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you know. this is you know he was live from berlin german chancellor angela merkel welcomes her ukrainian counterpart in berlin and the 2 discussed efforts to bring peace to eastern ukraine including a possible extension of russian sanctions but concerns over america goals health of dominated the visit with the chancellor appearing to suffer the effects of dehydration amid a heat wave in the german capital also on the program germany's top security official says the shocking killing of a local politician is an alarm bell for german democracy and evidence of the
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dangerous new face of right wing extremism and the former head of european football we should the teenie maintain this is innocence after being detained by police in france investigators are looking into the awarding of the 2022 world cup soccer tournament to the gulf state of qatar. thank you so much for your company everyone german charles the ugly american who has reiterated her commitment to maintaining russian sanctions over moscow support for separatist forces in eastern ukraine while america all made the comments as she hosts it ukraine's newly elected president vladimir selenski is the former comedian's 1st visit to germany since taking office. ukraine's comedian turned president entered office as an unknown quantity last month but now europe's leaders
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are beginning to learn what he wants his message and berlin keeping up the west sanctions against moscow is the only hope for ending the conflict with russia in eastern ukraine when it was a good sign says there's a doll in ways we did not start this war but we have to and that is quickly as possible but we do problem we do not want our european partners to suffer from the sanctions but this is the only way to end this conflict without bloodshed in my. visitors and i mean that's why we agree thousands long as there is no progress the sanctions count be lifted on concerning crimea they can only be lifted once crimea is returned to ukraine. but the personal seem to overshadow the political at times with one episode triggering worries about chancellor merkel's health. while receiving selenski she was briefly seen trembling in the hot midday sun.
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america was asked after the incident if she was ok and if people should be concerned. as a help inspiration and since then i've trunk at least 3 glasses of water which i apparently needed and now i'm doing very well it would. be a chance they're focused on reassurances both about her wellbeing and about her intent to maintain the sanctions aimed at forcing moscow's hand. and we can talk now to our correspondents are covering this a bilateral meeting in berlin that we have our political correspondent and many russia as and in kiev w.'s nick calmly want to start with emma here in berlin we saw others the troubling pictures of chancellor merican visibly shaking she said it was due to dehydration. exactly she down played the health incidence later on at a press conference after meeting. the lenski but indeed the images of her shaking
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were quite impressive to watch so like i say she done played incident saying it was due to dehydration but the german news agency d.p.a. reported that this isn't the 1st time such incident happened to the german chancellor but both her and put it in there as a landscape played it down when they talked about it at the press conference when a journalist asked people should be wary about the health of the chancellor let's turn now to the bilateral a bilateral meeting rather what were the main issues that were covered yet they talked 1st i'm going to america read to rated germany's support for ukraine's steps towards a more more economy development and towards a more democratic developments in the country and the 2 leaders so probably talks over the the hour long meeting they shared about the north team to pipeline
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project and of course what was in everyone's head today was to minsk peace process and it seems that both parties seem united in their wish to set in motion again. this process which is seen to have stalled over the past months and while it can afford probably welcome more pressure on the german government's side i'm going to america to fear him by the current situation as saying that i quote as long as there is no progress on that front the sanctions can't be lifted the sanctions against russia and the sanctions a related to crimea could only been lifted eve crimea returned to ukraine so there's a strong with here to. ukraine's sovereignty on the german side let's go to nic now to get their perspective for you created germany of course very keen to resuscitate the peace process remind us what the miss peace process
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exactly is and is midst of a lot of the man to help revive it. well the process was the political process back in 2014 that brought the presence of ukraine and russia together in the capital with international mediation and basically froze this conflict in the state has been since then the front line hasn't moved significantly since then we didn't see the conflict spreading to the rest of ukraine but equally we have seen progress being made on a political process that would bring those regions currently held by separatists back into ukrainian control basically both sides essentially playing chicken with each other saying that the other side needs to take the 1st step well in terms of zelinsky chances really to be the person to shake things up i fear he won't be able to make as much progress as he hopes and won't find situations to me if he different to his predecessor petro poroshenko he's definitely changed the negotiating team and tried to work towards changing improving those atmospherics
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bring in people who maybe hand find a better way of speaking to their russian counterparts in all of this but at the end of this the the really longest leaves in all this are in the kremlin that supports those separatist regimes keeps them alive and equally even if he really wants to make the compromises to really see progress happen there is a very determined civil society here in ukraine that has seen thousands of soldiers dying that isn't really in the mood at least now it seems to allow him to make anything that would seem like kowtow to the russians in the last 30 seconds that are remaining is there anything that germany and chancellor merkel can do to a concrete lee help end the war in ukraine. well the hope here in germany is definitely to set back in motion that peace process and today was really all about getting in touch with it like getting to know one another on the on behalf of the to a leader as they had to see whether that was possible whether setting in motion the
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peace process was an option a viable for both of them i mean russia's reporting from berlin and nikolay reporting from kiev ukraine thank you both well next to a killing that has sent shock waves through germany a regional pro myron's politician shot execution style on the terrace of his own home well now 2 weeks later police have a suspect in custody a man believed to be a far right sympathizer federal prosecutors have taken over the case and today germany's interior minister weighed in and called the attack an alarm bell directed at all germans. depression's own and the german interior ministry the government doesn't want to open itself to accusations that it turns a blind eye to far right activities. and it doesn't turn and it's the far right extremist attack on a leading representative of our state is a warning signal for us all to be. on solid.
