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this is d. w. news. tonight the world waiting for the u.s. response after iran shoots down in american drone president trump calling the move a big mistake but trouble also says iran that might have fired at the drone by mistake at the white house and on capitol hill emergency meetings are now under way how will the u.s. respond also coming up horse trading in brussels france and germany clash over who should become going it's president of the european commission and that's not the
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only top job for gramps plus the man to beat former british foreign secretary boris johnson who's the front runner to be the new leader of the conservative party and the next u.k. prime minister foreign secretary jeremy hunt is running against johnson winner will be decided next month. it's good to have you with us we start with a day that has seen rising tensions between tehran and washington go from bad to worse earlier today iran is shot down a u.s. drone on that both sides agree but the u.s. says the drone was flying in international airspace and it's accusing iran of an unprovoked attack u.s. president donald trump took an aggressive stance when he heard the news but he laid later seemed to back off saying it looked like some. when iran may have made
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a mistake iran says the drone was on a spine mission over iranian territory youngman aircraft was brought down by iran's revolutionary guard here's what the guard's commander had to say earlier today on monday. how many think the downing american g.i. was a clear and precise message to americans. and the message is that. those who defend the borders of the islamic nation of iran. will react in a total and decisive way to any intrusions by foreign elements on our. big on a. red line of sight and i mean an enemy that our violates our borders show you will not return. and will be destroyed that's. my 1st guest tonight said earlier this week that a lack of a smoking gun should prevent further escalations of tensions between the u.s.
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and iran follows jirgas has written extensively about the middle east his latest book is in type of making the arab world he is professor of international relations and the one school of economics and he joins me tonight from london fawaz it's good to have you on the program you're warning that there is no smoking gun in terms of the attack on these 2 oil tankers that came before reports of a u.s. drone being shot down by iran's does that drill does that change the calculus for washington in your opinion. no it does not in fact i would argue that the trunk and its ration fired itself box there. there's no clarity in washington. many divisions within the administration we do not know what president trump wants . for sure he does not really want war was iraq because the president as we know
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this clashes was his and i as pest dr donald trump is not really interested in waging wars and in fact is trying to this in gauge. muslim lands and secondly is priority now is reelection for a 2nd presidential term of any war anywhere with basically hand that is that the nail in his reelection campaign so he does not want war with iran yet the crisis was iran is a man made crisis in the south and it's crisis by donald trump and this is the irony in which donald trump finds in south the death well for is what do you think is happening here are the reunion leaders with this drone being shot down are they giving the hardliners in washington exactly what they want and that is a reason to take this to a military level and to go to war i don't think iranian leaders want
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a direct clash with washington. not that the united states nor iran nor saudi arabia wants a all out war everyone would lose. a iran will be the biggest loser because its economic and military infrastructure will be destroyed what iran is engage in is the follow a calculated and then juris escalation because the status quo is and pettable. the iranian economy is bleeding the iranian back to the wall and they're punching back hoping that the trump administration will not basically ask allayed but this isn't then because everyone thinks every side things that the other side want 5 that the shop this is how war is this is how miscalculation happens and as you've said you're absolutely correct the violent storm is growing and pensions that deafening it would take only one miscalculation to really try to get as
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a clash and that is a popular well you've said earlier that donald trump the us president doesn't want to go to war he has made that clear we know who the hardliners are in his administration and in tehran who is working then with donald trump's interest at heart to do you see here trying to keep the peace. well the truth is i mean donald trump has said around it himself was heartless you have all been who is in charge of the national security in the white house and john bolton is well known long before the iraq war it was one of the leading politicians who call for war against iraq and also has called for war against iraq off taylor don't forget from pale on kayo is a hard line a 2 even though is closer to trump than. john bolton the defense department
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and the intelligence services do not do you want cool because they realize at any clashes iran raghad this would be catastrophic more catastrophic than the iraq war the iraq war will pale by comparison with the war in iraq but what we're talking about here is miscalculation imagine if the iranians basically shoot a a an american fighter jets in the next few days over the strait of hormuz or iran imagine if several american sales i mean at soldiers or army offices this is the kind of miscalculation that would trigger that would ask elation a lot will do you see then the u.s. president trying to deescalate things earlier today he had a tweet out saying that this was a big mistake shooting down the straw but then later in the day he me he did say openly that there's the possibility that the firing at this drone could have been could have been an act that was also a mistake that doesn't sound like
