today inside the courtroom mohamed morsi collapsed during his trial on espionage charges with his leader to the hospital he was ousted by the military in a coup by the current egyptian president back in 2013 that massive protests against his will also coming up tonight german investigators establishing a far right motive in the murder of a local politician investigators say
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a suspect in the killing of an official from the german chancellor angela merkel's party as an extremist background it's alleged he shot this official in the head at close range before his arrest this past weekend. and at the women's world cup germany have easily down to south africa to wind their group and set up an easier looking opponent in the last 16. it's good to have you with us we begin tonight with news out of egypt former president mohamed morsi died today at the age of 60 morsi reportedly collapsed during a court session in cairo and was rushed to the hospital. passed away he was
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a key figure in egypt's muslim brotherhood and he was the 1st democratically elected president in egypt's modern history morsy to have been imprisoned since 2013 after the military ousted him his ousting forward as you may remember you see the images fall of protests massive protests against his route. i'm joined here in the big table now by the w.'s very own. he was from egypt and has been covering this story for so let's talk a little bit about what happened in the courtroom today so morsy was facing charges in court today espionage charges for links that he has with the islamist palestinian group hamas so he was speaking for a few minutes when he collapsed and taken to an unnamed hospital where he was pronounced dead other than that we don't really have details we even spoke to his
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son. today and he told us no one contacted us to tell us where his body is we haven't been allowed to see him since since since september 28th. and other things we're hearing from his son more recently is that authorities are refusing his family to have him buried in the family cemetery i mean with his son says he hasn't seen his father since september of 2018 that raises red flags right there we know that morsy was a diabetic i mean so he was not to but he was a healthy man and going into this court room no he wasn't and he was facing a lot of sort of medical issues and one of the things again details are sketchy over what his time in prison was like but some of things even hearing from his family and independent investigations is that he wasn't really allowed the access to medical treatment that he needed other things he was and i was being able to see his lawyer one on one for example he was in solitary confinement for
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a long while as well so conditions went great for him and what about his legacy what are the conditions for that well. state media in egypt has had quite a muted response to this programming has more or less resumed as normal throughout the evening in egypt and in terms of how much of a legacy you really get in terms of seeing mourning is or people his supporters out on the street i don't think we'll see much of that because of just how does that shock you. not really in a way because he was obviously ousted by what is now the current regime and so he was also democratically elected rightly yes so it's this is really 2 sides in egypt the best there is that i'll support him which get less and less now the longer this regime stays in power and those that really support of the vision and even more just are quite happy to go along with keeping
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a muted response that it will be interesting to see how things go moving forward w.'s done and build hands free preset your insights and. bring you the story from home to us thank you i.q. well here in germany federal prosecutors have revealed that they are treating the murder of a local politician as an act of far right extremism walter was a member of german chancellor angela merkel's conservatives and he was a vocal supporter of the chancellor's welcoming approach to refugees he was shot dead earlier this month at his home in the central state of has a police say the suspected killer he was arrested on saturday has a long track record of hate crimes around 2 o'clock saturday morning police arrested 45 year old stephanie at his residence in this building on monday the federal prosecutor's office confirmed it suspicion that the motive for lucas murder
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was right weak stream isn't. if you ask the suspects previous actions and the views he expressed publicly strongly point to this motive i want an assistant since right wing extremists applauded the killing of vitally on social media early suspicion a rose that stephanie was part of a right wing extremist network up definition a good time i thought these are investigating whether the suspect is part of a terrorist group or network but at present we have no reliable indications of this but the federal prosecutor's office has taken up this case because of its particular importance and that in itself shows the dimensions of the murder as a possible political assassinations. the suspect has a criminal record he was previously convicted for his involvement in an attack on a german trade union demonstration last month he was also linked to an attack on a refugee center in 1903 chancellor on an american has welcomed the federal prosecutor's initiative this service is also if it's right and proper that the
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federal prosecutor has taken over the investigation and that will open questions a cleared up as quickly as possible. the prosecutor has not disclosed whether the suspect has been interrogated yet. standing outside the home of the assassinated politician that's in the german state. and he. talked to me a little bit of you been able to talk to neighbors and people in that area what's the atmosphere there. yes indeed i actually could speak to some people and the atmosphere's various showed his people a very shocked that there might be of white going behind the death of oh to look at they knew him as a very friendly person hey i talked with a neighbor who said he he took out the cattle with him sometimes when he was home so they are shocked that his political stance and especially his support for
