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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  June 17, 2019 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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happen. to watching u.w. news up next the fair is fair share of and more steve is up next with all the business news stick around i'm sure he'd like to see. your 1st clue most of. the stories grand moments arrives. join the ring again on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. entering it returns home monday w don't come to tanks. it's all happening to children coming. your link to news from africa the world story links
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to exceptional stories and discussions can you and will come to see their views after coming program tonight from sunny germany c.z. taiwan with safety demo to come smash africa join us on facebook and t.w. africa. it's wings up for the world's most important aerospace show we'll tell you how rivals boeing and airbus fared during the 1st day of the paris air show. also in the program american firms are objecting over the latest round of import tariffs threaten the chinese goods we'll tell you what they're saying. small traders of the watermelon border get caught up in mexico's pledge to reduce the flow by grants arriving in the usa. and vietnam's 1st homegrown automobile hits the streets
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today courtesy of car maker been fast. this is a business i'm saving beers in berlin thanks for watching. it's the world's largest showcase for the aerospace industry this year's paris air show boast 2500 companies and expects more than 300000 visitors but there's also a bit of turbulence in the sector from trade wars to the safety concerns plaguing industry giant boeing. the smell of jet fuel is once again in the air around bluebird j. it's the aerospace industries biggest event both for military and commercial flyers and for air bust the ideal setting to talk about its next project a smaller long haul aircraft built with fuel efficiency in mind the idea making long distance flights profitable at lower capacities we can fly from north eastern asia into south asia sapporo delhi for example we can fly from the middle
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east down to bali we can fly from japan and deep into australia across the atlantic deep from europe into deep into north america and vice versa and it's a frontal attack on boeing which is also developing a plane in the same segment. yeah buses are why bill is in desperate need of a win it's money making $737.00 max remains grounded worldwide after 2 fatal crashes once focused on production of the highly sought after model boeing is now battling for its reputation we're committed to learning from this and have teams working 24 hours 7 days a week to ensure that we're meeting the needs and priorities of our regulators and our customers around the globe. france germany and spain use the air show to launch their next generation fighter jet project an air combat system that incorporates drones and satellites. never has so much political uncertainty surrounding.
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britain's looming departure from the e.u. could throw a spanner into the works of europe's tightly integrated aerospace sector trade disagreements between the u.s. and europe pose another threat should the aerospace industry be sucked into a tariff battle bus and boeing could both suffer and let's talk now to our financial correspondent in new york korda ends boeing is in a very apologetic mood doing some damage control as we solve there and yet the company's shares took off today so what's behind that. yeah there were some upbeat comments from boeing. saying that overall for the industry in the next 20 years 44000 additional commercial airplanes be needed and they actually even could be a shortage of pilots so a good 800000 new pilots might be needed was in the next 20 years and it was this
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slightly better than recently. addressed. that got the stock going boeing stock up by more than 2 percent and it was here on monday the biggest winner in the dow jones industrial average. and yes of course i want to ask you about these the world famous auction house being purchased by a french israeli billionaire telecoms and media group ties and i'll tie c.e.o. patrick he offered $57.00 a share making the deal worth $3700000000.00 it will cease return to private hands after 31 years a public company traded on the new york stock exchange as a woman in $1000.00 which is where yens is so why is going private. where life can be easier if you are not a publicly traded company and with your quarterly earnings reports you do not have to tell the shareholders every 3 months what to do and if they're happy with your
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course if you have. the private money it can be easier and more dynamic to deal with the challenges in the art world them especially also the big competitor kristi's so the stock of saw the beast was up by almost 60 percent at this point $7000000000.00 as you mentioned is a premium of about 61 percent to shareholders in support of their forest in new york thank you. now it's often said that business hates uncertainty exhibit a might be the american firms bracing for yet another round of import tariffs on chinese goods should they really engineer long established supply chains or wait for a resolution to the trade dispute other way they're losing money and many are now asking the trump administration for end to tariffs. for many american companies this is one step too far the prospect of
