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this is deja vu news live from berlin tensions are rising in the gulf as the u.s. orders 1000 more troops to that region the boy meant coming as the u.s. releases new footage it says fruit around was behind the attack on 2 oil tankers near the persian gulf last week and as a rand says it's about to breach the international nuclear accord for the very 1st time also coming out. german investigators say they believe the killing of a regional politician was motivated by far right extremism call to look it was shot
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in the head at close range and what some are calling an execution style shooting. in the former egyptian president mohamed morsy is buried under tight security after he collapsed and died in a cairo cairo port room his muslim brotherhood says he was assassinated and calls for demonstrations. also on the show at the women's world cup germany make it a perfect 3 out of 3 in france tell you about how they down south africa and ensured they'll face an easier opponent in the last 60. i'm broad thomas thanks so much for joining us tensions between the united states and iran are. increasing after the u.s.
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announced it was sending an additional $1000.00 troops to the region and a move also likely to strain ties tehran says it is ending its compliance with the international nuclear accord the u.s. deployment comes as the pentagon releases these new images it says proves around was behind the bombing of 2 oil tankers in the gulf last week around has denied any involvement in those attacks for the very latest let's bring indeed abuse all over south he's following the story for us in washington good morning all over we have the united states saying very clearly that it was to ron that was behind these attacks on 2 tankers in the gulf and it's released a new photo showing what it says is evidence of iran's involvement we're going to bring up that those images right now can you can you tell us what we're seeing all over in these photos. well these pictures were shot from
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a u.s. navy helicopter others were shot from nearby the hollow of one of the attacked tank ers and what we can see is essentially an allegedly. staff personnel. naval employees trying to remove the remainders of a mine that did not explode on one of the tankers you can also see the shape of a speedboat used typically by the arranger revolutionary guards 3 an organization that is considered a terrorist group of the united states and these pictures and these photos published very much are similar to a video footage that the pentagon has published just last week the pentagon sees this as evidence that iran is behind these attacks some members of the international community do share this assessment there is no common standpoint on this within the european union so this continues to be
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a very contentious issue ok for the united states it isn't of course it is now sending $1000.00 additional troops to the region what's their mission going to be. so the acting defense secretary patrick shanahan says this comes in response to a request by the central command which is in charge of all the military operations of the united states in the middle east so they're now sending 1000 troops as you mentioned reportedly the pentagon is considering sending up to 6000 troops in the future so the big question right now here will be whether moderate forces or hardliners will prevail within the u.s. government and administration shanahan has stressed that these troops are only sent to 40 fence purposes that the united states is not aiming for an armed conflict which is by the way exactly what the u.s. president has been promising over and over again he said that the united states
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would pull out of the conflict zones of conflict regions which just come in contrast to the recent strategy on iran a strategy of maximum. stress and. impact on the run all over thanks so much for that for now all over sell it for us in washington . let's brief you now some of the other stories making the news this hour rescue operations are underway in southwestern china following an earthquake that killed at least 12 people the 6.0 magnitude quake in a milder aftershock rocked parts of the province late monday more than 120 people were injured. protests in hong kong are starting to do window after days of mass demonstrations government offices have resumed work roads of reopened to traffic but dozens of protesters remain camped out they fear the government may try to quietly pass a controversial extradition allowing them to send people to mainland china for
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trial. a new zealand court has sentenced a christchurch businessman to 21 months in prison for sharing video of a massacre of worshipers of one of the city's mosques the judge said philip omar said committed a hate crime the video had been recorded by the gunman who killed 51 people in march. at least 12 migrants have drowned after their boat sank off the coast of turkey officials say the vessel capsized in the aegean sea near the greek island of cos 31 other migrants were rescued it's not yet clear what caused a dozen to sick. well here in germany federal prosecutors say they are treating the killing of a regional politician as an act of right wing extremism look who was shot dead earlier this month at his home in the state of has police say the suspected killer has a long track record of violent crimes and is now in custody. police arrested the suspect
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45 year old stuff on the at his home early on sunday morning the next day germany's federal prosecutor took over the case after concluding that lukas killing was motivated by right wing extremism he if you expect the suspects previous actions and the views he expressed publicly strongly point to this motive in 1060. some right wing extremists applauded lucas killing on social media prompting investigators to suspect that the perpetrator might come from far right circles up definition a good time i thought these are investigating whether the suspect is part of a terrorist group or network but at present we have no reliable indications of this but the federal prosecutor's office has taken up this case because of its particular importance and that in itself shows the dimensions of the murder as a possible political assassinations. stephanie has a criminal record he was previously convicted for his involvement in an attack on a german trade union demonstration he was also linked to an attack on