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a war mongering president does. not a cold no one is saying no one is saying that donald trump is a warmonger that's not the question that the assumptions on which the the sit in his own decision the reason why i said this is a manmade crisis it was donald trump who exited the nuclear deal was which but it was barak obama was signed it and 6 great powers and the assumptions is assumptions or the people around donald trump is that iran will sat around that iran will come back to the negotiating tables in fact then he this has happened iran is punching back to iran is not surrendering iran will not sat around because it would bring about the collapse of the regime itself so the question is what are the options that donald trump has and that's why he's trying to the escalate in fact it's the same statement after the attacks against the the ships in the gulf of oman he said
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oh it was a little attack the one that police say is that back and now they're saying some might have made a mistake what this tells you that does not really want war that he is he has boxed himself and the iranians know it and they're really trying to push basically the wrong bottom donald trump because it he realizes the options that he has have a limited bet what the iranian leadership might be might be miscalculating as well might be fake it might be making some terrible risk that would really come to haunt the iranian leadership in the next few days and next few weeks where those those those bad decisions that you are implying that may be in the process of being made does that include iran saying that it is going to take steps that could violate the nuclear agreements because we know that it has put the burden on europe to rescue the deal in within 10 days but europe has also made clear that if the nuclear deal
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is violated by iran then the european union has no choice but to reinstate sanctions against iran. absolutely and that's why i mean the german foreign minister and the french foreign minister are really taking a serious initiative not the real major diplomatic initiative escaped out by both germany and france the french foreign minister a is go into iran to meet with his counterpart there taking iranian threat to bases the i don't think is in the interest of iran to accept the nuclear deal because it will lose not only the united states it will lose iraq europe is the only hope for iran but the iranian leaders remember that iran is bleeding the economy is bleeding the status quo is not tenable and that has economic war that has exacted the heavy toll on the iran so the iranians that desperate and that's why they're asking lady
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that and the dollar and as we've seen in the past few weeks so once gerges from the london school of economics joining us tonight from london for once we appreciate your time in your valuable insights tonight thank you and thanks for having me. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the united states senate has voted to block the sale of weapons to saudi arabia the move is seen as a rebuke to president trump who backs arms deals with the saudis and who considers the country to be a key ally trump has vowed to veto the senate legislation garion court has extended the prison sentences of 4 people smugglers convicted last year for the deaths of 71 migrants the smugglers have now received wife sentences in 3 cases without the possibility of parole the migrants suffocated in the back of a refrigerated truck in 2015. chinese president xi jinping is in north korea on his 1st visit to the country as president obama talks with host kim jong un have been
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focusing on pyongyang's nuclear weapons program after a february summit between kim and brokedown president she said that he hopes u.s. north korea talks will resume soon on. now to brussels where e.u. leaders are meeting to decide who will lead the european union's key institutions following last month's parliamentary elections the most high raking position under discussion tonight is the european commission president now that's a position now held by john claude younker but there's no consensus on who should replace him and that is creating friction between the european union's 2 leading nations france in germany. the e.u. commission the heartbeat of the european union. 28 heads of state and government have gathered in brussels to decide on the new leader but chancellor
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merkel cautions against high expectations. though here in germany we have the situation that both my party the c.d.u. and the s.p.d. are committed to the top candidate but that's not always the case in the council as we have known for a long time and we will discuss this but we might not have a result today this. kind of given this gives the european party's top candidates have been campaigning throughout the e.u. liberals conservatives greens and social democrats but the french president doesn't want to limit himself to these candidates when it comes to voting in a new e.u. commission president so he's risking an open dispute with germany. in my opinion it is up to france to find a solution and not get bogged down in programs to find europe's ideal leadership team immediately keep up but if france doesn't stand behind the top candidate it
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will need support for its choice even before the summit began president mccall sought to meet with his counterparts one of them is the leader of luxembourg who says he doesn't want to commit himself to one candidate yet. i want to know what we're doing and who's doing it for us for chancellor merkel and the french president this is about much more than posts it's about power and influence in the european union that's why no one wants to give in it amounts to a poker game and the prize is the e.u.'s top position. or is more that we want to get straight to the european council in brussels well correspondent standing by good evening to you max let's talk about the jobs and the jostling for those positions in just a moment but 1st let's talk about efforts to rein in climate change apparently european union leaders can't agree on that either i'm talking about snit carbon
