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the be . this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin killed execution style by a suspected far right extremist killings government course the fatal shooting of a politician a month in new code disgusting and fitted to a long belt with the country's democracy also coming up. former egyptian president mohamed morsi is a buried amid tight security on trees suddenly collapsed and died during a court session in cairo his muslim brotherhood organization says he was assassinated and has ordered for protests. and before my head to other european
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football michel platini has been detained by police in front of the t.v. is being held in an investigation into the awarding of the 2022 world cup soccer tournament to the gulf state on dot. showing a very warm welcome to you i'm. welcome to the program and jimmy's interior minister has warned that driving extremism poses a serious danger to german society hospital for was reacting to the execution style killing of a catholic city official who spoke out in favor of chancellor macas policies the awful call of the killing an alarm bell directed or germans he said that the righteous extremism must be fought with all means consistent with the rule of law.
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police have arrested a suspected rightly extremist in the case we have this report police arrested the suspect 45 year old stefan at his home early on sunday morning the next day germany's federal prosecutor took over the case after concluding the killing was motivated by right wing extremism he if you expect the suspects previous actions and the views he expressed publicly strongly point to this motive. and. some right wing extremists applauded lucas killing on social media prompting investigators to suspect that the perpetrator might come from far right circles up to fight it to get tied stories are investigating whether the suspect is part of a terrorist group or network but i present we have no reliable indications of this and that's what the federal prosecutor's office has taken up this case because of its particular importance and that in itself shows the dimensions of the murder as
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a possible political assassinations. he has a criminal record he was previously convicted for his involvement in an attack on a german trade union demonstration he was also linked to an attack on a refugee center in 1993 chancellor angela merkel has welcomed the federal prosecutors initiative. this up this is also it's right and proper that the federal prosecutor has taken over the investigation and that will open questions a cleared up as quickly as possible. prosecutors did not disclose whether they had had an opportunity to question stuff from the from on the story i'm joined by chief political correspondent melinda crean melinda jimmy's interior minister said this kind of crime should be taken as a warning signal and what is that supposed to mean well he went on to say that this crime and crimes like it are a danger for our entire free society so clearly his message is that society needs
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to take this incident very very seriously indeed he's also sending the message that of course he has interior minister is doing so and that's partly in response to the fact that german security officials and and political officials have in the past been accused of being blind in the right meaning blind to the risk of political violence from the right to some degree that certainly would apply to the interior minister himself he went on in his remarks to say we're seeing a brutalization of political discourse we're seeing the decline of ethics and morals in our public language and frankly many people would see a certain irony in that statement because the interior minister in his long drawn out battle with chancellor merkel over her open door migration policy use of very
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harsh language indeed and many would say poured fuel on the fires of the a phobia in germany and finland in the posthumous security services had been accused of turning a blind eye to right wing extremism have anything changed. it has changed in the past 6 months the interior ministry has set up a special task force to look into right wing violence it has recently issued a report describing what it sees as a serious threat of political violence on the far right however in the longer term it certainly has i think to some degree relativize right wing violence by equally emphasizing islamist violence although in fact if you look at the absolute numbers the fact is there have been a lot more crimes associated with the right wing than with islamist terrorism so i
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think yes the changes are happening but they're happening slowly and if they do you know to the day that the only surviving member of a racially motivated rightwing finn was convicted for rule in the killings of 10 people on the concerns that that does not and that is not the end of the story actually well yes there are as i said the interior ministry issued a report in this year that says that of 24000 people in germany known to be associated with right wing extremist groups up to 50 percent 12000 may be potentially violent and dangerous we've also seen broad sweeps in 13 different federal states just in the month of june that were directed at the perpetrators of hate speech online so there is definitely i think a climate and certainly other experts confirm this as well a climate in which there is a sense that there is a rising risk of violence that's not to say that we're going to find out that the
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particular perpetrator who's accused here the suspect is part of a larger pattern but certainly the risk is there. right melinda political correspondent thank you for that analysis former egyptian president mohamed morsi has been buried in the capital of cairo a day after his sudden death lucy had been in prison since being forced out of office 6 years ago human rights groups including amnesty international calling for an independent investigation into his death early on tuesday morning mohamed morsi was quietly birdied at this cemetery in cairo in a private ceremony his family said their goodbyes requests for a public event in honor of egypt's 1st democratically elected president have reportedly been denied by the country's authorities authorities that are
