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tv   Eco India  Deutsche Welle  June 18, 2019 6:30am-7:00am CEST

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generally it's part of the history. of those who know about secret things have a house like this. action cultural heritage foundation. treasure trove. of documentary. treasures dublin. hello and welcome to eco india with model organization the concrete jungle around us is constantly expanding to help you counter this we train the spotlight on green living in cities. coming to you from brandenburg gate in sunny bali. today on the show let's look at why the bugs out of the important part of the city ecosystem. a large city like delhi is finding either way to be used to produce its
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own food and remain sustainable and why an architect from india is being called an eco pioneer. the. first let's talk about one of my favorite subjects for many futurist predict the beers not ready father and we have robot farmers harvesting seed you closer to our homes or 3 d. printers creating a perfectly field cross off without emitting greenhouse gases but the food we eat to be has a massive carbon footprint i went to meet 3 game changers in the city of what trying to find clean out in clean a solutions to help mitigate the problems in a food supply tins right now. 3.5000000 inhabitants is not a big city considering indian standards but there are still lots of people to feed in the german capital i went to. explore how sustainable bully the garden it's from
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production. the ancient asterix of the chinese they did many millennia ago now a 1000000000 company is using the technology of aquaponics to feed the city's residents in the center of building a former mall factory this farm is producing food for buildings it's a combination of reading fish and growing vegetables nicholas lescott and a colleague set it up 4 years ago the carbon footprint of traditional food production is very massive how is this aquaponics the solution to help solve this problem well aquaponics as a as a way to produce very resource efficiently food fish and vegetables of highest quality and if you do that within an urban environment of course you have very short transportation mileage you have very short cooling chain chains and an overall better c o 2 ballots than our reference farm here in berlin we produce
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about $400000.00 parts of base loads per year and we can produce roughly 30 tons of fish and this is just a surface area of 1800 square meters if you could break down for me one of the 3 environmental benefits of using aquaponics well it's the carbon footprint it's the water footprint it's the feed footprint and it's the ocean footprint actually for what you think is the future of this technology in general i think as humans we have to produce food in systems like this where you take a very small footprint to produce large amounts of food with less resources now this is a feat for a vegetarian like me i'm on my way to find out where i can find some lunch as fresh as this many pleases and advertise the freshness of their products but it's impossible to be good bank in this regard. at this restaurant the needs to come from the field instead you can watch a green screw right behind the bottle inside the old glass bottle. i'm not going to
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tell me how the idea for good vacuum about who wanted to have a new form of astronomy fast casual astronomy in german is still very tradition all the work a lot of that convenience and so we decided to start a restaurant that has the most visible just be a circle and see words to performing it's really a part of our work where we say ok you from have really high quality food with still affordable and fair price but with super fresh ingredients what would you say ever challenges to something like this in the beginning it was very difficult to sell the idea to the gas it was not really considered being here were actually based then i remember when and farm unfold the machines here vertical farming models we had many guests that thought we're old enough now and not restaurant but now after 3 years of course people know what they get outta here and that we grow on for. any kind of consumption is a big impact on our end but i think he got into production of all the
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transportation and even the composed super waste as one of the biggest problems in our society to the what often what happens is when groceries isn't there expiring to get it thrown into the bins but bullion has a very interesting way to tackle this problem this seems to be a grocery store like any other but the goods the sell here are believed to be cooked on could be produced on expired food stuff going to the trash bin elsewhere however there's still good to eat raw file film is the founder behind this unusual shop school flock surpluses are preaching in 4 different locations in berlin and unlike chop this is such a simple yet you know it's a fantastic concept can you tell us how it came about you have for me already when i was a young child felt a lot of injustice that we have 100 of 1000000 people also children starving in the same time we're throwing away food it's not possible anymore environment. believe
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but also ethically that's not correct and it wanted to do something to make this world a better place and that's why i started so close what does the future look like for so this and put a concept like this our mission is was surplus to create awareness in the heads of the people because 50 percent of the food waste in germany and most other countries in europe is happening at home so we want to give the people again trust for their own census and our goal is right now we are throwing away one 3rd of all food in the world in the next 10 years we as a humanity appreciate food again more and use the food which we have instead of always producing more and more food which we throw away more to come rough i felt he's creating a franchise to steve. i'm going to be very interesting places to be and what i've noticed is that means the strain of the employer and people is more from the norm than an exception it's not the both put every city in the way.
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now i'm standing in got a pocket right in the heart of the place is abuzz with cyclists and even those who want to just relax in the sun our next story highlights how these songbirds who are right for the summer from sub-saharan africa are making the busy city their home. 90 and. in many european cities the birds are disappearing. in berlin nightingales even adaption to annoying traffic noise like near the iconic brandenburg gate if you look at all sort of parks they often have an area around the outside of 5 also meters was very overgrown budge attention so the brambles and not holes in the most girls and the sting on the ground so they need proper attention to. the birds growing population on 1st. researchers new insights.
