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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  June 18, 2019 4:30am-5:00am CEST

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50 women supposed. weeks of excitement. some not so. explains the 19 women's. vote the results on d w. i. a continent wide party kicks off on june 21st that's right it's the start of the africa cup of nations and it. is
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a. big deal with superstar. football is not a game of life and it is much more. it's about deciding the best footballing nation in africa believe me this time around maybe egypt will benefit from playing on home turf plus that proven winners in this tone of the right chris. the pharaoh of the record she begins with a simple come full maybe you'll be defending champs cameroon. and you say ok. how about nigeria who lost lift to the title 6 years back. for his life ever. feel alone you need to know about the africa cup of nations here kick off life. let's. talk about this years after the 2019 africa cup of
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nations. security then it's ever been. 24 teams playing for the same prize this time it's a summertime kickoff and the fans like always excited for the tournament it's field . got your passport hope so we're going to africa to talk to experts and football foodies to see who they have their eyes or. they'll come to the parts of the on this time we're going to when it's in egypt there's film him let's be real whoa it's not the best looking statue of most forgiving him playing no for ever humble the goal celebrations are crazy you don't want to miss and. it's coming. here are my 3 reasons you better not miss the 2019 africa
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cup of nations reason 3. the cup itself is coming home to egypt the pharos are the record champions with 7 cups to their name. hosted 4 previous cups and the pharaohs won 3 that's a 75 percent winning percentage their last victory was in 2006 egypt wasn't even supposed to host this year cameroon was but they couldn't get things going fast enough so with hosting rights in egypt at home means the chance to see home field advantage in the advantage will be huge. reason to in turds painted you like goals right. the african cup of nations as the best go. all celebrations ever.
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more goals were scored in the last after the last gold cup other tournaments might have scored more but there's a big difference here at the after. every goal here if you moments like these. fiasco on historial football fanatics for over 16 years always dressed in fire and colors to different cultures will surely be something to see and listen to. now before i get to the number one reason you better not miss the africa cup of nations here some that didn't quite make the list recent after out of winners are jinxed 2013 winners nigeria failed to qualify in 25th the ivory coast one in 2015 then got booted out of the group stage 2 years later the last winter cameroon
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almost didn't qualify this time that was close anybody could win and i mean anybody more than a handful of this year's qualify femurs have won it some multiple times can buy i mean for a total of $1000.00 cups. if you know nas magic touch would make another good reason to watch the african cup he won in 2012 but zambia then in 2015 with the ivory coast suv years later he fell short with morocco only reaching the quarter finals were not magic be seen again with morocco. reason one it will be a star studded event ok the biggest stars of them all moba. we really missed out on see in him on the world stage he has for his country at the last major tournament. thanks to this guy secure gio ramos for
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certain her shoulder before the world cup well salis back and he's looking forward to playing at home and defeating his liverpool team mates sabio monday. oh teammates turned rival. there's also the 2016th african player of the year algeria's riyad maurice sadly will miss out. here and obama beyond the star will miss the party didn't qualify so we have stars all over the world meeting in egypt to see one thing who will shine the brightest. before i let you go let's go back to africa to talk to more experts queasy sports in south africa football foodies who will win it all. might come as a shock but i genuinely believe that could do it could pull it off. as
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a solid team from when they went to the world cup and even how they qualified for this africa cup of nations maybe this is that time to claim that. in the continent. i think senegal with. 21000 if i look at. the awards cup very good i'm like you know to have progressed out of the group stage means i can beat them out and if i look at their you look at the local course that is also them that understands how to play i threw the this time around. and lift up the 21000. you've got 3 reasons you better not miss the. africa. what about the reigning champions we sat down with cameroon captain defensive.
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tawdry to find out if a repeat is on the cards. combination that much to hold some sporting events in africa this summer cameroon michael to dodge we are the tournament the africa cup the consequence of any. good is i think that in that result. in the day theone to. go to france he sees i'm a young. boy. who.