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increasingly coming under fire after morsy sudden death the former leader known to have diabetes was often held in solitary confinement and barred from receiving visitors the muslim brotherhood blames the egyptian government for the untimely loss of one of their own. the how. the military regime is responsible for mr morsi his death. those who imprisoned him unfairly and deprived him of medication and contact with his family. what happened to him is a crime and we call for an international investigation. they're not alone in their claim human rights groups are also calling for an independent probe into the detention conditions and death of the ousted president. we believe. that. president morsi isolation and treatment might amount to torture
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according to the un convention i think sees his government have shown up for. contempt for the basic human needs. morsi had been behind bars since 2013 when he was toppled in a military takeover led by egypt's current president of del fatah el-sisi he was serving a life sentence related to the killing of protesters and demonstrations against his leadership he was facing at least 6 other trials. egypt's chief prosecutor has released a statement saying medical experts will determine the cause of more sees death a death many believe could have been avoided. it's been hard being up to date with some other stories making news around the risky operations underway in southwestern china. that killed at least 12 people the $6.00 magnitude quake and a mile off the shock rocked parts of sichuan province late on monday more than $120.00 people. a new zealand court has sentenced
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a christchurch businessman to 21 months in prison for sharing a video of the massacre of worship as the city's mosques the judge said philip romps had committed a hate crime the video had been recorded by the gunman who killed 51 people in march in a terrorist attack. the court has ruled that the till scheme he wanted to introduce for autobahns highways violates antidiscrimination it was due to come into effect next year and would have applied to nonresidents using the autobahn austria had filed a lawsuit to stop the. former you if a president michel platini has been detained in connection with an investigation into the award of the 2022. in 201013 is being held for questioning by french authorities at the anticorruption office
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outside congress the decision to award the atonement to thought it was controversial. was originally said had said he was going to vote for the us and then changed his mind after a meeting with the leader of the got state. for more on this story i'm joined by jonathan crean from sports desk welcome to 1st of all how significant is this development this is a very major develop very significant developments i think in this story that men are really going away because ever since guitar was awarded the 2020 world cup back in 2010 there's been this. michel platini was one of. people as we said who voted for could saw sitting on thief is that his executive committee at the time the team is a legend or french he was the way for president the head of european football's governing body back then so he had a vote he was even ticked actually to replace 10 feet of president sepp blatter
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before the pay is down $4.00 in 2015 so he really is a big fish a big fish and tell us now about the investigation what's going on well beyond his detention we don't really know too much at this stage as you said he's been taken to this corruption office west of paris that story 1st reported by the french out of media has now been confirmed by french just so authorities but because it's going investigation they really can't say too much more at this stage we're yet to hear from platini pezzini has consistently denied any wrongdoing what we do know is that french authorities have been investigating the bidding process into the 20182022 world cups looking at things like corruption influence peddling also detained if you deal who was a former sports advisor then french president nicolas sarkozy and his right hand man former right hand man pro gay all have been taken in for questioning but as a witness and i understand that the investigators particularly interested in the
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meeting that he had back in 2010 what happened there's always been a lot of intrigue platini. to vote for back in 20 the meeting as you mentioned was held in secret in paris just before it was hosted by then president nicolas sarkozy platini was present then crown prince of qatar who is now the enemy and now basically platini had promised sepp blatter according to step back that he was going to vote for the united states there was this gentleman's agreement platini then according to blast the road back on that promise. now he's denied it was because sarkozy told him 2 specific. but platini himself has admitted he knew it was probably the right thing to be doing but just then back in 2017 feet was old an investigation found no corruption in the bidding so what's changed yet this is the coffee report finally released in 2017 that there was no evidence of improper
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activity by the team that it did to if they didn't quite meet the standards required that alongside the thief investigation we also have some investigations the french one that this risks one we know the f.b.i. the united states is also looking into fee for because the decision to award gets all this from has always raised eyebrows temperatures in the summer it's 50 degrees hardly ideal for playing football and though the front has now been pushed to the winter i think the questions about kids are have never gone away and this is the latest development in this long story and we have to see where this investigation goes jonathan came from did obvious but says thank you very much you are. getting to iran now but president hassan rouhani has said that that iran will not wage war against any nation he was speaking after the u.s. announced it was sending an additional $1000.00 troops to the region in response to what it calls a threat by iran it also comes as fed on says it's about to violate the nuclear accord it signed with the international community in 2015 the u.s.
