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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 19, 2019 8:00am-8:31am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump has formally launched his 2020 reelection bid me addressing thousands of supporters in orlando florida trump said he was spearheading a movement with one goal. also coming up new figures from the u.n. to show that more than 70000000 people were forced to flee their homes last year look at the approach one african countries taking to cope with a record number of refugees. plus this german politician was allegedly
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shot in the head at close range by a right wing extremist now a question for police here as does the suspect act alone or is he part of a new network of the radical far right. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us u.s. president donald trump has launched his bid for reelection in 2020 speaking to thousands of his supporters at a rally in florida he lashed out at his opponents portraying himself as a political outsider in the nation's capital he said he had been quote under assault from day one of his presidency by what he called the fake news media alexander phenomenon was at the rally and spoke to some of the people there.
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diehards trump supporters in orlando more than 24 hours before the rally they were already camping out here this is to us maureen and lorien told us they barely slept to get into the 1st floor. we wanted to see our president class with other rallies but just to us this is a historical that. can pick up most of the rally go as voted for trump in 2016 and are eager to do so again we use a poor president because he's fulfilled everything that he promised to do and that's why he's a man of his word and we we believe that true leadership comes from being a man of your word it's important for me beard to bring attention to basically an election issue that i support i support barriers on america's southern border primarily to keep illegal narcotics and human trafficking out nori that was crucial to president strums 2016 election victory and he still seems to be quite popular
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here but despite a growing economy and low unemployment the trunk company is facing a tough paths to reelection its internal polling data shows trump behind top democratic contenders in key states and just relying on his core supporters might be not enough to pull off another victory in november next year. but this night was all about optimism and the will to win and donald trump took the stage in a land. tonight i stand before you to officially launch my campaign for a 2nd term as president and i think. i can promise you that i will never ever let you down i won't take boosting to terrorist spending judicial appointment in orlando tromped out it's what he called he's great a cheap. yes at the same time he attacked his political opponents demonstrating how
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much his cum pain appears to rely on us versus them rhetoric no matter what label they use a vote for any democrat in 2020 is a vote for the rise of radical socialism and the destruction of the american dream . words that acknowledge the anger and passion of chimes 2016 campaign and went down well with these core supporters in florida. alexander phenomena put that report together for us he joins us now from orlando good day to you alexandra 20000 people packed into the amway stadium there for that a rally can you give us some more of your impressions of what was happening there. what really struck me of brian was the fact that trump supporters seem to be very
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loyal they voted for donald trump in 2016 and they are still supporting him although we have to say that he did not keep all the promises he had to made just take as an example the border which he has been talking about building the border wall for 2 and a half years now and nothing happened so far but that people there here in the lower land they still support if they don't pay for that they rather blame the democrats so they seem to have a special bond with donald trump i talked to many of them $1.00 of the troubled all the way from california saying that it is important for him to be here to support his president listening to the speech there and talking to the people as you did alexandra what are the main issues the president's going to be campaigning on this time around. president clumped talk about cues
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he had to talk to for immigration health care or military spending trade so my impression was that he didn't really offer any new holy seas or a new agenda that would help him expand his political appeal he rather cut teen youths to attack his opponents calling the democrats and the angry left wing mob and promising his supporters to wage battle relentless battle on their behalf xandra as trump launches his reelection campaign we're seeing some contradictory polling results in the key battleground states where he's facing off again against the democrats those are ohio pennsylvania florida why are those states so very important for donald trump. every one of them
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is very important for donald trump let's take a high oh for example there is a saying that no republican president or republican politician can be elected as president or be reelected without winning ohio and in doesn't look good for president strummed there are at least a cold according to the latest polls polls when we look at the floor in that florida he seems to be still quite popular here but according to the latest data that was leaked from he's campaigned he is here behind joe biden one of 2020 democratic hopefuls and when we looked at canceling or wisconsin very important states for donald trump it also looks like people there are not very happy with the 1st 2 and a half years of his presidency alexander thanks very much for your report and for
