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you know with my niche to be successful in. continuity. for me. you know if you don't plan for the future then you're planning to fail despite lack of planning in. nigeria. all. the dreams on the 23 just qualify for the final face off the qualifiers to be the championships in africa talk to me about the state of nigerian football. from the national team perspective successful secondly because 21000 is a year where you've got all the national teams competing in major tournaments from
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that perspective you want to say the fans are excited but then again when you talk about football and i do have 1st it should be about the league. here's a glimpse of nigerians probably players going months sometimes years without a pizzelles. money. you know. you can be. diplomatic you know. you have to invest to. be successful when it comes to when it comes to the local league think we're so good because. one of the issues is that most of the clubs belongs to government. so people running to clubs are not really the shows and you know so. they get every year from. the government to run the
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place which is not enough to write. no money no chance to show. so much talent and go play as you like to go watch. they don't have the opportunity to have their talent broadcast to the entire world but when it comes to local football it almost doesn't exist so when you go and look at the grass roots you see some pigeons don't even have grass boys. everything is money and money probably. we need to start from here. for greed i spoke to nigeria's head coach on the phone . grassroots. very important especially from nigeria. home in the young people they like so much the football they must have the paternity to play the former super he goal turned academy coach. who explains the rundown pitch.
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trying to best what you have to. try to make the team. little to no resources this a get to be still produces prospects. you need a little time to regroup. most of them have to get up just one on one month to month to month would see the time from the watches on. just like you. have had the opportunity to play. for a very long. i was a spitting to see those emulating what they put in place. and this part of the war you know you can't play football without having a good training pitch. well you know so we need the infrastructure of the
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government's reach. when it comes to football. and. the need for infrastructure in steering you right in the face so who is it for words like corruption have been thrown out there you know lack of finances i mean from your perspective you have somewhat of a bird's eye view over the entire scenario so how would you. describe it you go to see the administration and most times you've got. people who are using the statesmen square pegs in round holes. so much talk about the sports minister for one and i'm going to use him as a scapegoat for my analogy. not one who many consider to be a technocrat well he's one favored by authority. hasn't done much hasn't caught himself in so much glory doesn't mean he doesn't like sports. difference where you
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have someone who's played the games list nigeria so what's the remedy better educated football administrators taking a page out of what's been successful in europe i don't think anything is cast in stone particularly. many would agree but i think we're developing nation you can compare nigeria to the rest of africa and i'll make reference to south africa egypt how sports generally is run. far cry from what you do nigeria. extremely professional have had opportunities to go to and see and when you come back home you just you begin to wonder why do we do things differently and personally i think sometimes it's base or an ideology and how we think. sometimes nigerians are responsible for our problems. problems but what about solutions before i leave years. i mean african nations. we have a young team with. not very varied great players like nigeria had
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in the eighty's and ninety's but young team is able i think to come out of the group and to try to go far this next year i only scratched the surface a solution that could lift the super eagles higher is far more complex than a handful of interviews. your talent might take you to set some level at the end of the day it was so fun not having finished that it's needed you know to to go all the way as i said at the start football is a simple game but the state of the sport is far from. that's why people like us are coming back home you know where we. live or legacy where we can help on change things. did you know the kick off is now when you cheat with the well that football start
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with nigeria and quad automatic welcome to read all the while been running a failed how high tensions are running i'm going to say no to start me never people in the course of i just got football i am crazy. it's going to go off. as a football kick up on you cheat. it's a you. food
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. much more. not all think out of the well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up in winnipeg that german thinks deep into the german culture of looking at them stereotypes the
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question here think the future of the country got out on time. yet needed to be taken as drama day out to me it's all about ok noon time my show join me to meet the german sunday w. post. on an early good local tourist guide function is booming capital i love berlin the scope of the multicultural metropolis you know you're a mac series bananarama but it's much like trying something new i love featuring once sure it wasn't a system looks like the toughest race like me despite systems of 50 nations 50 stories and 50 fairly personal tips on berman's very best features. looking down on the man covering with condi w. . read the. real palate and besides.
