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this is news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes it's forcing people to migrate costing economic growth and exacerbating conflicts there are warnings today about the race at which 1st thailand is turning to dust all over the world a phenomenon known as the desertification will look at this solutions being implemented in africa. and will meet the woman pulling no punches when it comes to empowering young girls but why is she teaching them to fight. to grow how tom knowing that like their woman they will power they will say and they can motivate others they could be a very diligent. i am christine wonder welcome to news africa i'm glad you tuned in when the trees die
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and the grass stops growing it looks something like what you can see in this picture behind me this is a vacation and it's said to be one of the greatest threats to our planet now does it if acacia means fertile land is being reduced to dust that forces people to migrate literally in search of green a posthumous insect the u.n. warns that in 25 years time around 135000000 people could be displaced because of desert to vacation and africa and bishops projects in africa to combat does it if occasion is under way a belt of trees running from senegal in the west all the way across to djibouti in the east is being printed it's called the great green war of africa and it will stretch a staggering 8000 can all that is now that's not old because in gonna work is also being done to reverse the harm caused by the problem. for
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the last 10 years fama sami oban tang has been working hard to regenerate the arid land around his village of yemen reka in northern uganda. you're gonna. need. it has changed so much in my village. we used to have to drive our cattle long distances to graze. and thieves could steal them. now they can graze nearby when i can as i am now talking if you allow the poor pointed out but i'm not. the technique used to revive barren land focuses on the network of tree roots that lie underneath the dry ground. villages from yemen reagan mass regularly trim new shoots growing out of old stumps and it's hopes that these saplings will eventually grow into tall trees. that are viable you know
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rather than not build up. but leave the bigger one of those or just want to see what we cut away and we use this firewood. the advantage of planting new trees is if the fruit several ready deep in the soil so even if it rarely rains they can tap into the ground water. or to grow enough soil x. about 10 years where now joe has developed this method known as farmer managed natural regeneration he's working across africa with the aid organization world vision and believes this technique can change lives transform the whole country. because it has that potential people to be able to be self-sufficient on their own land they're not going to be so interested in joining a fart somewhere else or families to raise they have aspirations and how they would like to lead their life it's already transformed the lives of villages in yemen
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rica with 82 hectic is of land reforested so far but large stretches still look like a despot meaning there's much more work to do. to shed more light on this topic we've invited the un's lead scientist on the subject of desire to vacation baron joseph all comes to us from take his castle on cut away he's currently attending a conference on vacation welcome to d.w. news africa let's just get sued the basics one of the main causes of desire to vacation in africa. it was a mix of direct and indirect driver direct or typical things we know about such as unsustainable farming practices and overgrazing but the reality is the indirect arrivers that have to do with governance that have to do with consensus for people to hand down their farms to their children things that have to do with the larger
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picture of consumption and production in other countries which lead to grand conversion in africa all of these are major drivers than decorative i was told could you give us a sort of an impact assessment i mean what are we seeing happening on the continent as a result of desire to vacation. so the processes of land degradation have led to an impact on 45 percent of the land area that can be farmed in africa so it's a very big impact and 25 percent is considered degraded to a level that is not going to be easy to continue that kind of practices it's lead to issue a loss of sort of organic carbon which influences climate change we have a cost in economic terms to the nutrient depletion of farming practices as well as
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erosion that's about $127000000000.00 u.s. dollars a year but i'd also want to point out that the cost of action to do something about that is $72000000000.00 so basically it's a $1.00 to $2.00 relationship in some areas the investment dollar could lead to $5.00 of gains so the opportunity to move in the right direction is their right talking about moving in the right direction we know that they are various if it's and away we've talked about the great green wall being built across the sahara well in guyana we've got people planting trees what do you make of the efforts that are happening on the ground is is this enough. well that's a very great start in the right direction and it's finally attracting the kind of attention necessary to lead to the investment so we're talking about a swath of the or sorry 8000 kilometers between the current and djibouti where
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we're trying to through restoration through sustainable land management through trying to create value chains for the products that people grow turning things around in africa we're about 15 percent of the way there and i think if we do get the investment that's necessary it could have a tremendous and. right talking about this investment and where should it be coming from. i think it's a mix i think that the fact that actually economists in germany and partnering with economists around the world have demonstrated that land can be an economic investment that it's a mix of public investment to get things off the ground so that we've got the base the hump to get over if you will address and then i think it's public private partnerships trying to create the value that we would have anywhere in the world in
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investing in land ok thank you for your insights beringia is all coming to us from ticky. when it does it take asian conference is underway thank you so we often bring you the profiles of people who are making a difference in their communities africa and today a young woman from south africa gets the spotlights to be sent down lana runs and cord box the ills way she teaches young girls boxing skills now is the story of what she's hoping to achieve and the real fight she's preparing the little girls will. why hold on to a child. it's almost 30 degrees in the school yard but that doesn't stop him. and hump bucks olds from giving it their own to it because this is more than just a workout.
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for say a self-confident interest to empower them as a woman like just for them to grow up knowing that like that woman they have a power they have a say and they can motivate others they could be the leaders of tomorrow. tembisa works as a facilitator for boxcars the ngo it teaches girls how to defend themselves against violent attacks like most of the guards she is coaching she also comes from the township of khayelitsha almost $400000.00 people live in this township of kept on a lucia is one of the poorest parts of the city and up to a 3rd of its inhabitants believe in informal dwellings crime rates and violence are high. women and guards especially vulnerable over $40000.00 rape
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were reported in south africa in the last year but the actual number is likely to be much higher as only one in 9 women would report it to the authorities tembisa and boxcars want these disturbing statistics to become a thing of the past 5 times a week she coaches a group of 12 to 13 year old goers at a local primary school along with boxing tembisa also helps the girls with their homework gender equality and female empowerment at the core of 10 business work our goal to remove that negative mindset of the boxing it's all men folk fulfullment it also like men for for the woman as well actually like any kind of sport these in any specific sport for women or for the men after the homework is done it's time to get moving.
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can be so once the girls to know that they are just as strong as the boys this mindset has already rubbed off on some of the cars had i like folks girls and i like the boxing basics because it protects me against the boys who sometimes bullied me. tembisa is proud of the positive. on the gars she ha self was the victim of a violent attack when she was 20 gives old 2 men tried to rope and stabbed her 12 times she still has numerous scars from the incident. through counseling she has slowly regained trust in men steal how wish for the future is to see more women in positions of power. not every man like sympathized with says woman or feel the same pain that a feeling and in those politics will find that everywhere every time the leader
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it's a man i think if that could shift a bit being a woman. that will decrease the numbers will. violence and teenage pregnancy in a church or. on a grassroots level tembisa hopes to transform african women into strong and empire take leaders. and that is it for now from africa as always you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page. today with images of efforts underway to combat deserves a vacation in africa next time i write. the
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