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neutrality here what can you tell us. they are also called climate neutrality brand and in fact that was supposed to be sort of a side note of the conclusions here we saw the draft conclusions it was still in there and all the countries were supposed to commit themselves to achieve that carbon neutrality by 2050 basically meaning that you have if you calculate all the carbon emissions and how you get rid of the carbon emissions or you get them out of the atmosphere that you would have a carbon free europe now this has failed and this was actually something we saw coming in the last days because poland hungary and the czech republic among others to be fair said they wouldn't go along with this so now it appears this is only a footnote in the declaration and if you look at how important this topic was in the european elections if you look at example the demonstrations on the streets friday is futures youth for climate this is definitely a setback and
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a disappointment for many people it bodes not well at all for what's coming afterwards talking about the post you mention of talking about the next e.u. commission president. talk about that i mean why has the race to just build these top positions why is it suddenly become so contentious. it's always been a difficult puzzle because you need to for example make sure that the eastern countries get something then you need to make sure the big and the small countries get something then you make and i need to make sure that you have men and women in there as well and you need to make sure that the poor countries have something to sell for example and then you need to make. sure that the principal parties get something so you see the magnitude of all this but this year it's even more complicated because in the european parliament you no longer have a majority of the 2 big factions the 2 big parties the social democrats and the conservatives so you will need a 3rd party to get a majority and this is just very difficult and
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a direct result of those european parliamentary elections that we were talking a belt last month so next is there a compromise in the words here. and there i would say there was a compromise in the works futuristic or no what it looks like really literally if you look behind me i hope those people thousands of journalists nobody has an idea but eventually it will look like we have names of course but there are research heard in that report by catherine martin's dark horses maybe somebody will pop up we haven't talked about yet and so we're pretty certain that this compromise will not completely emerge at least tonight here and there probably will need to be at least one more special summit in brussels yeah that's one ask you look into your crystal ball because we know that the new european parliament starts work on july 2nd to me we're going to have to have some resolution by then aren't we. yes and i hope you share my excitement of all this in each although it's very complicated but
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on the 2nd of july 1 of the top jobs will presumably be given out to someone and that is the president of the european parliament because the 2nd of july the european parliament will elect their president at least that's what they've said in the probably not going to back back off of that and that means you have the 1st domino to fall but what the leaders here the european council want to do is have the full package make sure that they like i said earlier no have all those different regions people gender is represented in their mix and if the 1st domino falls without having the full puzzle it will complicate things even more afterwards we can we can since you the excitement we're holding on and listening with bated breath. tonight in brussels as always max thank you very much. well britain's ruling conservative party has narrowed the field of candidates for its party leader and the next prime minister is just 2 men they are former foreign
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minister boris johnson and the current foreign minister jeremy haun breaks that hardliner boris johnson is seen as the clear front runner in an upcoming ballot of the party members until now the selection of candidates has been made by party low makers but now hunt and johnson will face about 160000 party members they'll all be casting a ballot the result is expected in late july. it's very cool in london right now big musts our very own is following the story for us good evening to you dear good sort of former london mayor and foreign minister boris johnson remains the top contender for the job of tory leader in the next prime minister is his victory i mean is it a foregone conclusion now. not a foregone conclusion he still needs to go to this final round it needs to go to the party base but he's clearly the funder frontrunner and he's extremely popular
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with the party base he's weak he is charming he has a lot of charisma his critics accuse him of being a bit economical with the truth in fact they accuse him of lying for example over claims during the brics a campaign that britain would say 350000000 a week that they can be used for other stuff here in the u.k. for example for the house have to say all this doesn't phase the party days they really it door him whenever he is rates on lead to politic on friends they just approach him like nobody else so he's really very very popular with that base the clear frontrunner and what about his rival and of the other candidates the foreign secretary jeremy hunt. for and secretary jeremy hunt doesn't have the same personality. i would say as boris johnson das and he is a remain a so that puts him at a disadvantage with the party base he did campaign full remain during the
