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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  June 18, 2019 9:30pm-10:01pm CEST

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entrain history. but he wrote the legend was simply a human being who was neil armstrong. was his destiny starts july 20th on t.w. . a continent wide party kicks off on june 21st that's right it's the start of the africa cup of nations. as if. you feel
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the superstar. before it's not a game of life and that it's more. it's about deciding the best footballing nation in africa there will be this time around maybe agents will benefit from playing on home turf plus that proven winners in this tournament right chris. berrow for the record she appears with a simple and comes full maybe i'll be defending champs cameroon the football support. how about nigeria who last lifted the title 6 years back. boy's life ever. feel all you need to know about the africa cup of nations here kick off life. they. lead. talk about this years after the
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2019 africa cup of nations. it's bigger than it's ever been. 24 teams play for the same prize this time it's a summertime kickoff and the fans like always excited for the tournaments it's feel . your passport hope so we're going to africa to talk to experts and football foodies to see who they have their eyes or. they'll come to the party on this time we don't know when it's in egypt they're still here let's be real whoa it's not the best looking statue of most would be complaining now. for ever humble the goal celebrations are crazy you don't want to miss and. it's coming. here are my 3 reasons you better not miss the 2019 africa
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cup of nations reason 3. a cup itself is coming home to egypt the pharos are the record beings with 7 cups to their name. hosted 4 previous cups and the pharaohs won 3 that's a 75 percent 20 percentage their last victory was in 2006 egypt wasn't even supposed to host this year cameroon was but they couldn't get things going fast enough so with hosting rights in egypt at home means the chance to see home field advantage in the advantage will be few. to turds painting you like goals right well the african cup of nations is the best. goal celebrations ever.
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more goals were scored in the last after the last gold cup other tournaments might have scored more but there's a big difference here at the after. every goal gives you moments like these. you have caught historial football fanatics for over 16 years always dressed in fire and colors to different cultures will surely be something to see and listen to. now before i get to the number one reason you better not miss the africa cup of nations here some that didn't quite make the list of reason after the 2 winners are jinxed 2013 winners nigeria failed to qualify in 2015 the ivory coast one in 2015 then got booted out of the group stage 2 years later the last winner cameroon
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almost didn't qualify this time that was close anybody could win and i mean anybody more than a handful of this year's qualify femurs have won it some multiple times can buy i mean for a total of $1000.00 cups. and if you are not magic touch would make another good reason to watch the african cup he won in 2012 would zambia been in 2015 with the ivory coast 2 years later the field is short with morocco only reaching the quarter finals who are not magic be seen again with morocco. reason one it will be a star studded event ok the biggest stars of them all moba. we really missed out on see in him on the world stage he is for his country at the last major tournament. thanks to this guy. gio ramos the enforcer hurts all the shoulder before the world cup well sol is back and he's
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looking forward to playing at home and defeating his liverpool team mate sabio my mate. oh team mates turned rival. there's also the 2016 african player of the year algeria is riyad margaret sadly will miss out arsenal star peer emerick obama beyond the star will miss the party didn't qualify so we have stars all over the world meeting in egypt to see one thing who will shine the brightest. before i let you go let's go back to africa to talk to more experts queasy sports in south africa football foodies who will win it all. might come as a shock but i genuinely believe that could do it think they could pull it off.
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in overall has been a solid team from when they went to the world cup and even qualified for this i think a couple nations may need us in that time to claim that the during the cold. in the continent and. i think they go with. 21000 if i look at their performance in the awards cup visit and i could not have progressed out of the group stages i think this time around if i look at the quality that is there you look at the local course that is also good that understands how to play i threw them this time around. and lift up the 21000. so you've got 3 reasons you better not miss. africa. what about the reigning champion we sat down with cameroon captain defensive.
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tawdry to find out if a repeat is on the cards. the biggest and most important sporting events in africa this summer. michael gave to dodge week for the tournament what was the africa cup mean to the confidence. to listen to the cash. in the. world you. want to feel. guilty for hans. on the. pool.