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i come from there lots of people in fact more than a 1000000000 to but not just democracy that's one reason i'm passionate about people and aspirations and they can send. money to finishing the book is fried chicken but named after the for the fun in born and remember thinking at the time if the blonde in broken forward anything can happen if people come together and unite for a cool. when i do the news i often confront because situations for conflict between does some stuff i see despite my chops confronted speeches on policies and development just put the spotlight and issues that matter most to security oppression nationalities since. a notch has been achieved so much more needs to be john and i think people have to be a concrete solutions my name is on the touching and i welcomed to.
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quote. this is. from berlin tonight german police investigating new clues in the murder of a politician in. germany's top security official today saying the fatal shooting of a vulture earlier this month is evidence of the dangerous new face of white wing extremism in their country also coming up tonight the heat the chance. and the new
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president transfer until america will host ukraine's a newly elected president golda meir's olinsky today but concerns over merkel's health dominated the visit we'll tell you why and the former head of european football michel platini maintains his innocence after being detained by police in france investigators are looking into the awarding of the 2022 world cup soccer tournament to the gulf state of goods. i'm bring to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome tonight investigators here in germany say the murder of a local politician known for his progress stance may not have been the work of just one person. was shot and killed execution style at his home in central germany 2
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weeks ago last weekend a suspect was arrested and police say that he has links to far right extremist. there's still a lot of work to be done that was the message from these 3 men details of the case remain vague but one thing is sure. one race extremist right wing extremist attack on a leading state representative is an alarm signal and it's directed at all of us through. this is an image of the alleged perpetrator from 2002 where he acted alone no was part of a group or even a network is currently not clear according to authorities however the suspect he was arrested at his home in council may have had help according to information from 2 german broadcasters and as it tortured tied to newspaper investigators in the state of hassen up a syrian clues that point to accomplices one witness told police that heard a gunshot on the night of the attack in the village of esther and that afterwards 2
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cars had driven aggressively through the village officials say the suspect who holds a previous conviction for politically motivated crimes had not been monitored in recent years we had the category of sleeper cells with the islamists so now we have to consider a scenario like this could also be possible when the right wing extremists seen. german m.p.'s say the name of the suspect has appeared in documents from a parliamentary investigation and 2 other far right killings that's raising questions was had one get on. what has been done to identify and destroy a right wing terror networks instead of officials look into all of the information on the suspect and individuals and question always given that. domestic intelligence officials found stefan did not raise suspicions for a decade the question is what might have happened after bad. well i'm joined now by
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our political correspondent. here in berlin emma does the what do we know about the latest witness that has come forward in this case. well the witness that has come forward is a former so they're off to german army and on the night of the killing and he had a gun shot and he also so 2 cars racing through the town of again that's where of otto luka and he used to to leave so that's according to several reliable german media outlets and that would mean that the suspect who has remained in custody and remained silent in custody ever since his arrest has and acted alone so that. several paper trade off the killing is being investigating again according to several german news outlets here by the federal prosecutions office so we're
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talking about there possibly be more than one person involved in this killing how significant is this going to be there would be for the entire investigation was very significant indeed and what i what's interesting tonight is that wholesale for so far tempered this hypothesis he said that there was no proof so far that a paper trail had been acted alone that there's no proof that this wasn't an isolated fact however days highlights gemini's very difficult history with with its right wing like the federal office for the protection of the constitution lists of around 12000 individuals who are a right wing sympathizers of across the country and while not all of them might be prone to violence that is to a quite overwhelming number of fears of rising attacks of this rightwing and kohls have been made by from across the political spectrum to give to provide answers as
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to why this individual who is known to be a right wing activist wasn't under surveillance for a decade now or at a correspondent on the story for is tonight here in berlin and the thank you. now to the united states u.s. president don't trump is launching his 2020 reelection campaign at a rally in orlando florida in just a few hours from now supporters have been gathering outside the venue for hours with some even spending the night to get their hands on one of those 20000 available tickets earlier the u.s. president promised a show a kin to a rock concert it's well i know someone who likes a rock concert that's our washington bureau chief alexandra phenomena she joins me now from orlando good afternoon to you alexandra we know that the president's team is promising something i think they said the mud.

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