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has released new images it says proves iran was behind the bombing of 2 oil tankers in the gulf last week it on rejects these allegations these are the new images that the u.s. says proves iran was behind the attacks on 2 oil tankers last thursday in the gulf of oman on it the u.s. claims an unexploded mine was being removed from one of the tankers to hide evidence iran denies any involvement. the u.s. says that its new deployment includes security forces and troops for additional surveillance and intelligence gathering in the region american observers believe this escalation is aimed at deterring iran and calming allies worried that transit through key shipping lanes could be in jeopardy. iran has announced it will soon breach limits on how much enrich uranium it can stockpile under the international nuclear deal it's signed in 2015 it also says it will be able to make
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weapons grade uranium last year u.s. president donald trump pulled the u.s. out of the deal and reimposed economic sanctions on iran and even though the americans withdrew from the deal they still want iran to comply with the restrictions. we have made it very clear that this president came into office and since the secretary came there that we will not tolerate in on the an iran obtaining a nuclear weapon full stop the european union and the un have called for caution regarding actions based on the attack on the 2 oil tankers implementation of the nuclear deal hong kong's executive a chief executive katty lamas the fun of handling of a controversial extradition been but is not offered to withdraw it didn't come upon it said she would have granted training to connect with young people but the territories controversial media stopped short of resigning as demonstrators are demanding hong kong's leader did say she takes full responsibility let's listen to
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part of what she said i have heard you allow and clia and have reflected deeply on all that has transpired the concerns over the past few months have been caused by deficiencies in the work of the government over the amendment exercise i personally have to show that much of the responsibility. there's us led to control this at and societies in society. for this i offer my most sincere apology so all people of hong kong. that was a carrier hong kong's chief executive of the european union has postponed a decision on whether to start access in talks with north macedonia and albania until autumn when jim is in europe mr michel
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a lot more time is needed to assess their requests munna 2 countries officials have suggested the north macedonia should be rewarded for settling a name dispute with neighboring greece but albania chances for membership are less hopeful the balkan status considered one of the most corrupt countries in europe bribes in the construction business for example commonplace as a correspondent. reports from the capital tirana. biggest developers. 100 in france already want to talk about the issue that's crippling his business government corruption. the buildings that lined the streets of tirana seem normal but they have a dark side in order to get the building permits officials here often ask for bribes. this rooftop however belongs to a building where according to fraud financing and licensing were done by the book
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that's a tough road to take in. in 2006 he became known for publicly accusing the administration of. the officials had wanted a payoff. he had to get a construction permission for piece of land and multi-story construction is very good someone came to me and asked before the bright and i told. him i would give you 1000000 euros but let me start the building because you were take this 1000000 and then you will tell me that i want half this permission he said he wanted in advance. you know. up to 90 percent of profits from building projects in albania are pocketed by government employees but it's not the big industries that suffer the most. who is worried about the small businesses like this gift shop that he represents. over the last few years more than 1000 of them had to close the head of
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albania small business association said most of them simply couldn't afford greasing palms and nobody is there to protect them. and the i know. you can count the times these corrupt inspectors have been convicted on just one hand and then i've stated that most of the time they aren't afraid to tool to ask for a bribe. because nobody punishes them or sends them to jail when they openly ask for a payoff. that there is nothing worse than having to give them your monthly profits as a bribe newcomer case a group. should think. about. the people here in the justice ministry denied any involvement the minister herself says she is actively fighting corruption with a reform of the justice system that is part of the e.u. accession process perhaps it is not just
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a talent of the talent of all countries even a few countries and we have done some good steps but of course that we have to do more because the corruption it's not. that you can kill in one day. most people in you however are far less confident. this current political class went out of the which are paying into the european union because if it and to see e.u. the same what happened i think gracious the moment. gracious and. the prime minister went to china and here all the political class from 1992 until now they all deserve to go to jail. with. no change in sight albania's prospects of becoming a part of the european union any time soon are diminishing. time.
