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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  June 19, 2019 12:30am-1:01am CEST

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welcome to the euro max you tube channel. close to my nerves tonight. with exclusive inside. the must see concerning our times culture team you're a. place to be curious minds. do it yourself networkers. subscribing and don't miss out. on. facebook finally on feels it's cryptocurrency so could libra transform traditional payment systems and will governments seek to regulate it. also on the show all eyes are on istanbul ahead of sunday's new york. voters punish the ruling party for turkey's economic woes. real estate costs are skyrocketing in
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berlin driving the german capital to consider an unusual solution. and unlocking the hidden beauty of sales we'll share some surprising uses for europe's slimy of cash crop. welcome to business i'm stephen beard and blend it's good to have you with us. can facebook take cryptocurrency mainstream the world's largest social network unveiled the digital coin it plans to roll out next year a libra is its name and proponents say it might just revolutionize digital payments under a single streamlined currency now over a dozen global firms will invest in and govern the currency including master card vodafone and as group will supposedly wall off control of the currency from facebook itself the new coin will be pegged to a basket of global currencies such as the dollar and the euro with the intent of shielding it from the wild fluctuations that are plagued big and scared off many average investors the big question will it catch on facebook is betting that the
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scale of its social network alone with 2400000000 monthly users will forge a new huge marketplace for streamline purchases and exchanges the social network is all also says that libor will help to bridge the so-called banking gap giving the 1700000000 people around the world who do not have a bank account secure alternative to cash. so why a crypto currency here's how facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg 1st publicly framed the idea a few weeks ago i believe that it should be as easy to send money to someone as it is to send a photo so we were already touched on this and india with about a 1000000 people it's been used a lot of feedback so far is great and we're already working on rolling this out in a number of other countries later this year for more on this let's go now to our financial correspondent in new york yes korda yens some heavy ideas there facebook
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thinks it has the scale to mainstream cryptocurrency but there are still big questions aren't there. well and one of the big questions certainly is how about regulatory side with the acquisition solve what's happened instagram and the past couple of years facebook already has become a dominant player into recently from different politicians they have been called to break up facebook and now that facebook might become one of the dominant players in the crypt the world it is hard to imagine that there will not be regulatory as scrutiny on facebook so that is one of the big ifs and then facebook itself is saying that what we've seen right now is libra it's a prototype so far so let's see how this whole old thing will work in the next couple of months to come so join up the excitement 1st in the details come later
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now again stay with us while we look at another market story u.s. president donald trump criticizing mario draghi on twitter after the european central bank chief hinted at future interest rate cuts to lift flagging growth a trump said druggy was trying to lower the value of the euro in a bid to boost european markets investors saw his tweets as evidence that the us itself will soon cut interest rates markets were also believed when we did we would meet chinese premier she jean at the g. 20 this month for trade talks. the dow moving up and down on what's really driving u.s. markets right now. you're well short with. him pick the s. and p. $500.00 now is shy only one per cent of a new record lows and i would say both swedes actually made a difference so we have the federal reserve was the next meeting now on
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a wednesday and it was the tweet for president donald trump event was seen here on wall street as well as the bends or at least some more pressure on the red federal reserve to cut interest rates probably not this wednesday but then at the next meeting by the end of july and then also the tweed about this good conversation by phone that donald trump had was she in being was also see in at least gave some hope to markets that at the g. 20 meeting next week that at least an escalation of the trade dispute with china can get a verdict well both are still a question mark the market reacted in a very positive way to both tweets and blue chips went up by a good 350 points here in the tuesday session in skoda with the numbers from new york thank you and speaking of that trade dispute u.s.
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trade negotiator robert light hisor is sticking to the trump administration's tough line light hisor told the u.s. senate finance committee that committee that trade barriers are needed in the standoff with beijing because dialogue hadn't worked he said tariffs alone are not enough to stop china's cheating by hisor encourage firms to move production and jobs back to the u.s. where there was no threat tariffs he says were for relatives who are. it's simple will vote sunday for a new mayor for the 2nd time this year a court threw out the original result after a protest from the ruling party of president. which have lost the vote the polls indicate better ones party could lose again but the country's dismal economy perhaps motivating more voters to take a look. here i'll buy rock started off as a regular store worker 25 years ago now he runs a 7 floor shopping mall as
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a supporter of the a k p parsi he credits turkish president let's have tires are 21 for overseeing 2 years of economic growth. but the rapid decline in the value of the lira has left him with no option but to increase prices. side will be going to sample and this applies to all not be brands we could go we sell them for 30 to 35 layers look what happened a week later 49 lira when it was made. to keep that up skyrocketing inflation the current prices about 20 percent isn't just a headache for business owners consumers too are feeling the pain young families in particular are finding it increasingly hard to make ends meet. to be trees that are sponsoring this these are necessary purchases but they're really expensive giant food and nappies are really pricey but one way or another we have to buy them here . as political and economic uncertainty man's character once a k.p. party may well get
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a feel for that discontent when the people of it's time to vote in the mayoral rerun this weekend. zeman says it's cutting $2700.00 jobs worldwide with more than half of the positions coming from germany home to the industrial giant and the cuts will come from the firms gas and power division which makes large wins in gas turbines as well as other oilfield equipment siemens is carrying out an overhaul ahead of a planned spin off of the unit next year this as it needs further savings on top of the $7000.00 job cuts. already announced. now as in most big cities the cost of rent is a burning topic here in berlin where apartment prices have soared in recent years the city is now bowling an unusual plan freezing rent for the next 5 years but critics abound take a look. brylin once described as poor but sexy has long been a magnet for artists musicians and young people in search of adventure.