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refugees might have something to do with his death a few weeks ago is that what they're telling you or do they actually assume that they know why voltar luko was targeted and murdered. so that a look up was quite well known for his stance for refugees prover a few cheese he opened up a few refugee centers as a politician here and has and all of this heated up in the evening in 2015 at a council meeting when he stood up for a refugee saying everyone who disagreed with this belief of welcoming them was free to leave the country at any point so the reaction was very dramatic he received death threats hundreds of them he was under police protection for a while and over all of this repeated itself after his death hate speech appeared online saying that his death was. that it was a good thing that he was a trader of the people that he deserved to die so this obviously brought the police
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to this friday to bring suspicion of the crime and what do we know about the alleged killer. so the killer is a 45 year old man and the alleged killer was arrested saturday morning early saturday morning he had allegedly been in contact with the extreme right wing seen here in germany several times especially with the group combat 1818 here stands for both hitler and also he allegedly committed his fost crime against refugees when he was already he was only 20 years old attacking a refugee center here in hester and all of this stands in quite a clear contrast to what the neighbors was saying and describing him as someone as oh nice family father who always greeted when they passed by so they couldn't actually imagine that he had a contact gee the frightening scene and if he might actually turn out to be the
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killer then he predicts succeeded in living this double life and what are you hearing from authorities are they saying that this could be the beginning or this could be part of a fresh series of right wing killings because you know there are warnings across germany for all kinds of minorities at the moment you know to be on guard. yeah obviously we shouldn't make any such such assumption just now the investigations are still ongoing some people might think of the n.s.u. case actually when they hear about this though the n.s.u. case it was a group that in the past killed a few foreign people with a foreign groups here in germany and and there was the idea of a connection between the combat 18 and this group but nothing is clear so far and we don't know if the perpetrator acted on his own or in an organization so this
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needs to be seen in the next few days yeah lots of investigations still to be done our my colleague has a vulture there outside the home of that. german politician in the german state of has a as a thank you. and here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world at least 12 migrants have drowned off after their boat sank off the coast of turkey if this will say the boat capsized in the aegean sea near the greek island of codes 31 other migrants were pulled alive from the water it's not yet clear just what calls the vessel to sink the catholic church is considering allowing married men to become priests in the amazon a bad a can document said the move may be needed to overcome a shortage of clergy in the region bishops from the amazon are said to debate the proposal in october pope francis has signaled that he may be open to the move. the defense ministers of france germany and spain have signed an agreement to design
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a cutting edge fighter jet for use in european air forces the deal was signed on the sidelines of the paris air show it's part of a larger plan to unify european military forces and to reduce the dependence on u.s. warplanes. all right let's go now to the world cup where germany of one group via have in spain and china if you also advance to the knockout stage this after a resulting 4 victory over south africa martina voss took them borgs team were barely tested over 90 minutes and will head into the last 16 with their heads held high. gemini power the pressure on south africa from the get go and force an early kona melanie lloyd post on the ball of the line for the open a. gemini told by ana by honest defense apart again and again and extended their lead on 28 minutes tom davis gifted the best 2nd of the tournament. and it was 3 just before
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the break outs and legs on the city how it seemed it's a hot time with smiles on their faces. they didn't wait long to school after the restarts you know monkey with the rebound to make it cool. and then julia given how the ball in the back of the net but both efforts were ruled offside. until the final score was germany when their group and remain unbeaten in the world cup group stage game since 1995 south africa at home pointless. in group 8 at the women's world cup norway joined hosts france in qualifying for the last 16 after a 21 win over south korea the koreans are now eliminated 995 champions norway were awarded a very early penalty and there will be no graham hans in the slot is home the opener from the spot she was then found just after half time as south korea
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conceded another penalty graham hansen was substituted with injuries so isabel lopes and stepped up to school. happy are the n.b.a.'s freshly crowned champions the raptors were given a hero's welcome as they took an open top bus ride through toronto around 2000000 people lined the streets of the city to cheer on the team and were celebrating their 1st ever n.b.a. championship raptors beat the golden state warriors in the finals to become the 1st canadian team that's right the next to clinch the title. don't forget you can always get the news to go just download our app from a google play or from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the w. app to send us photos and videos when you see news happening. they're watching
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e.w. news up next the fair is fair share of and more steam is up next with all the business news stick around i'm sure he'd like to see. the 1st economy most of. his grand moments arrives. joining arranging on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary tour of entering returns home on d. w. dot com tanks. it's all happening coach of fish.


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