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those insights from orlando florida. let's preview now and some of the other stories making the news at this hour both iran and the united states of issue statements to reduce the tensions in the gulf region arraigning president hassan rouhani said his country would not wage war with any nation your secretary of state might pump a oh say the u.s. would protect its interests in the region but that president from did not want who or we will continue to communicate that wherever it is behind the rival contenders to become the next british prime minister clashed in a televised debate whether the u.k. can leave the european union by the end of october has emerged as the main issue front runner boris johnson has increased his lead former hopeful dominic robb dropped out of the caucus and. thousands of people in the turkish city of istanbul have joined in prayers for the former egyptian president mohamed morsi who died monday after collapsing in court in cairo after apparently suffering
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a heart attack his muslim brotherhood has blamed the poor conditions in the prison where he's being held right groups of hold for investigation into his death. well new figures just out from the u.n. refugee agency have revealed record numbers of people were forced to flee their homes last year because of war and persecution and the figures are truly staggering more than 70000000 people displaced from their homes forcibly most refugees came from syria the war there has forced nearly 7000000 people to flee the country but afghanistan south sudan mian maher and somalia are also seeing masses of people millions leaving because of conflict and persecution in those countries well where are they going turkey tough the list of host countries with 3700000 people i was followed by pakistan uganda and sudan germany is on the list was more than 1000000
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refugees let's take a closer look now at uganda and ask why this country has been more welcoming to refugees than many others. seems i see stitch by stage it is phony as making a new dress she recently trained as a seamstress as part of a u.n. refugee aid projects in 2016 she fled with her family from war torn south sudan to uganda. on our way of the rebels came they took our property tortured us into print ways and beat us. little bones it's like millions of others from south sudan edith and her family found refuge in uganda refugee a.t.f. functions differently people aren't simply confined to a camp like in kenya refugees who were arriving here are immediately given
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a work permit and land which is provided by the communities and then you neighbors they also receive monthly benefits. we have cash on foot as well because when we give them food get that is restricted to the 4 that we've given them but when you give them cash you have the option to buy and supplement whatever that debt that that is so it's optional ugandans have a strong willingness to give to those in need for 20 years they also suffered during the civil war they also benefit from international aid which can be used to build hospitals or schools but of course there are still challenges. as a young school we have an almost island is one of it is the infrastructure like the classrooms are not and now we don't how science a laboratory we don't have a library though we have the books but we haven't know where to put them there are
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so that it does move from far distance so the north stuff does then also the students especially the go to move from far distance to come and learn in the school nobody who missed school is in a queue money district in the north of the country 400000 people live here half of them are refugees some of whom arrived here 50 years ago many of from south sudan where the most recent civil war broke out in 2013 it's led to an ongoing conflict between rival factions titus jogo the refugee officer in the district is happy that the refugees were able to find a new place to call home in uganda he believes it benefits the locals to the prisons over to some an interview was mindy's so many people have been employed not now not in a city from disobey strict but it was well under we pay a tax when you look at the infrastructure before we have constructive access what
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roads into it if it is a tremendous well constructed discourse of course structed it is. but there are also negative aspects rizzo's is like would supplies onto enduring in january this year almost $6000.00 more refugees arrived in uganda but it wants to keep its borders open and can only manage this influx with the help of aid money at least for the time being as uganda's policies continue to be put into action it's hoped that refugees who become self-sufficient like seamstress he just phony. here in germany investigations into the killing of a regional politician are being stepped up. new police reports indicate that a suspected far right extremist arrested in this case may not have acted alone the victim. was shot in the head at close range earlier this month investigators are looking at whether the suspect now in custody may have been part of
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a wider network of far right extremists. faulter luka the local german politician shot dead on his own terrace intensive investigations are underway with the main suspect identified a known neo nazi but did he act alone german media report the clues point to multiple suspects on the night of the killing a witness saw 2 cars rushed from the scene as are enough he says he heard a gunshot that night and then he saw 2 cars driving very aggressively close by. he says he thinks he may have made a wrong turn. by the font the witness says one car looked like a gray folks. the suspect's wife owns such a car she reportedly said her husband is the only one who drives it. in his testimony has led investigators to examine whether there may be other