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but the german capital is no longer as cheap as it once was over the past 10 years the cost of renting has doubled salaries on the other hand but not. as investors have bought a bold buildings done them up and jacked up the rent public anger has grown. prompting authorities to impose a 5 year rent freeze. he isn't over and he can win and didn't commit haven't icons and fees developments are completely out of line with salaries that he and i meet and this is a signal to landlords who have been charging on reasonable rates and ignoring existing laws because it's a chickens and even when. the tenants are breathing a sigh of relief landlords say the new rules will leave them struggling to pay for the upkeep of their properties. compared to other cities living in berlin is still relatively cheap the average cost per square meter is $13.00 euro's. in the french capital paris it's twice the us. now did you know the global snail farming industry
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is it going along its current worth an estimated 10000000000 euros but it's not about eating the critters as you might think the ancient greeks and romans used nails for beauty treatments and 2000 years later the beauty industry is rediscovering slime based skincare and health products. global consumption is growing and many of the snails eaten in traditional as territory france now come from sicily sardinia and piedmont in sicily specialized farms produce excellent quality snails thanks to a perfect climate and just the right soil agricultural association called it he estimates 44000 tonnes of live and preserved snails are produced annually in italy an industry now worth more than 200000000 euros. and used to be all about guest report guess trami but production has more than tripled in italy over the
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past 2 decades as demand grows for snail caviar and slime although the ancient greeks knew the health benefits of snail slime it was only rediscovered in the 1980 s. chilean snail farmers noticed how soft the skin on their hands had become and that cuts and scars healed quickly although some people would prefer just to eat the snails research has shown that snails live is rich in vitamins proteins and substances such as college and elastin popular ingredients in cosmetics in the past the snails were killed with salt for the mucus but these days more humane methods are used. and that's it for me in the business i'm seeing there's a blank let's watch a. little
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night is the coffee bomb from the amazon just kind of lets its name to brazil's most populous soldiery now it's grown on a known scale with loss of cabin coals. in islam is common enough the traditional way of sustainably i'm fully opposed to sides but they are struggling to survive in
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the face of mass production of the food 1060 minutes. coach of the family. sure link to news from africa the morrow for links to exceptional stories and discussions. of easy to our website down below come smash up to come join us on facebook g w africa. story summit people for information provide. the means to want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter the coke addict. in-touch focused. i think is everything 1st on her big a muslim. school much different culture between here and there challenging.
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the lead. in the film is the 2nd year was worth it for me to come to germany. my grandmother larson's to work as a swimming instructor. in our 2 children conference just rushed just to. watch your story take part. in for my greenstock. this is news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes they watched as their fellow people were hatched to death with machetes and their holmes burnt to the proud we'll hear from the congolese people now displaced off that interest me violence in the region this as the un save that same violence has seen 300000 people flee the country just in the last 2 weeks. and kenya's counter terror
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tactics the country has been known to react to terror attacks with its system forces everything from arbitrary arrests to forced to disappearances but it is it's making the country safe from external threats. i'm christine window while come to d.w. news africa i'm glad you're choosing did we begin today with a warning from the u. of a growing humanitarian crisis in the democratic republic of congo the un's refuse. agency says more than 300000 people have fled their homes in the past 2 weeks after a new outbreak of interethnic violence the most recent flare up off islands in the d.r. sea is centered on if to restage and that's in the east of the country now the
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region is also currently the center of an ebola outbreak the u.n. h.c.r. says there are concerns that more and more people will try to cross lake albert is to seek safety in neighboring uganda now we'll cross to geneva in a minute for more on this looming image and see but 1st this report on recent violence in the turi province. a makeshift camp in the town of the nia momentary shelter for some of those who managed to escape lost her husband in an alleged attack by farmers of the ethnic group of the lendu. but. we were in the fields when we heard about it. we had started to run towards our homes which we found had been set alight some people were burned alive inside the houses. who couldn't take anything with us they pull with
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machetes and we don't even know what they did with the bodies we don't know if they even barrack than. the flood here. jael that. many found refuge in the local church of to nia in horror they fled through thick bush after witnessing their families being killed. by young. is what i didn't come here because i wanted to. we saw a group of people massacre our people and burn down our villages. since we had no weapons we could not do anything. we had to watch as our villages burned and our people died. in fact i myself lost many members of my family and also of my wife's family one of my sister in laws was killed with her 5 children the series of attacks in the tury province has mostly targeted him or her to us who
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have long been in conflict with lin.


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