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this is you know really was life from berlin situation volatile iran should see us draw out of the sky present trump response to the escalation saying iran made a very big mistake all there are conflicting accounts over the incident tehran says the drunk violated its airspace the u.s. contradicts this saying the drone was in international airspace washington accuses iran of making an unprovoked attack also coming up horse trading in brussels france and germany clashed over who should become the next president of the european
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commission and it's not the only e.u. top job a program apps plus the u.n. says a record 71000000 people have been displaced by war and persecution worldwide on world refugee day we look at the plight of aging where hinge on muslims for me and mark who fled to bangladesh. and the women's world cup scotland are on their way home after crashing and burning against argentina the scots look certain to win until their opponents mounted a full grown week and controversial comeback. on the ark thank you so much for your company everyone. we begin with that dangerous escalation in tension between iran and the u.s. iran has shut down a us. spy drone president trump calls it quote
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a very big mistake tehran in turn claims the u.s. violated its airspace washington maintains the drone was in international airspace and the now says the incident as an unprovoked attack well it comes at a time of heightened tension between washington and tehran. the shooting down of the u.s. drone was announced on iranian state television they did not immediately broadcast any pictures of the attack but showed instead a file image of the type of drone they said had been hit by an unmanned surveillance act craft he used the gathering imagery of large areas of land in all weathers the commander of iran's elite revolutionary guard said they had destroyed the drone because they wanted to send a strong message to the us. i don't know those who defend the border of the islamic nation of iran will react in a total and decisive way to any intrusion by foreign elements on our land or don't
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own a. mine of our borders how are our redline and enemy that violates our borders and will not return and will be destroyed. the commander went on to say that iran was ready for war but added that they did not seek conflict with any nation. however the incident comes at a time of increasing tension between tehran and washington at its heart the international nuclear deal which the u.s. withdrew from last year. this week iran said it was also no longer willing to abide by the terms of the agreement and could soon restart its nuclear activity. also raising concerns are attacks on 2 oil tankers in the gulf of oman. on wednesday the u.s. military presented more evidence it said linked tehran to the incidents. iran for
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its part denies involvement. the united states has also said it has no interest in fueling the dispute with iran but the fear is a military confrontation could happen not by design but by accident. let's get more now on these the growing tensions with the perspective from washington debbie is all over salad is standing by all over both sides confirmed that the drone was shot out of the sky by tehran but there are conflicting accounts over the circumstances has the u.s. presented proof that the drone was flying in international space. other than a picture showing the shop drone we don't have exact prove where the drone was flying and that is essentially the important and the crucial point to your iran arguing that the drone entered iranian airspace the united states saying the drone was in international airspace and the problem here is that we might not even know which of
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the versions is the correct one just a week ago when 2 oil tankers were attacked in the strait of hormuz the pentagon then provided photos and video footage allegedly showing iranian revolutionary guards removing the remainders of a mind of one of these oil tankers the united states them believes iran is behind this attack international partners some of them agree on the version others contest . this material the european union is divided over the issue but if the united states is right of course that will mean drastic a dramatic increase of tensions between the 2 countries now all over what's the reaction been in washington to this incident. well the u.s. president took to twitter and said iran made a big mistake at the same time he also stresses repeatedly that he does not want the united states to go to war with iran iran arguing along the same lines you have
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some congress people who responded and are more open to military action against iran the big question right now is with which side in the u.s. government and administration will prevail is that the hardliners like national security advisor john bolton for instance or is that moderate forces and will there at some point be a retaliation maybe another accident or incident that would trigger a war between the 2 countries although the official take is that the united states do not want to go to war the speaker of the house nancy pelosi of the democratic party today said the americans do not want to go to war but the united states have to defend their interests what is the appetite oliver among president trump's base and americans in general for war well the americans are tired of war and that has been one of the poor promises all the president trying to pull
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out of all international conflicts and that promise comes in contrast with the actual strategy of maximum pressure that he is excerpting on iran on other countries as well that has not proven to be very successful at this point what he wants essentially is to get iran back on the negotiating table to get a tougher nuclear deal iran refuses so is saying that the united states have lost all their credibility. after lee's leaving the nuclear deal so that will be interesting to follow. both countries are going to go in a vicious circle with the nation all over salat reporting from washington thank you . when is it going out to brussels where you leaders are meeting to decide who will lead the european union's key institutions following last month's parliamentary elections where the most high ranking position under discussion is that of the european commission president opposed that is now held by john cloud younger but
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there is no consensus on who should replace him and that's has that has created friction between the 2 leading nations france and germany the e.u. commission the heartbeat of the european union. 28 heads of state and government have gathered in brussels to decide on the new leader but chancellor merkel cautions against high expectations. here in germany we have the situation that both my party the c.d.u. and the s.p.d. are committed to the top candidate but that's not always the case in the council as we have known for a long time and we will discuss this but we might not have a result today. kind of give you the european party's top candidates have been campaigning throughout the e.u.
