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from to. get that. this is it really was life for berlin the situation volatile iran shoots a u.s. drone out of the sky president trumper spawns to the escalation and in a very bad mistake to get rid of it is that how. you find out the u.s. and iran contradict each other over whether the drone was in international airspace washington accuses tehran of launching an unprovoked attack also coming up horse
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trading in brussels france and germany clash over who should become the next president of the european commission and that's not the only e.u. top job up for grabs. but our thank you so much for your company everyone. we begin with a dangerous escalation in tension between iran and the u.s. iran has shut down a u.s. spy drone president trump calls it quote a very big mistake and tells tehran you'll find out if the u.s. plans a response tehran claims the u.s. violated its airspace washington maintains the drone was in international airspace and denounces the incident as an unprovoked attack on a comes at a time of heightening tensions between washington and tehran. funding the
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republicans like the shooting down of the u.s. drone was announced on iranian state television. they did not immediately broadcast any pictures of the attack but showed instead a file image of the type of drone they said had been hit by an unmanned surveillance aircraft he used the gathering imagery of large areas of land in all weathers the commander of iran's elite revolutionary guard said they had destroyed the drug because they wanted to send a strong message to the us. i don't know those who defend the border of the islamic nation of iran will react in a total and decisive way to any intrusion by foreign elements on our land he would offer only. my our borders how are our red line an enemy that violates our borders and will not return and will be destroyed he gonna be the commander went on to say that iran was ready for war but added that they did not seek conflict with
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any nation. however the incident comes at a time of increasing tension between tehran and washington at its heart the international nuclear deal which the u.s. withdrew from last year. this week iran said it was also no longer willing to abide by the terms of the agreement and could soon restart its nuclear activity. also raising concerns are attacks on 2 oil tankers in the gulf of oman. on wednesday the u.s. military presented more evidence it said linked tehran to the incidents. iran for its part denies involvement. the united states has also said it has no interest in fueling the dispute with iran but the fear is a military confrontation could happen not by design but by accident. let's get more now on these
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a growing tensions with the perspective from washington is all over salad is standing by all over both sides confirmed that the drone was shot out of the sky by tehran but there are conflicting accounts over the circumstances has the u.s. presented proof that the drone was flying in international space. other than a picture showing the shop down drone we don't have exact prove where the drone was flying and that is essentially the important and the crucial point here iran arguing that the drone entered iranian airspace the united states saying the drone was in international airspace and the problem here is that we might not even know which of the versions is the correct one just a week ago when 2 oil tankers were attacked in the strait of hormuz the pentagon then provided photos and video footage allegedly showing iranian revolutionary guards removing the remainders of a mind of one of these oil tankers the united states them believes iran is behind
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this attack international partners some of them agree on the version others contest . this materiel the european union is divided over the issue but if the united states is right of course that will mean drastic a dramatic increase of tensions between the 2 countries now all over what's the reaction been in washington to this incident. well the u.s. president took to twitter and said iran made a big mistake at the same time he also stresses repeatedly that he does not want the united states to go to war with iran iran arguing along the same lines you have some congress people who responded and are more open to military action against iran the big question right now is will which side in the u.s. government administration will prevail is that the hardliners like national
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security advisor john bolton for instance or is the moderate forces and will there at some point be a retaliation maybe another accident or incident that would trigger a war between the 2 countries although the official take is that the united states do not want to go to war the speaker of the house nancy pelosi of the democratic party today said the americans do not want to go to war but the united states have to defend their interests what is the appetite oliver among president trumps base and americans in general for war. well the americans are tired of war and that has been one of the poor promises all the president trying to pull out of all international conflicts and that promise comes in contrast with the actual strategy of maximum pressure that he is excerpting on iran on other countries as well that has not proven to be very successful at this point what he
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wants essentially is to get iran back on the negotiating table to get a tougher nuclear deal iran refuses so is saying that the united states have lost all their credibility. after lee's leaving the nuclear deal so that will be interesting to follow. both countries are going down in a vicious circle with just a nation unknown oliver salat reporting from washington thank you. next to brussels where leaders are meeting to decide who will lead the european union's key institutions following last month's parliamentary elections the most high ranking position under discussion is the european commission president posts now held by a drunk load younger but there's no consensus on who should replace him and that's created friction between the 2 leading members france and germany the e.u. commission the heartbeat of the european union. 28 heads of state and