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authorities are investigating whether the alleged perpetrator acted alone as part of a group or is just one part of a much broader right wing terrorist network it. makes them is the suspect has a far right extremist career behind him if you will which started in the late 1980 s. since then he's been part of the far right scene and has been convicted of a far right crime has begun and he's long been on the radar of the domestic intelligence service that is for some should. but in 2009 the suspect went quiet and had more or less fallen off the radar. at his marksman's club no one will confirm whether he had access to weapons in the town of islam where the politician volta look and was killed hopes were high that the case will soon be cleared up the idea that he might have been murdered for
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his liberal refugee policies is terrifying to many it is a bit dawlish to us here it's terrible that we live in a time or a situation where we have to be afraid of these kinds of far right attacks either on individuals or groups. or local. authorities have been on high alert has details of the case have a matched well over 12000 far right extremists are on the list of potential violent offenders. well the interior minister has say offer caution that the killing of the is a crime that should be taken as a warning signal and melinda crane our chief political correspondent explained what he meant by that. well he went on to say that this crime and crimes like it are a danger for our entire free society so clearly his message is that society needs
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to take this incident very very seriously indeed he's also sending the message that of course he interior minister is doing so and that's partly in response to the fact that german security officials and political officials have in the past been accused of being a blind in the right meaning blind to the risk of political violence from the right to some degree that certainly would apply to the interior minister himself he went on in his remarks to say we're seeing a brutalization of political discourse we're seeing the decline of ethics and morals in our public language and frankly many people would see a certain irony in that statement because the interior minister in his long drawn out battle with chancellor merkel over her open door migration policy use some very harsh language indeed and many would say poured fuel on the fires of xenophobia in
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germany. chief political correspondent linda crane reporting there earlier right let's bring you up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. horse johnson has cemented his lead in the race to become britain's next prime minister he took 126 votes in a 2nd round of balloting to determine who will replace theresa may conservative party leader the winner will be announced in late july after a nationwide ballot of party members conservative and union pro-democracy activists in hong kong have rejected an apology from chief executive kerry lam over her handling of a controversial extradition bill at a press conference earlier she regretted failing to connect with young people and asked for another chance but she refused to say the bill would be permanently were drawn. the un is calling for an independent probe into the sudden death of former egyptian president mohamed morsi as the day after he suffered
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a fatal heart attack while in ports in cairo we're seeing have been in prison since 2013 after being ousted by the military a year after he was elected president. former you a fuck president michel platini has been detained for questioning by french anticorruption police investigating the award of the 2022 world cup to qatar his lawyers say he's innocent but t.v. is currently serving about from football over a separate case. former european football supreme oh michel platini is back in the spotlight he was questioned by french anti corruption offices near paris over allegations of wrongdoing in the awarding of the 2022 world cup to cata his lawyer william left without speaking to reporters but later issued a statement saying part of the questioning had also been about the awarding of the
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2016 european championship to france he added. this is not an arrest but rather being heard as a witness by the investigators within a framework preventing those being questioned and heard from consulting each other during the process prosecutors across the globe have long been looking into the bidding for the 2022 world cup but katter has always denied accusations of corruption and a fee for investigation in 2014 found no evidence in a statement on tuesday world football's governing body said favre reiterate its full commitment to cooperating with the offer a tease in any given country of the world where investigations are taking place in connection with football activities. with just over 3 years left until kickoff it is difficult to imagine that the 1st world cup in the arab world will not take place but platini is reputation has taken a nosedive since he was banned from football over ethics breaches in his dealings with disgraced former fifa chief set blatter that sanction is due to end in october
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but he's questioning by french authorities leaves his future uncertain. i love rock n roll and business news africa is up next and also you can't. fire. the guy i kept. insisting years system. he was the 1st man to walk on. fire. as a small boy he dreamed of the stars. as a consumer anything no matter how.


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