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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  June 19, 2019 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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. i'm not proud of my will not succeed in dividing us not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we have time to just to try to shift. taking the stand global news that matters. made for mines. the u.s. fed leaves interest rates unchanged it leaves the door open for a later cut so what does that say about the american economy about the central banks independence from a pushy president. also on the show the u.s. hopes to bolster its coal power plants unveiling new rules the scrap of missions targets and will likely slow the shift to renewables. and we'll take you to a school in a world gone up where the power of play is helping to keep the lights on.
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business i'm stephen beard sambolin thanks for watching. the federal reserve has left the key lending rate unchanged in the 2.25 to 2.5 percent range but some fed officials apparently expect a rate cut by the end of the year announcing the decision fed chairman jerome powell pointed to concerns over weakening global growth and volatile international trade relationships just a day ago similar preoccupations prompted the european central bank to signal that it's ready to introduce fresh stimulus measures to boost the eurozone economy. and let's go now to our financial correspondent in new york yen scored a yen what's behind this is. well i mean we clearly saw that the federal reserve at least cleared the way verbal e. for a possible rate cut by end of july even if the monetary policy is to not put on autopilot a yet
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a lot will actually really depend on how trade talks will go on specially next week when they're paying and donald trump will meet at the g. 20 summit in japan overall the economy is in pretty good shape but weaker global growth and those trade tensions that. uncertainty and that's why the market does expect a rate cut made by the end of the year. now we know that u.s. president donald trump has been badgering drome powell for awhile to cut rates and badgering maybe putting it politely what does this decision tell us about his effort if anything. yes that is the big question if actually finally the pressure has been too big not just from the white tells but also from wall street because traders here are expecting for quite some time now that they are probably
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by the end of july we will get a rate cut so if all of a sudden the federal reserve would decide to not cut rates so soon that could be actually a disappointment for the markets and clearly also for a u.s. president donald trump i would say it's unprecedented that we've seen so much pressure from the president on the head of the federal reserve and then we shouldn't forget it's actually not just the decision of fed chairman to cut rates or not there is a committee there are 17 members and at this point 8 are in favor of at least one rate cut in this year aides are still hesitant and one actually is even proposing a rate increase so all of this clearly points that there is not some common sense at this point and a lot will really depend on how trade talks continue where we look at japan next week so we've got one. out of our way was this fed meeting so now let's look at the
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at the next hurdle next week was a g. 20 in japan and i'm sure we'll of course talk about it with you at that time ins quarter there for us in new york. mexico has ratified a new trade deal with united states and canada lawmakers there voted overwhelmingly to greenlight the pact which replaces the old now agreement the approval comes during a period of heightened trade tension with united states earlier this month u.s. president donald trump threatens imposed tariffs on all mexican imports if the country fail to reduce migration the new deal dubbed the us mexico canada agreement still needs to be legally approved by the other 2 countries. and the u.s. has finalized the clean air measure to replace an emissions cutting plan from the previous obama administration the new rule it out today by the country's environmental protection agency in specific emissions targets all together and
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gives energy companies an incentive to continue using coal plough powered plants. protecting jobs in the coal industry was one of donald trump's campaign promises the u.s. president on active pledge with the introduction of the affordable clean energy rule individual states cannot decide for themselves whether to upgrade efficiency measures at existing coal plants. rather than punishing us production in the marketplace to chinese coal which is what the obama plan did we are leveling the playing field and encouraging innovation in technology cross the sector we set the gold standard for cleaner technologies here in the united states if we don't develop the next generation of clean coal technologies here in the us no one else will present the e.p.a. chief andrew fowler a former coal industry lobbyist said fossil fuels will remain an important part of
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the u.s. energy mix environmentalists are appalled they fear the new rules will lead to increases rather than cuts in carbon emissions they see if it 3 for the big polluters. under obama's clean power plan in 2015 c o 2 emissions were forecast a full 30 percent by 2030 compared to 2005. the u.s. is deeply divided on climate policy coal mining regions hope to keep their jobs environmentalists are worried about climate change the state of new york has already announced it will file a lawsuit against trump's new energy plan. facebook's plan to introduce its own digital currency called libra is facing a backlash and not just from anyone the g 7 the group of the 7 leading a connally's have given the plan the thumbs down french finance minister bruno lemaire insists that only governments can issue sovereign currencies he asked
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central banks from the group to deliver a report on the facebook plan by mid july. could this be the governor of the world's next central bank when libor becomes usable across facebook's apps including instagram and whatsapp possibly as soon as next year it could well become a rifle for traditional currencies mark zuckerberg is promising money for the months and moved i believe that it should be as easy to send money to someone as it is to send a photo. so we're already touching this in india we've got a 1000000 people it's been used a lot in the feedback so far is great and we're already working on rolling this out in a number of other countries later this year but the feedback from key financial figures in europe hasn't been so great french finance minister prunella mass says it's out of the question that libor should become a sovereign currency the governor of the bank of england mark carney has said it will need to be subject to the highest standards of regulation security is one of
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the biggest concerns what with facebook's record on protecting data point out it's not the most obvious organization to trust with your money facebook has to convince us that not only should we not worry about privacy concerns when we share stories or when we browse the internet through the social networking but financial transactions are now safe as well that's a big that's a very tall order. this rather humble looking office block in switzerland is the official registered home of libra facebook has promised to keep its house in order and avoid the volatility of other cryptocurrency by pegging libra to real assets and a number of government backed currencies still need to convince uses and financial leaders around the world the lever is backed by more than just luck. european aviation giant air bus has sold 15 new long range planes to american airlines the deal announced at the paris air show is a major boost for the a $321.00 x.l.
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or model which was launched this week and has yet to be built its a long range version of the popular single aisle a $320.00 and the order is set to heighten pressure on u.s. rival boeing which came to paris under a cloud after at 737 max jet was grounded worldwide following 2 deadly crashes. over africa ask any parent children have surprising amounts of energy and what if you could harness it into well real energy a clever project in ghana is doing just that to the benefit of the children themselves. this is the moment they've been waiting for the pupils at this school in western ghana aren't only excited about writing the carousel they're also eager to see what happens when they do why because this is no ordinary piece of playground equipment each spin produces enough electricity to power forcing rechargeable alie de lamps which the kids are allowed to take home with them in the
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evenings. after school they'll get. home away. knowing they were all given it skews that. that's why i didn't do my homework so this study. that this is an. effective teaching me. to carry a cell was donated to the school by an organization called empower play grandes it's one of more than 50 of the kind across ghana the concept of course on plans are ready in the works for more. but if you look at installation i would guess they just my grandkid now goes into the headmaster office where the children and they discovered that internet energy and they used to charge portable every day around to get to the house like to state the whole of the lamps enable people to with no access to electricity to do their homework after dark many of them spent the
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daylight hours that remain after school helping out in the fields or at home. for i was only able to study at home when my parents didn't need the lights now i can study together with the other kids. in the evenings the children often gather together to do their homework under the lights of the lamps. benefiting at night from the playground memories and to electricity they created searing the day. great story there and that's it for me and the business team here but i'm stephen beardsley that's watching.
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