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assailants or people with knowledge of the crime that's no part of the investigation. that. officials found a key to another car hidden in the suspect's home he says he was selling the car for a relative his relative confirmed that the suspect told his wife he sold it around the time of the killing but the car has yet to be found on tuesday the press conference was held with more details on the case. this kid. wants or talking about an attack against all of us. against a free nation. that adds another dimension to this and as others have said today the preservation of freedom is at stake long before. authorities say the suspect had not raised suspicions among officials for at least a decade. thanks to mr the suspect had
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a far right extremist career if i can put it that way starting in the late eighty's . he's been part of the far right scene since then he committed politically motivated crimes a gun and went into found as such he was on the radar of the domestic intelligence service during that time. german m.p.'s say the suspects name appeared in documents from a parliamentary investigation into other far right killings that's now raising questions . what has been done to identify and destroyed by twin terror networks. did officials look into all of the information on the suspects and other known individuals. the experts say they're often skeptical of lone wolf narratives when it comes to the far right and it is a form lonely. the thesis of lone individuals preparing crimes undercover and in isolation. i consider that to be a betrayed sided. and often. people tend to be networked with each other on social
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media. bias because even if they appear to act alone they're likely to find affirmation online. now the suspect is being investigated further in custody he has not yet spoken about the allegations. let's get more on the story now it is on your caller following it for us today good morning anya what do you make of the new information police have been releasing could it point to the suspect being part of a network of extremists. this has to be at the center of the investigations now brian in their press conference the authorities had said that they don't have any hints to a network behind the main suspect no indication that there are cowpoke to trade his but they would still investigate if there are any other people involved and the
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new findings that you reported on that witness report certainly point into this direction a politician i talked to on monday said that he found it very disturbing that investigators had ruled out and that would be very very early into the investigations right after they had arrested the suspect and experts on the right wing terrorism tell us that. terror that right wing extremists often closely know that they are loosely cross-linked with each other but those who are willing to act they are closely linked to look you know we saw your reason cheerier minister in that report and he has also said that this killing is a wake up call what does he mean by that. politicians from all sides are allowed their home affairs committee has called for an extraordinary meeting which is which
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is probably taking place next week and they called for the interior minister to show up at this session they want to see representatives off the federal prosecutor's office and they want to see investigators to. get up to date as you know brian we have this killing spree and germany by a right wing terrorist group called and as you few years ago and disturbingly the authorities only found out after years that indeed a right wing group was behind these killings. so now experts say we. we have to be alarmed and we shouldn't downplay any hints to in network and we should have learned a lesson out of this and it's you tara ok well what lessons have been learned and how prepared are german authorities today to confront any possible threats from the militant far right of the trouble is that the office for the sake state security
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seems to be stuffed and the observation and investigation of right wing that works has been somehow neglected during the past year is the president of the domestic espionage. he said few months ago that he's very concerned about a rise in power right extremism under curler thanks very much for that. this is deja vu news live from berlin still to come on this program michel platini is back in the spotlight but not in a good way we'll tell you why the former head of european football is being implicated in a probe over the decision to give the 2022 world cup to qatar. but 1st the german chancellor angela merkel has hosted ukraine's new president vladimir is a lengthy here in berlin the 2 discussed among other issues the efforts to end the conflict in eastern ukraine but that visit was overshadowed by concerns over the
