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tv   Eco Africa  Deutsche Welle  June 19, 2019 5:30am-6:01am CEST

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museum center with. the crush and cultural heritage foundation of our lives here researchers are looking for answers in more than 5000000 objects. objects to replace part of the history of clay only those who know about secret things have a house like this election cultural heritage foundation or lives treasure trove over judgment trees june 21st century dublin. hello everybody and welcome to this new edition of our environmental magazine show eco africa i'm 2nd goble coming to you from johannesburg south africa joining me in west africa most specifically in nigeria is our host n.t. so what's up in lagos n.t.
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. all fine here and thankful asking zee and indeed i am now it's a way now it's my pleasure to greet you all of us we have an interesting entertaining show put together just for you starting with a report on aus in kenya but that's all. you'll find out how the young children generate electricity while playing. check out on urban gardening projects in berlin . and see what the government is doing to combat poultry. is there anyone out there who has not wished they could turn their heads almost all busy the way around like the alls i'm interesting feature they have sadly in parts of the world out often fall prey to superstition in africa for instance their population has been falling for years but that's changing now in kenya thanks to
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local conservationists for movie people are starting to wise up to the front but also serve a useful purpose to their. own lives a fascinating and secret. but in many parts of africa the are associated with bad luck and that all prosecuted as a result. conservation is pulmonary these fighting to protect the bugs he has been monitoring a small company of miking that is eagle ols in the killer region of central kenya is. in farming practices he had to still threaten the. birds of prey by the numbers are slowly beginning to grow. you know i.e.d. i have a specific specific number of this because i have about 16. and of 16 peers that are breeding p.s.
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the others i just was in state listing past which. caught it in the breeding. the fields of not being good jerry and his family a very close to the colony. they also find reach pickings here paul marie the husband headed local farmers that the birds serve their own interest because alls eat mice and rats the damage crops morry these efforts seem to be paying off. when we were young elders believe that even own cried and therefore something bad will happen by the time this has been disproved for me now when you come here and hear old crying i don't believe that it can cause death or something bad to get you. cannot be. this is an african road all that injured itself and are piling it is
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being lost about to hold here at rutgers let it be detention trast in the capital nairobi along with many other bugs who have had in luck encounters. basically our main aim with the trust is to rescue and rehabilitate birds of prey mainly but we also take in water birds and basically any small but also a game where the trust is to get as many birds back to the wild where possible those birds that cannot be released for whatever reason basically end up as a surrogate parent partner or as an education bird. this is no ordinary delivery the airport's parcel has been flown in from canyons east cost and our long plane radio we. are inside a buzzard we don't need injury the body is given an injection to prevent infection.
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this wait for all has already been was told to good health along with some recovered patients it's waiting to be released back into the wild this is a mixture of. white face scopes else and african wood elf so the reason there are so many is basically because a large part of the weather has not been so good for releasing we had a long spell of very very dry conditions which means there's actually nothing out there for these birds to eat releasing them is a pointless pointless exercise at this point. they're mocking the eagle all the difficulties porter against iraqi surroundings conservation is palmer really helps visitors a dainty find them on tells them about the creatures life he's made it his mission to persuade people that the birds are far from a bad omen but rather a seen $1000.00 and useful creatures that is of to be protected. now another example of having
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a little information goes long way knowledge is key if we want to maintain balance in our ecosystems 3 of which have a trend in many cities to put more nature back on life one way to do that is right creating one in germany for instance environmentalism minded locals are growing vegetables flaws on her own form always liked we paid a visit to 2 of their. french temperaments. found edible flowers. for him a peach cafe specializes in the good include xen and most of the ingredients come straight from the garden this is one of many urban gardening projects in germany growing food in the city has been a popular trend for some time in berlin for example it's brought new life to several neighborhoods. this it was
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a chance. i want to see empty areas put to good ecological use. we want to show people where their food actually comes from here and we also want to show them how this kind of gardening works. this kind of activity brings people together him it be it is one of the most recent urban gardening project in berlin. another project in a birla neighborhood the princess and garden dates back to 2009 back then hundreds of volunteers cleaned up of a concise and set up plan to create. urban gardens i now find around the world the princess and garden features more than 500 right he's a vegetable oils but there's more to it than just growing progeny used. to. try out new things here. cities are so organized and disciplined that they want to
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have open spaces where people can work on projects like this i think urban gardens have a real role to play open spaces shouldn't just be sawn off. of those urban gardens should be a part of every city. the budgetary and dishes served in the cafes all featuring locally sourced increasing. now enjoying time outdoors is something everyone enjoys especially the children if only we could come up with a way to harvest all the energy to produce running around at all when school when bad be great. while n.t. is already being done in this week the doing a bit we see how a merry go round at a village school and gov lights up children's faces both outside the building.
