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mind. you. this is new news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes they watch as they fill people were hacked to death with machetes and their homes burnt to the proud we'll hear from the congolese people now displaying stuff that interests me violence in the region this as the u.n. say that say violence has seen 300000 people flee the country just in the last 2 weeks. and kenya's counter terror attack ticks the country has been known to react to terror attacks with excessive force everything from opportunity of wrist to
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force to disappearances but it is it's making the country safe from external threats. i'm christine window while come to news africa i'm glad you're choosing day and we begin today with a warning from the use of a growing humanitarian crisis in the democratic republic of congo the un's refugee agency says more than 300000 people have fled their homes in the past 2 weeks off to a new outbreak of interest makes the most recent flare up off islands in the d.r. sea is centered on if to restage and that's in the east of the country now the region is also currency the center of an ebola outbreak the u.n. h.c.r. says. there are concerns that more and more people will try to cross lake albus to
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seek safety in neighboring uganda now we'll cross to geneva in a minute for more on this looming emergency but 1st this report on recent violence in a tory province. a makeshift camp in the town of the nia momentary shelter for some of those who managed to escape lost her husband in an alleged attack by farmers of the ethnic group of the lendu. but. we were in the fields when we heard about it. we had started to run towards our homes which we found had been such a light some people were burned alive inside the houses. who couldn't take anything with us they pull with much sadness and we don't even know what they did with the bodies we don't know if they even bury than. that's why we fled here.
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many found refuge in the local church of bunia in horror they fled through thick bush after witnessing their families being killed. i was that guy young. what i didn't come here because i wanted to. we saw a group of people massacre our people and burn down our villages. since we had no weapons we couldn't do anything. we had to watch as our villages burnt and our people died. in fact you know i myself lost many members of my family and also of my wife's family one of my sister in laws was killed with her 5 children. the series of attacks in the 2 re province has mostly targeted him or her to us who have long been in conflict with linda farmers of the grazing rights and political
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representation although the exact identity of the assailant remains unclear. i'm now joined by the spokesman for the office of the un h.c.r. is coming to us from geneva welcome to d.w. africa let's 1st by start establishing what is causing the conflicts between these ethnic groups the the hem of people and the lendu people of the rivalry between these 2 groups is 2 decades old it started in 1909 in 2000 that was the 1st round off while ins and then we saw a recurrence in 2017 and early 2018 when some 350000 people were displaced by the clashes the numbers we're seeing now more than 300002 within 2 weeks is unprecedented. the democratic republic
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of congo has a complex displacement picture but the rate at which this displacement has happened is unprecedented and president as you say but you're talking about a long history of rivalry between these 2 groups and we know that there's a lot of people that have been displaced as a result of interethnic violence in this country why is the congolese government seemingly not able to have the situation under control. as far as we understand this situation the military has gone in to bring things under control but as far as we understand it and as far as people who have been displaced displaced they ringback talk what communities forming self-defense groups unleashing revenge attacks and counterattacks against each other targeting civilians horrifying accounts of killing maiming targeting people sexual assaults and rapes this is all happening and as it continues the fears are that
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more people could be affected you are now the 300000 is a really comes away to the estimate there could be war people who would be affected by this and most of these people who are arriving vivan children and men majority of them are with host communities some have arrived in the displacement side which are already there and killing for the displaced who have been displaced within you truly before this ok but this part of congo mr blalock to a way with this is this violence has broken out is the same region where we have the ebola outbreak raging what then happens to countries like uganda that's going to receive the bulk of these people that are fleeing the north eastern congo what is the what is the that the threats there. the man at the center of ebola inside the d.r. c. is the north kivu present province but also new today there have been cases and
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also with insecurity with displacement the fears for this disease to spread is there but what we have seen is small numbers of refugees have been arriving in uganda and let's not forget that the border between the r.c. and uganda is huge it's poorest and refugee movements are smaller in respect of of others back and forth movement ok but up a large spokesman for the office of the u.n. h.c.r. coming to us from geneva thank you we appreciate your time. and next we're looking at security in kenya because today a colt was meant to announce the verdict off 4 men charged in connection with the attack on the university in 2015 which left nearly 150 people dead in what was one of the most horrific attacks in the country gunmen from so malia based islamised militia al-shabaab stormed