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a refugee center in 1903 chancellor angela merkel has welcomed the federal prosecutors initiative. this up this is also if it's right and proper that the federal prosecutor has taken over the investigation and that will open questions a cleared up as quickly as possible prosecutors did not disclose whether they had had an opportunity to question stephanie. this is still to come on this program stranded in syria as last of the rebel held on clay the u.n. warns children are especially at risk and what it's calling a looming humanitarian catastrophe in it live prompts. but 1st the former egyptian president mohamed morsy has been buried under heavy security in the capital cairo a day after his sudden death morsy had collapsed and cord state t.v. said he died of a cardiac arrest more scenes muslim brotherhood blamed poor conditions in the
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prison where he was being held and held and has accused the egyptian government of assassinating him. but with many answered questions about the scope straight to cairo and correspondent ruth michelson can you tell us about the human rights groups that are calling for an independent investigation into more since death well we see statements by groups like amnesty international if you do as you say it in monsey. and his death in a car pool and yesterday. and this to say that. the former president was held to 6 is in essentially solitary confinement for at least $23.00 ounce thing that this breach the standards of 2 trips to find and to its actual we also saw that a group of british m.p.'s formed a group the detention review panel they put out a statement. here will last year which said that. the full president
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was at serious risk for mature death due to a lack of medical care for our own going issues such as liver disease and diabetes ok let's talk about what this death means for egypt in just a moment or 1st we're going to take a look at the role mohamed morsi has played in the country's politics. 7 years ago in 2012 mohammed morsy became egypt's 1st democratically elected president. a member of the muslim brotherhood which has since been outlawed morsi won 51 percent of the vote his election followed the arab spring uprising which till the end of a 30 year rule under previous president hosni mubarak who mostly promised to head a government for all egyptians. but dissatisfaction
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quickly grew prompting huge protests against him but many were angry about the muslim brotherhood's influence on politics and believed morsi had failed to deliver on his promises. after just one year in office morsi was ousted in a military takeover led by egypt's current president abdel fattah el-sisi. most he was immediately arrested and remained behind bars until his death he was serving a life sentence related to the killing of protesters in 2012 demonstrations and he was facing at least 6 other trials his supporters say the charges against him were politically motivated and that he was being mistreated and denied medical treatment whilst in prison the muslim brotherhood has blamed the egyptian government for his death. takesh president resurrect type ad one paid tribute to melissy while also
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condemning president al sisi. you see because the rest al brother morsi armadas soul and peace with. the more chrissy beautiful as you know are the tyrant sisi who took power in egypt by suppressing democracy through coup. has so far executed nearly 50 egyptians and the west has remained silent cissie. meanwhile egypt's chief prosecutor has released a statement saying medical experts will determine the cause of most estab seemingly so sudden in the courtroom on monday. how of addictions then reacting to morse in sudden death. oh i mean it's you remember that this man was an extremely controversial and divisive figure. he was
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a freedom of democracy as a symbol of freedom and democracy he represented a time in our review group that had operated underground for many many years to others he was an enemy of the state and will remain that way and probably will may now wait them. out again his opponents including the people currently in power this stands in treason as a difficult but somewhat uncontroversial event. and you know his eyes or excuse me an era as this man was a criminal who died in prison some of his supporters or even other political figures from across the political spectrum in egypt do you feel that his death was unfortunately somewhat inevitable given the lack of poor treatment sees me given the treatment that he was suffering for his ongoing medical conditions while in prison and they say that his his death was essentially symbolic of the treatment of political prisoners in egypt today. the muslim brotherhood that morsi once led has
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called for protests what can we expect in cairo in the days ahead. well i think that it would be difficult to say that there would be some kind of a democratic or conventional political response protesting has essentially been banned here since 2030 and the muslim brotherhood is now as a terrorist organization in egypt and so anyone expressing support for the group is likely to find themselves in some considerable danger at the same time that doesn't lead that we out that there is no risk of seeing some kind of final response there are groups that love all sheets from the brotherhood and it's michelle from the group in 2030 that are likely or tension at risk of staging some attacks around the city and we seeing that. the egyptian authorities have stepped up security around