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well i'm i think i'm going to guide me. michael and look sort of. africa cup of nations favorites egypt she won 27 seems quite. safe for him even if you have more to go but on the subject of with them when. you think a much better mob. could walk out. if you. want. to take it on she was said. us here in the city if. any shooting happened using you we didn't have new york you have
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a rosary and you. also know my god almost i won't be using to use you can you call your nose out to use on this is. my you know all of these awful lot to be said to death because. he was able to see that you may even have his good impulse heaves and i think they would do much more than the average salary if you cover the work of some say it was i was a total called me. michael played for historic club slobby approximates 2016. he left the common good it's wednesday time he initially came to germany to study civil engineering from michigan pretty not out of you but everything is on. the muschamp a good mechanic i. hope you know my. wife will get him before i see the answer if i meet his or long. emus me for being out among the souping
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a club. which you guys really on the my recapture the sci fi someone cannot legally caucus unusual g.q. my book will pay to go to my. sister mother. when i'm asked how much he did with a poorly lit this article intervention since i read. the quote money so since sunday moment for sure kaushik basu revealed to us you could should have been a clintonite he took on seattle because history of the. city my mother came from quite a bit off what they could do and i did mean us you know they could you have a d.n.r. completeness you record it up you have to take with you without lovey she would probably use a warm up us yes on 1007 on your leg and shores on twitter for much you know what it means on paul. to people morning experience from the fabulous jeanette.
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to mary she said. just to make you mary. so i could play mia. him alone but to me j.m.s. he pursued you need to be able to school it made you fail a matter you. see teams you missed receiving a lot of money and it was old really to suit. for it's hard to make cameroon the 2nd most successful team in the top of the behind egypt. for you so wait 15 years for their 5th when having lost 50 trophy true 1200 german coach we should. be full force accordingly in your new release you become one also if you like our money and most of the team pick up money or soften the get a lot of people come and say welcome back there's that i brought him back. on you know i'm going to. man i think. you got me going i've also got
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a complete shock. people can make all kinds of movies quite young don't count on i'm going to sort out if you really can have a couple 100 so you see my. kind of saw him play oh come on i've a sort of fairly. good deal. seeking a little home sick sick sick sick. sick then $24.00 poor to come when i suppose i'm finished i say to sit there surveying a few maybe don't want so much of course. on my new producer maybe also need to be able to. sit so close to 20 no camera was replaced by. finish stadium some pool infrastructure that moves in. june for the formalism is on the bill for this book to hold up a become a man. on the cheap today from one of the teeth.
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but there could if i make adulthood last year i got a more. than one that bought you want i want for the formal puts you through me to do this because i will go another plus you know if. i make too long gold mine could go public or i define. who was the biggest competitors moss' you give us you can if of movie she doing a double as you could be old and. she doing ok and you see my god. oh my god oh my that is you accusing she doing it a lot could you walk. upon by adam i hope that you muzi it means you have. you know then you. know when they go. with 24 teams the 29 team talking about just the biggest in history but what's the status of african football in the morning for you he was able to go i don't know if you go to most
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here. on enough. the scene will be seen. on the other on the. idea. that he also he's a producer they. say he's young. i mean you hear. me. a i did there's a keeper who does he keep up the can. we have a long. he's.
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now. a nation that has its share of challenging times a rich tradition just how good all the. most populated country in the world to africa just start shooting black gold africa's largest producer. its thank you to the place of africa's richest. there is a. corruption it's been called a cancer they're fighting the issue. but the glass. is half full to. his life and i'm sure.
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ever at a standstill football is not a game of life and. it is much more. how sit down with the nigerian legend and the sports journalist in lagos . i'll check in at the grassroots we need to start from here and at the top level to see how nigerian football be shaping up football is a simple game but in nigeria the state of football is far from simple. to learn more i'm starting with j.j. our coaching skills so nice they named him twice here's a flashback the best gold in 1993 goalkeepers no other germany's albert card as part of nigeria's super eagles dream team a coach i helped win olympic gold in 1996 he says.
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he was in nigeria. president pressure was on the next generation repeat. the super eagles most recent achievement was 6 years ago when they won the african cup of nations so why hasn't the national team continue to soar to new heights. well i think we have to change our mentality a bit you know and change all believes. limited ourselves. to trust in our time and you know talents are. good enough you know to get those results we need to be maybe what paul when it comes. you know with managed to be successful in by just booked up continuity.
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and it's for me. you know if you don't plan for the future then you're planning to fail despite playing in. nigeria. all unbelievable talent. all. the teams feeding into the national team have. been dream team to 23 just qualify for the final face off the qualifiers to be the championships in africa talk to me about the state of nigerian football. from the national team perspective successful. because $21000.00 is a year where you've got all the national teams competing in major tournaments. if you want to say the fans are excited but then again when you talk about football
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and i do have it should be about the league. here's a glimpse of nigeria's probably players times sometimes years without a pizza. money. you know. you can be. diplomatic oh boy you know. you have to invest to be able to be successful when it comes to when it comes to the local league think we're so good because. one of the issues is that most of the clubs belongs to goldman right know so people are running the clubs really the shows and now you know so. they get every year from the government to run the club which is not enough to write clubs no money no chance to show.
