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this is it every news lawyer from berlin raising a red flag germany's top security official says the political assassination of a local politician is an alarm bell for german democracy or say hoffer germany's interior minister calls the fatal shooting of politicians multi-boot earlier this month repulsive and says it is evidence of the dangerous new face of right wing
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extremism also coming up a 1st apology from hong kong's leader kerry lamb for the under a start by her controversial extradition failed but despite taking responsibility for the crisis she refuses to resign protesters are still calling for her to step down as the former head of european football mishit that teammate maintains his innocence after being detained by police in france investigators are looking into the awarding of the 2022 world cup soccer tournament to the gulf state of qatar. on the ark thank you so much for your company everyone. it's an assassination that has sent shock waves through germany a regional pro migrant politicians shot execution style on the terrace of his own.
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home well now 2 weeks later police have a suspect in custody a man believed to be a far right sympathizer federal prosecutors have taken over the case and today germany's interior minister weighed in calling the attack an alarm bell directed at all germans. the heat is on germany's interior ministry and federal investigative agencies have come under pressure since yesterday's revelations that politician about his death may have been a political act a statement by far right extremists so many questions are still on the answers. whether the perpetrator acted alone or as part of a group or is just part of a network is not clear at this time you soviets inside. the clock. authorities have about 2700 violent right wing extremists on their radar the suspect in this case stephanie a from the city of castle has a record of extreme right crimes he was known to federal police but was not under
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active surveillance his previous convictions date from almost 10 years ago. but in islam is just as we categorized islamists as sleeper agents we have to imagine a similar scenario is possible for right wing extremists and. experts on extremism aren't assuming that the perpetrator acted alone and they say the far right scene has evolved. i'm afraid that lapses in surveillance can happen if police are only looking for the classic group structure when these groups or early advertise themselves as such so far police have not located the weapon used to kill luka instead they've relied on d.n.a. evidence to charge the suspect well the interior minister has said offer caution that the killing of luke is a crime that should be taken as a warning signal melinda crane our chief political correspondent explained what he meant by that. well he went on to say that this crime and crimes like it are
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a danger for our entire free society so clearly his message is that society needs to take this incident very very seriously indeed he's also sending the message that of course he as interior minister is doing so and that's partly in response to the fact that german security officials and. political officials have in the past been accused of being a blind in the right meaning blind to the risk of political violence from the right and to some degree that certainly would apply to the interior minister himself he went on in his remarks to say we're seeing a brutalization of political discourse we're seeing the decline of ethics and morals in our public language and frankly many people would see a certain irony in that statement because the interior minister in his long drawn out battle with chancellor merkel over her open door migration policy use some very
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harsh language indeed and many would say poured fuel on the fires of xenophobia in germany. she fled a correspondent in the crane reporting earlier while here in berlin german chance on the american has welcomed ukraine's recently elected president for a lot of resiliency for talks says he is in the german capital for bilateral talks and to discuss ongoing efforts to bring peace to eastern ukraine where kiev is fighting a russian backed separatists but was a brief moment of concern before the talks began as chancellor merkel started to shake as the pair waited in the heat she later blamed the spell on dehydration and we can talk to our correspondent in berlin our political correspondent. and in kiev an economy is standing by a very good day to you both want to start with you nick in kiev what is the significance for the ukraine's new president this this particular bilateral visit
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why is he here. well 1st and foremost this was an opportunity for the 2 leaders to really set eyes on each other for the 1st time normally at this level in politics people will have come across each other by the time they get to office but with a newcomer like zelinsky someone who wasn't on the political scene just a couple of months ago this really is the 1st time that they have met there was a lot of head scratching after he won that landslide victory back in april people really not clear the establishment politicians not knowing how to deal with let's see what kind of leader he would turn out to be so that's 1st and foremost broadly there's a lot of agreement on a whole range of issues between germany and ukraine but there are the as you mentioned the issue of sanctions against russia some fear here in ukraine that there are a growing voice in germany for ending those sanctions on russia while chancellor merkel herself has said that she will fight to keep them in place there have been growing voices across the pool spectrum to end those then there's gas the pipeline
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that russia is building to germany which goes past ukraine which ukraine says undermines its energy security so there were some contentious issues there but i think more more more than all of that the really important thing for today was about the mood music these are 2 leaders who really couldn't be much more different in terms of style and temperament and this is an opportunity for them to show that they can work together and also it will bring peace to donbass which is of course the most important issue in relations between ukraine and the e.u. as a whole all right well let's find out if the 2 leaders hit it off well let's go to emma here and land so how did it go. well what i can say indeed that. they got on together it was their cajun for a chance language america to show germany's support towards the ukraine she say germany was supporting bose the economy development and democracy development of ukraine saying that germany was welcoming the reform steps undertaken while those