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cairo as a result response thanks for that from cairo. it's to syria now where government forces backed by russian airstrikes have intensified their offensive on the country's last rebel held province in love dozens of people have been killed over the last few months an estimated 70000000 people live in the province according to the u.n. 1100000 of them are internally displaced refugees many of them live in overcrowded camps the un has warned of a looming humanitarian catastrophe in the region president bashar al assad for his part has vowed to retake all of syria and that means civilians especially children are dressed. so bomb is very nervous as he waits for the big news his wife is giving birth in this clinic men are not allowed to enter the pediatric ward it's one of the few places pregnant women in northern england can go. after 10 hours of
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waiting the moment has finally arrived so boss wife has given birth to a boy mahmoud. the proud father can hardly believe his luck he sends the 1st snap shot of the newborn to all his friends and relatives. we came here to northern syria say my wife could safely deliver her child i'll stay here until tomorrow and then we'll bring our baby to our hut. but a bleak existence with no prospects awaits the family there the camp in italy offers refuge to 800000 people they come from across syria fleeing assad's bombs now they're stranded here and the country's last rebel held enclave they have a vague hope for some security. there are practically no jobs there's not enough food water or medicine. and his loved ones have already lived in the camp for 2 years for people in
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a simple room with tarps there's no protection from the heat his daughters suffers from bronchitis but no one can help here they prefer to go back home to hama but that's simply impossible. we can't go back because there's permanent fighting bombing and shooting and whenever we tried to return there were grenade attacks and barrel bombs. and the families from across italy and hope to get a little help in the ellicott clinic one of the few medical centers that has not been destroyed by bombing. 126 children are treated here every day but the clinic has long been unable to treat all of them it lacks doctors and medicine newborns in particular are quickly released and do not receive the protection and the care they urgently need. unfortunately the newborns often live in
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tents and barracks instead of houses and their parents often bring them back to the clinic in very poor condition after just a couple of days because their living situation is so bad. i think that's a bad son mahmoud could also share his mother still weak herself after giving birth the newborn is extremely vulnerable an uncertain future awaits him and syria's last rebel stronghold. well today the european union will discuss whether to open membership talks with albania and north macedonia officials say north macedonia should be rewarded or settling a name to the last year with neighboring grace but albanians chances of membership while they are less hopeful. that balkan state is considered one of the most corrupt nations in europe bribes in the construction business for example are commonplace as our correspondent there reports from the capital.
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he is one of biggest developers. to re want to talk about the issue that's crippling his business government corruption. the buildings that lined the streets of tirana seem normal but they have a dark side in order to get the building permits officials here often ask for bribes. this rooftop however belongs to a building where according to for financing in licensing were done by the book that's a tough road to take in. in 2006 he became known for publicly accusing the administration of tirana the officials had wanted a payoff. once i had to get a construction permission for piece of land and multi-story construction a very good someone came to me and asked me for the bribe and i told him i would give you 1000000 euro's but let me start the building because you were take this
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1000000 and then you will tell me that i would have this permission he said no he wanted in advance. of any. up to 90 percent of profits from building projects in albania or pocketed by government employees but it's not a big industries that suffer the most i. was worried about the small businesses like this gift shop that he represents. over the last few years more than 90000 of them had to close the head of albania small business association said most of them simply couldn't afford greasing poms and nobody's there to protect them. and the i know. you can count the times these corrupt inspectors have been convicted on just one hand. most of the time they aren't afraid to total to ask for a bribe. because nobody punishes them. all sends them to jail
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when they openly ask for a payoff. there is nothing worse than having to give them your monthly profit as a bright new gun case. to. get better. the people here in the justice ministry denied any involvement the minister herself says she is actively fighting corruption with a reform of the justice system that is part of the e.u. exception process perhaps it is not just a talent of the talent of all countries even a few working countries and we have done some good steps but of course that we have to do more because the corruption it's not. that you can kill in one day. most people will be in you however are far less confidence. survey this current political class when not
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a much are paying into the european union because if it and to see e.u. the same will happen i think gracious the moment gracious and the use of prime minister went to china and hit all the political class from 1992 until now they will just have to go to jail at these sort of mine. with illicit funds flowing steadily and no change in sight albania's prospects of becoming a part of the european union any time soon are diminishing one bribe at a time. we have some sports for you now and in basketball these celebrations for the new n.b.a. champions trotter raptors well they were unfortunately marred by gunshots that left 4 people wounded those shots and fans running for cover in that city's main square police say 3 people have been arrested about 2000000 people turned out to cheer on the raptors who are celebrating their 1st ever n.b.a.