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referendum the party base is very much pro bret's and they want to have this as done done as quickly as possible really jeremy hunt i think is the contender because he's seen or maybe as a steady pair of hands he's made much about his history as a entrepreneur as a foreign secretary he has accused the european union of being similar to the soviet union is that didn't go down very well with colleagues in brussels but on the other hand i think many have. other positive view on him because he's seen as a multilateral is not a nationalist but and with a party base boris johnson clearly the favorite it is interesting that in this bloodshed environment that one of the 2 finalists is someone who wants to stay in the european union if boris johnson if he really wins in the end what does that mean for the u.k. and for breakfast. well jeremy hunt also has said that now
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he accepts that britain has to leave it was just that he was and remain there during the referendum campaign but if boris johnson really does move into number 10 downing street i think he will be really held to account he made huge promises during the breaks of campaign he was really one of the main figures all off the record company in the referendum he has made promises like britain will be p.-o. will play out once more and that breaks it would in the end reunite the country again and the promise is about all the money that can be saved and used here in the u.k. so all of these bold claims really he will be held into account if indeed he does move into downing street at the end of the summer that's what we will find out soon you know all right our good marks on the story for us in london thank you. the united nations says a record number of people worldwide have been forcibly displaced this year by war
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persecution or by violence the figure now totals 71000000 that's 2000000 more than last year and this includes asylum seekers refugees and the people who are displaced within their countries which mark you when world refugee day amnesty international is highlighting the particular difficulties facing older refugees amnesty filmed in camps that hells were hinge of refugees from me and more after a crackdown by b.n. marge military almost 800004 him just led to by english dest many of them were elderly. life in bangladesh so crowded refugee camps can be a constant struggle. for the elderly it's often nearly unbearable the human rights organization amnesty international interviewed nearly 150 displaced 54 to over 90 they found that aid agencies hadn't done enough to address
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the needs of older refugees. not that far for the people who can walk well it's only a problem for me but. i don't go to the camp to nick that they don't provide good treatment they usually only give one to 2 tablets when my son buys medication for me i take that i'm wary of going there that i don't know i'm not gonna get. this man was able to reach a designated age friendly clinic for such places are rare in the refugee camps for the elderly food medical and sanitation facilities are often difficult to reach researchers documented cases of older patients for going medicine because they could not navigate the challenging terrain to the clinics. despite the challenges these are the lucky ones many other elderly wrote enjoy were unable to flee and me on mars army attacked their villages in rocking state. you
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know mothers that we were in the field the soldiers with chasing people and shooting people who could run manage to escape but those who couldn't run were killed and got out of the when the soldiers came in such houses on fire my parents were inside for the last 5 years my parents weren't able to move on their own we couldn't take them with his mommy flat my parents died when the house was tossed. it's uncertain when the ruins of refugees will be able to return to their homes and myanmar for the elderly it's not clear whether they'll ever make the trip home. this. our sports is now the world cup the netherlands have defeated candidate who won 2 top group at the is year's world cup and the decker put the dutch in front in the 54th minute but they were unable to hold on to their need for a long 6 minutes later christine sinclair slid into the back post to bring candidate love the way there came from the nets berenstein in the 75th minute much
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to the delight of the travelling dutch fans despite defeat candid they will also progress into the round of 16. elsewhere in group b. cameron defeated new zealand $21.00 to qualify for the final 16 and are in shoots pool 2nd half finished gave cameron a crucial lead but disaster struck soon after potentially turning it in being goal was scored but in charge came to the rescue scoring a last yeah winner with the final kick of the match to send cameroon through to the knockout stage yet. back. you're watching the w. news live from berlin up next quadriga hong kong versus beijing is this a power grab being postponed that's coming up next and at the top of the hour i'll be back with more world news followed by the day it's not going to ask what will
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the u.s. response be to that drone being shot down by iran to see the. quadriga
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international talk show for journalists discuss the topic come to me. cause mass protests over a proposed extradition law just one skirmish in a larger scramble for power. could the demonstrators win the battle to lose the war and find out in this week's edition of country. quadriga. d w.
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part of the history of mankind one only those who know about secret things have a house like this. cultural heritage foundation or limbs treasure trove overtook documentary june 21st dublin. welcome to quadriga the ice of the world have been on hong kong this past week as more than a 1000000 people throng the city center to demand the government we track to propose law that would allow extraditions to mainland china police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets the rallies stud hong kong chief executive kerry last who has now apologized and suspended the unpopular proposal.


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