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were acknowledged acknowledged to be difficult and i got america so 2 and a fair. process agreement she said as long as there is no a progress on this front of the sanctions cannot be lifted and it's thanks she was related to crimea can only be lifted if crimea returns to ukraine so a clear stance from the german chancellor of germany would only be open to lifting the western sanctions against russia if ukraine sovereignty were to be restored and of course germany very very keen to see some progress taking place on the peace process what canceling the offer on that issue remind us again what the minsk peace process is for those of us who don't know. well that was the format that basically froze this conflict in the form it is now that prevented the
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fighting continuing and spreading across ukraine these were talks that were held in the capital minutes with the russian side the ukrainian side and then representatives from europe from germany france there on hand to see that happen basically we've seen very little progress towards a political negotiated solution to that conflict the front line hasn't moved but the continue the killing continues soldiers on the ukrainian side but also on the separatists dying even in the last few weeks i think selenski will very soon find that he's not able to change as much as maybe he's been hoping to promise in his 1st months in office he spoke very eloquently in his inaugural speech about wanting to prevent ukrainian soldiers dying at the front and doing everything he could to do that. except rather. giving up ukraine's sovereignty to crimea not all this in his hands the kremlin is the place that is the main player that
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isn't hasn't been engaged in these talks currently they are very influential in terms of what the separatists do and even if he were to find some kind of compromise he could make to really move things on there is a very active civil society here in ukraine hundreds of thousands of people who have fought the front thousands of people who've lost their lives there so there's a big picture of the constituency as it were who are really watching his back and will not allow him to make any compromise that they see being against ukraine's interests and emma finally had to go back to the meeting greet something happened there can you tell us what. exactly and america during. play of the 2 national anthems seemed visibly 2 to shake and she was shaking visibly and she was trying to come tain the situation but that led to some questioning of the house of the german chancellor and he's a watch out to say to downplay the incident and to reassure people. up in switch and i've drunk at least 3 glasses of water which i apparently needed so now i'm
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doing very well. to boot. ok all is well it seems out and obvious little correspondent reporting here in berlin and in kenya for you as always nick calmly thank you book i want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world a new zealand court has sentenced a christ church businessman to 21 months in prison for sharing video of the massacre of worshipers at one of the city's mosques the church said philip arts had committed a hate crime the video had been recorded by the gunman who killed 51 people back in march. a powerful earthquake has struck off the northwest coast of japan triggering tsunami warning officials warned coastal areas in the northwest to expect a wave of up to one meter after the magnitude $6.00 tremor the quake has knocked
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out power to thousands of homes but no injuries have been reported so far. former you way for president michel platini has maintained his innocence after being detained in connection with an investigation into the awarding of the 2022 soccer world cup to tar back in 201013 he was being held for questioning by french authorities at the anticorruption office outside paris the decision to award the tournament to qatar was controversial the t.v. originally said he was going to vote for the united states but then changed his mind after a meeting with the leader of the gulf state. let's get you more on this developing story i'm joined now here in the studio mark meadows from the sports desk mark good to have you here with us we've already heard from a shop within his legal team what that they say about this arrest well 1st of all they've said he's innocent and they also very clearly stated that this is not an arrest rob of being good as a witness now the will report earlier that he'd been arrested but actually under
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french law he's allowed to be questioned now for a set amount of time and then he can walk away or they would have to charge him with some sort of offense but as the lawyers are saying he's been heard as a witness at this point does seem unlikely still not a great position to be in for him what does this development mean well it's come out of the blue really especially as it's come from french authorities because we've known for quite some time that swiss authorities have been investigating the awarding of the will cook to qatar that's because you way for and future of both based in switzerland obviously the huge scandal we've had in the last 5 years kind of came to a head in the u.s. because u.s. authorities went after people because money being transferred into u.s. thank you cams in dollars meant that they could have some jurisdiction so now suddenly the french are involved and what was very interesting in actually the statement from the lawyers was he said he was also questioned with regard to the warding of euro 2016 to france so that is another reason why that is maybe why the
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french authorities are getting involved at this point because they're investigating a tournament that happened in france. so it's all kind of shrouded in mystery at the moment going to have to wait and see when actually the french authorities say something concrete where investigators are zoning or homing in to is of course that meeting that took place in 2010 what exactly happened well we all fought ahead of the vote for the 2022 world cup that then head of your way for was going to vote for the united states of the united states are going to have a world cup now in 2026 alongside mexico and canada but suddenly he then voted for qatar and there was a lot of basically 9 days before the vote which was held by nicolas sarkozy who was then french president and the ne i was there and 13 was there and then 13 ends up working for qatar now he says there was nothing untoward going on that was just a normal meeting what is strange is this was 9 years ago and we knew about this 9 years ago so why suddenly now are the french authorities getting involved again