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a 25 percent levy on $300000000000.00 worth of chinese consumer goods has prompted the u.s. chamber of commerce to call for i did taunt what words mean is rather than more tariffs than an escalation both sides need to come back to the table they need to get back to the point where we were there roughly 2 months ago they need to finish this deal and if they finish this deal that will be good for both near term and long term economic growth particularly here in the united states the proposed additional tire of could make a huge range of products including toys more expensive last week hundreds of companies including retail giant wal-mart wrote to u.s. president donald trump warning that a fresh levy would put jobs on the line and harm the u.s. economic growth and it's not only importers that are worried agricultural exports have already been hit by china's retirement retire it's certainly causing businesses to relook at their supply chain and their structure but that's obviously easier said than done right in many cases you're talking about longstanding
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complicated supply chains relationships based on quality assurances and things they've been worked out over a significant period of time you can't simply just pick that up and move it to somewhere else many are now hoping that the g 20 summit in japan later this month will offer a platform for a deescalation in tensions between the world's top 2 economies over now to mexico where pressure from the united states has led to a tighten border with. it's affecting not just migration but livelihoods take a look. a river on mexico's southern border on the other bank lies guatemala members of the national guard are on patrol. every now and then they check someone's papers. constantly pull up and dock until now people have entered the country without any controls. so. we have children when we come
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here to buy goods so we can feed them and i can survive. and now this issue with the migrants it's really affecting us a lot because as you can imagine if they don't let us buy merchandise to be able to sell and the only source of income left for us here is the river. and many of us can swim. the mexicans themselves the checks make any sense the area the troops have to cover is too big and there are too few soldiers patrolling the district so far. as you. know no immigration control doesn't make any difference here what happened before with big groups coming over. now you see 15 people crossing over here another 20 more over there they cross easily no problemo. on the reasons the migrants want to flee happen changed poverty and violence in central america. china has
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abandoned its case before the world trade organization to have any dumping levies on its exports dropped the decision means the asian power must accept the duties on its goods imposed by economies like the e.u. and us. rules permit such taxes when state subsidies lower the real production cost of goods beijing has argued for years that it's a market economy undeserving of the duties an official involved in the case says the chinese pulled out before the w t o could rule against them. and saying in asia milestone for the vietnamese car industry today the 1st customer of local manufacture event fast is getting behind the wheel of the country's 1st homegrown cars a venn fasces hoping to become the 1st wholly vietnamese car maker to challenge the international heavyweights take a look. lined up and ready to roll the vin fast for dale is the world's youngest hatchback as the 1st rode off the production line on friday that was excited
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anticipation about monday's deliveries to customers. it is the 1st of our cars have been gathered in $32.00 official branches of in fast across the country in order to hand over to customers on the 75th year maybe right now. and that moment has come to $17000.00 deal is on the road then fast 6 factories all built in less than 2 years are expected to make a quarter of a 1000000 vehicles during the 1st production phase rising to half a 1000000 a year by 2025. but entry into the market isn't without has a touch of in fast analysts have warned that quality conscious vietnamese drive is where e about trying a local brand they tend to prefer foreign products for high value items nevertheless vietnam's prime min. stays confident the brand can put its own stamp on the global automotive industry. each car reflects the philosophy of its
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manufacturers country your ability of japanese cars the reliability of the germans the sophistication of the americans the skill of the koreans even fast needs to create the vietnamese identity on its costs. there's still a bit of a wait until we see the vin fast the dawning cars on roads outside of vietnam the 1st exports are expected in 2020. and that's it for me and the business team in berlin i'm stephen beardsley that's watching.
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discovered. subscribe to the documentary to. this is the news that coming up in the next 15 minutes it's forcing people to migrate costing economic growth and excessive basing conflicts there are warnings today about the race that which 1st turning to dust all over the world a phenomenon known as desertification we'll look at the solutions being implemented in africa. and we'll meet the woman pulling no punches when it comes to empowering young girls but why is she teaching them to fight.


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