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liberals conservatives greens and social democrats. but the french president doesn't want to limit himself to these candidates when it comes to voting in a new e.u. commission president so he's risking an open dispute with germany. in my opinion it isn't to france to find a solution and not get down in schemes to apply here is an idea leadership. but if france doesn't stand behind the top candidate it will need support for its choice even before the summit began president mccall sought to meet with his counterparts one of them is the leader of luxembourg who says he doesn't want to commit himself to one candidate yet. i want to know what we're doing and not who's doing it. for chancellor merkel and the french president this is about much more than posts it's about power and influence in the european union that's why no one
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wants to give in it amounts to a poker game and the prize is the e.u.'s top position. on star some more about what's at stake we can take you now to the european council where the summit is taking place in brussels max hofmann arbor achieved there is standing by and lacks tell us more about this powerful job and why the race to fill it has gotten so contentious. this time it's so difficult because for the 1st time you don't have a majority between the 2 big parties in the european parliament in the past it used to be the social democrats and the conservatives of the european peoples party that would be on the same page for one candidate and then start dividing up the different posts that's not the case and you know what for the earth being commission president you don't only need a majority in the european parliament but also right here in the european council where the leaders are meeting today and none of the candidates has a majority in the european council so of this double majority you have 0 majority
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at the moment and that's not all leyla there's another thing another obstacle because they're not only dividing up this one post as you mentioned earlier there are a couple of posts that are going to be vacant including also the powerful position of the president of the european parliament and we were lucky enough to earlier to talk one of one of the potential candidates for that post from the greens leader of the spits and kind of doubt the lead candidate of the greens scott keller was here with me today and i asked her if i was possibly talking to the next president of the european parliament i have no idea as greens we are kind he in talks with other groups in the european parliament to see if we can do what's really important namely bring about political change make sure that the next commission has a work programme in thailand which brings about real change becomes a climate checks and social you know fundamental rights but some fresh fiji's and also the rule of law situation and that is what we greens are engaged in
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nevertheless would you like to do the job. that i think that we need to have in the european union is not cons. and talk about who just what job and whatever and who's the prettiest face around but what are the policies that we can achieve and change and what must change in the opinion and there's so much to do we should we should really talk about that and for our screens it's important to talk about content before we talk about positions but i have noted you didn't say no nevertheless let's talk about money to be able who is the front runner to some candidate of the conservatives the european people's party is that someone you could support it depends on the content because we crean's could only ever support a candidate for the commission presidency who commits to for example doing more on climate protection and not just a bit more and going for social europe fixing the tryst in the mediterranean and doing something about the rule of law problems we have in many member states so this is really what it all depends of course the p.p.