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this meeting happened in france so that is why the french antiquities officials are involving themselves but it's taken an awful long time and we must say again and again cannot of qatar have always denied wrongdoing ok but fist on investigation back in 2014 found no evidence of any corruption taking place. is this world cup still going to take place in 2022 in qatar can it still i mean it's shrouded in controversy i mean could they call it off i mean we've got a little over 3 years now and if you don't have any evidence then they can't if they've had their own investigation and said look you know there is no reason why kotov should not host as well cook then it's difficult to see any change coming about and even if prosecutors came through of some evidence then time is ticking i'd say there's only countries like england maybe germany that in this short time frame could suddenly take on
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a tournament of that size but they want to go yeah i mean this is going to. the 1st world cup in the arab world so it should take place at some point asia hasn't had a will cup since 292002 japan and korea so that's a long time so really it is time for asia it is time for the arab world but obviously with all these allegations going around around around people very worried about it all but qatar have always denied any wrongdoing mark meadows from our sports thank you and we shift our attention now to hong kong because their territories leader kerry lamb has apologized for her handling of a controversial extradition bill that has sparked mass protests but she has not offered to completely scrap the bill or to step down for that matter as protesters are demanding. after provoking the biggest protests in hong kong history kerry lamb couldn't put up with a finger pointing and longer the city's embattled chief executive took to the stage and took the blame. i personally have to show them much
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of the responsibility. this has led to controversies this and societies in society. for this i offer my most sincere apology so all people of hong kong. it was an unusually humble appearance by a lamb but for critics the apology was too little too late. carol i'm just curious. it's a story and best for and post only ignore the request of hong kong citizen. demonstrators had called for lamb's resignation amid protests against a controversial new law that would allow extradition from hong kong to mainland china. a law they fear will remain on the table as long as the beijing backed leaders stays in office. that they must go it's
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suspended even indefinitely the bill could be revived some day when congress this government and carla have lost all credibility she says one thing today another tomorrow which is look trust in god she should step down to the charge of them none of us here feels the sincerity in her most sincere apology. we have set a deadline for the government if they don't answer our demands by june 20th our protests may escalate. but there was nothing cut and i. just this morning hong kong slowly started returning to normal government offices resumed work and roads reopened to traffic but with anger refusing to fade this could also just be the calm before the next storm. iran's president hassan rouhani has said that terror on will not wage war against any nation he was speaking after the u.s.
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announced it was sending an additional $1000.00 troops to the region in response to what it calls a threat by iran it also comes as terrazas says it's about to violate the nuclear accord to it's signed with the international community back in 2015 the u.s. has released new images it says proves iran was behind the bombing of 2 oil tankers in the gulf last week iran rejects these allegations. these are the new images that the u.s. says proves iran was behind the attacks on 2 oil tankers last thursday in the gulf of oman on if the u.s. claims an unexploded mine was being removed from one of the tankers to hide evidence iran denies any involvement the u.s. says that its new deployment includes security forces and troops for additional surveillance and intelligence gathering in the region imagine observers believe this escalation is aimed at deterring the iran and calming allies worried that transit through key shipping lanes could be in jeopardy. iran has
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announced it will soon breach limits on how much enrich uranium it can stockpile under the international nuclear deal it's signed in 2015 it also says it will be able to make weapons grade uranium last year u.s. president donald trump pulled the u.s. out of the deal and reimposed economic sanctions on iran and even though the americans withdrew from the deal they still want iran to comply with the restrictions. we have made it very clear that this president came into office in this instance secretary there that we will not tolerate in on the an iran obtaining a nuclear weapon full stop the european union and the un have called for caution regarding actions based on the attack on the 2 oil tankers implementation of the nuclear the former egyptian president mohamed morsi has been buried in the capital cairo a day after his sudden death morsy had been in prison since being forced out of
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office 6 years ago he will rise corpse including amnesty international are calling for an independent investigation into his death. early on tuesday morning mohamed morsi was quietly birdied at this cemetery in cairo in a private ceremony his family said their goodbyes requests for a public event in honor of egypt's 1st democratically elected president have reportedly been denied by the country's authorities authorities that are increasingly coming under fire after morsy sudden death the former leader known to have diabetes was often held in solitary confinement and barred from receiving visitors the muslim brotherhood blames the egyptian government for the untimely loss of one of their own. the humble have all been mostly of the military regime is responsible for mr morsi his death. those who imprisoned him unfairly and deprived him of medication and contact with his family. what happened to him is
