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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 20, 2019 8:30pm-8:46pm CEST

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find out on this week's edition of. quadriga 60 minutes. earth. for saving google india's tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the current and boost green energy solutions for global warming to those being a series of global 3 goals and on g.w. and online. this is news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes just i was from now the opening and the 1st afghan game called in egypt to say we're in for riveting action as the best of africa's football talent battle it out in what is the continent's biggest sporting tournament. and what these guys are doing here is
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harvesting salt and they say they need to wear condoms to do it we'll find out why . i'm christine wonderwall come to news africa i'm glad you're cheated in no pun intended here but we kick off today's program with africa's biggest football tournament that starts in just a few hours from the now the 1st game off the 29000 africa cup of nations will see the pharaohs of egypt 2 by the way are the most successful team in afghan history play my beloved zimbabwe now egypt is host this year but that wasn't the initial plan cameroon had their hosting rights withdrawn in january after they failed to meet infrastructure requirements at match venues the 32nd instalment off will be the biggest yet it includes 3 countries that. never made the cuts that would be
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blondie mauritania and madagascar so other favorites. the africa cup of nations. who will be crowned champions. the hot favorites egypt with the home advantage they'll enjoy full backing from the stands and post a confident star player mohammed salada the liverpool forward enjoyed another astounding season on merseyside coming agonizingly close to winning the premier league before being crowned a european champion in june sollars goals often make the difference in an otherwise solid egypt team who have won the african cup of nations a record 7 times. fending champions are cameroon and the lions will be a tough act to beat this time as well they surprised many by winning 2 years ago and will be hoping to raise a few eyebrows again originally chosen to host the tournament but was stripped of the honor to try lack of organization and egypt stepped in to replace them cameroon
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boast a well drilled defense centered around captain michael engage you in dodgy was. going out to defend our crown with all due respect to the competition i believe our passion will help us achieve our goal. nigeria are always among the favorites when it comes to the africa cup of nations it's the most populous country on the continent with a constant stream of young talent and a rich footballing history. experienced german coach cannot rule has been the man in charge for the past 3 years and has vastly improve the sites tactical approach i'm happy to have this quality and so let's go visit often see spirit through this because we want to be no working. competition promises to be sky high as $24.00 teams bid to get their hands on the ultimate price the africa cup of nations
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. all right chris harrington is here to talk all things after call on hey chris good to have you here all right so the 1st game to play with how do you think that's going to go. to do to you i think it will be less like victory for egypt you mentioned already that the record champions there are hosting extra motivation i mean they have their talents man their masonic figure in most you know and they didn't lose any of the qualifying matches a very good professional league as well now zimbabwe you know in their group they've done well against the other teams uganda n d r congo but i do think they'll have to punch above their weight we did have a chance to catch up with the warriors head coach and this is what he had to say about the big competition hey joe. i thing we are very experienced players you know what tim. is for the atmosphere. i think we played on of the semi-pros fear in geography and in congo brazzaville they're quite used to this kind of
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fighting this year and i just will be there when i. play them off the ball and produce a reasonable good result for the nation ok so we know were installed for some good football here i think everybody agrees on that and i just wonder if you have all of these legends like mossad on the continent who go on to play in european he has an advantage to the teams why is it that when african teams are playing in the world cup for example we somehow to match up together well i think it really comes down to money invested in infrastructure you could look at germany you know for example they've invested over a 1000000000 euros in their youth infrastructure you know big countries the most populated country nigeria as a comparison because i did spend time there their infrastructure is basically bare and you know it runs dry and their national team is basically composed of players that are talented enough to play abroad in hone their skills and so forth not a lot of money is put forward in to you know the infrastructure and specifically
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the domestic league with good nigeria i caught up with a super eagle legend j.j. a coach and he touched on the issues that basically are keeping you know the football situation a step behind in the country. when it comes to the local big thinkers they have a long way to go to be cursed. and one of the issues is that most of the clovers belongs to government right you know so people running to clubs are not really on the shows and now you know so they rely on the board that they get every year from the government a lot of people in nigeria envying you right now for getting that grab a kevin is let's talk about the action that will be off the pitch in this tournament i mean at the end of the day afghan is taking place in a country that people are warning its governmental authorities of violating human rights what are we likely to see off the pitch this time well i think off the pitch a lot of people will take this opportunity to shine the light on certain issues