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so much talent and go play as you like to go watch. they don't have the opportunity to have their talent broadcast to the entire world but when it comes to local football it almost doesn't exist so when you go and look at the grass roots you see some pitches don't even have grass. is it's all wrong everything is money and money that it probably. for all. we need to start from here in a draw for greece i spoke to nigeria's head coach on the phone. grassroots activity is very important especially phone nigeria. so many young people and they like so much the football they must have the put you need to play the former super g. gold turned academy coach. who explains the rundown pitch.
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trying the best you have to. try to. lead the team with little to no resources this a get to be still produces prospects. you need a little time to regroup. most of them have to get up just one on one month to month to month which means the time from the watches on. i'm not getting a lot of. mistakes you. have had the opportunity to play. for very long and who i was a spitting to see was emulating what they put in place. and this part of it was you know you can't play they only a lion's share of pro teams as j.j. said they need for infrastructure he staring you right in the face so who is it for
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words like corruption have been thrown out there you know lack of fire. i mean from your perspective you have somewhat of a bird's eye view. of the entire scenario so how would you. describe it you go to see the administration and most times you've got. people who are using the statement square pegs in round holes and. so much talk about the sports minister for one and i'm going to use him as a scapegoat for my analogy. not one who many consider to be a technocrat well he's one favored by authority. hasn't done much hasn't caught himself in so much glory doesn't mean he doesn't like sports bar different where you have someone who's played the games this nigeria so what's the remedy better educated football administrators taking a page out of what's been successful in europe i don't think anything is cast in stone physically. many would agree but i think we're developing nation you can
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compare even nigeria to the rest of africa and i make reference to south africa egypt how sports generally is run. far cry from what you do nigeria it's a child's play at least extremely professional have had opportunities to go and see and when you come back home you just you begin to wonder why do we do things differently and personally i think sometimes it's base or and. how we think things should be done sometimes nigerians are responsible for our problems. problems but what about solutions before i leave years. i mean african nations. we have a young team with. very very great. but . i think out of the group. to go far. i only scratched the surface
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a solution that could lift the super eagles higher is far more complex than. and full of interview. your talent might take you to set some level at the end of the day he was so why not have been famous that it's needed you know to to go all the way as i said at the start football is a simple game but this state of the sport is far from. that's why people like us are coming back home you know where we. live or legacy where we can help on change things. did you know kick off is now on you tube with the world of football. with nigeria and quad north of mexico is welcome to read we travel the world and. how high it faces our running i'm going to say you know the stars make guns and never people
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the coach i discussed football i am crazy here in. florida today. is a football kick off our new chief. it's a new. remembering
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to disappear. whether in police custody or jail in turkey hundreds of people of color missing the decades. the sitting members who protest against these disappearances despite government arrest and. their need to know is also putting them in danger. close up and 30 minutes on t w. eco india. comes to us from berlin. the big cities are a big problem for the entire. arctic. but margot album isolation the concrete
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jungle constantly expected to help you come to this week's in the spotlight on green living in cities to see how some britons are striving to reduce their carbon footprint. trying to w. . birth. home to moons of species. a home worth saving and. yes those are big changes and most start with small steps. below duos tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. news that could turn the good news to bring a niche solutions and a force to shift. the current interactive content teaching to the next generation of us environmental protection. using all channels available to inspire people to
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take action and was a turning to build something here for the next generation the idea is for the environment series of global 3000 on d w and online. it's been 15 years since the moon landing. was the 1st man to walk on the moon. as a small boy he dreamed of the stars. as a pilot his new anything no matter how dangerous. church or go to the goal. as an astronaut he took part in the greatest adventure in history. a hero a legend or simply
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a human being. who was neil armstrong starts july 20th on t.w. cut. the united states has released new photos it claims show iranian forces were involved in attacks on 2 oil tankers last week the photos reportedly were taken by a u.s. helicopter in the region iran has denied the allegations as tensions continue to mount the pentagon has announced it will deploy a 1000 new troops to the region. egypt's former president mohamed morsy has died morsi reportedly collapsed during a court session in cairo.


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