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chance for self. ukraine's comedian turned president entered office as an unknown quantity last month but now europe's leaders are beginning to learn what he wants. his message in berlin keeping up the west's sanctions against moscow is the only hope for ending the conflict with russia in eastern ukraine and the new option was for good sound systems dollin we did not start this war but we hope to and that is quickly as possible. we do not want our european partners to suffer from the sanctions but this is the only way to end this conflict without bloodshed in my. visitors or i mean that's what i mean we agree thousands long as there is no progress the sanctions count be lifted on concerning crimea they can only be lifted once crimea is returned to ukraine. but the personal seem to overshadow the political at times with one episode triggering worries about chancellor merkel's
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health. while receiving selenski she was briefly seen trembling in the hot midday sun. america was asked after the incident if she was ok and if people should be concerned. as they helped inspiration and since then i've drunk at least 3 glasses of water which i apparently needed i'm now i'm doing very well it would. the chancellor focused on reassurances both about her well being and about her intent to maintain the sanctions aimed at forcing moscow's hand. we have some sports for you now the former your way for president michel platini has been freed from custody after being questioned for hours by french anticorruption police authorities are investigating whether corruption played a role in the awarding of the 2022 world cup to cost are his lawyers say he's
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innocent. former european football supreme oh michel platini is back in the spotlight. he was questioned by french anticorruption offices near paris over allegations of wrongdoing in the awarding of the 2022 world cup to cata his lawyer william brought all left without speaking to reporters but later issued a statement saying part of the questioning had also been about the awarding of the 26000 european championship to france he added this is not an arrest but rather being heard as a witness by the investigators within a framework preventing those being questioned and heard from consulting each other during the process prosecutors across the globe have long been looking into the bidding for the 2022 world cup but katter has always denied accusations of corruption and a fee for investigation in 2014 found no evidence in a statement on tuesday world football's governing body said fever reiterate its
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full commitment to cooperating with the offer a t's in any given country of the world where investigations are taking place in connection with football activities with just over 3 years left until kickoff it is difficult to imagine that the 1st world cup in the arab world will not take place. but platini is reputation has taken a nosedive since he was banned from football over ethics breaches in his dealings with disgraced former chief said blatter that sanction is due to end in october but he's questioning by french authorities leaves his future on certain. or out on the pitch there was plenty of drama at the women's world cup on tuesday with several places in the last 16 up for grabs among those an action were dark horses australia they defeated jamaica 41 to reach the next round that came in no small part to the performance of captain and star sam kerr. australia goes off to the
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perfect stop when captain sometimes these things have a new meaning. drawl finish from australia stop playing. and captain fantastic maybe with another header with the congressman in australia cruising. but some tough jamaican cycling probably sleep well going down without a fight. and so it proved to me the pulled one back on the side of the full team maybe. home. but the hope was short lived a somewhat defending still kind of good 3rd of the finished writing in either. of them and it was job done in the 83rd minute some slapstick filthy things feel good about the school. jamaica and the tournament australia through to the next round. and in the other groups the game brazil defeated italy one nil to finish 3rd
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and not group but also made it through to the round of 16 as the best 3rd place team marta scored the game's only goal from the penalty spot following a foul in the area on the 71st minute was enough to put brazil level on points with italy and australia in group c. they finished 3rd however having scored fewer goals in the group stages italy qualified as group when us. let's give you a reminder now of our top story right now u.s. president all trump has launched his 2020 reelection bed addressing thousands of supporters in orlando florida from said his new campaign slogan was keep america great. up next we have our business in the news and business leaders are addressing the challenges of implementing the paris climate bring the general will have that was our business news up next don't forget you can always get the. latest
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with our website as well as v.w. dot com for now though for me brian tolleson entire team thanks for being. a mum. the for.
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remembering the severe. weather in police custody or jail in turkey hundreds of people of color missing for decades. to protest against disappearances despite government arrest them to. their need to know is also putting them in danger. close on 60 minutes on. d w.
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subsist on the legislation the cultural heritage foundation. plays treasure trove our 2 part. starts june 21st on d w. plays an existential issue for mankind that's all the united nations climate chief that finds the stakes amid ongoing climate talks in bonn as we talk to an expert. also the recent unrest in hong kong forces businesses to consider what could be a changing landscape for the. under real estate costs are skyrocketing in berlin driving the german capital to consider and on for that all solution to. this.


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