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is that's a no it's a very close group to the greens but in any case no matter which candidate you're talking about it really all depends on the content do you feel like let's say the fight against climate change has been adequately represented ever since the european election so are people talking about it enough now or are they talking too much about people. what i think to talk about the climate crisis has certainly increased so that's but it's not by far not enough if you just look at the council conclusions or at least have been produced before sure it's great to see that finally there's a priority on climate change in the strategic agenda for the next commission but then they have other priorities for example an economy where there's no mention at all about how they're going to put those things together but climate is really a mainstream issue needs to be mainstreamed also in the other policy areas and especially if you talk about the economy i mean it's also a big chance to have a ecological and social transformation of the economy it creates a lot of jobs but it cannot be seen separately from our climate concerns it's got
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so you can see she wouldn't say if she was actually running for that. president of the next european parliament but the greens have gained a lot of influence in the us european in this election because especially in germany they gained a lot of votes and she was very quiet indeed in that interview with you now the new european parliament starts that work on july 2nd when can we expect any decisions. that is indeed a very important date because that is the date that the parliament we just talked about might elect its president and if they do without a complete full package being in place it would be very hard to figure out the rest of the package for example president of the european union commission or president of the european central bank just to name some of the few and that's why the leaders that are here today really want to find a solution before that 2nd of july and that's why we're hearing if they can't find a solution tonight which is not impossible but not very likely they might summon
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a special summit on the 1st of july right here again current then will be continue with you again i'm max entrepreneur thank you so much for your continued coverage. of back to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. hungary and cortez extended the prison sentences of 4 people smugglers convicted last year for the deaths of 71 migrants when the smugglers have now received life sentences in 3 cases without the possibility of parole the migrants suffocated in the back of a refrigerated truck back in 2015. german media are reporting that several of the country's politicians are facing death threats from far right extremists police say this includes colognes mayor she was seriously injured in a knife attack 4 years ago earlier this month a pro and migration politician was shot dead. chinese
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president xi jinping is in north korea on his 1st visit to the country talks with post to kim jong un i have been. focusing on pyongyang's nuclear weapons program after the february summit between kim and u.s. president donald trump broke down president g. said he hopes u.s. north korea talks will resume. you're watching the news coming next in news asia. scotland's are out of the women's world cup after their opponents argentina mounted a home growing and controversial comeback. and that story will be coming up here and just a moment not in the news that asia want to tell you know about the united nations which says a record number of people worldwide have been forcibly displaced this year by war persecution or violence the figure now total $71000000.00 that's $2000000.00 more
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than last year it includes asylum seekers refugees and the internally displaced to mark un world refugee day amnesty international is highlighting the challenges for older refugees amnesty filmed in camps that housed refugees from me and maher after a crackdown by mia mars military almost 800000 of them fled to bangladesh and many are of an advanced age. life in bangladesh so crowded refugee camps can be a constant struggle. for the elderly it's often nearly unbearable the human rights organization amnesty international interviewed nearly 150 displaced wrote injured 54 to over 90 they found that agencies hadn't done enough to address the needs of older refugees. not that far from the people who can walk well it's only a problem for me. i don't go to the camp to nick they don't provide good treatment
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they usually only give one or 2 tablets when my son buys medication for me i take that i'm wary of going that. everybody thought that this man was able to reach a designated age friendly clinic but such places are rare in the refugee camps for the elderly food medical and sanitation facilities are often difficult to reach researchers documented cases of older patients foregoing medicine because they could not navigate the challenging terrain to the clinics. despite the challenges these are the lucky ones many other elderly wrote enjoy were unable to flee with me on mars army attacked their villages in rocking state. you know mothers that we were in the field the soldiers with chasing people and shooting people who could run manage to escape but those who couldn't run we killed
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. them out of the when the soldiers came and set houses on fire my parents were inside for the last 5 years my parents weren't able to move on their own we couldn't take them with his mommy flat my parents died with a house was told. it's uncertain when the ruins of refugees will be able to return to their homes and mean omar for the elderly it's not clear whether they'll ever make the trip home. june is l g b t q pride month 30 days to honor the impact of lesbian gay bisexual transgender and queer communities around the world but not everyone celebrating pride month is seen as a welcome support by the l.g.b. t.q. community with many big brands and companies coming under fire and pablo foley alias joins me now for more what's behind the criticism well 1st and foremost it's this use of different communities like you've mentioned they're sort of almost jump on the bandwagon will say you know celebrating this pride month and the best thing
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is actually if we see some of the advertisements or photographs or come panes that they've launched and now there's big brands like the fashion brand ralph lauren the clothing company and alcoholic drinks company as well budweiser there are basically creating you know certain. like we're seeing here like they're getting involved in certain big. events like budweiser they're part of london pride but most criticism has actually gone. towards the british supermarket chain marks and spencer white because they've launched a sandwich which is an l g b t sandwich this is obviously gone down as they obviously because it seems almost obvious to me that this is not going to go down very well now they are saying that they're going to donate 10000 pounds in 1000 euro to 2 different charities related to the community but what is thinking well it