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that otherwise wouldn't get the attention i mean you know and one thing that's come out in criticizing what has been happening recently in egypt and it's the internationalist criticize you know the government for arresting several football fans associated associated them with terror organizations and so forth but they're really charged with the crime you know so i'm thinking that uses a deterrent but i'm sure people will you know try to hurdle over that and still try to get their voices heard in terms of the equal rights issues that exist in the country right right ok chris so it's a back to the tournament itself we know what are the favorites and i'm just wondering who you've got your money on you know this is one of the beautiful things about the f.a. cup of nations you know several teams competing 24 teams big biggest and it's ever been have won it you know it comes down to obviously of sets in the lion's share i mean i have 4 teams that i'll go with ok morocco you know egypt sinegal in the team that was featured in the report nigeria but upsets can happen but i'll wait until you know chip some of the fat from really pick the winner ok and some always not on
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that list of but nonetheless chris you can come back next time i'll have you on the program all right chris that said thank you chief of bats and you know what let's hear from the egypt captain that the beat mohamedi. sees me i should say on the importance off you guessed it most. and i was one of the 3 best players in the world this is a huge deal for the country and for the egyptian team. being on any team will make it better and be a great addition everyone's looking forward to his performance so this is a positive thing and a great addition for the egyptian team. players won but having solid where this is a positive thing and then important thing for us as a team and as players. our next story is in western uganda way a recent trend of using condoms and conventional medical workers and local
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authorities uganda's government like many others distributes free condoms to fight the spread of hiv aids and other sexually transmitted infections but salt mine is instead use them to protect themselves against the harsh impact of salty water on their reproductive organs. but this next report. decades of human activity and uganda looks like no other critelli. there is no fish here but for change. john salley quit funding 6 years ago to extract sort. provides a daily income. one which is not supposed to farming. i'm not reliable. son this place now better but his world
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being ignored. is highly concentrated sore to water as a ticking the atoll. was it with from. here has many problems with. its labor intensive when we don't we're not we get rooms with the skin is badly affected. or an order said to my. soul to mine as also frequently report jenny to infections and to protect themselves some i resorted to using condoms. and wearing a condom before getting in the water can limit your exposure to this old it protects you from infections that. resources are stretched to me by government seem to be mindful condoms to protect against the salt water has skyrocketed but that threatens the fight against aids. the house of course and the more shortage is
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because there. is a bit of it. the supplies we get so whatever we get for the 2 months out studies courtroom duty even in a month now you can imagine all of those that we put the in the is that. this is a battle for the meaning and we go to hell with this we also have. with the end of it. for the females the depot which has a real no go area. school. knows that all too well. she's afraid of becoming you for the she goes waist deep into the salty water science might not come from her fear but she will know to astute and maizie. the salty waters can cause uterus infections amaze. the deeper waters
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for the men to venture into. twig critelli is believed to have formed about 2000 years ago this was due to a vote coming. which will form sort of towards later discovered to be mutable quickly. despite the hardships involved pretty much mine as like so many seem to have no better alternatives for living in. sydney an interesting one is a bit well i'm interested to know what you think about it that is it for now from deja news africa as always you can catch all our stories on our website and a facebook page because of all of this on the grainy just hours away it's all that kickoff match will leave you now with images from egypt as it prepares to host the africa cup of nations next time bye bye.
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program is fighting.
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the fight. what secrets lie behind. find out. experience and explore past and even cultural heritage sites. you world heritage 360. hello and welcome to our latest news from arts and culture toni morrison is america's 1st lady of letters and a cultural force since her 1st works of fiction were published back in the early 1970 s. well now a new documentary illuminates the brilliance of the writer outside of her books
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we'll talk about that and here's what else is in the works. yet another documentary shows off the prussians cultural heritage foundation's vast collection of artifacts from all over the world comprising what is known as berlin's treasure trove. and italian photographer dan brown you know as work is a feast for the eyes and a rather off kilter mirror of the soul of his famous inspirations. well her writing career is all inspiring toni morrison nobel prize winning author and from today's perspective it may be kind of hard to imagine how long it took for her author of the bestselling novel beloved to give the african american story its rightful place in the american canon well now a new documentary about her life the pieces i am puts her work into context and when it's over you feel as if you've spent 2 hours in her excellent company.

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