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to syria now where government forces backed by russian as strikes have intensified their offensive in the country's last province. dozens of people have been killed over the last few months an estimated 3000000 people live in a province according to u.n. figures just over a 1000000 of them are internally displaced refugees many lived in overcrowded camps the un has warned of a looming humanitarian catastrophe in the province we spoke to one refugee. who's been living in such a camp this family for 2 he. is very nervous as he waits for the big news his wife is giving birth and this clinic men are not allowed to enter the pediatric ward it's one of the few places pregnant women in northern can go. after 10 hours of waiting the moment has finally arrived so of us wife has given birth to
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a boy mahmoud. the proud father can hardly believe his luck he sends the 1st snapshot of the newborn to all his friends and relatives. we came here to northern syria say my wife could safely deliver her child i'll stay here until tomorrow and then we'll bring our baby to our hut. but a bleak existence with no prospects awaits the family there the camp in italy offers refuge to 800000 people they come from across syria fleeing assad's bombs now their strategy here and the country's last rebel held enclave they have a vague hope for some security. there are practically no jobs there's not enough food water or medicine. and his loved ones have already lived in the camp for 2 years for people in
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a simple room with tarps there's no protection from the heat his daughters suffers from bronchitis but no one can help here they prefer to go back home to hama but that's simply impossible. we can't go back because there's permanent fighting bombing and shooting and whenever we tried to return there were grenade attacks and barrel bombs. and the families from across italy hope to get a little help in the allen carr clinic one of the few medical centers that has not been destroyed by bombing. 126 children are treated here every day but the clinic has long been unable to treat all of them it lacks doctors and medicine newborns in particular are quickly released and do not receive the protection and the care they urgently need. unfortunately the newborns often live in tents and barracks instead of houses and their parents often bring them back to the
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clinic in very poor condition after just a couple of days because they're living situation is so bad. a fate that survives son mahmoud could also share his mother is still weak herself after giving birth the newborn is extremely vulnerable an uncertain future awaits him and syria's last rebel stronghold. now for some sports and women's football at the world cup germany have won a group be head off spain and china which also advance to the knockout stage this after a phatic 4 nil victory with south africa. germany powerful pressure on south africa from the get go and force an early corner melanie low post on the ball over the line for the opener. germany told by an hour by hour as defense apart again and again and extended their lead on 28 minutes the brits gifted the 1st 2nd of the
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tournament. and it was 3 just before the break captain alexander park city her team into halftime with smiles on their faces. they didn't wait long to score after the restart you know mccool with the rebound to make it for. the 1st part. and then julia given how the ball in the back of the let's put both efforts were offside for nil the final score is germany when their group and remain unbeaten in the world cup group stage game since 1995 south africa at home pointless. you're watching the devil here's here's a recap of the top story that you're following for you germany's interior minister has warned that a right wing extremism poses a serious danger to german society post was reacting to the execution style killing of politicians by a suspect with links to the far right. up
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next i document remembering the disappeared istanbul saturday modest stay with us for that if we can and i'll have the news for you at the top of the forward to seeing you there by.
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remembering the disappeared. whether in police custody or jail in turkey hundreds of people of color missing for decades. the safety of those who protest against these disappearances despite government harassment. their need to know is also putting anything. close up next on g.w. .
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i'm not laughing at them well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and with that message i don't think deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes aquatics me or think the future of the country that i not. yet needed to take for this drama. they out to eat because it's all about who took a look i might show join me to meet the general sunday w. post. an early google tourist guide from a tremendous booming capital i love berlin the scope of the multicultural metropolis you know where your image series the bedlam down the balance in life choices any of it i love the even ones shown once again so it's a new look like the surface was like me despite this 15 nations 50 story and
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50 very personal tips on berlin's very best in terms. of. good announced earlier every week on t.w. . over 2 decades families in istanbul have been demanding information on the disappearance of their loved ones but the added one government has banned protests by the group known as the saturday modest. despite the growing pressure iran is determined to continue the fight for justice for her missing brother. ben i also will to secure i've spent 38 years of my life looking for my brother.


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