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welcome highlighted simples village school in ghana. to the school kids in the eastern region it's more than just fun. playing on this merry go round generates electricity. as in many rural areas in ghana this village is not connected to the national power grid without electricity the children can do their homework at night . inside the merry go rounds generators and magnets produce electricity. the unit is connected by a cable to a battery in the school building the plant was donated by the u.s. funded n.g.o.s playgrounds it didn't take much time to install. the best. he needs 120 minutes to fully charge alarms and which provides about 40
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hours of light alarms and are then taken home by the students to study in the evening. i was able to study at home only when my parents didn't use the light for their needs. now i can study together with other pupils whenever i want. all together 55 kids have been installed in ghana and book enough. and how about you. if you are also doing your bit tell us about it. visit our website or send us a tweet hash tag doing your bit. we share your story. let's move for the soft to go bomb now the country is home to africa's largest forest elephant population yet between 242014 the number of the climbed by
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a shocking 80 percent elephants in the border region still remain under threat but go bomb is getting the problem under control in more central areas in la panne national park for example the wildlife management has been able to stamp out poaching watch how ping locals protect the field and villages it's meant. for and his anti poaching team this is the easy part of the job not far from their station in low pay national park they're gathering data on flora and fauna. the family of elephants passed through here they ate here. ok and then they moved here and left their traces. the team normally spends up to 14 days in the national park to collect data and keep an eye out for poachers thanks
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to the rangers the nature reserve has experienced no major wildlife crime in the last 2 years. but they say poachers are still active in the national parks close to the border with the republic of congo most of the poachers are on the lookout for elephants. and i traveled to moscow with a public prosecutor and a poacher threatened us with a gun at this moment he took out the cartridge to show he wasn't bluffing he put it back in i was unarmed but he was scared of me because i was in my uniform for him until police so he moved backwards saying stop or i'll shoot doesn't want to move towards him he stepped back and tripped it was so i just stepped aside and cases gun went off by mistake i. love the city. with a mixture of dense forest and grassland slope is one of 13 national parks
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established in cabo in 2002 it's a you know asco world heritage site and home to elephants panthers gorillas buffalo and over 400 bird species he stays the elephants pose more of a problem than the poachers do and important part of the work of the park manager and his team is communicating with the residents of the villages on the edges of the national park. initially there were lots of elephants in the northern zone. but then they started encroaching on built up areas. we realized that the elephants were more or less fleeing the interior of the forest because of growing pressure from poachers from the south and southwest was one of the. shows when dong constantly gets calls about the elephants entering the villages for the park management dealing with the concerns of the local people is
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a major priority the elephants destroyed their. fields and plantations the basis of their livelihoods. thanks to fences that the park officials have set up around the villages the elephants are slowly retreating back into the forest. in 3 of the villages electric fences protect the plantations. these fences are inspected on a regular basis and the local say they're feeling much safer again. with us and we've been going hungry for 2 years people were losing weight there wasn't enough to eat but this year we have enough again we have vegetables we've been able to harvest what we planted to get. the cooperation between the park management and local residents is proving successful for the way in dong the fences in these communities have also come as a relief. if it was costing a lot of money it takes $46.00 people to chase away 3 elephants and elephants not
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a dog it's not a sheep that you can push away with elephants you have to be very strict and vigilant wolf would have visuals the balancing act between protecting the park and helping local sustain their livelihoods calls for careful planning and grew up here like many of the rangers he's confident that humans and wildlife can co-exist peacefully. simple as we do this so that our children can see what we are seeing today today we only read about dinosaurs and books. that we can just drive animals to extinction kill them without a 2nd thought that would be a big problem so if you see. tomorrow we'll be back at work in low paying national park and the rangers and villagers will continue to maintain the fences that can help to ensure their future. according to the world health organization around 7000000 people die every year from the effects of air pollution and as is too often
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the case it's the poorest who suffer the most they often have no alternative but to burn coal in order to heat and cook some of the worst levels on the planet have been measured here in south africa some 90 percent of the country's energy comes from coal fired power stations and many of the plants are located in boma long a province there the prospect of clean up more sustainable energy generation seems a long way off. this is no place for children to be cranky but must come as home to many families it's a community located in south africa's northeast and the province of. which is rich in coal reserves the coal fired power station is right next door it's a mission's pollute the groundwater and they are here. peeved my daughter is no longer alive left me a granddaughter says she's always coughing she's been in hospital repeatedly but
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she just isn't getting better we don't know what's causing it. and i'm uneasy enter family were forced to leave their homes and relocate 20 years ago to make way for a coal mine they were never compensated they can't get work at the power station and don't even have electricity despite all the pylons in the area. electricity is a big question you know that's what you also want to know why are they not providing them with in the tricity because at the end of the day the pollution is affecting them. also the mining companies that are right next door are also affecting them but there is nothing that this comes is getting. the coal fired power station amid sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide while the mines right next door produce toxic effluent and dust greenpeace says the province has the highest levels of nitrogen oxide pollution in the world the power station also uses huge
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amounts of water in a country where water is in short supply. at the university of johannesburg victor monica has spent years studying the human cost of the environmental pollution from respiratory illnesses and skin rashes to lung disease and cancer the annual death toll is shockingly high. somewhere in the region of 2200 tribute to all deaths that people who died prematurely that wouldn't have died if they were not. exposed to call this pollution in the entire province as a patchwork of power stations with 12 huge coal fired facilities south africa still gets 90 percent of its electricity from coal but many big corporations are now selling off their minds to smaller firms as coles reputation continues to worsen. but south africa is continuing to build new coal fired power stations like the
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massive plant 19 german firms are helping with the construction while the german bank is involved in the financing the facility belongs to the state power company nascar we wanted to ask about environmental standards filter systems and how much water it will use at eskom declined to speak to us. south africa's environment ministry is looking to phase out called long term in favor of renewables in the meantime the ministry wants german firms and banks to participate not only in bill. power plants but also in reducing the pollution those plants cause. i think there's the going improvement if we're going to be investing in doing in this instance it all on the queen in this we should be looking at mitigation of the problems associated with that they have to say. here at this disused mine local residents bench for leftover coal.