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a crime and we call for an international investigation to talk to those who do but . they're not alone in their claim human rights groups are also calling for an independent probe into the detention conditions and death of the ousted president. we believe. that. president morsi isolation and treatment might amount to torture according to the un convention i think seasons government have shown her. contempt for the basic human needs morsi had been behind bars since 2013 when he was toppled in a military takeover led by egypt's current president of del fatah el-sisi he was serving a life sentence related to the killing of protesters and demonstrations against his leadership he was facing at least 6 other trials. egypt's chief prosecutor has
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released a statement saying medical experts will determine the cause of more sees death a death many believe could have been avoided it. now the arctic usually evokes images of snow and ice but a striking picture from the region is now drawing attention to the melting ice sheet there and report a crime as many is here for more tell us what's going on you i mean climate change it can often seem like something abstract this big concept you just can't quite picture but photos like this one we're going to show you really help you see exactly what is going on on our planet and this photo in particular it is very striking here it is this was taken by a danish climate research or this is thursday in greenland that should be ice but it looks like those dogs are essentially walking on water i mean they're actually on an ice sheet about one meter thick but as you can see that ice is melting it's doing so much faster than normal the danish meteorological institute they were out
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there with these sled dogs they were collecting some scientific instruments when that photo was taken leila the team told us today that they've been working with indigenous hunters in the area for nearly a decade to measure the ice there in that region last week extremely warm temperatures made that ice start speeding up in terms of melting normally they wouldn't see that level of melting until late june or even july they also stress that you know climate change is a big problem in the region but you shouldn't necessarily link this melting event directly to climate change although there definitely is a pattern there what do we know about the situation in the arctic overall scientists are saying that the bottom line is that the arctic is melting a lot faster than the rest of the planet the ice across the region is disappearing and we have a few simple numbers from greenland itself to try and put this into perspective for you so this is what we're talking about here on thursday about 45 percent of greenland experienced melting that's nearly half of that country the day before
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that temperatures in greenland were up to $22.00 degrees celsius above normal for this time of year that is a lot warmer. should be greenland's ice is now melting 4 times faster than in 2003 scientists say so far the statistics for the entire region are pointing to 2019 being a record year in terms of ice loss there in that region so that's not good news that is very very concerning indeed now extreme weather in other parts of the world are also being linked to climate change talk to us about that i mean you know climate change is making extreme weather events so anything like a hurricane flooding heat waves is just making this a lot more common we've seen that recently a lot this is a trend that will only continue as the planet keeps warming up here just a few recent examples the we've been covering here a d.-w. 1st of all in india record heat wave has killed scores of people there reached the
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highest june temperature ever recorded in the capital delhi more than 48 degrees celsius you think it's hot right now berlin try 48 degrees the italian island here of sardinia that's a locust storm so we're getting a biblical here late the worst in 7 decades a devastated crops there those are just 2 examples let's end though on a bit of good news shall we people really are starting to wake up to the effects of climate change we've seen these mass protests and movements around the globe. burgling a lot of the student to student movements just yesterday canada's house of commons officially declared a national climate emergency in the country the u.k. parliament of the same last month so people are starting to wake up and hopefully take action with this dramatic weather events and climate change that we're seeing already affecting the well let's hope it's not too late but it's good they're taking action karl last month thank you so very much for that. thank you for watching it do you know you news coming up next so in d.w. news asia the daring stunt that ended in tragedy an indian man dies attempting an
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underwater escape me famous trade harry houdini what went so wrong i don't blogger killing it in that pakistan a critic of the military says down to death near the capital islamabad is this a wider trend in the country all that story and a whole lot more coming up next on the w.'s asian i'll be back at the top of the hour on behalf of all of us for now thank you for spending this part of your day with us.
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on the volume or not and in the end this i mean you're not alone tuesday and more we will send you back. are you familiar with this. when the smugglers would lie and say. what's your story ready ready. i'm
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i'm not laughing at them well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and whip it up and think stephen for german culture of looking at stereotypes aquatics if you think the future of the country guy not. even st nicholas grama. it's all that. i might show join me to meet the gentleman from d.w. post. this is the dublin years a show coming up in the program the stunt that victim of water the grave and indeed magician dies attempting an escape made famous by having houdini john told law he had remarked it would be magic if you pulled it off otherwise. tragic also coming up a killing in pakistan a known critic of the military and politicians is mobbed up near the capital
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islamabad is this a wider trend in the country plus. the addicted to pop.


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