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a university in april 2015 they took more than 700 students hostage before killing those who identified as christians and releasing the muslims before gunman was shot by kenyan security forces shot dead that is and the defendants in the current trial facing terrorism charges related to the attack. now kenya's response to terrorism has been heavy handed in the pasta after the attack people were literally arrested and detained without trial human rights watch says the police and military carried out force disappearances and even killed people suspected to have links with al shabaab so does this make kenya any safer for more on this and the security situation in the country we've invited a security consultant in nairobi in windham be doing for me served in the country's air force air defense control unit welcome to d.w. africa we have human rights watch is saying that kenya is counter terror attack 6
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have not been all that successful they point to the fact that however much force has been used it's not really resulted in preventing attacks by al-shabaab what is your assessment of the situation. thank you for having me and greetings to all of us i i want to be for a little with the human rights watch report that 10 are getting a sample not one result in all our troops are cross the border to somalia or indeed or think question about troops to some idea that we've got you know immense success like in a house about but not really and here back home the point isn't that what the government put in place stopping terrorists or terrorist cells. actually bought one for us and get my assessment of the local security was on our show you for sure but they result in tremendous and since 2016 would not have been made up there was
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a box in nairobi until the recent one at busy don't tell so looking at the what they're actually had previously and this person i need not be in good ok we're talking about a terrorist group al-shabaab that this is that this has been accorded terrorist groups recognized as such is nationally its say is that it is retaliating against kenya. kenya's military incursions in somalia now $11.00 does is the simple solution in the case of kenya to pull its troops out of somalia so that al-shabaab has no beef with kenya so to say. not at all i don't think into this in somalia only 2 percent interest they have their own the. african union and actually the united nations and so. we are with your troops that we have gotten troops there so it's working on the for them to say it's going to pull out
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we'll stop talking at the start of the pack and get it before. all right and just just said you know i want to get your sense off in terms of for dairy people in kenya what what kind of assurances can they get that the government is on top of the situation you do point to the fact that there haven't been major attacks in a while by the one that happened in january but the point is this is still an existing threats how does the government ensure kenyans can be safe or is that just not possible. first of all government has to invest immensely on intelligence collection. until terrorism in the wound whether enough because of europe or in an america where is intelligence critical actionable intelligence the government must invest because a software to do security don't. frankly no one is doing a good lead follow the lead until you get something i believe that if you don't get
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something out of it that it's not the right belief and so if we invest it governments can you know you know the government then it's going to keep our people safe and that's what our country has done from 20 to 16 government decided to start invest in intelligence and this is what's beyond human comprehension all right when . security analyst in kenya's capital nairobi thank you so we appreciate your insight. and that is it for now from the news africa as always you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page will be back tomorrow at the canal believe you with the sides off every day life wait for some stunning pictures off the market places across africa see you next time i write. the for.
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africa. play time coming up looking hot. in ghana merry go rounds are creating electricity and enabling pupils to study and. green solutions to find the arrows. next.
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by the change in c o 2 emissions are hot chocolate. and now supporters of nuclear power are speaking up. space or the nuclear power to neutral nuclear power a safe. nuclear power is the right solution. we're going to find out where they're all comes true costs made in germany 16 s w. what does he never teach tell us about. let's ask her let's experience a modern museum center with her question and cultural heritage foundation early here researchers are looking for answers in more than 5000000 objects to. him
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objects in the race card of the history of life only those who know about secret things how to have like this question cultural heritage foundation carlin's treasure trove our childhood documentary june 21st dublin. hello everybody and welcome to this new edition of our environmental magazine show eco africa i'm going to go coming to you from johannesburg south africa joining me in west africa most but the.


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