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bunky much angle and her daughters only live right by the t n d b colliery the mine has been officially closed for decades but is still polluting the groundwater it's a dangerous area parts of the mine are burning underground as a result of spontaneous combustion. foresman as a small community not far from the mine. residents here suffer from the pollution and also from the uncontrolled explosions inside the mine. much anger whose daughter was injured in an explosion 3 years ago since then she suffered from epilepsy last year much on who herself was injured in an explosion. for this place i thought it was on june 5th i was making lunch for the children at around 130 and then i suddenly had this huge explosion. and i hit the ground
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was not 100 and someone jacked me outside and then half the house collapsed and a friend took me to the hospital but a lot of heavy legacy since then bunky much on go hasn't been able to move her arm properly but she's received no compensation. even though they themselves are dependent on coal to cook and heat their homes and winter people in communities like foresman or must i can continue to suffer from the impact of the coal industry . well the situation doesn't die at the moment the government is taking steps to produce more and more electricity with renewable energy sources the plan is to reduce the amount of energy produced by coal to just 20 percent by 2050 from south africa we now head to uganda to visit the concordia slum in the country's capital kampala despite the poor infrastructure living
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conditions there improving day by day yes see an artist would use display i mean what's the rule in the process they are the idea of constructing affordable buildings with the help of used washing bottles this 1st project probably lotteries but that is just the beginning. oh. how many plastic bags does it take to stuff a plastic bottle. can gay has never really counted but it's probably between 250 and 300 there are plenty of them strewn about herring can walk into a slum in kampong or. i use this until it gets had lots of because if i get a soft top you've got to make a brick through the plastic bricks these women i'm making will be used in the construction of a new office building for
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a local initiative called the ghetto research lab. the organization was founded by patrick me jews are a train teacher who's lived here for over 10 years part of the idea behind the get a research lab is to give young people an opportunity to work and participate in local projects and at the same time clean up their environment. the buildings made with the bottle bricks of proving to be quite sure of those. things would be so. they last longer than other buildings. also not develop cracks in the not affected by rain like others you know. it's not the group's 1st building project here in cam akio last year the young people built public toilets which he used by hundreds of people every day. water is
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available here even for showering which is an improvement over the previous toilets . the construction project had the supportive community leader herman katz on goalie. he even offered a piece of his own land to build on for free. we are proud of our toilets it's one of a kind. of become an attraction for many people come here to take pictures. so far the initiative has financed all its projects with donations mainly from a u.s. based n.g.o.s the office building isn't finished yet but patrick new jersey is a ready thinking about the next project and now the public toilet in urgent need of an overhaul this is our own expense get. used to it it's. also need we need to have these people around here because the spirit was more than 400 people
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that use the dead. at the moment this is where they get a research labs project ideas are developed people meet up here regularly and even cook together the association has several 100 members all from can walk yeah so this is what we started this initiative. after realizing that there's a lot of unemployment in there get off on its feet. and they get a research labs operating principle is patrick. waste. it's only waste when you waste 8. we've come to the end of this week's show thanks so much for joining us be sure to tune in again next week for another edition. saying goodbye for now in lagos nigeria. and it's also a time for me to say farewell from joburg and thought africa but remember you can
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always check in with us on our social media platforms or use our equal africa website i'm speaking until next time by. global.
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the planet's night lights are on something new i love the even want to show what a 6 in looks like this was like me spike says a fictitious 50 story. and it's a very personal tips on berlin's very best features. now senator let everyone d.w. . player. u.s. president donald trump has kicked off his reelection bid with a rally in orlando florida or 20000 supporters were on hand. trump faces a crowded field of democrats in next year's race for the white house and recent polling numbers indicate his reelection is anything but certain.
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german authorities are investigating whether the man accused of executing a pro refugee politician last week had help.


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