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but i think. you have. michael and looks at the famed talks about the africa cup of nations favorites egypt $2127.00 seems. to me to be more it cool but also if you prefer them over i. think a much better mob. and you could be safe if you know. that they even want. to take about yours. plus you know if we lose well any should be able to you know when it didn't
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happen to you approving of the way you. should know my god the most i won't be he was going to miss you could you call him we learned that he's on this or sokolov. a little bit my you know all these awful lot to be said to death because i'm not sure if you want to say that you may even if he has good empathy it's a way to do that much either on every other issue government would go to some say to the south who called me. michael played for historic club slobby approx 62016. he initially came to germany to study civil engineering from michigan not because your perception is only. so much on put it in the can i put out a. whole question i'm going. through again before i can see
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the answer if i mean it was a long. aimee's me for being out of money stupid me. 3 another my yes you do se every someone can i. just said unusual dukie my book would be a big. source if your mother. mr you. would know much you know how much he'd be able to pay for liz a surgical intervention since i leave the. money someday a woman came before she comes across we'll tell us you can shoot it when you're going to marry the posse i don't because you only. said to see my mother came from court. for i think i could do about it unless you know he could you provide you know complete b.s. your record that ip you have to take with you would i levy and that i'll be your sell my son 1007 with my posse on your leg against your son put in for most you might it move on paul. to people morning experience from fabulous.
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nationals will be as you may have intercepted. just to make your movie. my shots i think you put me. in i'm alone but to me jim if he pursues you need to be with his cool it down and you think even matter you. see teenaged mystery's even you couldn't love the money it was rhodri to see it to save. for it starts right cameroon the 2nd most successful team in the tournament behind egypt. so wait 15 years for their 5th wheel having lost 50 trophy in 2003 when the german coach we should. be full force they called me in their initial cup when i also have the money also if you take up money or so often they did it because i don't know people come on i said welcome back it is that i brought him back there. on the monday night before what we may. see them as you could
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have also got a complete shock. people can make all kinds of movie choreo don't count on i going so. you can have a 100 so this is the most. common sort of unplayable come on of a superficial. good deal for. a little sick sick sick sick. sick thing to do for poor come with a conscience say to sit there serving a few maybe don't so much of course. think you're on the new crusade maybe guess anything with them. once you know cameroon was replaced by. fish stadium some pool infrastructure. moves. through for his own double in this book to you if you can call up a bit come up with a man. on the jeep to define
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a petite. i think it will put most you want to go to a more. normal but you want i want 45 minutes that she threw me to last because i would rather close. i make the long. haul the biggest competitor moss' you devious you can if every she's doing a double headers you could be all that. she doing anything they got. my dad on my daddy. she don't have a lock would you walk upon by adam i hope that you mean the good news you have. you know and then you come up when they got on. with 24 teams the 2019 told them it's the biggest in history but what's the state of african football so in the morning for you in the issues it will be i don't know if you go to most
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here for you. and i think on the. i mean he. told me that he would be sitting. on the on the. on the if you think why do you want to. put me through this or they keep. saying. i mean you'll hear. me. say i did this and keep cool does it keep. the. sort of love. is stronger.
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now. a nation has its share of challenges it's. tradition just how good all the. security most populated country in the world you know. just like judy gold africa's largest producer. this tragedy place of africa's richest man. there is it every. day the army fighting. corruption it's been called the cancer they're fighting the nigerian government but the glass. is half full to.
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his life and i. ever stand still for the ball is not a game of life and. it is much more. sit down with the nigerian legend and the sports journalist in les go. i'll check you know the grass roots we need to start from here and at the top level to see how nigerian football be shaping up football is a simple game but in nigeria football is far from simple. to learn more i'm starting with j.j. of coaching skill so nice they named him twice here's a flashback the best gold in 1993 gold teeth for no other germany's. export of nigeria's super eagles dream team coach i helped win olympic gold in 1906
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inches. but he was a major. president the pressure was on the next generation repeat. the super egos most recent achievement was 6 years ago when they won the african cup of nations so why hasn't the national team continue to soar to new heights. well i think we have to change our mentality a bit you know and change all beliefs because we're limited ourselves. to trust in our talent you know talents are not good enough you know to get those results we need to be maybe what paul when it comes. you know with managed to be successful in baiji is. continuity.
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and it's for me. you know if you don't plan for the future then you're planning to fail despite that lack of planning. nigeria has it continue to produce unbelievable footballing talent who agrees to top all around the world. from you she did she made moves so it seems fitting into the national scene.


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