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appears that they weren't thinking very clearly they hadn't sort of spoken to people in the community and asked them what they would react about being as you can imagine a lot of criticism towards this happened last month and since then it's still being talked about we're seeing here someone wrote shame on the good folks over at marks and spencer for turning our culture and identity into a sandwich making an absolute mockery of people and that's one of many many tweets and many many comments that i've read online related to this sandwich but let me let me just get this straight so basically it has backfired this initiative and other issues because it's seen as people wanting to cash in on the community where whereas there are some serious issues out there that still need to be a try this is it and before i actually get on to we're seeing here you need leverage because we've actually heard from the boss of unity sort of a critic that no one expected going to what woke washing and what is woke washing 1st and foremost it's a play on the word white washing and it's meant as
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a criticism of corporations particularly that are trying to cash in on social justice movements by paid painting themselves as woke and what is woke wolk is a term which is used to say that you're aware of injustices in the world in particular racism and this is a term from the united states that's used so essentially unity ever have come out and said that they you know are saying that it's bad for the industry the big companies are jumping on this and they need to be very careful because they can actually lose a lot of buyers of their products that's the thing of course if they don't seem authentic then you know they are not trustworthy is iran's all right thank you so much probably is greatly appreciated. next up glaciers in the himalaya mountain range north of india are melting about twice as fast as they used to according to research by columbia university in the united states the world's highest peaks which include mount everest have been losing ice at a rate of about one percent
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a year since 2000 the scientists say the excel or weight of glacial melts poses a serious threat to the water supply of the indian subcontinent. the glaciers of the himalayas represent a vast reservoir of water upon which hundreds of millions of people depend now the glaciers are melting. by comparing today's glaciers with satellite imagery made tickets ago scientists can determine just how quickly the ice is receding researchers at london's a period college say the big melt will be hard to stop even if we if we try to limit the 1.5 degree. temperature rise over the next by the end of this century is still one 3rd of. the last years we. just. dr pandit says changing water
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availability is making it impossible for people to continue traditional farming practices those who cannot adapt are often forced to move away. because of that. the force to change the. kinds of practices and as a result in some areas my goodness some is also happening so people come out we do we do tend to. believe in the recent. rising temperatures and changing patterns of precipitation in the mountains will also have impacts far down stream as water levels drop across central asia and in the indian subcontinent. to the women's world cup now and it was a nightmare end to the competition for scotland they enjoyed a comfortable lead over argentina but then threw it all away in the final 20 minutes of the game that means the scots are heading home while argentina still have a slim chance of progress into the knockout stage here's how it happened. scotland
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didn't waste time taking the lead with kim little setting the tone with their 20th minute strike i scotland seemed to have things wrapped up at 3 nil thanks to an aaron custard volley in the 69th minute scotland well on their way to their 1st ever knockout round appearance in a major football tournament. but argentina responded less than 5 minutes later with me da grossman then disses a neat finish launching an improbable comeback. up 32 in stoppage time scotland keeper leo xander period a late penalty to look the hero. but it didn't stand for the 3rd time in this world cup the video assistant referee demanded a penalty retaken and for the 3rd time this world cup the 2nd attempt was converted florencio bone secondo sealing the dramatic equaliser in shattering scotland's hopes what
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a comeback england beat japan to neil to finish top of their group and progress and progress to the knockout stage while. georgia stanway set up the old one where the crafty threw the ball to manchester city team mate alan white who made no mistake. the lionesses kept up the pressure after the break and it was white's again who scored the 2nd with another well placed finish while the win it makes it 3 out of 3 for england defeated japan will also advance to the final 16. all right now a reminder of the top stories that we're tracking for you this hour. iran says it is close to ready for war after shooting down a u.s. spy drone over southern iran washington says it was in international airspace president trungpa said iran's action was a very big mistake on. the leaders are meeting there to decide who gets the box top jobs france and germany have clashed over who should become the next president of
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the european commission germany's as chancellor angela merkel is warning they make no we should agreement back to days summit. you're watching the debate is up next in that news asia meeting of old allies with major implications. that a whole lot more coming up for in just a moment also at the top of the our. food .
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objective relates part of the history of clay only those who know about secret things are behaved like this place in cultural heritage foundation player lives treasure trove the introduction mentors june 21st the dublin. this is deja news asia coming up on the show today a meeting of old allies with huge implications chinese president xi jinping goes to north korea the 1st chinese loot leader to visit pyongyang in 14 years why now and what will be discussed also coming up a devastating health crisis in eastern india more than $100.00 children die from a brain infection in the state of because their parents say it's the way these did too little too late. and it's one of the biggest refugee crisis in the world more than $700.00.


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