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government have gathered in brussels to decide on the new leader but chancellor merkel cautions against high expectations. here in germany we have the situation that both my party the c.d.u. and the s.p.d. are committed to the top candidate but that's not always the case in the council as we have known for a long time and we will discuss this but we might not have a result today. and of the kind of good news. the european party's top candidates have been campaigning throughout the e.u. liberals conservatives greens and social democrats. but the french president doesn't want to limit himself to these candidates when it comes to voting in a new e.u. commission president so he's risking an open dispute with germany. in my opinion and it isn't to france to find
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a solution film and not get bogged down in schemes to find here is an idea leadership. but if france doesn't stand behind the top candidate it will need support for its choice even before the summit began president mccall sought to meet with his counterparts one of them is the leader of luxembourg who says he doesn't want to commit himself to one candidate yet. for the next i want to know what we're doing and not who's doing it on the bus for chancellor merkel and the french president this is about much more than posts it's about power and influence in the european union that's why no one wants to give in it amounts to a poker game and the prize is the e.u.'s top position. and other top position up for grabs is in the u.k. where britain's ruling conservatives have narrowed the field of candidates for prime minister to 2 men they are former foreign minister boris johnson and current foreign minister jeremy hunt that hardliner boris johnson is seen as the clear
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front runner in an upcoming mail in ballot between the 2 candidates some 160000 conservative party members are eligible to pick between johnson and hunt to become party leader and therefore by extension to take over as prime minister the result is expected in late july well in london is tracking this story for us she joins us now to get former london mayor and foreign minister were johnson remains the top contender so is it a done deal. it's not really a done deal i mean it wouldn't be the 1st time that there was a last minute surprise when the tories were looking for the next leader and in this case the next prime minister however boris johnson really is leading he is huge he put people off with the party base and those are the people who are going to decide in this last age who is going to be the next prime minister he is charming he is
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witty bought who else is we have 3 pat a profile on girls johnson we've tried to find out why is he so popular let's have a look at it. all right we're going to have to play that a little later on a beer get up when i ask you actually now that i have you tell us a little bit about the other candidate because we're always talking our boris johnson but who is the other contender. well jeremy holmes the current foreign secretary in really interesting it will be a choice between boss johnson who was of course the face of the bricks of campaign and jeremy hunt who's the only one of the remaining contenders who was a remind us who that will be a huge choice as a foreign secretary he has got a quite good reputation within the e.u. circles he's somebody who's seen as somebody who has
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a multilateralist approach so not maybe as nationalistic as or as johnson would be seen probably a bit more boring not as colorful as boris johnson he doesn't have the same charisma and i think this is one of the main points why many people in the conservative party favors johnson over jeremy hunt but there is a few weeks left that will be hostages across the country and then they will decide ah this is by no stretch of the imagination over a beer good now if johnson does win in the end what does that mean for the country and for briggs it. well boris johnson has said that he would remain open to the option of leaving without a deal at the end of october as you know he has drawn a chilly hard line when it comes to the bread civic associations what conservative party members who are choosing him will be hoping for is that he has got the
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leadership but they haven't seen and reason way of getting the policy of getting called them and here behind him to get this deal over the line that she will go back to brussels he will try and negotiate we'll have to see what brussels says to that but the really important bit is that he has made many promises he was one of the figureheads maybe the most important figurehead of the brics it campaign he has made many promises he has at the brics of will make britain a global player once more that even breaks it would say. money by not sending $350000000.00 a week to the e.u. that it would be better for the country would save the country melissa has made a lot of promises and a fee indeed moves into downing street at the end of the summer he will be held to account harper we still have to wait and see who will become the next to leader of the conservatives and britain's next prime minister brigitte must reporting from london thank you so very much. and to the women's world cup now and it was
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a nightmare and to the competition for scotland they enjoyed a comfortable lead over argentina but threw it away in the final 20 minutes of the game while the means the scots are now heading home while argentina still have a slim chance of progressing to the knockout stage here's how it went down. scotland didn't waste time taking the lead with kim little setting the tone with their 20th minute strike. scotland seemed to have things wrapped up at 3 nil thanks to an errant custard volley in the 69th minute scotland well on their way to their 1st ever knockout round appearance in a major football tournament. but argentina responded less than 5 minutes later with me da grossman then disses neat finish launching an improbable comeback. up 32 in stoppage time scotland keeper lead alexander parry the late penalty to look the hero. but it didn't stand for the 3rd time in this world cup the video assistant
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referee demanded a penalty retaken and for the 3rd time this world cup the 2nd attempt was converted florencio bone secondo sealing the dramatic equaliser and shattering scotland's hopes. for a comeback of next it's d.w. business africa would get hurt al 1st and don't forget you can get all the latest news every information around the clock by heading to our website that's t w dot com labor aka seeking to. after the hour. welcome to the bureau maxim to check. out the final story. with exclusive. and a must see consuming starts the turkey europe.


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