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with the help of amateur bird watchers and a free app they learn about where the 19 gals lived and their highly complex song. it has as many as 190 different vocal elements researchers suspect that the birds may even speak different dialects. when it comes to birds in a crucial part of any ecosystem they help preserve and increase the region's blog biodiversity but cities around the world are finding it difficult to make spaces board friendly a delhi based ngo is trying to change that by building artificial nests with coconut fiber and bamboo sticks all about the city. though once you we could just how sparrow is becoming conservationist in its
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absence. its decline has been partly attribute it to the lack of an emotional connection between humans and the books which are in fact among our oldest friends. modern buildings with open rooms leave birds with nowhere to nest there are fewer crevices noakes and alcoves and it's not just our homes. where there used to be green red been planning has taken on an all new c create a structure. so we will the birds go we have shut them out of a hole in this and also from our hearts today they're not allowed anywhere near us got a movie out and. cut today is a documentary filmmaker by profession and became a spiral conservationist by accident but us how been involved at the meetings in my office wasn't so deadly and on my way to work i would see huge flocks of birds and
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it made me happy. somewhere in the middle one day i saw a man filling in the pipes where the birds nested when i asked them what they were doing they said preventing the spreading of the evil whenever you tell your car don't worry i don't i'm going to these bird populations were already doing and they were making the problem worse this is they were just following orders but i told them i would file a complaint and people were due to me like a computer go to. the church to file a report with the national green tribunal which deals with cases relating to and my mental projection did the trick cut 300 artificial massed along the road and then weeks the spiral settled down what's more they began to breed and lay eggs. bored by his success country set up the equal routes foundation to promote his mission and raise awareness of the bird's plight.
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truckies country now conducts workshops for children in schools all over the country and for anyone who wants to help bird survive life in the city. it takes just 40 minutes to learn how to make a nest with coconut fiber jute and bamboo sticks mimicking what the birds themselves would use to build their nest. these birds are very important for our system like a paranoid system walk around to feed all insects that can be harmful to us professor so deeply chatted she has been working on forest conservation on biodiversity for 20 years he also believes that predicting spado populations is crucial to menton in the ecological balance this is one of the smaller sized species. scientifical. which means that again it is found in very close people is actually
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a misnomer. and i actually found late it's a global distribution is very very high as it was distributed across the country across the lord but the problem of the business users and spite of the numbers are coming down. the international union for conservation of nature. has given conservation categories for species. are least concerned your. country has built over 100000 nest since he started his workshops and has taken his message to some 3500 schools i mean. the conservationists say is that the artificial nest have a 60 percent success rate and are helping revive the populations of urban birds. even still build another 250000 over the next 2 to 3 years.
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long good for delhi it has someone like rakesh cutlery to look out for the city's birds but what happens in other urban regions how do birds adapt to a decrease in clean cover and rising human populations this explainer will help you can text to lies that question. more than half of the global population lives in cities and that proportion is growing in 1950 there were 751000000 city dwellers but in 30 years time there will be 6700000000. to make more space for growing urban centers forests are being cut down. that means birds are losing their natural habitats. to survive they too must adapt to city life. experts believe. that of the world's
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11000 recognized bird species 20 percent now live in cities. but how have birds been affected by changing to life in big cities. in rural areas birds are nature's pest control every year they eliminate about a half a 1000000000 tons of plant eating insects. and many help pollinate and disperse the seeds of plants scavengers such as vultures remove animal carcasses. in the city however birds must adapt to a new environment they don't build their nests on trees instead they build them on structures such as electricity poles or apartment buildings. they eat discarded food cities lack the large numbers of insects and worms they would otherwise feed on. that's why some experts believe that birds that live in cities
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age more quickly and have a lower life expectancy than the same species that live in rural areas. this is noise level also impacts birds communication and reproduction. for example males that want to breed must compete with the sound of cars and other loud noises otherwise they have no chance of reproducing the animals must make a greater effort. that's why it's becoming more important to create spaces for birds when planning cities it's the only way to ensure long term biodiversity. it used to be an airport and today is one of the biggest in a city box in berlin there's an ongoing discussion in the city if there should be houses built in one part of the field and if so can they be in. friendly an
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architect in india is considered by building communities with the least amount of ecological damage. to center of arts c.e.p.t. university campus. it's a creative haunt for art students as much as it is for professional artists. it's not far from the gallery. this gallery structure is below ground level but keeps things cool here even on the hottest days. city housing complex is home to a life insurance company's employees they live together with their managers in the same building their children even play together. the brains behind all these projects is 90 year old architect krishna doshi who wants his buildings to be more
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than merely impressive. piece of structure. has ripped the natural. shadow. squares. created. a log. his own studio mirrors that concept it's a mixture of traditional influences and those of his mental.
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and. over the course of his professional life she has completed over 100 projects mostly situated in his hometown. thing clued housing estates like. built for a textile company's employees. the vittra design museum in southern germany. is currently showcasing she's work.