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title they beat the golden state warriors in the finals of become the 1st canadian team to clinch the championships. ok let's go to the women's world cup in france now where germany put in a very strong performance tom de lay is here from this war c'est good morning tom how did germany get to this incredible success a great one really over south africa yeah definitely has been a fantastic form of germany so far we saw them grind out the win against china they ground out another victory against spain in their subsequent games a few actually before ball even being kicked last they're already qualified in south africa something of an easier opponent before the game. said they were going to sit back they were going to take it easy they wanted to win the group and go through on top 3 wins out of 3 is what they've done now off the last night's victory in. germany power the pressure on south africa from the get go and force an early corner melanie lloyd postponed the ball over the line for the opener. gemini
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told by ana by on a defense apart again and again and extended their lead on 28 minutes it's gifted the house 2nd of the tournament. and it was 3 just before the break captain alexandra park city how team into half time with smiles on their faces. they didn't wait long to score off to the restart you know mcgrew with the rebound to make it cool. first pop was and then julia given had the ball in the back of the net. both efforts were ruled offside for until the final score was germany when a group and remain unbeaten in a world cup group stage game since 995 south africa and home pointless. tom the 4 nil victory does that show just how strongly germany is shaky shaping up in this tournament so yeah we've seen them getting better as the tournament has gone on so far which is always a very positive sign for
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a campaign like this they set themselves up very well now for their round of 16 trash they'll face one of the teams who go through 3rd place for the far in their group so germany as. winners of the group avoid basically the trickiest opponents they still haven't conceded a single goal tournament and you know 4 goals last night in the 1st couple of games we've seen the struggling to score a little bit lost not really scored very freely so it's looking pretty good ok how was the rest of the play last night so 3 more games that were on last night china and spain in group 8 produced a new new draw what they both go through though to the next round norway in group a beat south korea 2 once a norway going through south korea. joining south africa on their way home and from there in group a complete a perfect record in negatives are 3 wins out for a front for france they had a hard time against roger it wasn't so this penalty was taken when the nigerian keeper was judged to have been off headline that when you were not actually fine
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you managed to put it in so yes one knew the final score in the france game and that's 3 wins out free for them and they go through on top of a group of 9 points but you have to say that they were done a quite serious favor last night by the video system restoration system ok very still very controversial that system is that it is i mean especially for the nigerian fans the nigerian coach is really up in arms about that decision last night because you know there's about a centimeter between the keepers here and the lines. fairly hard done by unfortunately what do we look forward to later today 2 more guys. who's on tonight's. taking on brazil in group c. now it's only have been fairly surprised success so far in the tournament remember their 1st victory against australia and then they sent to make i think for 5 no so it's a d. also looking to finish strong they could join france and germany with 9 points out of a possible night and the other game in group c. is australia against jamaica now a straight a good team hoping to do well in jamaica just want
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a goal ok we're looking forward to all of that later today thanks for now tom get a life of this forced us. and we're staying with a football up next kick off we have a special long the africa cup of nations stay tuned for that i'm brian thomas for the entire news saying thanks for being here.
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to talk to. me this summer's hawks because the africa cup of nations 24 teams give it their all. who are the favorites what are the fans into sports if . we take a closer look for the 2000 mind to africa cup of nations kicks off. kicked off.
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i am. it's been 15 years since the moon landing. she was the 1st man to walk on the moon. as a small boy she dreamed of the stars. as a pilot she flew anything no matter dress. shirts or go to the pole. as an astronaut he took part in the greatest adventure in history.
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a hero a legend. simply a human being who was neil armstrong. was his destiny starts july 20th on t.w. cut. was. a continent wide party kicks off on june 21st that's right it's the start of africa cup of nations and events.


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