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amongst the exhibits a model of the iranian housing estate for people on low incomes in the late 1980 s. every resident was given a small plot of land with a toilet the rest they built themselves depending on their needs and using purpose built design. 80000 people live here. the notion of designing your own home according to your personal needs is more relevant than ever right now in western countries as well. almost all that can happen here is the housing shortage cities in berlin especially are increasingly having to struggle with rising housing costs and it seems to me that does she has managed to combine a person's apartment with their sense of identity and a highly unique way. it's a meditation on how we want to live in the future how flexible a house or an apartment has to be the whole sign she's granddaughter to kentucky
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who curated the exhibition they selected is most important works together. some of the most important lesson from his architect or for many students and all practicing architects that generation is that his approach to participate free and open ended up addict where there are possibilities to grow adapt modify over a period of time. last year does he was awarded the pritzker architecture prize for his life's work his opus includes the institute of indulging as a repository for ancient palm leaf manuscripts it was a major challenge for an architect to ensure it maintains a constant climate within. it a mosquito drawing a sketch of the structure created by mr darcy the special thing about his
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architecture is that its client responsive functional very simple different and is very attractive sustainable and mindful construction with constant reference to people and they're constantly changing needs principles which are firmly embodied in both christian adult she's architecture. wooden buildings are not only trendy but they're also very eco friendly compared to the traditional ones made with concrete and pricks and normally now it's true that wooden structures are useful for more than just a cabinet or because the wants tallest wooden high rise stands 85 mi. stall and is located just 100 kilometers off the capital city of austin. the wooden high rise on the shore of lake muir and norway's valley has 18 stories 5 and a half meters high it's the tallest wooden building ever to be built worldwide.
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the project was the fulfillment of a personal dream for developers. it's a symbol of what is possible. to make in good complicated buildings and also the high rise buildings and how to reduce c o 2 and this is 60 percent lower c o 2 than in steel and concrete you think clearer and clearer so it's healthier both for people but also for the nature. life has an apartment on the 15th floor. the thoroughly enjoys being surrounded by would. like this i feel diverted you can smell the bird all the good you see makes.
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doing something with you so i think it's more like this living seed and concrete right so you feel that the building is living actually with you. it took years of pioneering work to make the wooden tower impermeable to wyndham whether it was designed by fall architect and movement a company specialized in temper construction. project coordinator and ventured into new architectural territory. we had never done anything like this before so it was always about believing that it is possible a lot of hard work and long nights to try to figure out how can we do this the biggest problem. lightness of the material so all the force of the external force as they will try to tilt the building or shift it. to load bearing call and had to
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be something deeper into the ground than usual. proofing was never a major issue the thick wooden beams can withstand a blaze even longer than steel another factor behind the trend in building with timber. 84 meter building under construction in vienna is also me that afford or don't france is building an entire development with eco friendly material and architects in london are planning a 300 meter tower meter. i think it's a symbol of the green shift we have a mental to think about and using timber. a friendly method of building. for the future not necessarily tall buildings but now every building here can use that. wooden high rise also offers a hotel and conference rooms. the hunger you go in the more you sense the wooden surroundings.
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residents of the upper floors have to get used to the creaking in the swaying of the timber. if we in this area i would have i think you can feel it a bit more like you think you feel it. it's material so sore i think it will hear something and that's normal and this is good . so far wouldn't highrises remain the exception. i'm yes the tower is a good example of what apartment buildings could look like in years to come. i hope you had many takeaways from today's show to help you make an informed choice for a sustainable future we'll be back next week with many more sad stories until then from bali goodbye.
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for the.
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whole. journey along chalets along. mr road. look at the glaciers in the south. and the salmon farms in the north. follow chile's main artery through the country's wondrous and. come and meet the people who call it home into touch on the lips 70 into the heart and pedagogy of the. confused.
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i'm not all think. well i just sometimes i am but most end up in which the couple of thinks need consider german culture of looking at the stereotypes to question in your thinking the future of the country but i know a lot of the time. needed to be taken as grandma day out to meet girls it's sold out ok. by my job join me to meet the jetman from d.w. post. planet earth live the google tourist guide from a tremendous booming capital i love berlin the scope of the multicultural metropolis in our during back series to finance the taliban in the sunlight turns into neat and i love you even want to show you what's dangerous in the lives of the toughest race like me tried system 50 nations 50 story. and 53 personal tips on berlin's very best features food.
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for lent every week on g w. m r r r. r o i am. 50 years since the moon landing. pete was the 1st man to walk on the moon. as a small boy he dreamed of the stars. as a pilot he flew anything no matter and. here you're going up. as an astronaut he took part in the greatest adventure in history.
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but the room a legend. simply a human being who was male armstrong. was his destiny starts july 20th on t.w. . the united states has released new photos it claims show iranian forces were involved in attacks on 2 oil tankers last week the photos reportedly were taken by a u.s. helicopter in the region iran has the 90 allegations as tensions continue to mount the pentagon has announced it will deploy.


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